Mystery Hotel Escape Walkthrough


Mystery Hotel Escape is a point and click escape game created by Game2P. The primary task is to escape the mysterious hotel room you are stuck in.

The holiday trip didn’t go as you thought it would be. The tourist guide you followed turned out to be a kidnapper and now he has trapped you inside a bizarre hotel room. Use all the tools and advantages that are available in that room and get out of that creepy room!


You start out in the kidnapping room, now you have to work your way on leaving this mysterious room!

  • Click on the book. (A)
  • Collect the knife inside the book. Use it to open the book. (B)
  • Get the paper inside the book. (C)
  • Go to the bedroom. There is a pillow you are going to use to find something later. (D)

  • Collect the wrench. (E)
  • Use the knife to collect a piece of the wiring. (F)
  • Collect the clip. (G)
  • Click on the left pillow. Move the pillow and blanket to collect a spoon and a lighter. (H)
  • Go to the bathroom. Click on the showering room. (J)

  • Click on the temperature control valves. (K)
  • Change the 2 valves to green. (L)
  • Click on the tile (M)
  • Collect the purple crystal. (N)

  • Use the wrench to open the shower head. Collect the crystal inside it. (O)
  • Collect the chopstick. (P)
  • Use the spoon to collect the third crystal. (Q)
  • Open it. (T)
  • Use the cable and clip combination to find the fourth crystal that was staying down there. (U)

  • Go to the book you just opened. Go to the page where it shows 4 numbers : 1 3 5 3 (V)
  • Combine the numbers with the paper you got from the pillow. (W)
  • Light the yellow candle. (X)
  • Click on the wardrobe to place the 4 crystals in the correct places. (Y)

  • On the bedroom, click it to see what number are the 4 crystals placed on. (Z)
  • Go to the primary room again. Use the chopstick to fix the TV Plug. (A1)
  • Turn on the TV to see the equation.
  • Go to the locked door. (B1)

  • Enter the code to unlock the door. (C1)
  • Game is finished.

Final Verdict

Mystery Hotel Escape is a game that revolves on creative ways to collect the items needed on completing the game. Few games have interesting puzzles and equations just like this one. To sum it up short, Mystery Hotel Escape is a really fun flash game that you should absolutely try it out!


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