Wildscapes Walkthrough

Have you ever imagined to build your own zoo? If yes, then Wildscapes is the best place for you, as it lets you create a zoo of your dream with dozens of adorable animals. Although building a zoo is your dream, you have to solve challenging puzzles to reach your destination before. Playrix is the most popular developer and publisher of Puzzle games. Its previously released games, including Manor Matters, Homescapes, Gardenscapes, and Township, are so addictive, also known as time killer games. The beautiful environment won’t let you leave your mobile until the puzzle gets completed. Therefore, please done your work before start playing the game anytime. While playing the game, you will experience a romance of different genres, such as Puzzle, Adventure, Casual, Match-3, and Building.


Moreover, Wildscapes retains the same concept to other popular titles released by the same developers, such as Homescapes and Gardenscapes. The game features dozens of adorable animals, including Elephant, Lion, Bear, Zarafa, Panda, etc. You start playing the game with nothing but an empty land where your goal is to build structures, including coffee shops, restaurants, Panda playgrounds, etc. Furthermore, try to create spacious enclosures for cute animals and attempt to make your zoo friendly using gorgeous fountains, hangout spots, etc. Before becoming a zoo manager, you should learn about species from all across the land and create the zoo of your dream. Prepare yourself for an epic wild ride that won’t stop because it features endless match-3 levels, which will help you restore the zoo in its former condition.


As the name implies, Wildscapes takes place in the jungle-themed setting, where you control a manager whose ultimate goal is to restore the park to its former condition. The job isn’t as easy as you are considering, because it requires many stars and in-game points. In short, you can’t improve the zoo without dominating match-3 levels; therefore, you must learn how to take on stages, make use of boosters, and clear levels by eliminating juicy items. The sound effects are quite interesting, and the game introduces a beautiful cast of animals and human characters who will entertain you a lot without any break.

Besides, the game comes with a star-based rewarding system. The number of stars depends on your performance; the better you perform, the more stars you earn. The gameplay isn’t easy like other traditional Match-3 games; here, you have limited moves that you must spend carefully. Once you run out of moves, the level will restart with a cost of one heart. There are only five hearts available in your meter, which means you can play the same level five times upon getting failed. The meter refills again after a specific time, and you will become able to play one once it gets empty.

The developers did a great job and delivered eye-popping graphics, along with engaging sound effects. Once you started to play, it’s quite impossible to stop yourself from building a zoo for your cute adorable animals who are now homeless and awaits you to make them a zoo. The game isn’t limited to making a zoo, but earning in-game cash is your primary job by welcoming visitors and offering them all required services with professional staff.

Prominent Features

It is full of fun-filled features, which provide you with a blend of Match-3 and Puzzle game elements, helping you restore the zoo. While playing, your objective is to match juicy and fruity items to complete the requirements of each task and win amazing rewards. There isn’t only a single area to explore, as the game brings a massive range of sections for you to navigate, though most of them aren’t accessible by default. Custom options are there, and lets you make settings of your choice to design your dream zoo the way you love. Decoration of your zoo is your responsibility, and for that, you can use a variety of items from all over the land. Different types of power-ups are there, and each one is specially implanted to boost your gaming experience with the help of animal boosters.


Playing Puzzle game isn’t a cup of cake because using your wits is the primary rule to achieve victory. Therefore, we established a proper Wildscapes Walkthrough to help you overcome challenging places where most players get stuck and can’t come out without any help. Although the game is easy to play and most of the time you spend reading the discussion between characters and making decisions, it requires a lot of attention over match-3 games to earn stars. So, we intend to share some Wildscapes Tips and Tricks with you to master the game.

Wildscapes Walkthrough Level 1

For sure, you will be excited regarding the construction of your dream zoo, but you should learn the necessary information about the game. The entire game spans different parts, also known as the rating. The increment in rating will unlock new areas for you to develop and decorate. At the very thing, you start with nothing, but a person who welcomes you to an empty land and assigns you a job to turn it into a lush zoo where wild animals are roaming in their cages and entertaining visitors to get you money. The game starts with an introduction, in which a person tells you about a panda pen and invites you to welcome the first panda to the zoo.

Purchase Your First Panda

Your first goal is to place one of four pandas, and the game displays you an option to choose your favorite. At the very start, you have only 200 coins, which can be used to unlock and place only one giant panda to the zoo. Upon placing the panda to the targeted place will attract the visitors, and the game rewards you with 10 Gems. When you start playing the game, your rank is one, and your goal is to achieve the highest rank to become the master. The giant panda will entertain the audience by showing lovely tricks and stunts. After placing Panda, your goal is to work hard for in-game coins to purchase decorations, and there’s only one day that leads you to play Match-3 levels and ensure the completion within limited moves.

