Finding Jack’s Treasure Walkthrough


Finding Jack’s Treasure is one of those classics that Mousecity offers. The game is about the story of Brewster Chiptooth, searching for the treasure of the famous pirate Jack Dagger. He wants to find this treasure in order to build his new pirate museum! Help Brewster Chiptooth in his quest on finding Jack Dagger’s treasure!


  • Collect the plank. (A)
  • Click on the safe. (B)
  • The correct way is randomly generated. You will have to turn all of the grey squares to green in order to finish the puzzle. (C)
  • Read the note. (D)
  • Go to Jim’s Shop Area. Collect the bucket. (E)
  • Fill the bucket with water on the first location. (F)

  • Place the plank on top of the hole. (G)
  • Drop the bucket of water. (H)
  • Collect the key that came out of the tube. (I)
  • Go inside the store and open the cupboard with your key. (J)
  • Collect the note. (K)

  • If you combine the two notes together, it should look like this. (L)
  • Go to the cannon area. Click on the chest. (M)
  • In order to open the chest, you have to follow the hint from your red notes. Collect the crowbar after finishing the puzzle. (N)
  • Collect the planks while using your crowbar. (O)

  • Use the planks in order to form a ladder. (P)
  • Go to Morgan’s Theme Park while using the ladder you just created. Search on the ball pit to find a musket. (Q)
  • Enter Jim’s Shop located on his own areaClick on the radio. (R)
  • Move the arrows based on the image in order to unlock the radio.  (R)

  • Collect the coin inside it. (T)
  • Go to Morgan’s Theme Park. Click on the telephone stand. (U)
  • Call the number 5556291 to call Jim. (V)
  • Enter Jim’s shop. Shoot the ceiling lamp with your musket.  Collect the green note. (W)

  • Read the green note. (X)
  • Get to theme park and click on the code below the statue. (Y)
  • To complete the puzzle, type in BOOTY in order to unlock the room inside the statue. (Z)
  • Enter the room inside statue. Get a cannon ball. (A1)

  • Insert the cannon ball inside the cannon. Shoot the cannon using the red button. (B1)
  • The parrot is going to talk after the shot. He will give a really important hint. (C1)
  • What the parrot was referring too were the skeleton heads on Morgan’s Theme Park. The left skeleton is blue, the middle one is green and the left one is purple. Use the parrot’s hint in order to get to the next stage. (D1)
  • Collect the note on the middle skeleton. (E1)

  • Collect the pen inside the statue’s room. (F1)
  • Check the yellow note. (G1)
  • Draw with your pen on the yellow note in order to create a figure that is going to act as a puzzle hint. (H1)
  • Click on the big gray elevator to activate the final puzzle. (I1)
  • HINT: To complete the puzzle, you must follow the yellow note’s image.

  • Hooray! You found Filthy Jack Dagger’s Treasure!

Final Verdict

Finding Jack’s Treasure is a pretty decent game. The complex puzzles the game has would satisfy a lot of people that play treasure hunting games. I was personally pretty satisfied with the creative use of items, like using the planks you just collected to form the ladder. I think everyone that is a fan of these games should play this one, you will not be disappointed!


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