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That Level Again is a Puzzle and Single-player video game developed by IamTiger for Mobile Platforms. The game welcomes you to a simple world where almost all levels are the same, but the ways to solve the puzzles aren’t. Apart from the environment, you control a stickman who needs to overcome spikes and challenging platforms to reach the end. The game seems easy to play but hard to master. There are over 96 challenging levels of the same types, and the game features a unique way to win. An immortal hero needs your help to raise from the dead. Despite having jumping abilities, many levels will come where you don’t need to jump for the completion of the level. The difficulty level increases as you reach high stages.

Furthermore, the controls are intuitive and provide you better grip over the game. Use the directional button to move your character right or left, and tap the button to make it jump from platform to platform. The game provides you a hint as it starts, and you must understand the words first to solve the puzzle. All levels are fun-filled and keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. If you are searching for solutions for all challenging problems, then let us help you. We introduce That Level Again Walkthrough Guide to help you overcome all challenges.

That Level Again Review

The puzzle genre has several types of sub-genres, such as Match-3, Hidden Object, Point-and-Click, and more. People love to play puzzle games; therefore, Candy Crush Saga, Gardenscapes, Homescapes, and Hidden Object-type games are always trending. Following the footsteps of the Puzzle genre, the developer introduces brand-new gameplay in a non-unique environment. Although the environment is the same at each level, the ways of solving levels are completely different.

Till now, the game has over 90 challenging levels, and each level comes with the same scene, but different solutions to solve the puzzle. Navigate the environment from a side-scroll viewpoint to reach the end. Each level has two points, such as starting and ending. Upon reaching the endpoint, the new scene will open to exploring. On lots of levels, you may find a red-colored button to play, and the majority of the time it is useless. That Level Again Guide and Walkthrough bring you close to all possible solutions of all levels.


Leading the small character to the destination isn’t an easy task. The game features dozens of challenging tasks for you to complete. Although the background and the format of platforms are the same, you have to lead the character to the end. The game features only three-button control and sometimes fuses the functions to make you confused. Read the title carefully to understand what you have to do for the completion of the task. If you find any level challenging to complete, visit That Level Again Walkthrough to find the solution to your problems.

That Level Again Walkthrough Level 1 to 10

Level 1 – Plain and Simple

The game welcomes you with a simple task that you need to complete. All levels are locked and require the completion of their previous level to be unlocked. Therefore, you should lead a small unarmed character to solve tricky puzzles. At the first level, you only need to tap the red-colored button and reach the exit point to unlock the 2nd level.

Level 2 – Try More

Each level has different platforms, and each platform holds spikes to kill you. Upon colliding with any spike, your character will die. The game features endless re-playability. It means you don’t need to worry and keep playing the game until you reach the end. As the title implies, your goal is to make your character moved across the red button several times to open the door.

Level 3 – Press on it

Many times you find yourself in trouble and don’t get any idea what to do next. At that time, That Level Again Walkthrough will help you bring out the problem. The third level is interesting, and the majority of players think to follow the footsteps of previous levels to open the door. But in actuality, it isn’t, because you are supposed to tap on the button using your finger, instead of character, to open the door.

Level 4 – Back

Your task is the same as the previous levels – reach the end of each level to unlock other stages. The game only gives you a hint “Back.” You must hit the back at once and then start moving toward the door to unlock the next level.

Level 5 – Try Dying

Jumping on the red button won’t open the door to escape. Therefore, you should think out of the box to find a solution. The game features a hint saying solve the level after dying. Lead your character to the red button, jump to make it collide with spikes, and die. As your character dies, it will fall on the button, which opens the door automatically. Escape the level to confront the next challenge.

Level 6 – Don’t Touch It

Before making any action, we suggest you see whether the door is locked or opened. You don’t need to do anything when you find the door opens.

Level 7 – Press Harder

Control the character from a side-scroll viewpoint and jump on the button from a height. You can take your character to the upper platform at your left side near the platform containing a button, and jump on it to press it harder. Once done, the game opens the door for you to escape.

Level 8 – Shambles

As you reach level 8, the game fuses the buttons of the controller. It may puzzle your mind for a while, but once you understand – it is fun to play.

  • Jump Button – Move-in Left direction
  • Backward Button – Move in the Right direction
  • Forward Button – Jump Your way to escape

Level 9 – Faster, Faster, Faster

In this level, you should faster than average to reach the end of the level. Hitting the button will open the door for a while and shut it down instantly. To complete level 9, you have to follow two steps mentioned in That Level Again Walkthrough.

