Stairway to Heaven! Walkthrough


Without a doubt, everyone believes to be in heaven one day. Getting access to heaven isn’t an easy job as you’re thinking, because it depends on your life decisions, which determine whether you will be in heaven or hell. Lion studios present Stairway to Heaven, offering you fun-filled gameplay that spans over seven hundred and fifty steps, instead of levels. The passage of each step will represent you a question along with three possible options. The selection of the correct answer will let you take a few steps in forwarding direction while finding your answer wrong the game pushes you a few stairs back. Usually, playing Simulation games sometimes have fun, while sometimes they bring a lot of challenges to complete. Therefore, you should be ready to face off all scenarios whenever you are playing the game.

Furthermore, Stairway to Heaven provides you with quite simple gameplay, which depends on the choices you make while playing the game to approach the heaven that is far away from you, approximately 750 steps. You will start your journey as a newborn baby and end up as an older adult if you reach the final steps. The only goal is to climb as many stairs as possible, keep making good decisions to grow your character, and reach heaven to become the master. In short, you will enjoy a complete life of character, who starts the journey when he is a child and ends up after reaching its max-age. If we talk about hurdles, then there are demons and other deadly creatures who won’t let go to heaven, and there’s only one way to defeat those all, which is to keep answering the questions correctly.


Everyone knows that keeping good works will reward you outstanding items and increase your chances of having a place in heaven; meanwhile, doing evil jobs will take you to the darkest part of the hell where demons and other deadly creatures await you. The central concept of the game revolves around both Heaven and Hell, and I like the story of how a toddler starts his journey by climbing stairs, avoiding obstacles, completing tasks, and giving answers of every asked question to lead himself to heaven. The cast of characters is beautiful, and during the journey, you will encounter many other characters controlled by AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Up to 750 Steps

Furthermore, the start of the game was excellent, as it starts with a toddler standing ahead of a fairy wearing a white-colored frock. The fairy introduces you with up to 750 steps and tells you about heaven. The developer did a great job choosing the color of the background and making it feels like a real, though the characters are cartoonish.

Good Graphics and Intuitive Controls

Besides graphics, the controls are smooth and intuitive. By tapping and holding the screen, you can merely control your character and let the character move in a forwarding direction to reach heaven. Once you go to the targeted place, an image will display you along with a question and its three possible answers. The answer with the highest votes will be considered accurate. Therefore, you should use your wits to reveal the right answer and take advantage of skipping a few steps.

Before starting the game, you are allowed to choose your gender from Male and Female. Once the gender gets determined, you have a chance to select Life, including:

  • Male/Female
  • Billionaire
  • Celebrity

By default, only the first one is unlocked, and further requires keys to get unlocked. There’s only one way to obtain keys, which is watching video ads. So, if you need any key to unlock your favorite character, watch ads and have fun.

Stairway to Heaven! Complete Walkthrough

As I told you above, the game starts with a toddler and a fairy standing face to face. The fairy is there to help you out by giving some tips while learning how to control a baby using the touch controls. There’s no rocket science and more complicated controls; you only need to tap and hold the screen to reach heaven without any hustle. It hardly takes an hour to complete the storyline of a child, which ends up in his older age, but many players are considered many questions too tricky and can’t answer accurately; therefore, the game throws them back again and again until the correct answer gets submitted.

Stairway to Heaven Walkthrough – Step 750 to 700

As mentioned above, the game starts with a toddler, either it could be a male or a female, depending on your choice. The game features three elements, such as Wisdom, Kindness, and Honesty; all of these elements will be determined following your given answers, answer the question carefully. Many other players have already played and voted their answers; keep in mind that the option received the maximum votes from users will be considered accurate, whether it is wrong, and will reward you accordingly. So, don’t delay start climbing the ladders and enjoy the evolution of human life. After reaching the blue-colored step, the game asks you a question and three possible options to choose from, and move ahead upon giving the right answer.

The first question is exciting and asking you regarding the preparation of taking steps toward heaven. The possible answers are the following:

  • Look up at heaven
  • Give a big Smile
  • Mom’s Womb Felt Safer

Indeed, babies always keep smiling, and there will be a few people who go with other options instead of 2nd one. Therefore, if you intend to grab massive rewards in the form of in-game coins and free steps without any hustle, you should go with the 2nd option. The selection of the 2nd option will add up to 30 kindness points at your disposal.

