Crazy Halloween Walkthrough


Crazy Halloween is a adventure, point and click video game. Help Crazy Dad feed candies to the trick-or-treaters. Explore Crazy Dad’s house to find new items, combinations and solve puzzles to keep the trick-or-treaters happy!


  • Go to the kitchen. (A)
  • Click on the cupboard. (B)
  • Collect the knife. (C)
  • Use the knife to cut the pumpkin. (D)

  • Collect the hammer and the puzzle hint. (E)
  • Go to the computer room and click on the cupboard. Use the number 65 to complete the puzzle in order to open the cupboard. (F)
  • Wreck the piggy bank with your hammer. (G)
  • Collect the floppy disk. (H)
  • Inject the floppy disk into the computer in order to activate the puzzle. (I)

  • In order to complete the puzzle, follow the puzzle hint on the image. (J)
  • Collect the puzzle hint. (K)
  • Read the puzzle hint. (L)
  • Go to Crazy Dad’s bedroom. Click on the puzzle. (M)
  • Use the number 1349 in order to complete the third puzzle. (M)

  • Collect the duct tape. (N)
  • Use the duct tape you just collected to fix the wire problem. (O)
  • Collect the cassette. (P)
  • Inject the cassette on the TV. (Q)

  • After injecting the cassette, the TV will show a new puzzle hint. There are 8 candles in the whole house, multiply it by 100, and you have 800(R)
  • Click on the safe. (S)
  • Use the number 800 to complete the fourth puzzle. (T)
  • Collect the bell. (U)
  • Scare the vampire using the bell you just collected. He will fly away leaving a pretty important puzzle hint. (V)
  • Click on the hint. (W)

  • The term NSWWE means North, South, West, West and East. Replace the terms with the letter and you have Broom. (X)
  • Go to the kitchen again to open the second safe. (Y)
  • Use the word BROOM in order to complete the final puzzle. (Z)
  • Hooray! You found Crazy Dad’s hidden candies!

  • Enjoy the dialogue.
  • Congrats you have completed Crazy Halloween!

Final Verdict

Crazy Halloween proved to be a very complex game. It had very interesting puzzles and a logical way of item usage. In conclusion, this game had everything you wanted: creative puzzles, understandable hints and a great item usage system.


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