  • Hit Red Button many times until the door gets completely opened
  • Run fast to cross the door

Level 10 – Another Control

The game comes with a new type of control that is only the source to complete the level. Although you can use the buttons to lead your character to the end, there’s another way to complete the level. Drag your character to the button, and then to the exit door.

That Level Again Walkthrough Level 11 to 20

Level 11 – Pressure Pause

After completing the first 10 levels, you can’t expect any help from the game. It is going to be harder and harder. The 11th level comes with a tough challenge that you have to complete to move to the next stage. There’s a hint for you “Press Pause,” it doesn’t mean you should tap the pause button for a while and then play it again to solve the puzzle. Lead your small character to the pause button and make a jump to open the door.

Level 12 – Bad Weather

The wind is running at high speed which stops you from running fast. Therefore, you should act, run, and jump according to the wind speed.

Level 13 – Knock Knock

Seriously, developers are so creative and planned amazing tasks for you to complete. This time, the title is Knock Knock, and the game requires you to tap the door two to three times and open it. You don’t need to tap the red button.

Level 14 – Don’t Trust Your Eyes

In the next scene, you don’t need to trust your eyes. The puzzle is a bit challenging and leaves you helpless without any ideas. The majority of people think about what to avoid like platforms, spikes, or character. In actuality, you don’t need to avoid anything, except for the door. Explore the level and cross the door without any hassle of pressing the red button.

Level 15 – Use Telekinesis

Thankfully, a new format of the level takes place in level 15. It seems more challenging than other levels, because it is fully covered with spikes, and the game features a button amidst level covered with spikes. Use your wit to find a solution, or use That Level Again Guide to learn how to overcome all levels.

Did you notice a platform/tile at the bottom of the screen? If yes, hold it and drag between your character and the red button. Land your character on the button, and lead the platform to the other side of the screen to help your character reach the door.

Level 16 – Sometimes You Are Mario

I don’t think so there would be anyone who isn’t familiar with the Mario franchise. Everyone knows that Mario brings a fabulous Arcade and Platform gameplay where the player controls a character who can run and jump his way to reach the end. Similarly, the player needs to lead his character carefully till the end, and smash the breaks after the door to make the way and escape.

Level 17 – Shabby Door

The game becomes difficult to play as you reach high levels. The game makes a unique condition to open the door, and you should learn first what Shabby Door is. You don’t need to hit the red button to open the door, because it won’t open. Command your character across the level and stop ahead of the door to move right and left keeping yourself at the static location on the same platform to open the door.

Level 18 – Save the Jumps

Keep in mind that you have only two jumps, so use them carefully. You should use the first jump to access the platform holding the red button and the 2nd jump when you have to cross the door.

Level 19 – Danger

As the name implies, the level holds different challenges for you in the form of falling spikes. Therefore, you should be faster than average while hitting the button and escape the level. The level releases spikes from both sides; therefore, you should be careful when playing.

Level 20 – Save Your Soul

It’s a bit confusing, and enough to make your puzzle. You can’t find the solution easily, because there is no clue other than “Save Your Soul.” To complete the level, you have to lead your character to the red button, and tap the button several times until you see “SOS” written on your screen.

That Level Again Walkthrough Level 21 to 30

Level 21 – Moon

The game doesn’t feature any gravity to level 21. Therefore, you should be careful when exploring the level to achieve the task. Control your character carefully, hit the button, and reach the end. Your character jumps higher than normal like on the moon.

Level 22 – Play with Gravity

The developer brings some tweaks to gravity and changes it to give you a tough challenge. Keep your eyes on spikes and be careful when jumping on the platform.

Level 23 – Okay, Just Give up

Give up doesn’t mean take your character close to spike and kill him. You should give up completely after dying. Hit the menu button and close the game properly, then run it again to complete the level.

Level 24 – Like in the Library

What rules you would follow whenever you are in the library? For sure, it would be like “Please don’t make any noise”. So tap the burger icon and turn off music and sound together to complete the level.

Level 25 – Moon and One Jump

Ops, you can make use of only one jump to complete the level. You need at least two jumps for the completion of the scene. Therefore, lots of players get confused about how to accomplish the task. Follow the given steps mentioned in “That Level Again Walkthrough – Tips and Tricks.”

  • Use one jump to reach the platform where the red button is available and kill your character after colliding him with spikes
  • Lead your character to the door without making any jump. Once you reach over there, jump to reach the door and escape.

