Toca Life World: Build Stories and Create Your World Walkthrough


Toca Boca brings all of your favorite games including Toca Life: Office, City, Vacation, and Hospital in one place, Toca Life World. It gives you a chance to make stories and create your beautiful dream home using thousands of possibilities and items. It features a massive world that contains a series of locations to explore. Each location has a variety of buildings to explore and have fun by participating in thousands of fun-filled activities. The game merges several genres such as Puzzle, Education, Point-and-Click, and Virtual World. As the game starts, you find yourself in a digital world where your ultimate goal is to have fun and learn many things. An exciting cast of characters awaits you over there to play different mini-games, take part in competitions, and decorate the room.

Moreover, Toca Life: World is providing you with a place where you can experience all the fun-filled titles of the series in the same place. In short, everything is attached to a massive world of play. The game doesn’t feature Multiplayer mode like other titles, it has only Single-player mode. In the game, approximately everything is moveable, even you can remove the hats and shoes of your character whenever you want. During the game, you can be a chef, a doctor, a gamer, or more to enjoy the freedom in the digital world where you can do anything whatever you want. The game features a beautiful cast of characters; each one has a unique appearance, abilities, and play style.

Unlike other Virtual World games, you can’t interact with other players because the multiplayer feature doesn’t exist, but you have more freedom than other games. At the start of the game, it displays you a massive world containing dozens of locations, and each location brings thousands of items, professions, and objects to interact with when you’re playing the game. The game doesn’t set a series of challenging tasks to complete; neither there are any quests nor objectives. Even the game didn’t set any target to achieve. Despite that, it brings an in-detail customization feature and dozens of cute characters. You don’t need to choose your favorite character, because in the game all characters are available to play. To help beginners, we bring a Toca Life World: Build Stories and Create Your World Walkthrough containing all exciting locations, characters, and fun-filled activities.

Review – Enjoy Your Virtual Life

Many players worldwide have a lot of dreams, and the majority of players can’t fulfill those dreams because of many reasons. Therefore, the popularity of virtual world games has been increasing day by day. It provides you with a platform where you can do anything, and sometimes it makes you a celebrity within the game among others. The best example is MovieStarPlanet, which gives you a chance to be a celebrity, interact with other players using a real-time chat system, and find your love for romance. Many other similar types of games are also available, and the most popular among them is Second Life.

Pack of 8 Games

The game brings a complete world in itself, containing 8 different locations to explore and a variety of cute characters to interact with for having fun. Apart from the Solo mode, the game doesn’t feature any multiplayer component. It means, you can enjoy the game with buddies, but still the game has pretty good to enjoy. Each location brings dozens of things to do, and each object in the game is moveable. Using the drag and drop interface, you can move anyone object anywhere. No complicated tasks and challenges were added; therefore, the game is about to have fun for all ages.

Extensive Customization Feature

Toca Life World: Build Stories and Create Your World introduces an extensive customization feature that lets you modify the appearance of your character to make it more appealing. In the free version, you can only customize three avatars, for further characters you need to purchase its premium version. The customization feature covers many things, ranging from hairstyle, eye-color to clothes and shoes.

Moreover, all things lie at your fingertips, and within a tap, it appears on your character. Whenever you go to customize the avatar, the game displays you four possible heights of the same character to choose from and once done, the game brings dozens of options at the bottom of your screen, from skin colors to accessories, such as:

  • Skin Color
  • Arm
  • Hairstyle and Color
  • Beard
  • Eye
  • Face
  • Clothes
  • Accessories

Welcome to Toca Life World

Whether you want to have a wild hairstyle, visit the park or just hang out with buddies, Toca Life World got you all things. This is your world where you can’t only create avatars, but also make stories and discover anything possible in nowadays world. Apart from that, you can go into detail to create plots with your customized avatars in any location you love to explore. Not only characters, but cute pets are also available over there to entertain you by showing you awesome tricks. When playing the game, you can take your character to a barber to dye his/her hair, give the nail cut, and head to a cloth shop for an exquisite dress.

8 Locations and 39 Characters

You aren’t only limited to one location, as there are up to eight places added for you to explore and have fun. The prominent locations are the following:

  • Bop City
  • Vibrant City
  • Shopping Mall
  • Hairdresser

All locations are at your fingertips, just tap the targeted place and you will be there within no time. You can rotate the world using touch controls and can give it to your favorite location to open it. Do you love playing other educational games of the Toca Life series, such as Vacation, City, Office, and more? If yes, then upon downloading Toca Life World you will enjoy all that stuff into one pack.

