Toy Room Escape Walkthrough


Toy Room Escape is the exciting new game created by Mousecity. You are stuck in a toy room trying to escape, there are many toys to play with here. Find the items you need to get out of this room!


  • Collect the shovel on the toy box room. (A)
  • Go to the next room. Move the firetruck away from the bookshelf. (B)
  • Click on the bookshelf hint. (C)
  • Read the hint. (D)
  • Go to the next room. Click on the right seat of the sofa. (E)

  • Click on the suitcase to activate a puzzle. (F)
  • The correct way to solve the puzzle. (G)
  • Go to the toy box room. Move the side of the box. (H)
  • Fix the plug with your screwdriver. (I)

  • Read the hint. (J)
  • Go to the library room. Click the purple suitcase. (K)
  • With the hint you just read, the correct way to solve the puzzle is to form a word with the letters A, L, Y, P. (L)
  • Go to the playground. Use the shovel to find a blue key through the sand. (M)

  • Move the toy. (N)
  • Collect the plastic shape you just found. (O)
  • Go to the first room. Use the plastic shape to find a blue ring. (P)
  • Use the blue key to open the cabinet. There is a green ring inside it. Collect it. (Q)

  • Go to the music room. Collect the purple ring in the drums. (R)
  • Go to the pink bear room. Place the rings on the cone. (S)
  • Collect the gold key after you placed the pink bear room. (T)
  • Go to the first room and open the door to escape the room. (U)

Final Verdict

Toy Room Escape is a great game. Straight out of a child’s imagination, this game has everything a toy room would have in real life. You have toys, books, instruments and many other things. It has very fun puzzles, a decent scenery and overall it is just a simple, fun game. Would recommend to any puzzle game fan!

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