Rooms and Exits Level 4 Walkthrough

Rooms and Exits Walkthrough Chapter 1 – Level 4

Your next location in the Rooms and Exits game to explore is a Hardware Store where you have to find hidden objects and utilize your detective skills to find a way out. Investigate the environment to discover objects that will be added to your inventory automatically.

Next to that, deal with objects available in your inventory and bring out new things to solve the puzzle. Lots of tools are available surrounding you, but your goal is to find a key that leads you to the next room. Explore the room deeply and find out the required tools to solve the puzzle and find a way out. Here’s the Rooms and Exits level 4 Walkthrough.

Rooms and Exits Level 4 Walkthrough – Workshop

  • Firstly, you should open the drawer available on the right side of the chair to collect a screwdriver.
  • Next to that, tap on the working suit near the cupboard which is locked, to collect a lighter.
  • Now, click a door on the left side and repair stairs to climb up.
  • Once done, you have to open the cover after climbing the ladder, but make sure the screwdriver is selected to use.
  • Collect a candle after opening the cover.
  • Move to a yellow-colored trash bin to collect a material that you can dismantle within your inventory to craft a hammer.
  • Head to the front wall where lots of tools are hanging out. Bring all tools to their accurate position using handles and their tops to reveal a locker.
  • Enter the security code (578632) to open the locker and collect a saw.
  • Use a hammer from your inventory to break the wall of your right side above the trash bin and see inside it using a flame you burnt mixing a lighter and a candle. After lighting up the room, you should collect a jack from there.
  • Select a saw from your inventory and hit the use button to cut the iron chain of the cupboard.
  • From near the stairs, collect a crowbar and use it to remove wooden pieces to open the cupboard’s door.
  • As you open the cupboard, a mini-game will reveal the task of bringing all weight stones on a green rod in a proper manner.
  • Open the green box adds a handle to your inventory.
  • Head to your inventory to connect both jack and handle Once done, place the jack under the exit door to open it.

Rooms and Exits Can You Escape Level 4 has been completed. Let’s move on to complete level 5.

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