Purchasable Characters and New Locations

You should keep in mind that the game isn’t completely free, as it has a premium version too. In the free version, the game brings you to 8 locations and 33 characters, while the premium version contains over 50 locations, 300 characters, and up to 125 pets. As well as, the developer promises to add new locations and characters soon.

  • Free Version – 8 Locations and 39 Characters
  • Paid Version – 50 Locations, 300 Characters, and 125 Pets

Claim Your Gifts Every Week

Who needs to visit the shop to make purchases of new items to add your own created world, when you can grab some of the items for free? Just keep visiting the game to discover exclusive surprise gifts for your characters and the world.

Note: Toca Life World is about discovering well-written storylines, building characters, and adapt pets so you never miss a single moment of fun.


You are welcome to a beautiful world where you can do whatever you imagine. Dozens of fun-filled activities are there, and the game is specially designed for kids for educational purposes. A beautiful cast of characters will always keep you engaged for endless hours of fun, and the pets won’t leave you alone. There’s no level system, health gauges, and energy you need to unlock locations and characters.

Limited locations and characters are already in your queue to use whenever you wish to, and further needs real-world cash to be unlocked. With the swipe of your finger, all functions and actions can be performed within a game. Probably, no specific tasks are there, but you could take each location as a task apart like cleaning a room, cutting the hair of your character, and more.

How to Play Toca Life World?

As the game starts, you head the globe and have to swipe your finger to spin it and discover different districts. The globe has a sun and you can turn it off to enjoy the night and can tap the moon to turn on the sun to make a day. To visit any building, you have to tap on the location and the targeted building to visit. Upon getting into, you will find lots of stuff to do in each location.

  • Swipe on the world to discover areas
  • Tap the sun to change from day into night
  • Click on a building to visit a location

Playable Characters

As mentioned above, the game has dozens of characters; each one with a unique appearance and play style. Using your tapping powers, you can move or drag characters across the screen to act out situations. The customization feature lets you dress up your characters by merely dragging the hats and masks you discover lying around onto their heads. In case you want to change the clothes, then simply drag the outfits onto their bodies.

Using the editable items, you can give food, drinks, and other stuff to your characters. Tons of stuff is there that you need to give your character to hold by dragging those objects to their hands. In case you give an object to your characters to hold, they will bring it with them, doesn’t matter in which location you are to have fun.

Moveable Objects

In the game, you can move objects across the screen to set up according to the scenes you are playing in to have fun. While playing the game, you can toggle specific objects by hitting them, such as lighting up and putting out candles and changing radio channels. The game keeps everything saved you left as you leave the location. Dozens of things are there to do, like host a party, throw trash, going to sleep, cook yummy breakfast, and more.

Toca Life: World comes with Different Games

I already mentioned above that the said game comes with different titles of the Toca Boca series. Each title takes place in a different scene and introduces you to a beautiful cast of varied characters. Although the gameplay is the same, the game intends to give you a unique gaming experience. The available titles are the following:

  • Toca Life: Pets
  • Vacation
  • School
  • Office
  • Town
  • City
  • Hospital
  • Pets
  • Farm
  • Stable

At the very start, you find only three locations to explore; each location has several buildings to get in and have fun. Only vehicles on the roads are controlled by AI, except that everything is under your control. You will decide what object needs to move in what place, and how to deal with characters. Using the real-world cash, you can unlock other locations along with characters and pets to enjoy.

Design Your Home

You’re only supposed to clean rooms, cut hairs, and perform live, but also design your home as per your requirements. The game displays you a blue-colored button at the bottom of your screen to use whenever you in the mood of building a beautiful place for you. Whether you’re a good interior designer or not, building a home is at your fingertips you just need to tap the place and a house will be built within the blink of your eyes. If you didn’t find a house perfect, click on the cross button to remove it from there. Once built, get into the house to decorate it using accessories and furniture you have in your inventory in your style. When decorating the room, you can use these objects such as:

  • Furniture
  • Windows
  • Floor
  • Ceiling
  • Shower
  • Premium Items

Toca Life: Vacation Walkthrough

Are you ready to make every day a vacation adventure? Toca Life: Vacation embarks you on an adventure to makes you feel the excitement of visiting the airport to catch your flight. During the gameplay, you realize how would be the feeling of jumping on a bed, digging the land of beach for treasure, and more. It means, dozens of fun-filled activities await you with endless fun. Toca Life: Vacation is specially designed for kids of 9 to 12, and provides them with stunning stuff to use during the game. No specific tasks are there to complete, and the game doesn’t ask you to earn in-game points. In the game, you can do the following things in the hotel:

  • Jump on the Beds
  • Have fun Adventures in the Hotel
  • Ride the Elevator

After having four locations in the game, you won’t run out of ideas for your storylines. Your adventure starts at the airport where you must add an X-ray machine to check passengers, explore the plane, and visit the cockpit to confirm all is well. After reaching the destination, you have plenty of fun-filled activities to participate in, such as Shopping, Playing at Beach, Sightseeing, Surfing, and more.

