Merge Gardens Walkthrough


Merge Gardens is a Puzzle and Single-player beautiful video game released by Futureplay for Mobile Platforms. The game is specially designed for those players who dream to make their own lush gardens. If you’re one of those players, then Merge Gardens is for you. Prepare all of your tools and puzzle-solving skills to be part of the game. The graphics are lush, and the music is relaxing – after having all fun-filled activities, set on a trip to a wonderful land that has hundreds of challenging levels to complete.

Moreover, the game’s premise is its Puzzle genre. Therefore, it brings a beautiful romance of Match-3 and Merging game elements. Whether you love playing Match-3 games or want to enjoy simple building a garden game, it has everything to entertain you a lot. When playing the game, it assigns you tasks with matching delicious identical fruits, while merging a lavish series of magical and charming objects in an exquisite journey. The world is beautiful and contains several unforgettable locations, including the countryside mansion that has once a beautiful garden awaits you. For sure, you come to know what will be your objective in the game. If you don’t know, follow the Merge Gardens Walkthrough Guide to reveal all secrets and solutions.


Introduction to a derelict garden was great, and the game brought stunning and fun-filled match-3 gameplay to life. Whether you love playing Puzzle games or not, the game will make you addicted to it by offering exquisite puzzle gameplay and relaxing music. Although playing match-3 levels isn’t easy, but to restore the garden you must do that to earn in-game points. Bringing the derelict garden back to its former glory should be your dream; nevertheless, try your best to make your dream come true.

The Romance of Match-3 and Puzzle

The beautiful blend of Puzzle and Match-3 game elements guarantees you to deliver the amazing gameplay that you have ever seen before. Therefore, your ultimate job is to complete Match-3 levels to obtain fabulous rewards. Later, you can use rewards to design and decorate the gardens of your mansion as per your requirements. Along with your trustworthy buddy, you have to merge, navigate, evolve, and upgrade an enchanting world and magical items as you attempt to take a step closer to completing your goals.

Deal with Merge, Match, and Collect

Usually in the game, you deal with three major elements such as Merge, Match, and Collect. Other than these, you aren’t supposed to control any character and build a structure. Therefore, the game claims to give you relaxing gameplay that you won’t only enjoy, but also love. It features hundreds of mystical items that you have to collect and merge to obtain someone new and better than existing ones. Like other casual games of the same type, it lets you navigate the environment from an isometric viewpoint.

Escape to the Countryside

The game sees you are stuck in the countryside, and you have only a dream of escaping the said location while finding and merging hundreds of wonderful items. Throughout the game, you can create a new garden following your dream to impress your friends. Building a garden full of colorful flowers, pleasant fragments, and amazing scenes isn’t an easy task. It doesn’t matter whether you are a designer or not, the game features all exquisite tools required to design a garden your way using freely drag objects anywhere you like. Following the mentioned rules of the game, you have to match three identical items to solve them into superior items, and next to that you should merge them to find something new.

Restore the Garden

It seems the land is cursed and needs you for its restoration. When playing the game, don’t forget to reveal hidden worlds that contain lost and forgotten objects including the following:

  • Fallen Stars
  • Vintage Coin Chests
  • Wild Flowers
  • Mystery Eggs

Merge Gardens intends to bring a free reward chest for you to open to claim rewards every day. To make your manor even more magnificent, you have to get abundant with treasures. You’re not limited to earn in-game rewards using the fixed way, follow the daily quests to complete is another amazing way to grab some amazing gifts.

Match Mythical Items Your Way

Tons of challenging Match-3 levels are added to puzzle your mind by the game. To complete each stage, you have to switch and match delicious fruits, including:

  • Apple
  • Pear
  • Grapes
  • Lemon
  • And more

Furthermore, the completion of each level leaves you amazing rewards that bring new life to your derelict garden. Similar to Strategy games, it asks you to plan and play your moves wisely and match the fruits properly, because you have limited moves. Smash your goals to grab rewards in form of delicious rainbow-colored cascades.

Collect and Nurture Wildlife

If you’re one of those players who love nature and want to be live in nature; then here’s a great opportunity for such kinds of players. The game gives you a chance to collect and nurture wildlife while helping your character harvest plants, trees, crops, and beautiful flowers to make your garden blossom. During the game, the game lets you win and maintain a plethora of enchanting objects while matching items like luxurious hampers and magical reeds. As the game advances, you see how your wildlife grows.