Level 26 – It’s Simple

The game has changed the scene once again and comes with a challenging level fully covered with spikes and hurdles that you can’t overcome easily. Your character can’t perform long jump so approaching the button is somehow impossible. Nevertheless, think out the box to discover the way for the completion of the level.

  • The game grants you the ability to jump again and again without touching the floor. So, you should control the gravity by using the jump button, hit the red button, and reach the end.

Level 27 – Like a Ball

The control won’t work once you reach level 27. Imagine your character as a ball and tilt your device to move it across the level. Hit the red button to open the door and escape.

Level 28 – Try like This

The game introduces confusing controls, featuring hurdles whenever you try to balance the movement of your character. Tilting your device may move your character in a random direction. Therefore, you should understand the controls, and then lead your character to the end.

Level 29 – Something Heavy

Your next goal is to find a heavy object. Control your character and take him to the red button. Once reach, move to the upper platform of your left hand and jump over the object available right above the red button. Jumping to that place two times may break and bring it down to the button.

Level 30 – On the Plane

The developer introduces a new task by going out of the box. For sure, the level may puzzle your mind with the word “On the Plane.” Therefore, people are searching for “That Level Again Walkthrough Level 30.” Here’s the solution: Turn on the airplane mode of your device to open the door.

Note: Don’t forget to turn off airplane mode after turning it on for the completion of level 30.

That Level Again Walkthrough Level 31 to 40

Level 31 – Gravity Fails

Something went wrong with the gravity of level 31. Your character is continuously moving up and down. Your goal is to reach the end, but first, find the way how to survive spikes to prevent death. Make your grip better on controls and lead your character forward by taking advantage of two platforms available at the bottom of the screen.

Level 32 – Next Photo

It is quite an interesting level that may surprise you. Taking a screenshot and consciously tapping the screen may not work; therefore, you should think by going out of the box. Slide your finger from right to left to unlock the next scene.

Level 33 – Right Place to Die

Your goal is to find out a secret button the game placed secretly somewhere else on the stage. Lead your character below the red button platform and jump like Mario to hit the spikes featured below the button to open the door.

Level 34 – Ping

What would be your reaction after finding a delay between the controls and the movement of your character? For sure, it would be irritating, and no one would love to play such a type of game. But in level 34, you will face off delay in control. Use your wit to guess when to make your character jump and when to stop. Next to that, your character will move accordingly following the instruction you added.

Level 35 – Pause bug

The game features a pause bug to make the gameplay pretty interesting. Upon hitting the button the door gets opened, but as you leave it, the door gets closed. It seems there’s a bug. So your goal is to hit the button by standing on it and pause the game until you cross the door.

Level 36 – I am Fainting

Controls aren’t working, even you can’t drag and drop the character. Still, you have to complete the level using your wit. Your hint is “I am Fainting.” To move the character, you have to give jerks to your device and keep continuing the process until your character reaches the exit door.

Level 37 – Retreat

With the passage of levels, the tasks are becoming interesting to complete. Your next challenge is “Retreat.” Make a jump on the red button to open the door, but as you leave it the door will close. Upon figuring it out, you come to know that moving at the left side will open it, but as you move to the right direction it will close again. Now, we suggest you reach the exit door, move at the left a bit until the complete door gets opened, then get into it at speed.

Level 38 – Zoom

Seriously, developers will keep you impressed with every level. Once you reach level 38, your vision gets limited to the only character. The screen gets zoom-in many times to increase the difficulty. You can easily complete the level thanks to your platforming skills and knowledge about where platforms are available.

Level 39 – Volume

Keep the volume of your device down to open the door. The more volume you decrease, the more door will open. Once the level gets completed, you can increase the volume.

Level 40 – Take it Easy

Ops, the button of your controls are flying randomly. Grabbing the button to lead your character isn’t an easy task. Therefore, you should wait until the button becomes available to tap easily. Your timing should be perfect for the completion of levels. If you are good, then you can complete the level by holding the forward button and making two jumps.

That Level Again Walkthrough Level 41 to 50

Level 41 – Stay on the Button

Keeping your character staying on the button will open the door, and upon tapping the forward button the game leads you to the next level. A new type of puzzle awaits you at the level of 42.

Level 42 – One more Button

That Level Again Walkthrough will reveal how to overcome Level 42. You don’t need to be worried if you get failed finding another button. You just need to pause the game and back to the main screen, where you find a scene holding your character and a red color button. Hit the button on the main screen and leave the level to unlock the next one.

