Tiny Robots Recharged Walkthrough


Do you love playing “Games like Mekorama?” If yes, then here you go. Tiny Robots Recharged is a Puzzle and Single-player video game released for Mobile Devices. The game revolves around a tiny robot who has fun with friends and playing games until a bad guy appeared and took all of his friends, leaving him alone for struggle and completing challenging puzzles. The evil guy has just built a laboratory next to the park to conduct unholy experiments on your friends. In the game, you control the robot from an isometric viewpoint and rotate the environment to discover hidden objects and batteries to research the robots. After knowing your friends are in trouble, you should embark on a journey to rescue them before it’s too late.

More than 40 Tricky Levels

Tiny Robots Recharged features over 40 challenging levels, and all are free to play. Each level brings an outstanding puzzle to solve in a beautiful scene where you must find hidden objects and batteries to recharge your bot. The game features an inventory on the right side of the screen where you can add all objects you will find from the scene to use later. Somehow, you can say that the game offers a fusion of Hidden Object and Puzzle game elements.

Experience Adventure Escape Game

Your job isn’t only limited to keeping your robot recharged and finding hidden objects to get rid of riddles and solve tricky puzzles. Furthermore, the graphics are impressive and won’t leave you until you complete the game. The amazing audio effects will truly connect you to a beautiful world. Jump into the game and start navigating the environment to find batteries and other things to solve puzzles. The gameplay becomes more engaging as you play more.


You might know players would love to play puzzle games because they are easy than FPS and other action-packed games. It doesn’t mean you don’t use your wit to complete levels; therefore, they are tougher than any other action games because of having tricky environment puzzles that need your attention, sharp eyesight, and detective senses to solve the mystery. So, we compiled a Tiny Robots Recharged Walkthrough/Guide for those guys who are looking for it to solve all possible problems.

Moreover, the game starts with three robotic friends who are having fun around the fire. A twist comes to the story when a spaceship controlled by a villain appears and takes all of your friends. Now, the responsibility of saving your friends lies on your shoulders. For that, you have to wake up your inner detective, sharpen your eyesight, and improve your investigation skills.

Tiny Robots Level 1 – Gone Robots

Are you ready to solve the first level? Do you have enough guts to save your friends? Don’t worry; we are with you and bring every possible solution with Tiny Robots Rechargerd Walkthrough to your palm. You are now in the Tiny Robots Recharged Level 1, where you can see different items available, along with the fire where once your friends were having fun and get kidnapped by a villain. Although the first level is a tutorial, most of the riddles require your attention to be solved. Therefore, follow the given steps to complete each puzzle properly.

  • Investigate the briefcase and tap to flip it. Next to that, you should drag its top to open it and collect an item from it.
  • Hit the button at the left bottom corner of the screen to zoom out.
  • There are bushes next to the briefcase, and you can collect a charger available on the right side of the bushes.
  • Swipe your finger to rotate the level and look around to reveal the other side of the platform.
  • Collect the battery from the main door’s backside to recharge your robot before the battery goes empty.
  • You have to collect three batteries in the level to keep your robot fully recharged.
  • Another battery will find after moving toward the wall from the fire.
  • Open a box kept forth the drum to get the third battery.
  • Now, you should insert the charge on the machine fixed behind the gate to play a mini-game.
  • Once you complete the game, it will give you a key after opening a secret cover.
  • Flip the environment around and head to the gate where you must drag and drop an item from your inventory to open the lock.
  • Use the key to open the gate and escape.

Tiny Robots Level 2 – Head and Boulders

The scene is beautiful and seems like the head of any robot. I found the primary gameplay similar to Mekorama (Video Game). Still, it comes with many changes and new elements like finding hidden objects and using items from your inventory to get rid of problems.

  • You may find two batteries under the path and below the rope puller on the left side of the scene.
  • Below the wooden path, you will discover an element. Collect and add it to your inventory.
  • Don’t forget to collect cable above the rack from above the same wooden path.
  • Now, you should collect the third battery from the top of the house.
  • Collect an ax available on the right-side of the environment.
  • Use the ax to break the wood pieces and connect the cable you found from above the same box. Connect it with the robot that, upon getting charged, will pull the rope holding another element.
  • Remove the wood pieces from the machine fixed forth the main gate to play a mini-game.
  • Solve a block-based puzzle and open the gate where you must add two elements and escape.

Tiny Robots Level 3 – Birds Are Prey

The third level is beautiful where it’s raining and the night is falling. Apart from that, your objectives are to find three batteries and hidden objects to solve puzzles.