Play Match-3 Level

As the level appears to you to play, the game shows you a button below the right-corner. Whenever you find yourself playing match-3 levels, the first thing you need to make sure is the objective, confirm your objective, and play according to that. You have limited moves, as well as hearts; therefore, before taping the screen to match three or more identical pieces in a line, make sure it’s worth your move. Here, your goal isn’t only to match similar items but to remove all tiles too to clear the stage.

Once you completed the stage, the game rewards you with in-game coins depending on the remaining moves, and a piece of decoration. There are two types of chest you can open later upon completing the requirements, such as Star Chest and Zoo Chest. The first one will be opened right after gathering ten stars, and you can earn up to three stars from each level with no worries, while the Zoo Chest requires you to beat the level 20. All unlocked decoration pieces will be added at the store, and upon selecting and placing these items will help you turning the zoo into the best hangout spot in town for visitors.

Wildscapes Walkthrough Level 2

Not only decoration pieces, but the in-game store also brings you a variety of places, items, and equipment to place in your dream zoo to make it gorgeous. There are different types of items available, including the following:

  • Duck Pond
  • Coffee Shop
  • Young Oak
  • Panda Playground
  • And more

Each one has its unique requirement of coins and will get unlocked once you achieve the given target. As shown in the above image, to open the Duck Pond, you need up to 100 coins. Completing the first level has rewarded you with 150 coins; therefore, you can unlock the Duck Pong using 100 coins out of 150. Once you place the pond, it will start attracting visitors, and their children will force them to go over there to feed ducks. You might know that you can zoom in and out to make a better decision regarding the place, at which point the target would fit perfectly.

Enter Your Name

Next to that, a pop-up will appear on your screen asking your nickname and different options like Sounds, Music, Language, Help, and more. You are also allowed to Link your Facebook ID with the game to save your progress and share your achievements with friends. Adding your name to a text box would be great, as for the next time, the game will announce your name whenever any achievement will get unlocked—keeping your aim to unlock Star chest as it may contain something unique for you, which helps you boost your speed of completing levels. Keep in mind that the difficulty level increases as the number of level increase.

Place a Duck Pond

In case you’re willing to have a boost to blast most of the pieces at once, you should match four identical pieces in a line. Having done the said job will reward you a “Can of Soda.” Once achieved, you should match the can with similar color and show the magic, it will disappear the whole line either the match takes place vertically or horizontally.

Besides Can of Soda, another particular item for you to grab, known as “Bag of Chips,” and making a line match with the Bag of Chips would remove pieces around it. Using such boosters will help you clear the stage within limited moves; otherwise, it would be tough to complete the stage without using any booster.

Click on the Bubble

During the construction of your zoo, lots of visitors will find roaming all over the land and keep in mind that they may have some special requirements too. Therefore, keeping an eye on visitors would be helpful for you to fast your progression. In the image given above, displaying you a bubble over a visitor means he/she has a request. Merely tap on the bubble to complete the requirements and earn extra rewards. Upon clicking on the bubble, you come to know the demand regarding the construction of a café. Your visitor is a write and requires a place where he could write articles without any hustle, and he is hoping there will be a café soon. You would be happy to know that the completion of the café will reward you with 20 gems.

The construction of any structure will cost you in-game coins, so you must ensure every time your wallet is full of coins that can be earned by merely clearing match-3 levels. You can check the cost of structure your visitor is demanding by only visiting the store where maybe you find the desired building already unlocked.

Wildscapes Walkthrough Level 3

After completing the requirements of your visitor will rewards your items, gems, and coins in return, so keep meeting the requests you receive by visitors. Lots of parts are in ruin, so keep earning coins to make them well-furnished and beautiful. The next stage will introduce you to a new booster, known as Spinnin. To unlock the said power-up, you must match four identical pieces in a square. Matching the items using Spinnin power-up will help you get the targeted items speedily.

Other items will start to unlock as you progress through the game by playing match-3 levels and completing the requirements of visitors. Don’t forget to input your name so that everyone can call you by your name. Using the drag-and-drop feature, you can decide the place of items you unlock to add your zoo. It totally depends on how you want to make your zoo using various stuff; once completed, visitors would rate and appreciate your creativity.

