Rooms and Exits Level 8 Walkthrough


Rooms and Exits Walkthrough Level 8 is here with a guide how to solve a puzzle following a few simple steps. Recently, we escaped the Fashion Store and now we get trapped in Toy Store. It seems the 8th level would be pretty easier than the previously completed stages because it is decent and not fully loaded with a lot of stuff as we found in earlier stages. The Toy Store has two different doors and man toys to interact with; therefore, you should investigate the scene to find hidden objects and utilize them to find a key to the Exit Door.

How to Complete Rooms and Exits Level 8?

Here is a complete Rooms and Exits Guide to help you overcome all challenges that during the gameplay. Whether you don’t love to play Hidden Object games or a new to Rooms and Exits, keep thinking out the box may help you bring more solutions to your palm. Follow the steps given in Rooms and Exits Level 8 Walkthrough to unlock the next level:

  • Tap on a box to collect a cube puzzle and hit a bit below on a truck to collect a triangle block.
  • Now tap on the main table to collect a hairdryer and open the drawer of a wardrobe kept next to the exit door. The drawer has a handle and an arrow that you must collect and add to your inventory.
  • Tap on a paper tree to see behind it and discover a capsicum and arrow rubber from there.
  • Open your inventory and combine both arrow and rubber to make it complete and use to pop a red balloon for a paper.
  • Now, head to a small truck kept on the box and add a triangle block from your inventory to the said truck.
  • Once it’s done, see the paper in your inventory and try to draw the same pattern using the blocks on a truck. The completion of the puzzle reveals a key that will be automatically added to your inventory.
  • Head to your inventory and dismantle the hairdryer to collect a wire piece.
  • Tap on the wardrobe kept next to the exit door and recharge it using the key you found from a truck.
  • Use the wire piece from your inventory and head to a device fixed near the room on the left side.
  • Run the device and enter the following letters “Train” and hit the enter button. Note: You can get the code by merely watching the hand movement of the toy and the paperboard kept on the table.
  • Now, head to a drum covered by rabbits, add a handle to it, and rotate it right and left until its lid gets opened. Collect a block and grapes from there and leave the area to find something new.

Second Room

Hitting the enter button led you to a new room where tree tricycles are available along with other furniture and toys.

  • Collect a doll with a green shirt from the table.
  • Head to the cupboard and drag a pack of blue doll aside to discover a mango and paper.
  • Hit a bucket available on the right side of the cupboard to keep all fruits you have in your inventory, including capsicum, and arrange their colors according to the doll packets.
  • The game displays you an image after finding the puzzle completed.
  • Tap on a dollhouse available on the left side of the room and turn on lights following the pattern you saw on an image after setting up the fruits. Collect a comb and a key from the dollhouse and keep them in your inventory.
  • Open your inventory and select both the doll and a comb, then hit the combine button to discover a puzzle piece.
  • Select box rough papers in your inventory and combine them. Click on a board fixed on the left wall next to the exit door and draw the images that the paper has displayed you. After that, it offers you some pieces of blocks and a spray bottle.
  • Tap on the cupboard to collect a yellow piece of cloth.
  • Open your inventory and combine both the cloth and the spray bottle to prepare something cloth you can use to clean stuff.
  • Tap a heart-shaped box on the table, open it using a key, and clean its mirror using the cloth to reveal an image.
  • After that, you should move on to the second door near the cupboard and draw the color as shown in the mirror to open it.

Third Room

I take my words back, the Rooms and Exits Level 8 isn’t as easy as I was considering. It has three different rooms and finding hidden objects is seriously a severer headache. But you don’t need to worry, we’re handling all of the difficulties to bring you all possible solutions.

  • Get into the third room and see the image of balloons placed on the front wall. Keep the positions of balloons in mind and leave the room.
  • Before leaving the room, there is another job that you have to complete by merely dismantling all blocks available in your inventory.
  • Once it’s done, add all blocks to a train available at the left-lower section of the cupboard. Add a handle next to the train and pull it to let the train move.

Main Room

The train you have launched may reach the main door below the balloons. Let’s move on to the main area and discover a key that you need to open the Exit Door.

Rooms and Exits Level 8 Walkthrough has been completed. Click is to read the next Walkthrough of Rooms and Exits Levels.

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