Don’t forget to merge rare creatures to live over your mansion and look after your lands while you’re away from there. Upgrading and evolving both bugs and birds will help you bring the legends to the land with more healing powers. During the game, you can win in-game coins, gems, and wood that can use to purchase items at the shop.

Test Your Puzzles-solving Skills

Over 200 challenging match-3 levels are there, and each one is giving you a chance to put your puzzle-solving skills to test. While playing, you see camp puzzles full of twists with unlimited customization options. Similar to other Tilt-matching games, Merge Gardens features several power-ups that you can use to explore, remove, and change the sports while making greater combos.

Unlockable Secret Areas

Undoubtedly, Merge Gardens introduces several hidden areas covered with fog. Each area has a special requirement that upon getting completed will help you unlock the area to explore. You start the game by working on the restoration of a small land to manage a plot at the gates of the luxurious house. Your aim focuses on removing fog to reveal the secrets inside the new lands, with a series of discoveries. The game grants you the power to customize the garden in whichever way you like. Feeling difficulty in unlocking areas? If yes, here’s a Merge Gardens Walkthrough Beginner’s Guide to learn how it works.


The user-interface of the game is pretty friendly, and it intends to bring you a variety of levels that help you restore the former condition of your garden with time. Get ready for being welcomed by a beautiful cast of characters, friendly creatures, and a beautiful garden. Merge Gardens is suitable for all players of all ages. The plot starts with a granny taking a rest on her chair. In her dream, she was thinking that how much it is tough to take care of the family estate with old age. Next to that, she thought of those days when the garden was lush. Meanwhile, the game takes the camera far away from the granny to cover the rest part of the garden. After a few seconds, your ultimate goal appears on your screen saying “Restore Grandma’s Garden.”

Piles of Leaves

Firstly, the grandma asks you to remove the piles of leaves to make the garden as clean and beautiful as prior. There are three same types of piles available, and your goal is to merge them. Two identical items can’t be merged; therefore, you should collect three items whenever you plan to merge for having something new. There’s only a small piece of land available, containing three piles of leaves. Merging the leaves will introduce three small flowers.

Introduction of Gatsby

After completing the first stage, the game introduces you to a new friend (Gatsby), who will please to meet you. After making interaction, Gatsby asks you to merge three sprouts to start the restoration of the garden.

Merge 3 Sprouts

Merging three sprouts won’t only leave you flowers, and a dandelion, but also unlock a few more areas of the garden.

Merge Flowers

For sure, you have learned how to merge identical items to obtain a new one. This time, the game asks you to merge flowers to open new areas along with bird eggs. During the game, you can drag the item of your choice across the map to place nearby the identical items to merge. Keep two items right after each other without any space, and bring the third item between them to merge.

Merge Eggs

Following the same way you did with flowers, merge eggs to bring a bird (bluebird) to life in a green garden.

Tap to Harvest

Now, the game is tasked with tapping the flower to let the bluebird sit on it for a while. Next to that, you should tap the nectar the bird leaves after going away from the flower. Tapping the nectar and merging flowers will help you create a daisy.

Create a Daisy

With the help of a bluebird, keep creating nectar and merging flowers to unlock the hidden parts of the garden. For now, the game is running a tutorial level to make you understand how all things work out. Once done, it will leave you alone to complete all tough challenges on your own. Therefore, try to learn to work better in future levels.

Note: A dainty daisy will leave you a green thumb.

Restore Birdhouse

The bluebird is flying randomly across the area; in short, it needs a house where it could leave. Therefore, the game is tasked with restoring the birdhouse by keeping merging and tapping nectar. Now, you have lots of items available across the garden. Find the identical items and merge them to make nectar, and tap on the nectar to unlock additional areas.

Note: Once unlocked, the bluebird can happily rest after working a whole.

Merge Gardens Walkthrough

While bluebird is taking a nap in the birdhouse, we’ll help you solve challenging puzzles to collect more eggs and supplies. For that purpose, we bring a useful Merge Gardens Walkthrough Guide for you. All levels in the game focus on Match-3 Puzzles, and solving each one is your duty. The first level comes on your screen with a requirement of 12 apples. It means you have to gather apples by matching identical items. Matching 4 to 5 items will reveal a power-up that you can use to boost up the speed of the game. Probably, Gatsby will be your permanent assistant or companion throughout the game. This time, your friend appears on the screen with the task of matching the fruits of the same type and color.

