How to Loot: Pin Pull and Hero Rescue Walkthrough and Guide


Get ready to test your brainpower to see how intelligent you are and how many brain-bending puzzles you can solve. How to Loot: Pin Pull and Hero Rescue is an Adventure and Puzzle video game that supports only Single-player mode and features 3D graphics that keep you engaged in a colorful environment. Nothing is important than rescuing a princess who is in trouble and looking for a prince to come and save her from vicious creatures. Hone your puzzle-solving skills to get rid of all riddles at once because the game won’t give you a 2nd chance.

Moreover, the game involves dealing with pins, knights, and devastative monsters who won’t show mercy on anyone. Ultimately, your objective is to find a hidden treasure while struggling to save the princess, control knights, and defeat monsters. The game features a thrilling adventure where a beautiful environment and unlimited treasures are waiting for you to collect. When playing the game, you have to go through tricky challenges, including the following:

  • Pull Pin to Rescue Man
  • Remove the Pin and gather Treasure.
  • Save the Princess

The completion of objectives and challenging puzzles totally depends on your IQ level. Therefore, the game is considering the best option to test your wits. Before pulling the pin, you should investigate the environment to see where the monsters are lurking; if they are behind you – they will kill you within no time once you pull the pin. How to Loot – Pin Pull and Hero Rescue offer immersive gameplay with intuitive controls and smooth graphics. From the defeat of monsters to the rescue of the princess, everything is possible using only one-finger control.

Four Exciting Game Modes

You aren’t only limited to only one mode, as the game has featured four exciting game modes that promise to give you endless fun. The available game modes are the following:

  • Combat Mode – It involves you fighting against endless waves of monsters.
  • Treasure Mode – In this mode, your goal is to find as many treasure boxes as possible without monsters’ tension.
  • Tower Mode – For sure, you would be familiar with the drawing game; similarly, you need to draw wood skillfully to let the treasure fall from the tower top.
  • Box Mode – Similar to the Tower mode, your goal is to draw wood to throw enemies to lava or spikes.

Over Challenging Levels

Before starting any journey, you should decide your the best companion who stands with you to face all the challenging problems that appear on the way. Similarly, the game gives you a chance to decide who your favorite knight is and acquire him before embarking on a journey. Never give up – the simple key to success. The game features eye-catching graphics that comes with smooth effects. More than 500 challenging levels will keep you busy all day in fun-filled activities. There’s an IQ Assessment Question system available that will show you the graph of your smartness.


As you might know, many puzzle games are very challenging that they can’t be completed without any help. Although some games are flexible in letting others cheat; meanwhile, a group of developers is also available that strictly prohibited such types of activities. Besides that, most players are not good at solving puzzles; therefore, they come out to search for the best How to Loot – Pin Pull and Hero Rescue Walkthrough Guide either on Google or YouTube. Today, we are here to bring all possible solutions of all levels to help you solve each puzzle without any hassle.

Level 1

Whenever the game starts, it displays various heroes to choose from – they are knights and have the same abilities. Selecting your favorite hero may take you into the castles where you confront deadly monsters, meanwhile finding solutions to get out of the maze-like scenario. The playable heroes are the following:

  • Adrian
  • Pumpkin
  • Celyn
  • Trevor
  • Gabriel
  • Adrian

And more.

After selecting the hero, the game drops you to the first level, where you have to remove the pin of the treasure when the monster is absent. It is a trial level. Remove the pin of the golden coins to let them drop. To remove the pin, you have to swipe or touch it. Watching ads may double your coin you have earned after completed the first level.

Level 2

In the 2nd level, the game increases the number of pins to 2. Each level holds the treasure that collecting is your first aim. Lots of tricky adventures await you over there. Remove the treasure pin and then back to the 2nd pin fixed below the treasure.

Level 3

Seriously, the game seems pretty easy at the start, but as it starts to grow, the difficulty level will also increase. We have beautifully covered all possible levels in the “How to Loot Walkthrough/Guide” to show you all solutions. The addition of lava increases the difficulty and makes the level tricky; therefore, you should first save your knight, as well as a treasure too. You don’t need to remove the lava pin to release it; swipe the right-side pin of the treasure to complete the level.

Level 4

How to Loot (Video Game) features many beautiful worlds; each one comes with a unique background and the towers where monsters and other challenges are lurking. In the fourth stage, you have to help your knight by swiping the treasure pin and then the lower one while avoid tapping the pin fixed above the lava. Doing that may waste all the treasure, and many end the level.

Level 5

Princess has come and awaits you to save her. Although the level isn’t difficult to play, you should still be careful when removing pins. Swipe the pin below the knight to release him first and let to rescue the princess, too.