  • As the level starts, you can find a battery on the massive stone’s left side and a disk from the water.
  • Flip the floating environment around and head to the trees. Remove the rough materials laid between two trees to find the 2nd
  • Afterward, you should add the chip to the robot standing on the left side and see how it moves toward the sparrow. As the robot starts to move, a board will fall to reveal the third battery.
  • When you move to collect the third battery, don’t forget to collect a crowbar next to it.
  • Flip the environment around to visit the backside and use the crowbar to remove the connection of pipes. It will grant you an empty battery to add to the machine available on the left side of the front side. Firstly, you have to rotate the circular object to reveal the machine and then add the empty battery.
  • With thunder shocks, the battery gets fully charged, and you have to place it to the main machine fixed on the left side of the robot.
  • Play the mini-game to open the door and escape to the next level.

Tiny Robots Level 4 – Truck Trouble

The game welcomes you to a floating piece of land holding a ruined vehicle and a few other items. Hone your skills of finding hidden objects and deal with all types of puzzles, whether it’s a mini-game or mystery. Every action in the game is possible with your fingertips.

  • First of all, you have to find all three hidden batteries to charge your robot. The first one is hidden next to the burning drum. The 2nd battery is inside the briefcase available before the vehicle and next to the cylinder, while the third battery is available on the backside of the stones.
  • Tap the left-side to zoon-in and rotate the wheel to lift the massive cover to collect a bolt.
  • Collect a pickaxe from the right side of the cover you recently opened up, rotating the wheel.
  • Head to the car bonnet and play the mini-game, where you have to adjust the rotating reels and connect the chip to solve it. In the first part, you can set the reel to a fan, and in the 2nd reel, you can go with toothed gear to let the jeep pull a traditional torch.
  • Select the torch from your inventory and bring it too close to the burning drum. Once done, you set the fire on the torch and keep it back to your inventory.
  • Once again, select the torch and bring it close to the cylinder. With a blast, the jeep and everyone nearby it will fall from the mountain.
  • Set the bolt into the door to reveal another mini-game to play. This time, it requires a code to open the door.
  • Select the pickaxe and flip the floating land around to find strange pieces of stone on the backside. Hit the targeted location using the pickaxe and reveal the code, which is 7952.
  • Open the shutter and escape.

Tiny Robots Level 5 – Mystic Mess

You are now at level 5, where you may discover a beautiful swimming wherein you can’t swim. Like in the previous levels, your goal is to find three batteries and solve a challenging puzzle to open the gate.

  • Collect the first battery from next to the tree available on the left side. Furthermore, the 2nd battery is in the backside of the massive stone. You can easily see a chip connected with the backside of a small spiky stone. Head to it and play a mini-game wherein you must tap blocks between two lines and then hit the left side two times and then the right side. It will open the cover to reveal the third battery.
  • Pick up the battery from the stone, and don’t forget to collect a toothed gear that falls after the collision of a crow with the stone.
  • The 2nd gear is kept between the tree and the stone on the right side.
  • Fix the gear to the machine available on the left side coming out of the water and hit the handle to run it.
  • Once you hit the handle, it will reveal a laser machine to destroy the statues available around the main door. Collect the emeralds from both statues and add them to the main door to open.

Tiny Robots Level 6 – Rainy Day

A beautiful rainy day where you meet a robot sitting on a bench lonely. It seems you are in any restaurant where your goal is to solve a tricky puzzle to open the gate to the next scenes. Finding hidden objects sometimes becomes a headache; therefore, we bring you a Tiny Robots Recharged Guide to help you find every solution you need.

  • See behind the bench to find the first battery, the 2nd battery is inside the wooden box kept above the room, and the third battery is hidden beautifully inside the lamp having some horns.
  • Collect the umbrella from behind the billboard and offer it to the robot sitting on the bench. In return, the robot will give you a coin.
  • Head to the tower where you can see a Wi-Fi-type sign. Open the mini-game to play and tap the first, third, and second batteries accordingly to fix the first circuit, while for the second, you should hit the fourth, third, and fourth batteries.
  • Insert the coin available in your inventory to the tower and collect a ticket.
  • To escape, you should insert the ticket to the main door and escape.

Tiny Robots Level 7 – Lift Off

You are in the 7th level, where you may have a chance to fly a rocket. The game tasks you with finding hidden objects and batteries to unlock the next scene to complete the level.

