Ozzy Walkthrough


Ozzy is an escape game developed by Carmel Games. Peggy has been kidnapped by the evil wizard. Help Ozzy by solving puzzles and collecting items in order to defeat the evil wizard and rescue his wife!


  • Click on the rock. (A)
  • Edit the symbols in order to match them on the correct way. Every number is going to have a symbol, this is going to be used a hint. (B)
  • Go to the next location. Click on the chest. (C)
  • In order to complete the puzzle. The correct number is 697. Use the symbols that represent these numbers. (D)

  • Click on the well while using your gold coin in order to get many more gold coins. (E)
  • Go to the store location. Use your coins to buy a fishing rod on the store. (F)
  • After getting the fishing rod, use it in order to get the person’s swim trunks. (G)
  • Clean the old man’s window with the swim trunks in order for him to give you a slingshot. (H)

  • Shoot the balloon with your slingshot. (I)
  • Collect the umbrella that fell off the sky. (J)
  • Fix the old lady’s rooftop with the umbrella. She will give you a swordfish in exchange. (K)
  • Go to the toxic river location. Use the swordfish in order to cut the tree trunk. (L)

  • Talk to the guard. He will ask you to solve one of his riddles to let you pass. (M)
  • The correct way to solve the riddle. (N)
  • Enter the evil wizard’s building. (O)
  • Pull the left rope. (L)
  • Nice job! You defeated the evil wizard and saved Ozzy’s wife!


Ozzy is a great point and click escape game. It’s design is pretty logical and straightforward, with interesting puzzles and decent characters. The riddle was one of the high points of the game, it was a really smart puzzle! Frankly, this game has everything: good mechanics, innovative puzzles, gorgeous aesthetic, basically anything a escape game fan would want in a game. This is one of Carmel Game’s best creations that everyone should experience.


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