Level 6

With the increasing number of levels, the game is getting difficult to play. In the sixth level, you have to remove the pin of the left-side holding treasure and then the horizontal pin to take the treasure on the floor for your knight to gather.

Level 7

As I told you above, the difficulty level has been increased, and the game started to add new elements to take the challenges to the next level. This time, the game adds the water and lava together in different sections. You should think out of the box to find a solution that helps you eliminate the problems. Follow the steps mentioned in the Walkthrough of How to Loot – Pin Pull and Hero Rescue.

  • Release the lava by swiping its pin and mix it with water.
  • Once the lava gets cold, you should remove the treasure pin to collect it.

Level 8

Level 8 is split into three different sections; the first section holds the knight and the water, while the game features hot lava in the 2nd section. The third section has a treasure to collect. You should remove the top floor’s horizontal pin to release both a knight and the water to come down. The water will cool down the lava while bringing the knight to the 2nd floor from the third – a step closer to the treasure.

  • Remove the Vertical Pin to release both Water and a knight.
  • Release the 2nd pin to let both stones and a knight come down.
  • The stone will make a way to give you access to the treasure, but first, you need to remove the pin of the treasure.

Level 9

Level 9 brings two massive stones set right above your character. It means the knight is in danger and looking for your help to overcome all problems.

  • Remove the stone’s pin and let it fall on the lava to make a path for treasure.
  • Swipe the treasure pin of treasure to let it drop on the hard land.

Level 10

Princess is in danger and calling someone to help. Only your knight is brave who has reached the location on-time. Therefore, you should deal with the continuously increasing difficulty of puzzles to collect all the treasure and save the princess.

  • Let the waterfall on the lava make it cool by merely removing the pin from below the water.
  • Release your knight to land on the 2nd floor.
  • Swipe the pin off the 2nd floor to make way for the knight to follow and reach the princess.

Level 11

Level 11 seems similar to level 1, but the game has featured a poisoning gas that may kill the knight upon release. Therefore, you should keep it locked and deal with other pins to solve the puzzle.

  • Remove the pin on the right side to release the treasure and let your character collect it and escape to the next level.

Level 12

You are supposed to remove the lava’s vertical pin first to bring it down a step close to the water. Next to that, eliminate the treasure and tap on the pin holding the knight to collect all treasure.

Level 13

In the upper section, the game features water, while on the bottom, there is hot lava, and in between, you are standing. Find a solution to cool down both water and lava to make a way to escape. The solution is quite simple, release the water to cool down the lava and then remove the horizontal pin to release both the knight and the treasure.

Level 14

You don’t need to hurry. First, find the solution and then start taking action. The game features the lava on the top section, treasure and water in the bottom, and hanging you amidst the tower. Your goals are the following:

Release the lava and remove the pin of the right side to mix it with water.

Removing the left pin will end the game and deduct your one health power. Therefore, you should be careful whenever making decisions because you have only three lives.

Level 15

There’s a barrier between the hero and the princess. The knight needs to find a way to reach the princess to save her before it’s too late. You can’t go directly to the princess because there are water and hot lava on your way. Therefore, you should make use of your wits to find a solution or see How to Loot? Walkthrough to complete all levels.

  • Without any hassle, you should release both water and lava by removing their respective pins.
  • Coming into contact with you each other, the water and the lava make stones.
  • Afterward, you have to release both characters and let the knight saves the princess.

Level 16

You can swipe or remove the pin in level sixteen because it is connected with a machine that lets you move it up and down. You must drag down the pin to release all treasure for the knight to gather and escape.

Level 17

The scene is a bit challenging because there’s no way you can use it to mix water and lava. Both items are kept at the bottom of the screen. Did you remember how we brought the pin down to release the treasure; similarly, you have to drag the pin to drop the water into lava and then release both the character and the treasure to win.

Level 18

A vicious monster awaits you right amidst the level. He has also guarded the treasure and never let anyone steal the coins. Right below the monster, the game features burning lava. You must find a solution to get rid of both lava and the monster at once. Drag the pin to the left direction to fall the monster into the lava and bring the pin back to its former position. Release the treasure and remove the pin stopping the character from collecting it.

Level 19

It takes you to another tower where both water and lava are available to damage you. Use your wits to get rid of the problem and unlock the next scene to become the master. Although both water and lava are a problem, you are also supposed to deal with the vicious monster who won’t leave you alive. Therefore, follow the steps given in “How to Loot Pin Pull and Hero Rescue Guide.”

  • Firstly, you should deal with the giant monster who is right below you and the lava.
  • Release the lava to kill the monster and then release the water to cool down the lava.
  • Afterward, you need to pull the pin of treasure to collect.