The next question will appear after reaching the step of 738, where you will be asked about your choice because your mother has taken you for vaccination, and you have three following decisions, such as:

  • Bite the Doctor
  • Vaccinate the Nurse
  • Take it on your Backside

For sure, if you’re a good boy, then you will go with the third option. After answering, you find that lots of people have voted the 2nd option too. The right lets you move six steps forward and rewards you with honesty points, which will keep increasing upon detecting the nature of the question, your selection, and the given answer.

After claiming the rewards, your character starts crawling to approach the next blue-colored line to answer another question. Many players love to play Q&A games, as it isn’t designed for fun purposes only, but to educate players as well. The game doesn’t introduce only questions to ask, I guess; there are different mini-games also available; each one is offering a unique experience and objective to complete.

This time, the game brings you to a mini-game where you have to confirm how much the bottle is tilled. It displays you an image of a baby bottle having milk, along with three possible options as the following:

  • 60%
  • 75%
  • 90%

The right answer is 90 percent, and the game adds some coins in your wallet. You can also earn up to 800 coins by merely watching ad videos appearing on your screen at the right corner. Take further steps and approach to the next blue-colored tile (720 Step), where another question awaits you. An image will be displayed to your screen, containing a father trying to change the diaper of a baby. The game lets you choose one of three options, and those are the following:

  • Put poop on his face
  • Kick him in the face
  • Ask him to call mom

Although many fathers love to change diapers of their kids, mostly aren’t engaging in such types of jobs; therefore, asking the child’s mom would be a great idea. Selecting the said option would lead you six steps forward, and add some in-game coins to your account for unlocking your favorite stuff and other items.

Infancy Completed

After reaching to step of 700, you are no more toddler. The game will celebrate your birthday as you approach a specific location, and reward you with the following items, such as:

  • 200 Coins
  • Kindness Points – 10
  • Wisdom Points – 10
  • Honesty Points – 10

Note: You can use your collected coins to decorate your heaven.

The game will offer you a video ad to watch after a specific time, and upon watching it will give you rewards. Now, you are a kid between 8 to 12 years old, and your ultimate goal is the same as when you are a toddler, but this time, you’re not expecting to crawl anymore, walk and cover the distance to heaven facing off challenges and other obstacles. You’re alone in the game; like many other people, you will discover climbing the stair to approach heaven, but you can’t interact with them, even can’t touch them.

Stairway to Heaven Walkthrough – Step 700 to 650

Start playing the game as a kid who needs to navigate the environment and answer the questions the game asks during the journey. As prior, an item will be displayed on the screen, and you need to answer. This time, the game wants to know your opinion that what will you upon watching a cute baby turtle on TV. Answer by choosing one of three different options, such as:

  • Throw toys at it
  • Go ahead and kiss it
  • Ask your mom to get you one

The majority of players have selected the 2nd option, and you choose that one, you will be rewarded with three steps forward. As I told you that the game included many mini-games and Q&A, but you advance through the game, there are some mathematical questions available, and the first question the game asks you will be (What is 7×5), and options are the following:

  • 37
  • 35
  • 42

Giving the right answer, 35, adds wisdom points to your wallet. Next to that, your emotional test has just started with a question related to a bird whom you found injured. The available options are the following:

  • Give it mouth to mouth
  • Perform surgery on your own
  • Take it to your family doctor

You would be surprised to know that majority of players had answered the question by selecting the 2nd option, which is quite funny that how anyone could perform surgery without knowing. I liked the third option but failed. Okay, choosing the 2nd option will reward you free six steps forward, and add some coins to your wallet.

The next question is quite impressive, and many players would love to answer it as it is related to cute sisters and your reaction. The question is – Your wicked sister laughs at you when you fall while trying to walk. In actuality, the developer wants to know what would be your reaction at that moment, when you have the following options:

  • Break her leg
  • Act dead to horrify her
  • Throw an egg at her

Indeed, you would go with the 2nd option as it is quite funny and make both entertain a lot. Although it’s the right answer, and the majority of players have selected that, but the game refuses your proposal, saying it is a wrong choice and throws you back six steps, and detect kindness points, unfortunately.

There’s a Golden Key

Throwing you a few steps back, I think the game feels terrible; therefore, it considers you for a giveaway, which is a golden key and can unlock remaining characters. There’s a problem you need to watch a video ad to claim the key; otherwise, you could go with the skip option if you don’t need it anymore.

Here’s a Gift for you at 663 Step

When you’re at 663, a fairy will appear along with a gift of 300 in-game coins to offer you, but before accepting the gift – watching a video ad is compulsory; otherwise, you would reject by merely saying you don’t need it anymore.