  • Firstly, you can collect the battery from near the rocket. The 2nd battery is behind the bushes at the right-top corner of the floating land, while the third battery is hidden behind the massive toothed gear.
  • The game features a generator at the bottom of the land wherefrom you can collect a rope connected with hooks on both ends.
  • Start the generator by pulling the handle to turn it on and let the toothed gear move. Remove the sparrow to open the door.
  • Play a mini-game available forth the rocket and reveal a button. Flip the environment around to find the lid. Use the lid to cover the hole and connect the rope with the rocket and the robot coming out of the 2nd hole nearby it.
  • Hit the start button to bring the briefcase out from the hole. Open the briefcase to collect an eagle badge.
  • Set the badge to the door and escape.

Note: To zoom in, you have to tap the specific location and hit the back button to zoom out. You can’t open the door until you drag or push it. Furthermore, to turn on the handle, you have to slide it aside.

Tiny Robots Level 8 – On the Edge

We’ve successfully unlocked the Tiny Robots Recharged Level 9, where you may discover a robot on a patient bed. You must find a solution to complete the mystery, but before, find three hidden batteries. Where are three batteries hidden in level 9?

  • The first batter is inside the box available on the right-bottom corner of the screen. The next two batteries are available on the backside of the room.
  • Flip the level around to reveal a medical kit, but first, you have to find a cutter.
  • Visit the left corner to find a cutter next to the dead robot.
  • Use the cutter to cut the lock available right behind the same wall wherefrom you have collected it.
  • Cutting the box will give you a handle that you can connect with the machine to give shocks to the robot and open its cover.
  • Collect a chip for the secret box and head to the main area where you can play a mini-game after inserting the disk available in your inventory.
  • Play the mini-game and open the door to escape.

Tiny Robots Level 9 – Big Shiny Rock

The game seems similar to Mekorama, where you have to control a robot to reach the red dot at any cost to complete the level. The 11th level seems challenging and holds too much stuff to increase the difficulty whenever you start your search to find hidden batteries and objects.

  • As you enter the level, collect the key flying in the air because of modern technology.
  • Next to it, you should play the game wherein your ultimate goal is to turn all red-lines into green.
  • Afterward, head to the controls fixed on the left side near the crane. Hit the handle to bring the crane up and turn on the button to break the massive stone.
  • Following the said words may leave you some shiny stones that will come to track. Move the track to take them down to a blender machine.
  • Backside the blender, you can collect a funnel and shovel, as well as a battery.
  • The third battery is on the left from the backside.
  • Put the key into the blender machine to make a mixture. Once done, connect the funnel with another machine and use a shovel to carry and put the crystals to the machine, but first, let them go through the funnel.
  • Hit the handle of the same machine to open the door to the next scene.

Tiny Robots Level 10 – Frozen

Welcome to the snowy environment where the game displays you a small but beautiful floating land containing a house and a few machines, as well as some stones. From the left-side of the house, you can collect an ax. For the batteries, here’s a guide on how to find Batteries in Tiny Robots Recharged Level 12.

  • The first battery is hidden behind the house between the stack of wooden pieces. During the time of pick up a battery, don’t forget to collect a log.
  • The second battery is hidden between two trees forth the stone, while you can find the third battery below the tiny tree in the front environment.
  • Put the log on a massive wooden piece available on the house’s left side and use the ax to cut it.
  • Keep the log to the specific area built ahead of the home and collect a lighter from the robot’s backside sitting on a stone.
  • Hit the tower to play a mini-game where you must adjust the shapes such as Switch and Fan, and connect the joinder. It will supply the electricity to the house and the robot.
  • Use the lighter to set the fire on the log.
  • The robot will stand up after getting recharged. The box will open to reveal the gear.
  • You have to fix the gear in the front of the house to let the machine work properly.
  • Once done, it will open a gate to the next level.

Tiny Robots Level 11– Wrecking Ball

After completing 12 levels, you would be masters in solving puzzles and surely know how to find hidden batteries. With your progress, the game keeps improving graphics and difficulty levels to give you a tough time, as well as an impressive game experience.

  • As the level start, we suggest you pick up a battery from the left side of the door and a crowbar. The next battery is available in the right corner next to the wheel.
  • There’s a box on the left corner where you can grab a cutter.
  • Use the cutter to break the lock fixed ahead of a box between the platforms on the right side.
  • Open the box and play a mini-game to turn on all squares.
  • The game’s completion will open the circle available amidst the level and bring a massive iron ball out along with a robot.
  • Attach the chain connected to the wheel with the robot and remove the cover from the door’s backside using the crowbar. Play a mini-game and collect a handle.
  • Connect the handle with the wheel and rotate it toward the machine and leave to smash the door.
  • Follow the door to move to the new scene.