Level 20

Level 20 is a bit tricky than others; therefore, you’ve to deal with all puzzles and riddles to unlock further levels. To make you puzzle, the game includes some extra pins that you must swipe to make a way to the treasure. The level holds the princess using the iron chain.

  • Removing pins above the princess may damage her; therefore, you must drag the pin that holds the water.
  • Afterward, you have to swipe the rest of the pins and let the knight rescue the princess after bringing him down.

Level 21

In level 21, the game features a mighty sword that you can use to become powerful. Use the sword to attack the monster and kill him to unlock the next level. The sword isn’t falling because of a pin holding it.

  • Release the pin to let the character hold the sword and remove the barrier to organize a battle between the knight and the monster.
  • Once the knight kills the monster, the next level will unlock.

Level 22

Grab a mighty sword and kill the monster by merely pulling two different pins. Release the knight to hold the sword and get into the first floor to attack the monster. Next to that, release the treasure to collect.

Level 23

It is a bit tricky level that requires your attention than other levels. Slide the pin to drop the sword to your character and let him grab it for a while. Afterward, remove the pin from below the monster to fight and collect all the treasure.

Level 24

The first and second sections of the castle hold the lava that features to burn your knight. Hone your skills to get rid of all problems and collect the treasure to become the master.

  • Remove the pin from the left side to bring the treasure to the 2nd floor and remove the pin from the 2nd floor to take it to the first one.
  • Afterward, you are supposed to eliminate the pin from the right side to collect the treasure.

Level 25

The game features a small tower where both the knight and the princess stand on the opposite side. Below the princess, a monster is standing who won’t let the knight release the princess from his custody.

  • You have to drag the pin from below the hero and let him reach the ground floor.
  • Once the knight grabs the sword, you need to release the monster to fight and rescue the princess.

Level 26

It is a bonus level that brings something unique and fruitful for you to collect. Remove any one of your favorite pins to collect the reward.

Level 27

In the next scene, the giant monster is standing below the massive treasure box. Releasing the treasure box will kill the monster and allows you to collect gold coins.

Level 28

Don’t remove the pin from below the treasure box, as the box will drop into the lava. Therefore, you should release the water first by merely dragging the vertical pin. Afterward, remove both treasure boxes from the right side and the knight from the left side.

Level 29

In level 29, you need to release the lava first and lead it to water. Follow the steps mentioned in the How to Loot: Pin Pull Hero Rescue Walkthrough.

  • Remove the pin forth the lava and drag the pin that is pointing toward the knight.
  • In the next step, you have to release the knight and remove the 2nd pin to collect the treasure.

Level 30

The tower has three different sections; the first is holding the princess, 2nd is empty, while the third has water and the knight.

  • Release the water by removing a pin below it.
  • Remove another pin from the 2nd floor and let the water flow to the lava.
  • Once the lava gets cold, you need to remove the knight to free the princess.

Level 31

In the next scene, a massive monster is standing forth you but can’t attack because of a pin standing between both of you. Releasing the pin will allow the monster to kill you. Therefore, you should find another way to save yourself and complete the level. Did you notice? The game features a massive weight right above the monster. Pull the pin to let the massive stone fall the monster. Once done, collect the treasure box and move to the next level.

Level 32

On the right side, you may find a knight, lava, and water, while on the left side, there are a powerful monster and treasure to collect. You should deal with all problems strategically to win the level.

  • Firstly, remove the pin fixed vertically in the level to release the lava and kill the monster.
  • In the next step, you have to release the water and cool down the lava.
  • The third step lets you release the knight and collect the treasure.

Level 33

For sure, you might have played “Cut the Rope” or Fruit Ninja video games; similarly to those games, now you have to use your slashing abilities to cut the iron chain and drop the treasure box on the monster. Release the knight to hunt and collect the treasure.

Level 34

The game uses the same formula as the previous level and forces you to complete the puzzle. It features a knight and a monster against each other who are ready to battle against each other. In the game, you have two different ways to deal with the monster, either dropping the treasure box on the monster or letting the knight kill it using a sword. Once you kill the monster using the treasure box, drag the pin to collect the treasure.

Level 35

A monster with rotating spikes awaits you on the first floor. Remove the pin from below the knight and let him hold the sword to use against the monster. Instead of releasing the princess, you must take the knight a step below to organize a battle between the knight and the monster. Once done, release the princess and escape.

Note: Before releasing the princess, you have to slide the pin fixed forth the rotating spikes.