Level 43 – Trap

Don’t go on the path you are using since the first level, as the game has set traps for you to kill. You should come down on the floor and lead your character on the right side. After reaching there, you should hit the red button to open the door and escape.

Note: After hitting the button, don’t visit the floor, because a platform next to the button has a trap for you. After crossing the door, you should jump to avoid the last trap.

Level 44 – Touch your corpse

The game features three different buttons and tasks you with staying on each one to open the door. You can’t hold more than one button. So follow the steps mentioned in That Level Again Walkthrough to complete the level.

  • Firstly, lead your character to the right button and die after colliding with spikes.
  • Secondly, you should hold the button available amidst the level
  • Thirdly, you need to tap the button available on the left side to open the door.

Level 45 – Just One Finger

Don’t use your 2nd finger when you find yourself at level 45. Using the 2nd finger means the game ends. Although you aren’t allowed to use two fingers, you can but be aware of tapping two buttons at once.

Level 46 – Secret Way

The game features a secret way to leave the stage. You should be careful whenever you come to hit the red button because it sets a trap for you to kill. Hit the button and keep your character aside, before a massive object falls on it. Once the object falls, you have to jump on it to leave the stage.

Level 47 – Upside Down

The game features everything upside down to give you a tough time. Completing level 47 isn’t an easy task, as it requires you to overcome all spikes placed on the way to stop you from hitting the button. You should perform long jumps to overcome the first platform before landing on it, and stand up on the bottom platform where you have only a limited place to stay and hit the button. Afterward, you should move to the next side of the same platform and jump to the next and exit the room.

Level 48 – Find my Button

Amazing, I was surprised to see the place where the developer placed the button. In this level, your goal is to find the hidden button, instead of pressing it to open the door. Follow the steps mentioned in the Guide of That Level Again Walkthrough to open the door.

  • Hit the pause button and click on the burger icon.
  • Click on the options and tap the “Open the Door” button to pass the level.

Level 49 – Mirror

Once again, the game reverses the buttons of your control; therefore, you should work with controls accordingly to complete the puzzle.

Level 50 – Vector

For sure, you would be familiar with the term “Vector.” Draw a line to move your character across the level, hit the button, and then reach the door to pass the level.

That Level Again Walkthrough Level 51 to 60

Level 51 – Hop Hop

In the stage, you are constantly bouncing like a ball, and your goal is to hit the button and exit the level to win. Now, it completely depends on your skills and abilities.

Level 52 – Lift Up

You don’t need to hit any button and find anything else, except for reaching the door and lifting it to make the way to the next scene.

Level 53 – Push

It is the simplest level as compared to others if you know what to push. Lead your character to the door and push it to move to the next level.

Level 54 – Wake up

As the level starts, you find yourself having a nap. Finding a way how to wake him up would be a bit difficult for those players who don’t love playing puzzle-solving games. We suggest you tap the character to wake him up from a nap and complete the level.

Level 55 – Fast

Ops, the speed of your character has been increased many times. Tapping the forward button leads him to the other side of the level. Therefore, you should maintain the speed, overcome hurdles, hit the button, and reach the end to become the master.

Level 56 – Door Menu

It could be the toughest level of the game if you don’t find any solution. The game has changed the way to open the door. Upon reaching the door, you find some invisible space between you and the door. You can cross the barrier without open the door. Therefore, you should need to find the hidden menu to deal with; therefore, you should start tapping the area after the door to let the game display you a pop-up holding two options “yes” and “no.” Tap on the option, yes to open the door.

Level 57 – L R U

The game displays you only three letters that you can use to complete the puzzle. To complete level 57, you have to press the button in the following orders:

  • Left, Right, Jump, Left, Right, Jump, Left, Right, and Jump.

Level 58 – Fill the Gap

Hitting the red button won’t enough to open the door. You have to find another solution to escape. The level is asking you to fill the gap, but it seems there should be a space between two words, such as Fill and The. You have to take your character over there to fill the gap. Once you reach over there, the door will open.

Level 59 – Stuck in time

A confusing level, but you complete it by hitting the pause button. Tapping the red button won’t work and can’t open the door.

Level 60 – Back 2

For sure, you would better understand what task the developer has assigned you to complete. Seriously, I got confused during the time of finding the solution, but the solution is pretty simple. You can open the door by merely tapping the back button of your device.