Invite Your Friend to show off your creativity

You can also invite your friends to visit your park and help you in making it even better than ever. After successfully adding a duck pond, a café, and young oak, something is missing: Panda Playground and Tulip Bed. They will start to get unlocked once you start proceeding with the game. Sometimes, the game introduces many moves for an easier level, while lesser moves for the problematic stage. Therefore, you should manage carefully, as your remaining moves won’t be transferred to the next stage, it will be ended with rewarding your prizes and boosters

Wildscapes Walkthrough Level 4

After Can of Soda, Spinnin, and Bag of Chips, the game will introduce you to a new power-up “bucket of Candy,” which will be granted to match five identical pieces in a line. Bucket of Candy is one of the most trending power-ups as it helps you remove all the pieces of the same color from the field upon getting connecting with identical pieces.

It will help you a lot in completing the level while you have limited moves. After collecting ten stars, the star chest is ready to open, and upon opening, it will reward you with up to 75 in-game coins at once. Having coins in high quantity means you become able to purchase more decoration pieces for your visitor to make them happy, as it is your primary job. As the game proceeds, a small kid approaches to Zach (the manager) and asks about a place where she can play with other kids. Without wasting a single minute, your priority should focus on the playground for small kids where they can have fun with each other, take amazing rides, and watch adorable animals.

Keep in mind that before purchasing any item, you should decide the place first where it perfectly fits and looks beautiful. Buying and adding things to random places will make your zoo unpleasant among visitors, and each visitor has its unique behavior, task, and choice. The completion of visitor’s request will reward you gems, the most important in-game currency.

Wildscapes Walkthrough Level 5

You’re at level 5, where the game happily introduces you to a new power-up, known as Red Panda. If you are stuck anywhere, the red panda is ready to help you by offering three Spinnin of red-colored—the thing you only need to collect ten apples to request panda for help. You aren’t supposed to use it for one time; Red Panda is ready to assist you as many times as you need within limited moves.

Are you ready to place Tulip Bed with a cost of 120 coins? You can put it anywhere across the zoo to make it beautiful. The completion of stages will gradually increase the difficulty level by decreasing the moves. Having a shortage of moves, your priority should be focused on grabbing power-ups as they help you clearing the screen quickly and rewarding you a lot of prizes.

Wildscapes Walkthrough Level 6

Undoubtedly, completion of levels will leave you in-game coins required to purchase items and decoration pieces. Therefore, as the game advances, it keeps introducing new items, power-ups, and boosters to keep you engaged for unlimited funds. This time, the game brings beautiful flowers to the level and assign you a task to keep them matching next to the leave to collect and complete the objective to earn coins. As an introductory level, Red Panda is also available to jump in for help upon having ten apples below in its meter. You can’t match the flowers, but matching three or more identical pieces next to the leave will help you collecting flowers.

Since you started to play, there’s only one panda who is feeling lonely for sure. Keeping a giant panda happy requires you to place another panda nearby the giant panda. Your ultimate goal isn’t limited to place one or two pandas for rewards, but assembling a complete family for having a massive bonus. Placing another giant panda will reward you with 30 gems, and it will be added to your account instantly.

Wildscapes Walkthrough Level 7

The ultimate goal is to gather fifty-nine flowers, and it doesn’t matter whether to use boosters, power-ups or ask red panda to jump in for help. Here’s a great thing you would be happy to have, like combining power-ups will give you more awesome effects and will help you clearing items in both vertically and horizontally. After reaching level 7, the level becomes more prominent than your expectation. It requires more attention for the completion, because collecting flowers within leave isn’t an easy task, as you have to match identical pieces near them.

Unlock Female Panda

Keep in mind the demands of visitors will be started to increase as you achieve a higher rank or approach advanced stages; therefore, be ready for this. High demands will reward you more gems and in-game rewards. Your rank will be increase after placing a female panda in a hut and will leave you a total of 110 coins reward.

Claim your reward of 110 Coins

Be ready for the most challenging match-3 levels, as they won’t complete efficiently without giving you a tough time. Apart from rating 2, the difficulty level increased and brought a new land to decorate, although the first place wasn’t decorated. Now, you have two different areas to decorate. As you advance through the game, unlocking new areas will puzzle your mind; therefore, we bring a proper Wildscapes Walkthrough/Playthrough Guide to make you understand how to overcome all challenges and tasks with no worries.