Note – Merge Gardens let you complete the level within limited moves. Once you run out of moves, the game takes you back to the dashboard with the aim of restarting the said level again.

The first level’s completion leads you to choose amazing rewards such as Hummingbird Nest and Yellow Nectar. Don’t forget to tap on free rewards before hitting the continue button.

Golden Star – Next to that, the game displays you a star that will split into eggs and yellow nectars upon getting tapped by you. Now, your goal is to merge more eggs to earn in-game coins and other items required to proceed with the game. Tapping the nest will make one of three eggs separate from it. Completing the level will reveal a hummingbird. To unlock additional areas, you need a key that can be only achieved by completing given tasks and puzzles.

Grandma’s Wishes

Undoubtedly, the game brings addictive gameplay to your mobile devices where a lot of beautiful birds and characters, as well as flowers, are ready to greet you. Soon, the grandma reveals a list of wishes in the form of tasks that you must follow and complete to earn stars. In-game stars are important, and you can use them to play match-3 puzzles. The game displays you an icon containing her image over the screen displaying you her wish-list, and the first tasks are the following to complete:

  • Discover and Tap Orange Nectar
  • Win 4 Puzzles
  • Merge 3 Sprouts to create a flower

When you are unlocking other areas, the game is busing in introducing new stuff, including a sack of treats that will wake four creatures upon getting tapped. You can also sell it for 50 in-game coins.

Keep merging items and flowers to get something new, and expand the grandma garden. Your task isn’t only limited to expanding the garden apart, making it beautiful is also your job. Each item available in the garden can help you make coins by offering you a sell option. Keep in mind that every item has different stages, and it will groom once you merge it multiple times. The completion of wishes will automatically add stars to your wallet to use later.

  • Merge three Thistle for Sprout
  • Harvest Buttercup of Stage 3 for Yellow Nectar
  • Coin Hideout provides you with coin storage
  • Merge 3 Blue Nectar for Orange Nectar
  • Match three Sprout of Stage 1 for Dandelion
  • Merge Daisy (Stage 4) for Blue Nectar
  • You can harvest Buttercup (Stage 4) for Yellow Nectar
  • Harvest Daisy (Stage 4) for Blue Nectar
  • You can harvest Forget-Me-Not (Stage 5) for Blue Nectar
  • Growing Oak is a source of wood, and you can merge for Young Oak
  • Harvest Mysterious Vein for Gems
  • Merge Eastern Bluebird Eggs to hatch
  • Young Oak (Stage 3) help you collect wood, and will leave you Handsome Oak once merges
  • Harvest Dandelion for Yellow Nectar
  • Merge three Fruit Tree Seed for Fruit Tree Sprout
  • Merge three Wild Flower Seed for Sprout

Note: Merge Mystery Bird Egg for a Feathery Surprise

Level 2

You have to collect 18 grapes and 15 blueberries to complete the 2nd Match-3 Puzzle. Did you notice what will happen when you match 4 fruits of the same color at once? A Rocket will appear on the playfield that will clear the entire row or column upon getting matched with the same color fruit. Match the said items until the target gets completed. Matching five items of the same type will reveal an A-Bomb that smashes items of its surrounding within a targeted range. In case you have both A Rocket and A-Bomb, then consider the playing level is almost completed. Because it removes mostly items from the screen within the blink of your eye.

Note: Once again, don’t forget to mark free rewards before hitting the continue button.

Level 3

The layout of the level is almost the same as the previous level, but the game brings different conditions to complete. This time, you have to collect 17 Apples and 17 Lemons by matching identical fruits. Only eighteen moves are available at your disposal, and there’s no chance of wasting a single one. Therefore, try to match over 3 items to grab some power-ups and clear fruits from the field at once. Matching five items will help you reveal a bomb that can be activated once you match it with the fruit of the same color.

Note: Don’t forget to claim your free rewards before tapping the continue button.

Puzzle 4

You have 20 moves in your queue and have to collect 12 pears and 14 grapes. Completion of the level within limited moves is compulsory; otherwise, you have to play the level again. Did you notice what will happen when we match a square of fruits? For sure, your answer will be no. Let’s see what happens with it. Whenever you match fruits in a square, the game leaves a new power-up (Kites) and like the previous items, you have to match it with the fruit of the same color to activate. Once it has done, all the same types of fruits across the board will be removed.

Note: Earn gold coins from puzzles and create Coin Storage to store more coins. Spend your coins in the shop to purchase Eggs and other Treasures!

