Rooms and Exits Level 7 Walkthrough


What a delicious meal (cupcakes) we had baked in a Rooms and Exits Bakery Level. Now, the game welcomes you to a Fashion Store where your objective is almost the same – find hidden objects and utilize them to open the door and escape the room. Over time, the difficulty level is gradually increasing and no one knows what you may confront at the last stage. Keep following Rooms and Exits Walkthroughs to learn how to complete levels.

Besides, the game features a stunning environment and intuitive controls that make your grip stronger over gaming aspects. Making use of the zoom-in and out feature may help you clearly investigate the scene when collecting or finding hidden objects. All items you will find across the room will be added to a bag, known as inventory that upon being tapped will open with four buttons, including Use, Combine, and Dismantle. Follow the steps to complete Rooms and Exits Level 7:

  • Tap on the sofa to collect a lady handbag and use the dismantle button after selecting the bag to bring a scarf out of it.
  • Select the bag from inventory and don’t forget to hit the use button, click on the dummy on the right side to let it hold a bag.
  • Now, move to the first dummy and let it wear a scarf.

Second Room

After that, you should move to a second room where you have to find a puzzle piece from behind a sofa kept near the cloth stand next to the ladders.

  • Drag the curtains aside to collect a hat.

Main Room

Visit the main area and click on a dummy between twos. Following the instruction as I said will help you collect the second piece of the puzzle.

Second Room

After collecting both puzzle pieces, you should move to the second room. Open your inventory to combine both puzzle pieces to reveal a passcode and head to the locker above the cupboard.

  • Enter the passcode (7035) to open the locker and collect three objects, including shoes, from there.
  • Once it is done, head to another locker kept on the right side of the locker you have recently cracked. Set the color of each square as follows: Yellow, Light Blue, Purple, Red, and Yellow to open it and collect a shirt button.

Main Room

Now, you should move to the main room and head to a counter to collect a yellow button. Move on to the second cloth rack from the right side to discover coats.

  • Collect scissors from the coat and use them to collect a blue button.
  • Tap on the wall next to the counter to discover a board where you can add buttons from your inventory.
  • Head to a shoe rack near the board and keep a lady shoe you collected from the second room. Turn all signals to green and collect a paper piece with a hint.
  • Your next objective is to get a receipt that is only possible when you head to a PC and enter the price written on the paper.
  • Click on the counter’s back, add the missing piece of the puzzle, and start playing a mini-game. Your goal is to set all blocks in their proper color and shapes as the game demands to collect a barcode scanner.
  • Open your inventory to combine both the wire and the barcode scanner.
  • Head to the counter once again, keep the barcode scanner on its stand and select the receipt from your inventory, and scan it to reveal a code (30015).
  • Head to the main door and enter the passcode (30015) to escape Rooms and Exits Level 7.

Rooms and Exits Level 7 Walkthrough has been completed, let’s move on to the Rooms and Exits Level 8.

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