Rooms and Exits Level 5 Walkthrough


The fifth level of Rooms and Exits is set in a “bookstore” where lots of racks and tables are available to deal with for the completion of challenging puzzles. There is a door to exit, but first, you have to find hidden objects that aren’t highlighted in any list. Use your detective skills to figure out the room or ask us to jump in, with Rooms and Exits Level 5 Walkthrough, to help.

Before starting, we suggest you not tap the screen randomly as it won’t help you. Always rely on your hidden object skills to discover what to find next and what to do next. Besides, you can use hints to highlight the objects you are feeling difficult to find. Therefore, we bring a Rooms and Exits Level 5 – Bookstore Walkthrough Guide.

Tip: We suggest you don’t play completed level as playing those levels is only a waste of energy. If you have more bucks to purchase energy, then go ahead.

Rooms and Exits Walkthrough – Level 5 (Bookstore)

Follow the instructions as mentioned in the Rooms and Exits Walkthrough to complete Level 5. The room seems a small library where lots of books are decorated to read.

  • Drop the nameplate from above the cupboard to reveal a green book that upon tapping will add to your inventory.
  • Now, tap the table near the cupboard on the left side to solve a riddle. Here your goal is to find two similar drawings on the books and tap them to disappear. Keep tapping the books until all gets vanished by leaving a note (E=5).
  • After that, you should place the book in the cupboard on the left side where you can easily read a signboard of (For Sale).
  • Head to a secret door behind the cupboard on the left side and enter the code after hitting the color button as follows: Pink (1), Yellow (3), Orange (6), and Purple (4).

Secret Room

Passing the door may help you reveal another fully furnished room. Here, your goal is the same as the first room – collect hidden objects and add them to your inventory.

  • Head to a box near the sofa and collect a rope.
  • Select the rope from the inventory and use it to tie the curtain on the right side. Collect a teddy bear from there.
  • Now, you should remove the seat of the sofa to discover a knife.
  • Open your inventory, tap on the knife and the teddy bear, and then click the “Combine” button to reveal a key with a missing head.
  • Tap on photos above the sofa to discover the key head that will be added to the inventory automatically.
  • Combine both items using the feature of your inventory and open the box kept under the table to collect a clue.
  • Now, you should collect a water bottle from near a box laid next to the plant pot.
  • Give the water to flowers in a jar kept above the table to bring a wooden piece up.
  • Tap the chair to stop the bottle leakage using the wooden piece you found from the jar and collect a clue that reveals once the liquid dries.
  • Before leaving the room, head to the cupboard and collect a handle from its drawers.

Visit the Bookstore

Move back to the bookstore and head to the table. Fix the handle to the drawer and open it to discover a third paper piece.

  • Head to the exit door and enter the code (5838) to open it and escape.

Rooms and Exits Can You Escape Level 5 has been completed. Let’s move on to its Level 6 Walkthrough.

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