Tricky Doors Level 3 Walkthrough


We’re back with another Tricky Doors Guide, holding solutions and answers of Level 3 (Locked Apartment). If you are new to the game, read our previous guides to complete the first two levels and back to find the solution of level 3. Tricky Doors is one of the best Hidden Object and Single-player Puzzle video games that introduce eight episodes set in varied locations. Like Adventure Escape Mysteries, it doesn’t feature any list of objects that you have to discover and utilize to solve puzzles. Besides, it also has eight episodes like AEM Series. If you are confused and don’t know how to reach the end or escape the room, read our Tricky Doors Level 3 Walkthrough to get all solutions and answers.

Tricky Doors Walkthrough: Level 3 (Locked Apartment)

The third level takes place in a Locked Apartment where the protagonist has been trapped. Upon investigating, he finds that people have recently abandoned the place, why no one knows. There should be a way out of it, but it seems someone doesn’t want you to leave. So, hone your detective skills and embark on a journey to escape the apartment.

  • As the level starts, collect a broom from the right side and add it to your inventory.
  • Head to the circuit board between two racks and clean it using the broom. Close the board and turn the button on to light up the area and gather chips from the same spot.
  • Tap the broken chair to get its leg and head to the sofa to obtain chips.

  • Fold the rug from the left to obtain a stick and chips. After that, tap the lamp to discover more coins and add them to your inventory.
  • Select the stick and use it to collect a handle and queen (Chess-board Piece) from the fireplace.
  • Head to the red sofa on the left side, select the box and put the queen into the box via hole to open it.

  • As the box opens, it turns into a chess game where your objective is to turn all red pieces into brown to get chips from a small drawer.
  • Go close to the window, select and place the handle on the window and close it. Tap a box covered with snow near the window and wait for a while until it melts.

  • Select and place all chips on the board to open it and start playing a mini-game where your objective is to bring different pieces to their particular locations. Examine the box to get a magnet and head to the round table for collecting a rope and sleeping pills.

  • Attach the rope with a magnet and put it into the fish equilibrium to get a key. Use the key to open the door and go through it to reach a new room.


You are now in the Kitchen where lots of stuff is available, and interacting with them helps you find the way out. Examine the Kitchen to search for hidden objects and utilize them to solve puzzles.

  • There’s a set of keys hanging with the chair. Collect the keys and use them to unlock the left-side drawer and obtain a knife from there.
  • Open the cabinet below the basin, obtain Rubber Gloves, tap the white bucket to get a fuse, and remove the cover to discover pipes.

  • Head to the table to collect newspaper and add it to your inventory.

Main Room

  • Leave the area for a while and visit the first room to discover a key from the cushions after cutting it using the knife.
  • Head to the door on the left side, select and use the key to open the door and play a mini-game to crack another lock.

  • To crack the lock, slide the bolts up and down and slide the bar from below them.


  • There’s another room (Storeroom) on the left side where you can’t enter until you place the fuse using the rubber gloves in the circuit.
  • Head to the watching machine, use the glove to remove the wire, and plug the wire using the knife.

  • Open the door of the watching machine to bring dirty clothes out. Examine the cloth to discover and obtain a screwdriver bit and leave the spot.


  • Go to the Kitchen, select the plug with wire and connect it with “Oven.” Tap the fridge to collect frozen meat and keep it in the oven.

  • To set the timer, you should search out the Kitchen for clues. Head to the table and notice the directions of the cup handles. Following the directions, set the oven buttons and turn all colorful buttons on.

  • Remember the colors you found on the shirt in the Storeroom, and leave the buttons of those colors turned on.

  • Open the oven, add the sleeping pills, and collect the bait from there.


  • Leave the Kitchen for a while, go back to the storeroom and feed the bait to the dog.
  • As the dog gets asleep, start collecting hidden objects without any hassle. Firstly, you have to collect the kettle, and head to the briefcase kept on the right side, hiding the screwdriver.
  • Now, get some wood from nearby the dog and bring it to the fireplace where you must keep wood and newspaper and burn them using the matchstick.
  • Go back to the storeroom, tap the vault and enter the following code (5872). As it opens, collect the Valve and Battery from there.
  • Head to your inventory and connect the battery with the screwdriver machine. Select the screwdriver bit and fix it with the machine


  • Go to the Kitchen after getting a complete screwdriver machine, tap the cabinet below the basin and remove the cover.
  • Select and place the valve on the pipeline and clear the path to continue the water flow to the second end.

  • Choose and place the kettle below the basin tap and fill it with water. Please turn on the stove, put the pot on it.
  • Select and use the screwdriver to open up screws of the ventilation and get a key.


  • Go back to the workshop after collecting the kettle with boiling water. Head to the window and pour the water onto the lock.

  • Select and use the key to crack the lock and escape.

Congratulations! Tricky Doors Level 3 was completed.  

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