House of Secrets 3D Walkthrough


House of Secrets 3D is an escape game created by Hidden Key Games. This game is an amazing puzzle game which requires you to use your logic and mental skills in order to complete it. Work your way through each room, collect the items you need and solve it’s puzzles in order to escape this secret house!


  • Collect the lever. (A)
  • Go to the dinning table. (B)
  • Collect the gold key. (C)
  • Unlock the door with your gold key. (D)
  • Go inside the bedroom you just unlocked and go to the desk. (E)
  • Collect the candle. (F)

  • Click on the bookshelf and collect the matchbox. (G)
  • Go down. (H)
  • Below the stairs, there is a candle holder. (I)
  • Use the matchbox to lit the candle and then put in into the candle holder. Look inside. (J)
  • Collect the paper. (K)

  • Collect the gas can. (L)
  • Collect the gold lever on the crate on the right.
  • Use the silver lever you got on the starting point to put in onto the silver level base. Pull the lever and the door will open. (M)
  • Inside the room you just unlocked, there is a chess puzzle. In order to complete this puzzle, Follow all the steps from 1 to 25 to get to the next stage. (N)

  • Collect the sword. (O)
  • Build a fire using your gas can and then your matchbox. (P)
  • Go to the bedroom and look onto the corner. You will find a gold lever base. Put the gold lever onto it and then pull the lever. A new door will open. (Q)
  • The door that you just opened is located on the right side of the starting point. Go inside it. (R)

  • Collect the diary in the bookshelf. (S)
  • Collect the empty scroll on the right side of the room. (T)
  • Read the diary. (U)
  • Throw the empty scroll into the fire to make it show a hint. (V)

  • Destroy every pot and crate with your sword until you find the third note. Every time you start up the game, it will have a different place set up for the third note every time. (W, Y)
  • Click on the door behind the starting point. (Z)
  • The 3 notes you found are going to show something like this. This is the correct way of completing the last puzzle of the game. (A1)
  • You escaped! Hooray! 


House of Secrets 3D is a very special point and click game. Unlike most escape point and click games i have played, this one has 3D graphics! Not only it had 3D graphics, but the game was pretty smooth too! Developers did a really good job at optimizing this game. As for the gameplay aspect, it did not disappoint. The puzzles were very complex, especially the challenging Chess Puzzle. Every usable item in the environment seems to be placed and organized perfectly for you to collect, while having some very creative moments during the experience. In short, players that play these types of games will love this title, as it has everything it needs for it to be a great and challenging escape game!


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