Note: You need to gather coins because it is the only source of purchasing decors for your heaven.

Next to that, your upcoming destination is to become a child, which will happen soon. The game features a black-colored step, where your character grows. After completing fifty more steps, your period of a toddler has been over. The game rewards you with points and coins according to your performance, you shown in previous steps. After that, the game welcomes you to the age of the child, where your clothes get updated, and your height increases a bit longer. Keep taking steps, as you have to reach heaven at any cost by performing good deeds and earning all points.

Stairway to Heaven Walkthrough – Step 650 to 575

After completing five further steps, it’s time to have a girlfriend and plant a beautiful kiss. Your next question is about kissing by your girlfriend on your cheeks. In actually, the game wants to know your reaction. Therefore, you should choose one of three choices to move on the journey. The available options are the following:

  • Tell her to kiss one more time
  • Wipe out the lip mark
  • Kiss her on the lips

You would be amazed to know that majority of players had voted to the third option. Choosing the first one will reward you with six steps forward and in-game coins, which you need to unlock decoration pieces to decorate heaven, though it will be already decorated. The next question will be asked once you take ten more steps in the forward direction. What will you do once found you wet the bed?

Although doing a pee in a bed isn’t a good habit, whether you’re a kid or an adult, sometimes it happens accidentally. The possible options are the following:

  • Dry it with mom’s hairdryer
  • Blame it on your sister
  • Pour orange juice to cover it

The selection of the third option will be considered the right choice, and in return, the game takes you five steps forward safely without asking any question.

Personality Test

As I told you before, the game doesn’t let you only take steps to approach heaven, as it has planned something tricky and twisted to puzzle your mind. After reaching the number of 624, a personality test awaits you over there, having the question “What Dog Breed Are You?” In short, it spans four different mini-questions related to your personality; and the first one is “Are you a loner?” and your options are the following:

  • May be
  • No
  • No Way!!!
  • Yes

The 2nd question is about your weekend plans, and four different options are the following:

  • Meet Friends
  • I don’t Plan
  • All Night Party
  • Netflix Unlimited

Moreover, the third question is somehow exciting and is about your pet peeve. “What’s your biggest pet peeve?” The options are the following:

  • Bad Attitude
  • Snobbish Behavior
  • Sarcasm
  • Hypocrisy

The fourth and the last question on your screen will be, “Who would you be in a Rock Band?” The four possible options are, such as:

  • Drummer
  • Keyboard Player
  • Lead Singer
  • Guitarist

After completing the personality test, you can continue your journey to heaven by following the same procedure you did in previous stages. You are supposed to watch a video ad if you intend to watch how you performed in a personality test.

Continue your game and approach the blue-colored step to getting yourself asked a question to answer. The next question is about your character and reaction after being bullied in the classroom. What will be your reaction to the following four options?

  • Stop going to school
  • Hire a hitman to finish him off
  • Join the bully’s gang

All options are quite exciting and could be chosen by anyone, even in real-life. I went with a 2nd option, and the game throws me a few steps back. The best thing is that the game will never ask you the same question. There’s a fascinating mini-game awaits you to be have done. This time, the game is related to mathematics, and for sure, you are familiar with ascending and descending orders. The game represents a set of numbers in a square-shaped map and lets you tap the number following the ascending order.

A fairy brings a gift from heaven for you

Once again, a fairy appears along with a gift to handover you. This time, there are 300 coins, and the condition is the same as prior, watch a video ad, and claim your reward.

Ops! There’s a devil

There could be something which you use to skip any step, but unfortunately, you can’t. After reaching 600, you confront a devil, who awaits to throw you thirty steps back. You can avoid him by merely watching video ads, so you need an internet connection.

Within a few seconds, you find yourself thirty steps back and need to start your journey again toward heaven. Once you reach the number of 607, a question will be raised on your screen, asking what your reaction would be upon not having a trampoline your parents promised you. There are three different choices to select from, such as:

  • Go on a hunger strike
  • Make your own with all the pillows
  • Start jumping on your parent’s bed

Yeah, you can easily make your trampoline using your pillows; if you could, then there’s no need to go on a hunger strike. And the selection of the 2nd option will take you seven steps forward. After reaching to pink-colored step, the game will ask a question regarding general knowledge, and giving the correct answer will reward you free steps with no obstacles.

