Saucy Devil Gordon Walkthrough


Saucy Devil Gordon is a very high quality, exciting point and click game developed by Carmel Games. The game is about a wannabe pirate going on a treasure hunt. Are you ready for some treasure hunting? Come and join Gordon in his quest for  this exciting treasure!


The game starts with Gordon beginning his adventure. You start to control the player when he arrives in the pier.


  • Collect the bottle of rum. (A)
  • Collect the rock. (B)
  • Go to the gigantic tree. (C)
  • Throw the rock onto the tree to make the coconut fall. Collec the coconut. (D)
  • Go to the cave with the death sign. (E)

  • Collect the hammer. (F)
  • Collect the scissors. (G)
  • Go to the tiki location. (H)
  • Use the scissors to collect the pineapple. (I)
  • Go to the bar. (J)
  • Talk to the bartender. Ask him to collect the glass on his right. (K)

  • Combine the coconut item with the hammer to have coconut water in the glass. Drop the bottle of rum and the pineapple inside the blender. After that, add the final ingredient: Coconut Water. The Bartender will give you an incense. (K)
  • Go to the Tourist Information Hut. (M)
  • Talk to the man. Give him the incense. He will give you the half of a golden coin. (N)
  • Collect an item inside the lost and found box. (O)
  • Go to the cave location. Use the glasses you found to blow up the door to get inside the cave. (P)

  • Go inside the cave. Collect the shovel. (Q)
  • Collect the other half of the coin. (R)
  • Go to the graveyard. (S)
  • Combine the halves to create a whole coin. (T)
  • Put the coin on the circle located in the tombstone to create a ray of light pointing on the ground. (U)
  • Use the shovel to find the treasure where the sunlight hits the ground. (V)

  • Nice job! Gordon found the hidden treasure! Hooray!

Final Verdict

Saucy Devil Gordon is a very simple but yet effective point and click game. It’s objective was simple, help Gordon find the hidden treasure and the game did just that. It had a simple but yet a refreshing use of items. In conclusion, if you were a fun of treasure hunt games, then this game was definitely for you!


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