Using your stars, you can unlock wildlife, including Hummingbird Egg, Eastern Bluebird Egg, and Monarch Butterfly Egg. Next to that, you will unlock a new structure, known as Wood Shelter to store woods. Don’t forget to unlock treasure boxes for insane rewards.

Wild Flowers

In Merge Gardens, wildflowers are the main source of nectar and you can use nectar to heal the unlocked land. The game introduces you to some of the wildflowers at the start of the game, while you can find others in chests by yourself, from completing the match-3 puzzles. Whenever you click on the Wild Flower Seeds, they will turn into sprouts. Next to that, you can harvest them for Thistles and Thistle Patches that you can merge for sprouts. We have compiled a list of Wild Flowers and their Stages for you in the Merge Gardens Walkthrough Beginner’s Guide to help you understand the basics.

  • Wild Flower Seed – No Stage
  • Sprout – Stage 1
  • Porcini – Stage 2
  • Buttercup – Stage 3
  • Daisy – Stage 4
  • Forget-Me-Not – Stage 5
  • Poppy – Stage 6
  • Hosta – Stage 7
  • Foxglove – Stage 8
  • Hydrangea – Stage 9
  • Dainty Flower Bed – Stage 10
  • Comely Flower Bed – Stage 11
  • Charming Flower Bed – Stage 12
  • Elegant Flower Bed – Stage 13
  • Lustrous Flower Bed – Stage 14
  • Stunning Flower Bed – Stage 15
  • Exquisite Flower Bed – Stage 16
  • Magnificent Flower Bed – Stage 17
  • Glass House – Stage 18

How to obtain Wild Flowers?

The procedure of obtaining Wild Flowers is quite simple, you just need to harvest the following items, such as Debris, Popular Trees, and Mole Hills. Whenever you are harvesting the stages of the Wild Flowers, the game rewards you with Nectar from different stages. You should keep in mind that the higher level of Wild Flowers will leave you more powerful Nectar.

Popular Trees in Merge Gardens

Apart from Wild Flowers, the game features many trees that will help you make massive rewards, as well as makes your garden beautiful. In the game, trees are useful in different ways and once you build an Appian Way to merge trees, the game will reward you with amazing items. There’s a tree (Poplar Tree Wonder) that will remain permanently within your garden until you decide to sell it. We’ve compiled a complete list of trees to make you understand who it works:

  • Tree Leaf
  • Tree Seed
  • Sprounting Oak – Stage 1
  • Growing Oak – Stage 2
  • Young Oak – Stage 3
  • Adult Oak – Stage 4
  • Mature Oak – Stage 5
  • Distinguished Oak – Stage 6
  • Majestic Oak – Stage 7
  • Old World Oak – Stage 8
  • Poplar Ruins – Stage 9
  • Poplar Columnade – Stage 10
  • Appian Way – Masterpiece

How to Obtain Poplar Trees?

Purchasing a supply crate using in-game coins at the shop may help you obtaining Poplar Trees that are famous for leaving amazing rewards. There’s another way used to obtain trees – Harvesting Tulips. Upon getting harvested, the trees leave you the following objects such as:

  • Wild Flowers
  • Nectar
  • Coins
  • Wildlife Eggs
  • Rope
  • Baskets

Introduction of Wildlife Eggs

Merge Gardens features dozens of beautiful wildlife to make your garden exquisite. At the start, you will unlock one or two species, but as you reach high stages wildlife starts to unlock itself. Merging the wildlife eggs may increase birds and animals in your garden, and they let you harvest more using the items available in your garden. The game divides the wildlife into three different categories, such as Regular Eggs, Magnificent Eggs, and Mystery Eggs. Each category in itself contains dozens of sub-categories, and their names are the following:


Basic Eggs 

As the name implies, these eggs can be found easily across the garden. Different types of eggs are there that the game asks you to merge to obtain a new one.

  • Flying Squirrel
  • Honey Bee
  • Eastern Bluebird
  • Monarch Butterfly
  • Nog-Nosed Bat
  • Hummingbird
  • Ladybug
  • Woodpecker
  • Green Darner
  • Long-Eared Owl

Magnificent Eggs

Although Magnificent Eggs are difficult to obtain, you can grab these eggs to go through a process. Different types of Magnificent Eggs are the following:

  • Flying Squirrel
  • Honey Bee
  • Eastern Bluebird
  • Monarch Butterfly
  • Hog-Nosed Bat
  • Hummingbird
  • Ladybug
  • Woodpecker
  • Green Darner
  • Long-Eared Owl

Mystery Eggs

Last but not least, Mystery Eggs are also available within the game holding massive rewards. Insect, Bird, and Mammal are Mystery Eggs that aren’t only different to find, but also challenging to merge.