You are supposed to tell the answer of the toy cowboy who is the protagonist is Toy story. The available options are there:

  • Popeye
  • Aladdin
  • Woody

For sure, you will choose Woody if you are familiar with the most anticipated animated movie, titled Toy Story. After navigating the different environment, you find a key laid on the stairs, claiming the key requires watching a video ad. Skipping would be a good idea in case you no need any key, and you are happy with your existing character. Soon, you will discover a golden offer floating across your screen; in actuality, it’s a video ad and will complete your fifty steps within time, upon getting watched by you.

Stairway to Heaven Walkthrough – Step 574 to 425

The child age completed after reaching step 574 and completing child age will leave you a reward of 350 coins. You need coins to decorate heaven as per your requirement. The next question will appear after reaching to step 571, asking your opinion after discovering your friend has a poisonous pet spider. The three possible options are there, such as:

  • Meet him in the hazmat suit
  • Gift him a poisonous snake
  • Get bitten, to become Spiderman

Choosing the first option will take you toward a reward of five free steps and grant you some kindness points. Another question will appear on your screen after reaching step 561, “You walk in your parent’s room and see them kissing.” What will you do whenever you experience that scenario in real-life? The possible options to choose from are the following:

  • Secretly watch what’s happening
  • Take a video
  • Congratulate them on being a happy couple

Without any doubt, you would appreciate them for living a peaceful and happy life with each other.

Second Personality Test

After completing the first personality test in your child’s age, there’s another one for you to complete, and this time your questions will be related to “What kind of flirt are you?” The personality test will start the following questions:

  • What is your idea of a perfect first date? (Beach Walk)
  • How would your friends describe you? (Adventurous)
  • The essential quality of your partner is? (Humorous)
  • Which celebrity are you most similar to? (Brad Pitt)

The completion of the personality test will lead you a few steps forward to heaven. After taking a few steps, you have to answer a question, “You have an opportunity to cheat on the exam.” The possible options are the following from which you are supposed to select one at any cost:

  • Grab your friend’s sheet and copy
  • Cheat! Who cares?
  • Honesty is my policy

The selection of the third option will lead you approximately nine steps forward, and we appreciate it if you choose that one. Another question will be displayed to your screen after reaching step 539.

You have a crush on your best friend’s girlfriend.” Now, you must select one of three possible choices, such as:

  • Propose to the girl
  • Ask your scientist uncle to clone her
  • Tell your friend about it

I think asking your uncle to make a clone of her would be great as it won’t hurt your friend and his girlfriend too. And the selection of the said option will grant you three free steps forward.

Get ready to play Mini-Game

Stairway to Heaven Walkthrough helps you make the best decision while playing the game and unlocking new stuff to master the game. The game is full of exciting mini-games, and the completion of each one will leave you exciting rewards in the form of coins. This time, the game brings an awesome game along with a picture with four different partitions. Each one has four other pieces of food and places randomly. Your ultimate goal is to sort them all and match four similar items within a box. Do it with all, and claim your reward to become the master.

The beginner’s guide of Stairway to Heaven may help those players who are weak in making the decision and can’t enjoy the happy ending whenever to try to play choice-matter video games. Therefore, we bring Game Walkthroughs to help those players in achieving the victory following the best ways. Let’s back to the game, where once again, you will be asked a question, “You notice that you look very similar to your friend’s dad.” There are three different options as before, previous questions, and you have to decide or choose an option.

  • Make your mom aware of this
  • Ask him if he ever dated your mom
  • It must be a coincidence

Selecting the third option will lead you six steps forward and add some kindness points to your heart meter. Your next question is related to image recognition, which means you have to select the name of the image displaying on your screen. The question will be asked once you reach step 515.

Another question awaits you overstep 506 by the game, as it would like to want your decision would be whenever your friend offers you alcohol at his party. The choices are the following:

  • Get Wasted
  • Share a Drink
  • Politely Refuse

Politely refusing the drink won’t hurt your friend, and it keeps you away from tasting the drink. You find some guys swimming; however, your question is, “In a swimming competition, you see the swimmer next to you is unconscious.” In short, what you would do upon finding someone drowning, the choices are the following:

  • Ignore and swim faster
  • Turn around and save his life
  • Shout for help

Choosing the 2nd option will reward you with free 9 steps and takes you to forward heaven. Once again, you find a step of the devil, and you must avoid it. Wait for a while would be a great idea until the step gets disappeared. After reaching the step 480, there’s another mini-game ready to welcome you. This time, the game is related to the hidden object genre and brings two different gift boxes surrounding a pizza piece. The pizza will be automatically added in a box, and the game shuffles them randomly and stop after a specific time. Now, your job is to find the box containing a piece of pizza to continue climbing the stairs to heaven.