Leave unlocking pandas, and start building a family of elephants following the said words you need to make a zoo. All cute animals are welcome to a beautiful land you are making to entertain visitors. The image displays you a giant elephant that will cost you up to 300 coins, and there’s a separate place for this family to enjoy. During the gameplay, you can move and place any items anytime if you didn’t find the location perfect. Keep in mind that unlocking every new area will task you purchasing a set of new animals and places over there to make your zoo beautiful.

Wildscapes Walkthrough Level 8

If you’re a die-hard fan of Match-3 Puzzle games, then for sure, you might understand what your task to complete is. The game requires you to find and gather tickets available under the tiles to complete the level. Similar to the previous two stages, Red Panda is here to assist you with Spinnin. This time, you have to collect four tickets by matching identical pieces above the tickets within 18 moves. Different types of power-ups will be revealed during the gameplay, and you must use them to remove all pieces to win the stage.

The completion of the level will reward you with both stars and coins. You can use stars to unlock the “Star Chest,” while coins you can use to purchase items and animals. Completing a whole family of animals will reward you a gift, containing a surprising bonus for you and gems. Your rank meter will improve whenever you decorate your zoo, and once the rank refills, it will increase the rank. Unlocking other family members of the elephant requires completing the following levels: Level 9, 10, and 11.

Wildscapes Walkthrough Level 9

For sure, you would be happy after seeing a bucket of candy at the start of level 9, as it will most of your work, and leaves you with a few pieces to clear. In this level, you have you to gather five hidden tickets within 21 moves, which seems a bit tough; therefore, a power-up and red panda is available to help you out over there in completing the level. Before starting, you should confirm where the tickets are available and begin clearing the targeted area to collect all tickets within limited moves. The completion of level 9 will unlock a new booster, Hammer.

Wildscapes Walkthrough Level 10

The task isn’t easy as it seems, because this time you have only twenty-six moves, and the field is completely filled with wooden boxes and flowers above the leaves. The introduction of obstacles requires you to destroy them first and then collect the targeted objects. Don’t worry, the addition of a hammer won’t disappoint you, and you don’t have only one hammer; there are three available to use in the level. The goal will be easy to complete as you start using the hammer to clear off any cell without using a move. Hit the crate using the hammer will break it, and let pieces move down to fill the gap.

Difficulty Increase After Achiving Rank 2

Approaching to rank, the popularity of your zoo is increasing day by day, and the beautiful decoration is attracting dozens of visitors regularly, who appear and keep their demands to make the zoo attractive. There’s a lack of bench in your zoo, which was highlighted by a student. Use the coins you earned by completing match-3 levels to purchase a bench and place it over a peaceful place where no one can disturb anyone.

Place a Bench

Upon the completion of tasks, don’t forget to claim your free gems. In case you run out of gems, the game features a Zoo Shop, which contains superb offers for you, such as you can collect 400 Gems, two Bucket of Candy, two Hammers, two Spinnin, and two “Can of Soda” in only $6.99. Many other fantastic deals are also available over there for you to grab for instant unlocking items.

Wildscapes Walkthrough Level 11

Wildscapes Walkthrough will let you know how to build your zoo correctly without wasting a lot of time understanding the basics. The 10th level starts with many built-in boosters ready to clear half of your screen within a few seconds. On the other hand, Red Panda is ready to help you remove the remaining screen once the ten apples are added to a meter right below the Red Panda. In this stage, your goal is to gather 12 tickets hidden below wooden boxes and other tiles.

Confirm the place where tickets are available, and start smashing pieces of the same color to collect. After gathering coins, you get able to purchase to Meditation Corner for your zoo and a panda, but it requires completion of one more level. Therefore, without wasting any time, set on a journey to complete other levels to earn in-game coins and chests to become the master.

Wildscapes Walkthrough Level 12

Toys replace flowers and tickets in the 12th level, and your ultimate task removes the pieces available under the toys to lead them down on the counter to collect. There are three toys available, two of them are pandas. At the end of 12 levels, a writer who demanded a café first will appear again with a request of a baby panda because a magazine wants to purchase a photo of it. The completion of the proposal will reward you with 30 gems. As you drop a baby panda nearby its parents, visitors across the zoo will appear nearby the place of pandas instantly to see how a baby panda looks like. Now, only the smallest baby panda is remaining, and its requirement to unlock is the completion of more 11 levels.

Wildscapes Walkthrough Level 13

Leading toys down to the counter isn’t an easy task anymore. If you aren’t intend to use any booster and power-ups during the play, then you can’t complete the level 12 within limited moves of 20. The level contains many hurdles like wooden boxes, which will only destroy whenever three or more identical pieces are matched and smashed nearby them. Match four or more identical pieces in a line to grab a power-up and use it to smash nearby items without wasting a move. You have to try again once you run out of moves and wait when you run out of hearts. The completion of level 13 rewards you with one of three stars and 160 coins.