Reveal Surprises

The journey won’t end in planting a machine or keeping an eye on passengers, because lots of other jobs need you to be completed. Moreover, the game features dozens of surprises for you to reveal throughout the game. While playing the game, explore the deep sea, open the hidden compartment, reveal the buried treasure, and investigate the mysterious to become the master.

Introduction of 34 Characters

More than 30 characters are present in the game to choose from, and you start the game with all avatars. Using the extensive customization feature, you can change the appearance of each character as per your need. The game promises not to change anything when you’re offline. Instead of keeping your focus on a single character, the game lets you play with all, drag them across the screen to make your story, and have fun. Unlike other titles, you can turn the sun into the moon to experience the gameplay at night.

Prominent Features

There’s no time limit or condition for making high scores. It means you can play as long as you want without experiencing third-party annoying ads. Explore four different locations one by one, create avatars, and make your stories to share with your friends. Build your land using the customization feature, and place furniture to make it lush as you have a dream.

  • 4 Locations (Hotel, Airport, Sightseeing, and Beach)
  • 34 Characters
  • Moveable Objects
  • Customization
  • Offline Experience
  • Discover Animals
  • Play on the Beach

Toca Life: School Walkthrough

Put all of your books back into your bag and get ready for school. Toca Life: School brings fun-filled activities, along with educational gameplay where you learn many things while hanging out with buddies. The game takes place in a school-themed land which contains different rooms, library, and playgrounds. Different types of characters are there; each one is varied based on appearance and play style. Like other games of the Toca Boca series, the player can move anything to anywhere. Nothing is controlled by AI, even characters and objects. Everything is at your fingertips, and you are responsible for turning day into night by merely switching sun and moon.

5 Locations and 34 Characters

It features five locations to navigate; each one is full of characters and other things to interact with. In the game, the age doesn’t matter, as it is specially designed for all ages. With no time limit and pressure of making high scores, you are free to do whatever you want. Extensive customization feature helps you make your character beautiful. Different types of outfits and accessories are available to choose from, like clothes, jewelry, shoes, facials, and more. Apart from the gameplay, you aren’t supposed to choose a specific character to start your career. You have to play with all character with only the aim of having fun alone. Get ready to make your own School Adventures by exploring five locations:

  • School Building
  • Cafeteria
  • House
  • Youth Club
  • Playground

The introduction of a huge world is only possible with amazing ideas from kids. Therefore, the game takes you to a beautiful land, and leave you over there to create your avatars and make your stories with them without any hassle.

Explore the School

As mentioned above, there are five locations available to tell you storylines about school. Therefore, the game lets you head to the playground to be a coach of the basketball team. Conduct experiments in classrooms, and fight against other gangs in the cafeteria. Characters and things they are holding can be easily moved to any location across the school.

Discover Hidden Treasure

You’re not only limited to create characters and make stories but to find hidden treasures also. Five locations are full of people, as well as hidden treasures. Now, it completely depends on your skills in how much time you reveal the gems. In the game, you can wear funny costumes before participating in a party. Mix chemicals and liquids in the chemistry lab to conduct experiments, climb a tree, and invite buddies to play hide ‘n seek mini-game.

Toca Life: Office Walkthrough

Toca Life: Office is an Education and Single-player video game developed by Toca Boca for Mobile Devices. The game serves as a part of the long-running video game series Toca Life, offering you fun-filled gameplay with no objective to complete and time pressure to force you to play fast. Lots of activities are there to participate in, and have fun while interacting with the environment and beautiful characters. Using the customization feature, you can create your avatars and stories to tell your friends. The world is free to explore, and you can move all of your characters, along with objects anywhere across the scene. There’s no rush because the game doesn’t set any time limit, even there’s no mission to complete. Nevertheless, you can do whatever you want using a variety of objects.

Moreover, the environment seems like a regular office, where you have a laptop, printer, and copy machines. If you are hungry, then you should visit the café, but don’t forget to get some cash from your bank account in the game. Although you won’t receive a luxury office, a simple office can lead you to an exciting adventure. When playing the game, try to find hidden surprises, turn people into superheroes, hang out with colleagues, and design the world according to your style.