Introduction of Mushroom

Grandma allows you to keep beautiful flowers, insects, birds, and mammals in her garden with the aim of making it exquisite. Therefore, you are also allowed to grow mushrooms. In case, there’s no mushroom in your garden, then keeping some space for them will be in your favor. It starts with no level but ends at masterpiece after going through 10 stages. The names, along with the stages of the mushroom are given below:

  • Button Mushroom – No Level
  • Shiitake – Stage 1
  • Porcini – Stage 2
  • Yellow Oyster – Stage 3
  • Morel – Stage 4
  • Pink Domecap – Stage 5
  • Wood Blewit – Stage 6
  • Fly Agaric – Stage 7
  • Chanterelles – Stage 8
  • Cluster (Mushroom) – Stage 9
  • Glade (Mushroom) – Stage 10
  • TreeHouse (Mushroom) – Masterpiece

Introduction of Tulips

Tulips aren’t only beautiful to have in your lush garden, but also reward you with a small number of nectars. The game lets you grab Nectar and Poplar Tree Leaves by harvesting Tulips. There are nine different stages of tulips, and each one has unique characteristics.

  • Tulip Bulb
  • Yellow Tulip – Stage 1
  • Orange Tulip – Stage 2
  • Red Tulip – Stage 3
  • White Tulip – Stage 4
  • Tulip Bouquet – Stage 5
  • Punnet of Tulip – Stage 6
  • Barrel of Tulip – Stage 7
  • Barrow of Tulip – Stage 8
  • Wreath of Tulip – Stage 9
  • Dutch Windmill – Masterpiece

How to obtain Tulips?

You have only two ways of grabbing Tulips for free such as Merging or Harvesting Pebbles and Tapping Amber Stars. Harvesting the stages of the Tulips may help you gather the following items such as Poplar Trees, Treasure Chests, Nectar, and Baskets.

Types of Ropes in Merge Gardens

The fully groom Bamboo Nursery may be a perfect place for those players who are searching for Vegetable Patches. You start the game by merging the first stage of rope and end by building a Bamboo Nursery. Harvesting the poplar trees may help you obtain Ropes. Upon reaching the final stage, the game rewards you with vegetable patches. There are five different stages of ropes available, and each one has a unique appearance and type:

  • A scrap of Bark – Stage 1
  • Bark Rope – Stage 2
  • Rope Coil – Stage 3
  • Scaffolding – Stage 4
  • Bamboo Nursery – Stage 5

Do you know? Granny wishes to have some fresh vegetables, and without having a Bamboo Nursery you can’t fulfill the task available on the granny’s wish list.

Introduction of Vegetable Patches

If you ask about the vital item in the Garden, then for sure my answer would be vegetables. You can’t complete the wish list of granny without growing and merging vegetables. Probably, you are familiar with the six stages of the vegetable if you love to play Merge Gardens, if you are new to the game let us help you with the best Merge Gardens Walkthrough Beginner’s Guide.

  • Vegetable Nursery – Stage 1
  • Radish Patch – Stage 2
  • Carrot Patch – Stage 3
  • Eggplant Patch – Stage 4
  • Chili Patch – Stage 5
  • Prizewinning Pumpkin Patch – Stage 6

How to Obtain Vegetable Patches?

By merely tapping the Bamboo Nursery may help you obtain the vegetable patches. Upon seeing the vegetables hanging with the patches, you can tap and collect to add to your inventory.

Merge Gardens Walkthrough Guide – Tips and Tricks

For sure, many players from worldwide are searching for some Merge Gardens Tips and Tricks to start their career as the merging master. We figured this would be a great time to provide you with the best strategies and ways to be the master. Therefore, this section covers “How to Play Merge Gardens” regarding the creatures, vegetables, plants, merging mechanics, and many other aspects, including Resources, Stages, Progression System, Currencies, and more. At the start, the game won’t display you too many objects, it brings only a few items within a limited area. Rest parts of the gardens are locked and need the completion of targets to be unlocked. Therefore, you have lots of time to learn the basics and the progression system.