Make use of “Bucket of Candy” Power-up

The completion of the 13th level leaves you three “Bucket of Candy” booster, which will help you clear the next levels within no time.

Wildscapes Walkthrough Level 14

The collectible item once again change, and you need to collect 42 flowers, instead of leading toys down to the counter. This time, the leaves covers the corner, and it won’t be a manageable level to complete. You should remove the leave first, and then collect flowers by matching three or more identical items. Don’t forget to make a combo chain as it helps you clear the tiles within a few seconds, while boosters are also available at your disposal that you can use any time. You often find yourself running out of moves, don’t be panic as it is a usual thing happening with all of us. At the scenario, you have two options:

  • Give Up – If you want to play the level from the starting point, then you should go with give up
  • Play on 200 Gems – If you’re going to continue the game where your moves end up, then you can request to add five additional moves to your account with a cost of 200 Gems.

Wildscapes Walkthrough Level 15

Many new items will unlock after reaching level 15, including the following: Elephant Statue, Amber Tree, Saffron Bush, and more. You have enough funds that you can easily purchase the Elephant Statue and can place anywhere nearby the elephant area to attract visitors. The Red Panda has replaced by Blue Elephant, who will do the same as Red Panda did. In level 15, you have to gather juice packs to request the elephant to smash tiles. Your ultimate goal is to collect 24 flowers within 21 moves, while you have a few boosters and power-ups to use. A blue bag of chips throws by the elephant to the playfield to clear the screen from tiles and other items.

Completing a level adds in-game coins to your wallet and allows you to use your way to make your zoo fabulous. A new request approaches you recently, in which a visitor is asking for building an observation deck to experience the zoo from above, and in return, he will reward you with up to 20 gems. Using your coins, you can purchase and add a deck to your favorite place to make your visitors happy.

Wildscapes Beginner’s Guide – Tips, Tricks, and Best Strategies

You might know that Playrix has been active in the gaming industry since the year of 2011, along with the purpose of entertaining players of all over the world by introducing fun-filled mobile games. The majority of games are offering pure Puzzle gaming experience. Simultaneously, there are five best titles available in the line-up of the said developer, which earned a lot of reputation. In the above section, we have talked about Wildscapes Walkthrough 2020; now, we figured this would be a great time to share some best tips, tricks, and strategies. You should follow the given steps whenever you start playing Wildscapes, such as:

  • Take as much time as you need – As opposed to what you might be considering, the game doesn’t feature any time limitation; therefore, you should play calmly and take as much time as you need. You have endless time, but remember, moves aren’t endless as the time is, so play wisely.
  • Match four or more Identical Pieces – Wildscapes takes the match-3 genre to the next level, where matching three items of the same color isn’t enough, as it makes the gameplay difficult. Therefore, you always keep your concentration, making a match of four or more items as it creates a combo for you to unlock a booster.
  • Learn how to set up Combo Chains – Before moving on speedily, take a break and find the best possible move as you are trying to solve the puzzle, instead of clearing the field, so find and analyze which pieces from available are the best for initial steps of becoming a pro player of a match-3 game.
  • Keep Your Focus on the Completion of Objectives – Each newly introduced level will bring a brand-new quest for you to complete. The game promises to reward you with in-game coins. Therefore, your zoo has to hold unique goals beautifully to complement. While playing the game, you must keep your focus on achieving the objectives, instead of removing all tiles from the field.
  • Remember which Tiles do More Damage – Keep an eye on tiles to discover which tiles will do more damage to their surrounding pieces. Make sure you are using those tiles to clear the field in further stages.
  • Make use of Boosters Wisely – Boosters are the most critical parts of the game. The game has a series of boosters, such as Can of Soda, Hammer, Bucket of Candy, Bag of Chips, and more. Personally, I like the Bucket of Candy as it damages most of the pieces surrounding it.


Wildscapes isn’t offering you traditional Match-3 gameplay; it takes a step ahead and provides you challenging gameplay full of puzzles and quests, unlike others. The addition of unique boosters are fabulous and perform very well during the level. All pieces are well-settled in each level and give you a brand-new puzzle to complete. The game follows the footsteps of its sister games, such as Gardenscapes, Homescapes, and Manor Matters, though a few changes and new items are there.

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