Samurai Room Escape Walkthrough


Samurai Room Escape is the new escape game created by Mousecity. You are locked inside a very weird samurai room, trying to escape out of it. Look around for items and solve puzzles to escape this room!


  • Click on the vase. (A)
  • Collect the shuriken. (B)
  • Go to the next room. Click the green box. It will activate a puzzle. (C)
  • The image of the correct way to complete the puzzle. Just flip the switch and you are going to win a gong hammer. (D)

  • Go to the gong room. Hit the gong with your gong hammer. (E)
  • Collect the shuriken that came out of it.
  • Click on the secret compartment. (F)
  • Collect the matches. (G)
  • Light the lantern with your matches. (H)
  • Collect the key that came out of the lantern.

  • Go to the room with sand. Open the door with your key. (I)
  • Enter the hidden room. 
  • Click on the object to activate a puzzle. (J)
  • The correct way of solving the puzzle. Collect the sword after you finish the puzzle. (K)
  • Go to the the room with two lanterns on top. Use the sword to cut down the left lantern. (L)
  • Collect the black key inside it. (M)

  • Use your black key to unlock the second hidden room. (N)
  • Enter the hidden room. (O)
  • Click on the secret compartment. (P)
  • Collect the rake inside it. (Q)
  • Get out of the hidden room, use the rake in the sand in order to find the third and last shuriken. (R)
  • Place the 3 shurikens in the dragon in order to collect the final key. (S)

  • Lastly, Use the final key to unlock the final hidden room, in order to complete the game. (T)

Final Verdict

Samurai Room Escape is the one of the best samurai escape games out there. It has a simple, but yet a gorgeous art style. I really like the way puzzles were created in this game, also the creative use of items really kept me interested during the game. In conclusion, Samurai Room Escape is a game that everyone must try!

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