Level 36

As you reach the high levels, the difficulty level starts to increase gradually. For the first time, the game features two powerful monsters on the top floor. Bring them down may help you complete the level only if you kill both monsters.

Level 37

You may find two different monsters on level 37 and the hot lava on the top floor. Your character can’t fight with empty hands; therefore, you should help him equip a sword for his defense.

  • Remove the pin from below the character to make his approach to the sword and bring the monster right above the knight to the floor.
  • Release the pin of the monster standing on the left down to drop him to the lava.

Level 38

The introduction of the new item makes the gameplay pretty good. Now, you can use a grenade to smash monsters and their minions.

  • Remove the pin to drop the bomb on a monster to smash and deal with another monster using your sword.

Level 39

After reaching the thirty level, you may realize that the difficulty level is gradually increasing. There’s a monster standing above the hot lava, and there is a pin between you and the monster.

  • Firstly, release the pin below the monster to burn it and then bring the water up using the pin to cool down the lava.
  • Once the water gets cool, you can escape reaching the next scene.

Level 40

You are now in level 40, where you have to rescue a princess at any cost. Bring the grenade down to destroy the monster and let your knight save the princess using his unbelievable abilities.

Note: You need to be careful and keep in mind that the bomb will be blasted upon colliding with anything. So, it’s compulsory to make sure there’s nothing below the bomb, except for the monster.

Level 41

It may be the trickiest level that requires a few additional taps than other levels. The game features lava in two different places and creates a hurdle to stop their flow. We suggest you bring lava available on the 2nd floor to the first one and then release the water to cool it down. Once done, release the treasure to let your character collect.

Note: When you release the lava from the 2nd floor, it will take place in the first box on the ground. Therefore, you should release the water to cool down the first part; meanwhile, open the pin to the 2nd section, too.  So a few drops of water also land on the 2nd section.

Level 42

Release the lava to burn the monster and remove the pin of water to cool it down. Drag the pin of treasure doesn’t matter whether you pull the vertical pin or another. Release the knight to collect the coin and escape.

Level 43

The level becomes tricky or may end if you release the pin from below the knight. Your knight doesn’t have any weapon; therefore, he can’t be able to fight against others.

  • Release the lava first to damage the monster and slide the pin to bring the water upside down to cool down the lava.
  • Afterward, release the knight and open up the gate to the treasure to collect.

Level 44

There’s no monster, so you are supposed to deal with water and lava. Use your wits to find how to make your approach to the treasure, but before making a path is needed. We suggest you release the lava first and pull out the vertical pin to release the water in the same direction to cool the lava down and make a way to the other side of the tower.

Level 45

As you know, after every fourth level, you have to save the princess and move to the next scene. Follow the steps mentioned in the How to Loot Pin Pull Hero Rescue Guide.

  • Let your character move to grab the sword by merely removing the hurdle in the form of a pin.
  • Remove the pin below the character to let him fight against a monster.
  • Bring your hero to the ground and let him fight with another monster. Drag the pin of the princess to save her.

Level 46

The game introduces a new item in the form of gas that may damage the monster badly. Upon releasing the pin, you come to know that it is a nitrogen gas that freezes the monster. Bring the treasure down by removing the pin and let your character collect it.

Level 47

You must make use of nitrogen gas to freeze the monster and clear the way to the treasure. Before removing your character’s pin, you must drag the pin to fall it to the nitrogen gas. Once the monster gets to freeze, you can collect the treasure.

Level 48

It is a tricky level, and you have to deal with the challenges surround you. When you remove the pin to bring the monster down; meanwhile, the gas starts traveling toward you. Therefore, we bring a guide to make you understand what to do next.

  • Slide the pin down to move your character to grab the sword and restore the pin to its former location.
  • Let the monster fall on your character to kill it.
  • Once done, you will win the game.

Level 49

You can see water and lava on the left side, while on the right side, the game features a treasure to collect.

  • First of all, you have to release the lava to bring it down to the ground and then remove the pin to let cool down the lava.
  • In the next step, you have to remove the treasure’s pins and the knight, respectively.

Level 50

It can be one of the most challenging levels, specially designed to trap you. You have to remove the pin placed horizontally below the princess to release the gas and freeze the monster. Once the monster gets to freeze, you can take further action.


How to Loot: Pin Pull Hero Rescue introduces a knight that embarks on a journey to rescue a princess. A well-written storyline will keep you participating in adventures that won’t end until all levels get completed. The graphics and soundtracks are immersive, and you can’t directly control the knight using touch controls. Removing the pins may help you complete objectives to unlock other levels. Furthermore, you can deal with monsters either using a sword or other objects like lava/grenade, depending on the level. Besides that, I really enjoyed playing the game.

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