Tiny Robots Level 12 – Robocop

Now, you’re in a colorful environment, whereas usually finding hidden batteries is compulsory. You aren’t limited to find batteries first, as you can find hidden objects and play mini-games, too.

  • As the level starts, head to the mini-game, where you have to place blocks to complete the puzzle. It will reveal code 953.
  • The first battery is on the roof, while the 2nd battery is in the entrance that you can collect from the backside.
  • Flip the land around to find a trash box to collect a burning plank.
  • In the front, you can easily see a sewerage discharging gas. Open the lid and bring the burning plank near it.
  • It will make a blast but give you a wrench.
  • Don’t forget to collect them from under the bench.
  • From the backside of the building, you can collect a cable.
  • Use the wrench to open the bolt from a circuit fixed behind the robot on the front side. Once done, connected cables after removing the lock with both the robot and the switch.
  • After getting charged, the robot will walk away by leaving the spot. Remove the cover to reveal a ticket and collect it.
  • Put the ticket into the box forth the entrance and enter code 953 to open the door.

Tiny Robots Level 12 – Into Pieces

Tiny Robots Recharged feature a star rewarding system that gives you one to three stars depending on your performance. The next scene seems pretty simple and beautiful, as well as easy to complete. Follow the steps mentioned in the Walkthrough of Tiny Robots Recharged.

Here are three Batteries:

  • Nearby the Vehicle
  • Inside the house
  • Behind the house within a drum, but first, you have to remove the button.

Now, follow the steps to find the hidden objects to open the door and escape.

  • Open the car back to collect a rope.
  • Connection the rope with the moving fan to see how it pulls the robot sitting on a chair.
  • Open the cover where the robot was sitting to collect a pipe.
  • Now, you should head to the car bonnet to fix the pipe and play a mini-game.
  • The mini-game offers similar gameplay to the Pipe Connect video game, wherein you have to connect the pipe to control the flow of water from start to end.
  • Once the game completes, the car starts and drops from a height. Collect a key and open the main door to escape.

Tiny Robots Level 14 – Penguin Predicament

On level 14, you will meet a cute penguin floating on a small lake. There’s a house made up of ice blocks, and a few items surround it. Firstly explore the scene to discover hidden batteries to earn all three stars and then move out to search for the rest of the hidden objects to complete the puzzle.

  • The first battery is available on the right side behind the handle, and the 2nd battery is on the left side nearby the house.
  • Flip the house around to visit the back and head to a mini-game where you must oversee the screen when the game displays you specific cells, and then repeat the process to unlock the box.
  • It will give you an arrow, and after that, you must turn the handle on to collect the third battery.
  • A screwdriver is available on the left side from the back of the house and adds to your inventory.
  • Put the arrow in the crossbow and hit the fire button to collect gear. Pick up the gear and add it to a machine available on the right side from the front of the house and pull the handle to run it.
  • It will reveal two more platforms from the lake that the penguin can use to land on the solid place and bring you a grenade.
  • Use the screwdriver to untie the screws and fix the bomb over there to make a massive blast. But before you must set fire on the TNT and then place it over there.

Tiny Robots Level 15 – Gas and Cacti

The game throws you in a small floating land where winds are running at high speed. Lots of stuff are available surround the main gate, and the game tasks you with finding three batteries and several hidden objects to solve the puzzle.

  • As the level starts, you should head to the room’s top to collect a broom.
  • A robot is standing forth the door holding a shovel that you must collect to let the robot drop off and reveal a battery.
  • Use the shovel to collect a lump of coal from a small bucket next to the ruined robot.

  • Remove gears available on the left side to collect the 2nd battery, and for the third battery, you should visit the backside of the room.
  • There’s a box fixed on the backside of the room having a locker. You must rotate the handle to set the fire within the box.
  • Back to the front area, you must remove the plate from the above handles. Next to that, you should use a broom to clean the top of the room to reveal the pattern and set all handles accordingly.
  • Use the key to open the lock available on the main room’s backside and throw the coal into it. Close the cover to start the machine to open the iron doors covered in the main area.
  • Play a mini-game to open the door and escape.

Tiny Robots Level 16 – Mushroom Madness

Walkthroughs.net brings the best solutions for completing each puzzle in Tiny Robots Recharged at your fingertips. Start finding hidden objects and batteries to keep earning three stars in each level. The game has over 40 levels; each one has a unique environment and puzzles to solve.

