The Scene Of The Crime Walkthrough


The Scene Of The Crime is a short, noir game created by Pastel Games. This game takes us into a murder mystery, your job is to play your part in this detective case. Pastel Games proved to the public that they are one of the best developers when it comes to murder mystery adventures. Collect the evidence you need and solve this haunted case!


When starting up the game, it will take you to an introduction cutscene. After that, you are going to be able to control the detective. Collect as much evidence as you can to solve this mystery!

  • Click on the victim’s arm. (A)
  • Click on his watch for more evidence. (B)
  • Go to other side of the bathroom. Click on the trashcan. (D)
  • Search on the trashcan for a note. Collect the note. (D)

  • Click on the mirror to collect the lipstick. (E)
  • Collect the lipstick. (F)
  • Click on the toilet tank. (G)
  • Collect the knife inside it. (H)

  • Use the fingerprint brush to find fingerprints from the knife and lipstick. (I, J)
  • Collect the fingerprints using your fingerprint tape and combine them together. (K)
  • Go to the living room. Search around the right side of the TV. (L)
  • Collect the object. (M)

  • Click on the upper drawer and the drawer below. (N, O)
  • Collect the cell phone battery and the notebook. (P, Q)
  • Write on the note with your pen. (R)
  • Click on the note to reveal the pin code. The pin code is randomly generated. (S)

  • Click on the window to get on the other side of the living room. (T)
  • Click on the cupboard and open it. (U)
  • When you open a cupboard, you are going to see a suitcase with two locks. Flip the two locks to open it for more evidence. (V)
  • Go to the bedroom. Click below the bed. (W)

  • Collect the cellphone. (X)
  • Use the cell phone battery to turn on the cellphone. (Y)
  • Enter the pin you found on the note page. (Z)
  • Read the message.

  • Click on the side of the bed. (A1)
  • Collect the evidence. (B1)
  • Click on the picture. (C1)
  • Remove the picture in order to find a safe holding a 100 thousand dollars of cash. (D1)

  • Case Solved

  • Open the door to achieve the ending of the game. (E1)


In Conclusion, Scene of the Crime is one of the best point and click noir games out there. The game has this gorgeous art style, the controls are very simple but yet effective and make up for a great experience. This is one of the few point and click games that actually tell a storyline so that is a big positive for me. I am sure that every detective game fan will enjoy this title immensely, the attention to detail and the realistic use of detective items is something that everyone is going to appreciate.



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