The next question will be asked after reaching step 476, representing you a question to answer like, “It’s time for your driving test.” First of all, the options given below the question are wrong and a way to cheat the system, but you should choose one of them to proceed with the story. Therefore, selecting the one may help you stay in an actual place, instead of going a few steps back to continue the plot.

Do you know? Which singer’s real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta?

Your options are the following:

  • Adele
  • Lady Gaga
  • Taylor Swift

Keep walking on the stairs will lead you to different moments, including your graduation, first job, marriage, becoming a dad, etc. In short, you will enjoy a complete life of your newborn character, who is now a teenager, and soon will be an adult. Lots of many challenging questions are available to be get asked; each decision will affect the outcome and will determine the destiny of your character. Though playing the game is relatively easy, but when it comes to making decisions, it would be the stricter game ever.

Stairway to Heaven Walkthrough – Step 424 to 275

After keeping your foot on step 425, your teenage life will be completed. Get ready for a job and marriage to proceed with the life of your character, while making decisions to reach the end to show what happens with your personality. Now, your character starts climbing the stairs to approach heaven, but before he needs to complete the graduation with top grades.

As you move forward, the game asks you how many players are available in a basketball team. The right answer is 9; each basketball contains up to 9-player. Next to that, you confront a needy family who is asking for help. Taking the family along with you to your home will add a lot of kindness points to your heart meter and brings you many steps forward.

The upcoming scene is exhilarating, as your character is getting married, and he’s delighted. Keeping your step on the orange-colored tile will assign you a personality task to complete, as you did two times before at the start. This time, the question revolves around heart and mind. Submitting answers to all questions will let you continue your life precisely from where you left off. After reaching the step 340, the game provides you a mini-game to play.

The game is relatively easy and will ask you to memorize the color and tap on the correct color. What would you do after finding the accountant in your office is laundering money? Answering the said question will keep you rewarding in-game coins and other prizes if your answer is correct. However, the story advances and your character loses his job because of an unknown reason, and soon he wins a lottery and becomes a rich man. In the Stairway to Heaven Walkthrough from Step 424 to 275, you find your wife cheating you on someone else, and other question you face off to answer to determine the destiny of your character. Your journey as an adult ends after reaching step 275. The game rewards you a massive prize of 1900 coins, more than 55 kindness points, 80+ honesty, and 55+ wisdom.

Stairway to Heaven Walkthrough – Step 274 to 125

The completion of your adult age will leave you massive rewards and start a new sequence of questions. The question will be according to your age in which you are going on, and your question is regarding your personal choice, like which famous casino game is this. You should answer by watching the image, and your possible options are the following:

  • Roulette
  • Poker
  • Baccarat

The game will ask many other interesting questions, and you will experience the ups and downs of life while making important decisions to determine destiny. Now, you’re a middle-aged man who has a job, but lost his wife, having fun with friends, but could enjoy their company correctly. In short, a confused personality that you should make interesting by completing the personality test, spanning four different questions, and answering all questions are important. The completion of the middle age period rewards you with 2250 in-game coins and improve your other stats too.

Stairway to Heaven Walkthrough – Step 124 to 50

Now, your character becomes an older adult but continuously keep climbing the stairs to reach heaven at any cost. Similar to previous periods of life, the game asks a few questions, as well as arranged a personality test to reveal your inner abilities. Different mini-games will be there to play and earn in-game coins. Your entry in heaven depends on three elements mentioned below on your screens, such as Kindness, Honesty, and Wisdom.

The points within these three entities depend on the decision you make while playing the game. Following the footsteps of the previous life, you would be completed the old age after reaching step 50, and the game rewards your in-game coins and other prizes to ensure your entrance to heaven.

Stairway to Heaven Walkthrough – Step 50 to 1

Your character has become very old, and he can hardly move. Besides having no power, he/she needs to answer all the questions asked by the game. In the last moment, the character is asked by his past time and the choices he made when he was a child, teenager, and adult. As the character reaches the final step, he finds a massive gate over there, welcoming him to heaven. After entering, the game rewards you a space with the option of decorating it using the coins you earned throughout the game by completing challenges and giving the answer to questions.


Stairway to Heaven shows you how a toddler becomes an old-man. In short, you experience the complete life of a person from born to heaven. Most of the time, you spend in making decisions, which will determine your destiny. You will be thrown back upon selecting the wrong choice, while the game takes you a few steps forward if you submit the right answer. The concept of the game was unique, and the storyline was fabulous and full of humor.

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