  • The first battery is behind the chair a robot is sitting on.
  • The next battery is on the left side of the machine holding a mini-game to play.
  • On the backside of the room, you should remove the garbage to find the third battery.
  • Flip the level around and head to the main area and then visit the right side to collect a battery.
  • Put the battery into the generator on the front side of the house and plug in the switch.
  • Tap the screen to play a mini-game. You must connect all pipes properly to win.
  • Once done, the game will reveal a handle that you can control to rotate the roof of the room, but before remove a piece of the rod from the gears creating a disturbance in running the machine.
  • Drag the rod to run the machine and adjust the roof to collect three fuses.
  • Head to the main door and put all fuses to open it and escape.

Tiny Robots Level 17 – River Crash

The game features a green environment where it seems a spaceship has crash-landed. There’s a small bridge to cross the river and a few objects aside.

  • Flip the scene around to find a battery from the backside and collect a screwdriver from the same side but hidden under the bushes.
  • Collect the hand from the left side of the bridge and use a screwdriver to open all screws.
  • Once it opens, pick up a key and the 2nd battery.
  • Flip the environment around to see the backside of the spaceship. Put the collected hand on its back to open the portal to play a mini-game.
  • Play a mini-game and guide an object to reach the end. Once done, remember the code the screen displays you “2138.”
  • Open a lid fixed on the stone by using the key and enter the code to the next scene.

Tiny Robots Level 18 – Trainwreck

Seriously, the graphics of the game are mouthwatering, and the gameplay is engaging. No one can leave without appreciating the hard work done by developers. Like other levels, you are on a floating land where different objects are available, and your task is to find batteries and other objects to complete the puzzle. The involvement of mini-games takes the game to the next level.

  • Tap the bench to figure out the briefcase and unlock its locks to collect a mechanism.
  • Making use of a robotic mouse, you can remove the cable from the room’s top. Don’t forget to collect a battery after removing the papers.
  • On edge between two stations, the game features a box containing a battery.
  • The third battery is hidden below the lower parts of the floating platform.
  • Put the mechanism to the rotating wheel available next to the third battery and collect a cable.
  • Connect the cable to the switches from where the mouse had stolen and run away.
  • Putting the cable will activate the mini-game to play.
  • Completion of the game will close the entrance door to stop the train. The train has a box containing a hex key. Use the hex key to open the door and escape.

Tiny Robots Level 19 – Mystery Mine

The 3D environment is where you can’t see your character and completely enjoy all the scenes. The mechanics are similar to the Mekorama video game. Zoom in to figure out everything and hit the back button to zoom out.

  • At the start, there’s a box containing a battery for your robot to keep it charged. However, the number of batteries will determine how many stars you will obtain at each stage’s end.
  • The 2nd battery is available behind the walls available on the left side of the level.
  • Pick up an empty oil can from the right side of the floating land.
  • Fill the cane with the crude oil and fill it with the generator to run the machine.
  • Tap the handle to let the trolley move to the targeted location and pick up a wrench from it.
  • Use the wrench to open the robot circuit and collect a key from it.
  • Next to the robot, there are a few plates. Remove all plates to find the third battery.
  • Use the key to open the trapdoor fixed at the center of the level and move to the next scene.

Tiny Robots Level 20 – Grab and Squeeze

The floor of land is covered with snow, and a moving robot on it seems beautiful. The color combination is brilliant, and the collectible items are fabulous. Here’s a Tiny Robots Recharged Guide to Level 20 (Grab and Squeeze).

  • Flip the environment around to collect a battery from the backside of the room forth the stone hidden inside a hole. A few steps on the right side may help you reveal a pipe and a battery on the other side of the stone.
  • Fix the pipe to stop the gas leakage available near the main door and tie the loose nut available on the right side.
  • Drag the wooden piece from the propeller available on the room’s backside and rotate the handle to run it.
  • Soon, a cover will remove on the top of the same location, revealing a mini-game holding three parts to adjust the image and connect the transistor to win.
  • Select the switch in the first part, a drop in the 2nd, and a fan in the third part, then connect the circuit to win. Upon completing, it will open a drawer holding a fuse collect it.
  • Visit the front area where you can discover a toolbox type object. Insert the fuse to turn on the machine and pick up the moving robot to smash. It will give a bolt required to open the door.
  • Open the gate and escape.


Tiny Robots Recharged is a fabulous Puzzle video game that comes with over 40 challenging levels. Each level introduces a unique variety of puzzles to complete. Players with having detective skills can complete each level with three stars. The graphics are vibrant, and the soundtracks are relaxing and impressive. Furthermore, you don’t need to be panic whenever finding batteries since they are required to reward you with stars. In case you need three stars at each level, then finding all three hidden batteries are compulsory. Moreover, Tiny Robots Recharged Walkthrough and Guide has revealed all locations you can find hidden objects from to complete the puzzle.

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