Six Different Locations

Similar to previous titles, Toca Life: Office brings six different locations to explore, and each one has a unique environment and a set of characters, though you can take familiar characters along with you. The available locations are the following:

  • Bank
  • Office
  • Rooftop
  • Courthouse
  • Daycare
  • Apartment

Bank – The game features a vault that holds rare things and keeps them safe and secure. Whenever the alarm gets triggered, you must jump into action to save your items.

Daycare – Before heading to the office, you need to play musical instruments, splash in mud, attempt to grow plants outside the building, and try to play with others in the playground.

Rooftop – For sure, you may feel hungry after having a lot of hard work. The game introduces a beautiful place to conduct experiments using your cooking skills. If you’re not good at cooking, then there’s a café to order food. A helicopter awaits you over there on the landing pad.

Office – Complete your tasks using the laptop, use the machine to print documents, make several copies using the copy machine, and submit them to your boss. You would be amazed to know that the office is running on its own, there’s no boss. The fancy office involves you solve the desk puzzles to reveal the secrets.

Apartment – Once the work gets completed, back home to have some rest. After reaching home, you can cook a meal, take a nap, and can wash your clothes to make them clean.

Courthouse – The game features the said location especially for those who want to be a detective. Dozens of challenging tasks are there, and you have to solve all cases by revealing the guilty person.

35 Characters

A cast of thirty characters is featured in the game for you to choose and play the game. Dozens of fashionable outfits are available, and some of them are hidden secretly in different locations. Using the said costumes may turn the character into a superhero. Search the environment for secret prizes in compartments. You can move everything from floor to floor. While playing the game, prefer to keep valuable stuff in the bank vault, and turn on the alarm to get alert whenever something wrong is going to happen.

Unlike other games, it introduces a unique feature that lets you draw anything on the whiteboard, print it on paper using your Pc, and make several copies using the copy machine. You are supposed to navigate the massive office to unlock hidden places while playing with a jellyfish.

Toca Life: Town Walkthrough

Set your rules, create characters, clean the playground, and jump into the beautiful world where everyone is welcome. Different locations promise to give you an amazing gaming experience, unlike others. The majority of characters are borrowed from their predecessors, but adventures are unique and infinite. Start the game by creating characters using customization features.

In the game, you have to manage a house by visiting grocery stores to purchase items for your home and place them correctly to prevent your home from being dirty. In short, you have a 2nd life to enjoy where you can fulfill your dreams. During the game, you can have lunch in the restaurant or can cook at your home to satisfy your hunger.

Furthermore, you can invite friends to watch movies together. Manage a party at home, call your buddies to join you, and have fun. You can participate in all fun-filled activities by merely using the drag and drop interface. The game features a swimming pool where you can arrange a pool party with friends to enjoy.

7 Locations and 21 Characters

Over 20 playable characters are there; each one is customizable. The game has set dozens of parameters for the customization of each avatar. You aren’t only limited to choose a single character, because you have to manage all characters across the scene. Turning days into nights and nights into days are no longer a problem anymore, because within a tap of your finger the sun will turn-off, and the moon will turn on. The game includes the following locations, such as:

  • Pond
  • Store
  • Park
  • Restaurant
  • House
  • Apartment
  • Police Station

Challenging adventures are there to embark on, and the game features five animals to adapt. It’s a simple open game to play with no rules to follow or stress to have. The interface is pretty friendly, and the game brings a drag and drop interface to give you an outstanding gaming experience. Toca Life: Town serves as a marvelous part of Toca Life World: Build Stories and Create Your World Walkthrough.

Toca Life: City Walkthrough

Welcome to a beautiful city where dozens of buildings are available to explore, and dozens of characters to interact with. The game is about fun with no rules and stress. The music and graphics are appealing, engaging you to fun-filled gameplay for infinite hours of fun. It brings a beautiful mix of Puzzle, Education, Building, and Single-player Components. The majority of players from all over the world are searching for Toca Life: World Walkthrough for the completion of objectives, but keep in mind that the game doesn’t have any objectives to complete. Customize your avatars, navigate beautiful locations, and find hidden treasures to become the master. The game has everything you need to enjoy with friends, although there’s no multiplayer mode.

6 Locations and 35 Characters

An open-world environment brings fun every day to your life. Before starting the game, you should try and conduct some experiments using the customization feature. Let your creativity go wild, and prepare awesome designs for your character. The game doesn’t set the genders to choose from, although you can distinguish by choosing the proper stuff. When modifying your character, the game lets you change outfits, dye hair color, and more. Over millions of ways are featured to personalize the characters. As the heading implies, the game has six locations to explore and their names are the following:

  • Hair Salon
  • Loft Apartment
  • Food Park
  • Theatre
  • Tailor
  • Shopping Mall

Up to 35 characters are released with over 40 million ways to customize. Over 47 hairstyles are available to test, and the game features thousands of outfits to choose from, and try.

