Scene of the Crime: Golden Doll Walkthrough


Scene of the Crime: Golden Doll is a detective mystery game created by Pastel Games. Practice your detective skills with this point-click game that asks you to solve a mystery near beachfront property.

It has an exciting story full of twists and turns, so make sure you tune in for this Walkthrough!


General Tips

  • Click to interact with objects, people and your inventory. It is a point and click game.
  • When going in to the police department, always check your reports tray frequently to check for new leads.
  • On the reports tray, you can dust off fingerprints for new evidence and click or drag items pinned to the lead table to try to combine clues.
  • Click on your city map to travel.

Crime Scene

  • Talk to the police officer. Go down the pathway to the three houses. (A)
  • Enter the house on the right. (B)
  • Walk down the hallway and talk to the old lady. (C)
  • Go inside the middle house. (D)

  • Click on the victim’s face and arm. Click on the broken window. Use the fingerprint brush to collect her fingerprints. The fingerprint brush is in the inventory. (E, F)
  • Someone was shooting from outside.
  • Go to the house on the left. Click on the tire tracks. (G)
  • The tire tracks.

  • Collect the necklace under the door. (H)
  • Enter the house on the left. (I)
  • Walk down the hallway and then click into the fireplace. (J)
  • Collect the burnt driver’s license. Also, collect the blood stains with your fingerprint brush on the dusting agent in your inventory. (K, L)

  • Go on the hallway and collect the revolver. (M)
  • Talk to the police officer about the clues. (N)
  • Go to the police department. (O)

Police Department – The First Visit

  • Dust off the revolver, bullets and necklace for fingerprint clues, collect the fingerprints with the fingerprint tape after dusting them off. Collect the cash on the desk. Go to the crime scene and come back again to have new reports on the reports bin. Read the report and then add the report to the leads. . (A, B, C, D, E)
  • Click on the lead section. Drag the report to the paper with the two houses on it. (F)
  • Go to Burt Wilco’s House using your city map item in the inventory. (G)

Burt Wilco’s House


  • Click the door (A)
  • Click the door on that image. That is Burt Wilco’s entry (B)
  • Ring the bell. Talk to Burt Wilco. (C)
  • Go to the shop (D)


  • Buy some food and a blanket. (E)

Police Department – The 2nd Visit


  • Click on the forensics table and check the reports.  (A)
  • Read the new report and add it to the leads. Click on the city map and go to Golden Doll Club. (B)

Golden Doll Club


  • Go down the alley and click the box to get to the left side of the valley. A homeless man is waiting there. (A)
  • Click on the homeless man. To make him talk, give him a blanket. However, more information is waiting to be learned. After the first conversation, give him some bread and he will talk again. This will lead you to more clues. (B)

Police Department – The 3rd Visit

  • Click on the forensics table to check the reports bin. Add the new reports to the leads. (A)
  • Drag the note about the car on the picture of the car and then the note of the Golden Doll Victim on top of it. (B)

Gas Station

  • Enter the gas station. (A)
  • Collect the pamphlet on the ground and click on the employee of the month poster. (B, C)
  • Take the poster. (D)
  • Click the cash register. (E)

  • Click the coat on the left (F)
  • Collect the piece of paper on the coat‘s pocket. (G)
  • On the cash register take the magic key and the bloody handkerchief. (H, I)
  • Go to the place that reads Oceanic Bank. (J)

Oceanic Bank

  • Go to the Oceanic Bank and zoom in safe box number 6812. (A)
  • Open the safe box with the key you found in the Gas Station. (B)
  • Read the notebook (C)
  • Go back to the Police Department (D)

Police Department – Fourth and Final Visit

  • Get a fingerprint sample off the bank details paper and the bloody handkerchief (A, B)
  • Tear the page off the notebook (C)
  • Combine the picture with that one house with the employee of the month poster, then drag the burnt driver license after that. (D)
  • Leave the police department and come back again to check for new reports. Add the new reports to the leads. (E)

  • Drag the blood samples and the fingerprint samples together and go to Sunset Motel (E)

  • Sit back and enjoy the ending.

Final Verdict

The Scene of Crime: Golden Doll creates an immersive detective experience for the player. Pastel Games did a great take on the point and click genre, the gameplay flows well and it has a decent user interface. Though the only downside is that navigation is quite annoying in this game, you will find clicking around the screen moving to the next place waiting for the screen to change. While it has some downsides, The Scene of Crime: Golden Doll is still a very clever detective game, with a horrifying soundtrack and a gorgeous art style!













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