Tricky Doors Level 2 Walkthrough


Tricky Doors, released by Five-BN Games, is an Adventure, Hidden Object, and Single-player Puzzle video game. It releases eight challenging levels (Episodes); each is set in varied locations and comes with tricky tasks to complete and puzzles to solve. You aren’t only limited to finding hidden objects only, as the game includes a few mini-games too that are also designed to give you challenging gameplay. For the completion of puzzles, you have to navigate several scenes and play different mini-games. We know the puzzle level requires the detective mindset and quick reflexes; therefore, we jump in to help you with our Tricky Doors Level 2 Walkthrough that contains all solutions and answers.

In the first chapter, we started our journey from a wooden house and left it to explore different locations like Open areas, Fire, Statues, and more. After getting a magic ink, we hardly escaped from the scene, now stuck in another location where we have to do the same as we did in the first chapter. Start exploring the environment, interacting with objects, finding clues, and utilizing them to find the way out. Tricky Doors (Free to play) doesn’t feature any list of objects to discover; therefore, you should hone your puzzle-solving skills before jumping into the game. If you are confused and didn’t know what to do next, simply read Tricky Doors Secluded Island Walkthrough to get solutions.

Tricky Doors Level 2 Walkthrough – Secluded Island

In the second episode, you woke up on an island where you found nobody else. You have no memory about how you reached here; however, another mystery is finding a way out here, and you must figure out the secrets behind the scene. At the start, you discover a damaged bridge where a red briefcase is kept near the boat.

  • Tap the red briefcase to get a fishing rod from nearby it and add it to your inventory.
  • Now, tap the board to collect brushwood and hit the yellow toolbox to get the following things: Hammer and Saw.

  • Leave the selected area for a while, choose the saw from the inventory and use it to get wooden boards from the boat.
  • Select the wooden boards and use them to repair the bridge. Go through the bridge to reach the house and investigate the scene to discover more clues and hidden objects.


  • After getting managed to repair the bridge, you reach a house where you have to collect brushwood from the left side and a Rubber Duck from amidst the area.

  • Tap the stones on the right side to get the second brushwood and keep it in your inventory.
  • Head to the door and discover a coat on its right side. Search out the pocket to obtain a lighter.
  • Now, discover a chest on the left side and start playing a mini-game after opening its lid.
  • To complete a mini-game, you have to set all strings so that their color turns brown; meanwhile, all strings should be passing through each knot.

  • As you solve the puzzle, the chest gets unlocked, and you can get a ladder from there.

Bird House

  • Tap the tree on the right side, place the ladder there and climb it to make your reach to the treehouse. Examine the house to get the fourth brushwood and a key from inside a small bird.

Boat – Torn Sail

  • After getting a key and the fourth brushwood, you must go close to the boat and tap on it to discover a Torn Snail.
  • Before leaving the boat, don’t forget to get the fifth brushwood from there.

Get into the House

  • Leave the boat for a while, select the key from the inventory, and unlock the door. Before going through the door, select the hammer from your inventory and use it to remove the damaged plank from the floor to discover the sixth brushwood and Chips.

  • Search out the house to get an Empty Canister from the right side of the front wall.

  • Go back to the first scene, head to the boat, and fill the Empty Canister with Fuel from the boat engine.

  • Once you get a Can of Gasoline, get into the house and pour the fuel into the lantern. Use the lighter to burn the torch and light up the house.

  • Head to the front wall to get a forceps and go to the left side to get the following items: Seventh Brushwood and Jar with Resin.

  • After that, tap the fireplace’s shelf to collect the last brushwood and add it to your inventory.
  • Zoom in to see the wooden gate clearly, where you may discover a photograph of a boat. Notice the colors and leave the area for a while.
  • Collect a “Fishing Line” from above the drum kept amidst the room.

Red Briefcase – First Scene

  • Do you remember the red briefcase we discovered early in the game? Go to the first scene and set three colors (Yellow, Green, and Red) to unlock it.

  • Search out the briefcase to collect the following items: Knife and Hook.

  • After that, select the rubber duck and tap the knife to cut it in half for chips.
  • Enter the house, tap the pillow and cut it using the knife to obtain chips.
  • Go back to the first scene, select the fishing rod, and connect a fishing line and hook.
  • Select and use the fishing rod to bring a fuel can out of the water from the right side.

  • Open the bottle cover and make it upside down to get a key.


  • Now, move back to the house, discover a cabinet on the right side, unlock it using a key and collect a tripod and box from there.

  • Leave the house for a while, select the tripod and place it surrounding the stones.
  • Put all brushwood between the tripods and use a lighter to burn the fire. Now, hang the jar with the rope connected with the tripod. Wait until the water melts, select the forceps to bring chips out of the water, and leave the scene to get into the house.
  • Click on another cabinet kept near the bed, place all chips there and open it to run a mini-game.
  • When playing the mini-game, your goal is to draw lines without touching lines with each other.

  • Once the puzzle gets solved, a sewing machine appears from the cabinet you have to use to repair the sail.
  • Now, leave the house to reach the boat, place the sail there to discover a pattern drawn on it, and head to the box to play another mini-game to obtain a key. Use the recently collected key to unlock the boat and escape Tricky Doors Level 2.

Congratulations! You have completed the second episode.

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