Underground Escape Walkthrough


Underground Escape is an escape point and click game created by Self Defiant. You wake up deep into the underground trying to escape. Look around and see what item you can find in order to escape this scary place!


Stage 1


  • Click on the elevator. (A)
  • Click on the box. Collect the screwdriver inside it. (B)
  • Go to the right side of the underground. Collect the knife. (C)
  • Go to the left side of the underground. Use your knife to cut the rope. (D)


  • Collect the ladder after you cut the rope. (E)
  • Go to the right side of the underground again. Use the ladder to climb on the radio. (F)
  • Check the back of the radio. Use the screwdriver to open the battery holder in order to collect batteries. (G)
  • Go to the ladder location. Move the rock to find a flashlight. (H)


  • Click on the left cassette holder located in the front of the radio. (I)
  • The Best of 85 sign is going to be a puzzle hint. It means 1985. (J)
  • Put the batteries on the flashlight in order to make the flashlight work.
  • Go to the section of the underground that is dark, in order to see inside that section you need to use your flashlight. Click on the hole. (K)
  • Click on the red box. (L)


  • In order to complete the puzzle use the Best of 85 hint, 1985. (M)
  • Collect the fuse. (N)
  • Go to the elevator. Use the fuse in order to fix the elevator. After that, go to the second floor. (O)
  • You finished Stage 1. 

Stage 2


  • Click on the box. (P)
  • The image shows the correct way to solve the puzzle. (Q)
  • Collect the cutter. (R)
  • Use the cutters in order to cut the bands on the pipes. (S)


  • Click on the pickaxe. (T)
  • Use the elevator to go to the first floor again. (U)
  • Go to the dark room again. Use the pickaxe to break the rock. You are going to find a diamond inside it. (V)
  • Collect the diamond. Use the elevator to go on the second floor again. (W)


  • Click on the junction box. (X)
  • Place the diamond in the box in order to create electricity and fix the elevator that will make you escape the underground. (Y)
  • Use the elevator on the last room to complete the game. (Z)


Underground Escape is a very simple point and click game. This game is as good as it’s predecessors, it has very interesting hints and items to collect. The franchise continues to progress every time a new game comes out. If you are a fan of this franchise, you should try this game out!



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