Small Town Detective Walkthrough


Small Town Detective is a game about mystery. This is a fantastic point and click game that revolves around the story of the small town reporter that has been missing for a week. Collect the items needed and solve the puzzles in order to find out who was behind the kidnapping.


  • Click on the computer. Check the mail. (A)
  • Collect the clip. (B)
  • Click on the compass in order to travel between location. Go to Franklin Gazette. (C)
  • Talk to the woman. (D)
  • Collect the spray can. (E)
  • Use the clip to unlock the drawer. (F)

  • Remember her PC Password in order to unlock the PC. (G)
  • Click on the PC. (H)
  • Use her password in order to unlock it. (I)
  • Read the notepad. (J)

  • Go to the Jalapenos Restaurant. (K)
  • Collect the sleeping man’s glasses by clicking on him. (L)
  • Go inside the restaurant. (M)
  • Talk to the man. Order the Five Alarm Chili. Ask him to keep the chili bottle. (O)
  • Go to Cody’s Burger. (P)

  • Collect the Halloween Pumpkin. (Q)
  • Go inside the restaurant. (R)
  • Talk to Cody. Order a burger. (S)
  • Use the chili bottle on the burger and then talk to Cody. (T)
  • Go to the Staff Only Room. (U)

  • Collect the handkerchief. (V)
  • Collect the broom. (W)
  • Use your glasses on the abstract picture. (X)
  • Remember the password: 7243. (Y)
  • Rip the picture in order to see a safe. (Z)

  • Use the number 7243 in order to open the safe. (A1)
  • Collect the golden key. (B1)
  • Use the golden key to open the mail. (C1)
  • Read the letter. (D1)
  • Go to Jacqueline Inc. (E1)

  • Talk to the security guard. Combine the handkerchief, the pumpkin and the broom to create a large puppet. After that, click on the guard to distract him (F1)
  • Collect the axe inside the firebox. (G1)
  • Go to the left side of the building. Click on the bucket to collect a letter. (H1)
  • Read the receipt. (J1)

  • Go to Cody’s Burger. (K1)
  • Throw the axe into the poster to collect a key. (L1)
  • Use the spray to break the security camera. (M1)
  • Unlock the shutter with your key. (N1)
  • You found the reporter! Hooray!


Small Town Detective is a pretty good detective game. It capitalizes on the basics of being a detective. You have to find the victim and the person who was behind the crime by using your logic, solving puzzles and collecting useful items during the journey. If you are looking for a detective game to experience, give this game a shot!


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