Rooms and Exits Level 9 Walkthrough


Without any doubt, rooms are created with love and fully decorated with furniture in Rooms and Exits video game. We have completed walkthroughs of the first 8 Rooms and Exits Levels, now releasing the Rooms and Exits Level 9 Walkthrough. It takes place in a furniture store where you can’t buy mouthwatering stuff, but find hidden objects to solve tricky puzzles and open doors to escape. As the game promised, it is offering each room in a new location, along with tricky puzzles that are interested to complete, while having fun.

Boost your skills of finding hidden objects when come to play Rooms and Exits: Can You Escape Room game. It rewards you with in-game coins that you need to buy hints and other things. Keep your focus on the room when searching for objects and keep all items in a bag, your inventory. Upon tapping the bag your inventory will open with items you have kept over there. It opens with four possible options, including Use, Dismantle, and Combine. If you are confused and don’t know how to complete Rooms and Exits Level 9, then read our walkthrough guide to get some help.

Rooms and Exits Walkthrough – Level 9 (Furniture Store) is designed to help those guys who love playing puzzle-solving games. As many times I said, playing puzzle games isn’t a cup of tea; therefore, the completion of levels requires a lot of attention, quick reflexes, detective mindset, and dedication to win. To escape the room, follow the Rooms and Exits Level 9 Walkthrough.

  • First of all, go to the right-top corner of the room and click on the painting hanging on the wall. The painting will be added to your inventory
  • Click on the silver sofa at the bottom of the room to click another piece of cloth and don’t forget to collect a cloth kept near the green sofa.
  • Next to that, collect another piece of paper from above the silver
  • Open your inventory, select the rolled cloth and use the dismantle button to bring it to the proper shape.
  • Tap on the rug and bring all pieces of clothes out of your inventory. After that, connect each side of the cloth to another of the same color. Doing as I said will help you get a key that you must collect and add to your bag.
  • There is a cupboard on the right side of the room that you must click on to play a jigsaw game fixed on the box that is holding a cutter.
  • A cupboard is available near the plant pot (9) and you can discover a hanger from inside it.
  • Open your inventory, select both hanger and cutter, and use the dismantle button to turn it into a hook and leave it into your inventory.
  • Next to that, visit the red chair to discover a screwdriver from near its cushion.
  • Discover a vent cover above the red chair and open it using a screwdriver from your inventory. Use the hook to remove the web and when they get cleared, a key will appear.
  • There is a cupboard near the red sofa holding a box that you can open using a golden key available in your inventory. When the box gets opened, collect a locket and a piece of cloth.
  • Furthermore, select the cloth and hit the dismantle button to reveal the price.
  • Near the brown sofa, you may discover a briefcase which you have to open using a key to collect two wheels.
  • Did you notice two wheels of the revolving chair are missing? Tap on the chair, select both wheels from your inventory, and place them on the chair.
  • Once the chair gets repaired, get it aside to collect another piece of paper.
  • Now, tap on a table next to the white cupboard and collect a pencil, bolt, and a knife from there.
  • Before the white cupboard, there is a blue sofa holding a piece of paper for you. Collect the paper piece and add it to your inventory.
  • Now, you should tap on the room divider and head to a rack holding beautiful flasks. Interact with them and set them according to the color pattern drawn next to them.
  • Once you are done, the game reveals a locker fully protected with a digital lock. Enter the code to open the locker (395263). You may discover a catalog after opening it.
  • After that, check the catalog and add all image pieces that are missing, but available in your inventory.
  • Next to that, head to the wall of silver color and tap on the locker available on the left side of the door. Here, your goal is to select the design according to the given numbers. Numbers are actual prices that you found on catalogs. Setting the designs ahead of their prices will open a door to the restaurant.


Now, you are in a kitchen where no one will greet you. Therefore, keep your concentration on finding hidden objects while finding a key to open the door and escape. The developers did a great job in designing the room; therefore, it is looking great. The room has a door to go back to the main door while lots of tables, racks, and other things available surrounding you.

  • At the very start, you must collect a white paper that is available at the lower section of the green rack.
  • In the second step, you must visit the basin available on the left side with yellow and white colors, and open the rack to collect a digital clock. Besides, don’t forget to collect a bottle opener from a stand.
  • After that, head to a cupboard placed on the right head and collect a puzzle piece from there.
  • Once again, go back to the basic and tap its yellow section below to enter the following code (693). Once it opens, collect batteries and keep them in your inventory.
  • Now, open your bag to select both batteries and digital clock as well, and use the combine button to turn the clock on.

Dismantle Objects

  • Now, open your inventory once again and choose three items a Bottle opener, knife, and bolt.
  • Use all these three items to craft scissors. Select both the paper and scissors and hit the combine button to get something new.
  • Combine both pencil and white paper may help you get a code which is 12850.

Next Puzzles to Complete

  • Head to the oven and set the time you found on the clock (12:08). Open the oven’s window to keep how many cookies are there in mind.
  • Click on the rack holding lots of beautiful chairs and your goal is to change their legs with each other according to the top. And once you are done, it will give you another paper piece.
  • Head to the table of yellow and white color, click on its top, and head to your inventory. Select the colorful paper and bring it on the board where you have tapped.

How to Complete a Puzzle with Paper Pieces in Room and Exits Level 9?

Here your goal is to draw an image using colorful paper pieces, but the question is what you have to draw. You may not find any clue when searching in a room; therefore, the clue is your inventory itself. Open the inventory to see a paper with a drawing made up of different color pieces. Draw the same image on the board using pieces to complete the puzzle.

  • Once you are done, the box next to the board will open revealing a hand mirror.
  • Open your inventory and use the mirror with paper to get the accurate code which is 02851.
  • Get out of the room and head to the furniture store.

Go back to the Furniture Store

After coming back to the Furniture Store in Rooms and Exits Level 9, click on the counter placed near the main door and head to the weight machine. Enter the code 02851, count the number of stars, and keep the number in mind.

  • Besides, click on the box available near the sofa and hit the round button three times because we have found three moon-shaped cookies in the oven. Swipe left to change the image and hit the buttons as mentioned: Moon (3), Heart (8), Sun (1), and Stars (8).
  • Once you set numbers to all images, the box opens revealing a keycard that you can use to open the door and escape the room.

Rooms and Exits: Escape Games Level 9 has been completed. Click here to jump on Rooms and Exits Level 10 Walkthrough.

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