Toca Life: Hospital Walkthrough

It isn’t available for free-to-play and will charge some money to give you access to the game. Have you ever thought to be a doctor? If yes, consider your dream comes true, because Toca Life brings you a new version that takes place in the Hospital where you have full control over each aspect. In the game, you will explore the medical center to welcome newborn babies.

Arrange all stuff you need, and move objects to their right places to make the medical center clean and beautiful. In the game, you have to welcome babies, treat sick patients, and say goodbye to those patients who are healthier now. The game provides you with a place where you have fun with characters and feel the pain of life in your way throughout the game.

Explore Five Floors

There’s a building containing five floors, and each floor is full of cute characters that await you to have fun. Similar to its predecessors, the game lets you create characters and make stories to advance through the game. Although there isn’t an objective to complete and a target to achieve, still you can set goals for yourself to have fun. The game intends to tell you make-believe storylines regarding checkups and regular events that happen in the hospital.

Moreover, when playing the game, you may experience the sound of an ambulance, while struggling to crack the code that leads you to a mysterious machine to open the secret doors to a laboratory. A receptionist desk is placed on the entrance floor, and some seats to sit in the waiting area. Different types of tools and equipment are available to diagnose patients, a special lab to conduct tests, and an operation theater.

Prominent Features

Up to five locations are there to explore using the drag and drop interface. You don’t need to move your character using the intuitive controls, because the game has set no goal to achieve; therefore, you are free to do anything you love anywhere and anytime. The five floors are the following:

  • Lab and Treatment
  • Main Entrance
  • Basement
  • Family Care
  • General Care

Introduction of Video Recorder

Did you notice? The game has an in-app recording feature that lets you record original videos when you playing the game. The prominent feature allows you to record your voice and the movements of your character as you’re telling the storyline. During the game, you can make videos of 2-minute longer and save them to your device.

Toca Life: Pets Walkthrough

The game welcomes you to a gorgeous world where lots of characters and cute pets await you to have fun. Endless customization options are featured to give you a better grip over the appearance of your avatars. Whether you love to play with default characters or need some tweaks, the game has got you all features to do whatever you want. Jump into the world where you and other cute animals run the show to entertain others.

Decide which one your favorite animal, and how to play the game in your way, because the game leaves everything on you. There are more than 120 animals to interact with and adapt as your pet. There are five different locations available, and their names are the followings:

  • Pet Park
  • Hotel
  • Veterinary
  • Pet Shop
  • Breeder’s Bungalow

In case you feel bored playing with pets in the house, the game gives you an option to come outside the home to visit the park and have fun. During the game, you require to take a dip in the river, play different games, or attempt to discover secret caves for treasure. While playing the game, you can create an agility course to train your pets and test their amazing skills.

Introduction of Characters, Locations, and Animals

Up to five locations are ready to entertain you; each one has something special for you to discover. From the beginning, each location is unlocked and in your access to visit so you can visit anytime. Get ready to meet 23 new characters who are different in appearance and style. The game borrows over 124 real and fantasy animals from the real world to gives you a gorgeous gaming experience. While playing the game, you can take a bath along with muddy pets to get them cleaned. Attempt to take care of sick and injured pets until they get healthier

Toca Life: Farm Walkthrough

Have you ever dream to be a farmer? Probably, none of us may imagine the tough life of a farmer. It could be only possible after being a farmer; therefore, the game gives you a chance to assume the role of the farmer to see how he works on the farm to grow crops. Toca Life: Farm is an Education and Single-player video game that takes place in the digital world where you can do anything without any hassle. Your ultimate goal is to have fun by taking care of animals in the barn, raising crops in the field, setting up a tractor, cleaning up all the animal poop, and more.

Furthermore, work and play as a farmer your way to milk your cow, collect eggs from hens and try to grow crops. Do you have any plan to picnic? If yes, play the fiddle to hit the pay and collect characters to have fun. There are four different locations to navigate and each will give you a chance to do everything you need to tell your farm storylines.


Toca Life World: Build Stories and Create Your World is a pack of different games; each one brings a unique environment and a set of characters. Whether you want to be a doctor or a farmer, the game has everything for everyone. The graphics are great, and everything within the game world is moveable, from characters to objects like the book, cup, and comb. The customization feature is smooth and easy to use, some premium features are locked but after purchasing the paid version everything looks great. With relaxing gameplay and sound effects, Toca Life World is a gorgeous game to play.

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