Start with Merging Basic Items

The ultimate goal in the lush garden is to restore its former condition and brings the glory back to it. Upon exploring the areas, you may see a dusty fog over some scenes prevent to visit those areas. Granny wants you to remove that dusty fog to expand her garden further and make additions to make it luxurious.

Furthermore, you should keep in mind that there’s only one way to remove the dusty fog by making use of blue feather points that you can earn from cute creatures. Each creature intends to give you feather points. It means, playing upon high stage levels will leave you more points. Removing the dust from the area isn’t only your job, lifting the curse from all items available in the garden is also your objective to complete.

Learn about the Flower Power that you need to lift the curse or remove the fog from those areas. Whenever you attempt to merge the flowers, they leave to turn into nectars. Next to that, merging the nectars will provide you with flower power that removes the curse from both the objects and the plants. In short, following the given procedure will help you restore the garden, reveal new locations, obtain new creatures, and make your granny happy.

Hatch Eggs to bring beautiful creatures out

Populating the garden with cute creatures is only possible by hatching eggs. The game has dozens of eggs; each one belongs to a specific species. Like hatching and merging Eastern Bluebird eggs will bring the Bluebird species to your garden. No doubt, a question will be rising in your mind that where to grab eggs. Let me clear that there are more than 2 ways to obtain eggs in Merge Gardens, including an in-game shop. You’re allowed to obtain creatures using in-game coins, stars, and others.

Keep an eye on Resources

The game features three types of main resources, such as Wood, Gems, and Coins. Ways of obtaining in-game resources are already mentioned above, and once again I will introduce ways briefly. You can obtain woods by harvesting or merging Oak Trees.

Wood: In case you are searching for a way to increase the storage limit, then you should create a wood shelter. Using coins, you can purchase a wood shelter at a shop. Where to use woods in Merge Gardens? Like real-world, you can make use of woods to create buildings, including birdhouses.

Coins: Pretty simple way to earn in-game coins is to keep merging items and unlocking new areas. Similarly, you can also earn by matching identical items in match-3 puzzles. The completion of tasks given by granny may help you earn stars. Therefore, you can also turn your stars into coins. You can use coins to purchase eggs from the shop or can go to upgrade the storage capacity.

Gems: The third most vital currency is Gem that you can obtain from supplies and stages. Gems can help you achieve a mystery or secret egg from the shop or extra rewards from either the boosters or stages.

How to Earn More Rewards?

Before starting the game, you should learn the basics to make yourself understand what type of items will leave you massive rewards. Both stage objects and high levels will reward you with high prizes. For example – yellow nectar comes with x1 flower power. In the game, you have an option of either taping the said nectar to claim x1 flower power or merge three yellow-colored nectars to obtain one blue nectar, which in return will give you 4 times flower power than yellow nectar. Going through the merging process will bring orange nectar that increases the flower power six times, going further will reveal rainbow nectar that increases the flower power up to 64 times

Note: Therefore, we suggest you to try hard to approach the high stage and then tap on the objects to claim the rewards. Following the said method may help you yielding more rewards and prizes.

The said process isn’t only applicable for nectars only, it works with all objects like an oak tree, coins, and more.

Obtain Free Supplies

Whenever you discover that there’s nothing left to merge, start playing match-3 levels that reward you with free supplies like gems, eggs, and more. The game features a small green-colored button at the right corner of your screen. Hit that button to start solving match-3 puzzles within limited moves. Try to unlock boosters to achieve the stage without any hassle.

Keep Harvesting to earn more

For sure, you’re doing all the struggle just for flower power. Therefore, you should keep harvesting flowers. Firstly, try to harvest the oak tree and then tap on rose plants to obtain fruit tree seed. The game requires you to make double taps on the screen to harvest regular resources.

Upgrading Building Facilities

As you know that the game features different building facilities, and the majority of them are locked. Whenever you find any upgrade for the building facility, instantly apply it to take your progression to the next step. The prominent building facilities are the following: Bird House and Wood Shelter. You can keep all of your resources in Wood Shelter, and can also increase its capacity using in-game coins. You can merge three wood shelters at the same level to have a high-stage building for more bonuses.


Merge Gardens brings a brand-new way to decorate the garden. I found the graphics and music effects appealing, and creatures are beautifully crafted as they keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. Whether you’re a match-3 gameplay lover or not, you’re going to spend hundreds of hours decorating the granny’s garden who is ruined. The extensive visuals force you to see what next you reveal in further stages apart.

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