That Level Again Walkthrough Level 61 to 70

Level 61 – Self-operation

As level 61 starts, you find your character moving automatically. You don’t have any access to control the speed. Your character may complete the cycle and back to the initial position. You can only use the jump button to complete the puzzle. The game takes the red button to the next platform on your left side. Therefore, you should be careful because spikes won’t design to show mercy. Follow the steps to complete the level.

Let your character move and hit the jump button to approach the platform where once the red button was, and lead the stickman to the end. After colliding, the character starts moving back toward the button, then you should perform two jumps to approach the red button and open the door.

Level 62 – Password 1234

It could be a challenging level to complete because no one knows what to do with “Password 1234.” Don’t worry, we will help you complete the level.

  • Hit the pause button and click on the burger icon.
  • Tap on the tab of levels and enter the said password, which is 1234.
  • Now, you need to hit the back button and continue the game to escape.

Level 63 – Earthquake

As the level starts, your device will start vibrating, along with the screen which starts shaking itself to increase the difficulty. Lead your character to the end to unlock the next scene.

Level 64 – Hint

Tap on the hint button and then tap on the “X” to open the door.

Level 65 – Touch You Corpse 2

Firstly, you should keep the body of your character on the button after dying. Secondly, visit the button once again to stay on it. Once you reach over there, tap the button to open the door and escape.

Level 66 – Attention

You should be careful because the game will introduce the level with missing controls. Concentrate on spikes, because they are your controllers.

Level 67 – Traffic Light

This time, the button has three colors like a traffic light continuously glowing one after another. You should tap the button when it is green, hitting the button when it is red will kill you.

Note: Don’t move when the light is red.

Level 68 – Change the Character

Unfamiliar controls are introduced, and you have to complete the level to unlock others. Instead of moving the character, the game moves the background and platforms when you hit the buttons. Holding the jump button brings your character down while leaving it will take it to the top.

Level 69 – Lick the Device

Seriously, you’re not supposed to lick your device using your tongue. Because you can complete the task by swiping your finger.

Level 70 – Left, Right, and Up

Once again, there’s some bug in controllers and you can’t use any button to move your avatar. Therefore, you should think out of the box. The game displays three buttons, such as Left, Right, and up. In actuality, they are your controls, and you must tap the required button to overcome problems.

That Level Again Walkthrough Level 71 to 80

Level 71 – Roll-On

Who needs traditional controls, when you can use a new one? Keep rolling your device to help your character reach the end.

Level 72 – New Outlook

The game has torn the level into several pieces, and display you randomly. You should be careful when trying to complete the level because you don’t know where your character makes his appearance on what screen.

Level 73 – The Equation

Reach the door and try to make all numbers equal to each other except for the middle number that increases as you move your character in a forwarding direction. Once both left-hand and right-hand numbers get equal, you should start to increase the middle number by moving in the forwarding direction. Once the door opens, get into it to unlock the next scene.

Level 74 – Follow the Arrows

Once again, the game introduces moving buttons that may come into static form after a few seconds. The level won’t be completed using the controller. It will be done once you hit the rotating button “Pass Level.”

Level 75 – Drawing

For sure, you may have played lots of drawing games. Similar to those games, it asks you to draw a path between the platform you are standing on and the button. Once done, lead your character to its destination and draw the 2nd path.

Note: The object you draw will disappear after a few seconds.

Level 76 – Tooth

Turn on the Bluetooth to complete the level.

Level 77 – Go ahead

Keep moving without jumping three times to open the door.

Level 78 – New Control 2

The introduction of new controls may be a headache for you. Drag your character to move and jump across platforms and lead him to the end to complete the stage.

Level 79 – Arrange

An impressive task that you would love to complete. Control buttons are moveable and you can place them anywhere across the scene to let your character move accordingly. First, you should set the button the forward button next to your character and next place a forward and jump button together to the next scene. Afterward, add the jump and a forward button next to the platform where the red button is available to end the stage.

Level 80 – Jigsaw Puzzle

Once again, the game divides the level into several pieces. In short, it gives you a mini-game to play, along with a challenging puzzle to solve. Try to connect the right parts to restore the level and reach the end to unlock others.


That Level Again has over 90 challenging levels to play; each one is designed keeping the difficulty in mind. The environment and format of each level are almost the same, but the ways of completing puzzles are different. I liked the simple graphics, but the game isn’t as easy as it seems. It has dozens of challenging levels that may bend your mind for a while. You can’t complete a single task without thinking out of the box. So keep thinking and finding solutions to complete puzzles and levels.

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