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Riddle Master brings you to brand-new Puzzle gameplay, brought to you by Ruby Game Studios. The game features several stages, and each one comes with eight different levels to complete. The introduction of the most addictive tricky puzzles challenges you to test your brain and IQ level. Riddle Master is available to play on mobile devices for free and contains several mini-word search games, tricky puzzles, hidden objects, and brain games. In short, it’s a complete pack of several fun-filled games. In some stages, you need to be a detective to solve murder cases, while in some cases, you are supposed to be a police officer to capture the criminal. Don’t take even the first stage easy like other games, because its first stage brings many challenging puzzles to complete.

While playing the game to solve challenging riddles, you have a chance to challenge and exercise your mind to make it stronger. As mentioned above, there are several playable stages available, and each one is set in different scenarios and offers up to 8 levels to complete. The game doesn’t feature any reward system, and you can revisit the completed stage. No time-limit is featured, which means you can take as much time as you need to find the hidden words or items when playing. Puzzles are too tricky, and players can’t solve within a few tries; therefore, they always search for the best Riddle Master Walkthrough Guide to find the solutions.

Review – Be the Best Riddle Master

Polish your Puzzle-solving skills and jump into the game, because a series of challenging stages await you. It seems that the game is quite simple, but once started to play, you know that all stages are tough to master. Each stage will display you two images of somewhere together, along with eight challenging tasks to complete. The puzzle is about the word search game, hidden object, solve the mystery, and more.

Moreover, the game features a tutorial of two levels to teach you how to start playing the game. It supports multiple languages and comes three different options, such as:

  • No Ads
  • Hint System
  • Skip the Level

Because of its fun-filled, challenging levels, the game deserves to offer you its premium service, allowing you to experience the gameplay without annoying ads. As compared to other Hidden Object games, the game features small items and set them strategically that you can’t find them easily. Similarly, the scenario is the same as the Word Games as the hidden object, because words are written secretly, and no one can find easily without focusing for a few minutes.

In case your device is connected with the Internet, you may see a floating bulb forcing you to have a hint by watching ads. Clicking on the bubble will lead you to an ad screen where you have to watch an ad for a limited time to claim one hint to use when you are stuck anywhere. While playing the game, you have a choice of pausing the game until you find a solution.

Riddle Master Walkthrough – Stage 1

The first stage takes place in an examination room, where two girls are sitting on a chair completing their exams. Lots of stuff are available in the room, and the stage contains eight different challenges to complete. The game may ask some questions, and answering each question is compulsory. Like the first question is “Who has a boyfriend?”

Level 1

To search the answer, you must figure out the table containing a lot of things such as paper, bag, and more. Selecting the purple-colored box containing an image of a boy is the answer to the first question. You have to tap the said item to submit your answer. If your answer is correct, the game will move on; otherwise, a cross sign will appear on your screen to search again.

Level 2

The next puzzle is the question “Who Cheats in Exams?” The answer is quite simple; you can watch the right-hand side girl having a small paper under her sleeves. Tapping on that place would lead to you the next puzzle.

Level 3

Similar to the previous two levels, the game asks you a puzzle to find out who is famous. You have to figure out all objects available on the table to search for a popular girl. As shown in the given image, the right-hand-side girl is much popular than the 2nd girl, because of its social media accounts.

Level 4

The fourth level comes with a mini-game, challenging you to find out three different items, such as a Tap, Whale, and Zip Hook. All three items are available in the 2nd image where the girl is sitting wearing glasses.

  • Tap on the bag between yellow and blue-colored buttons to find the zip holder
  • Click on the divider of windows where you find the 2nd item
  • For the third item, you have to visit the background image where you find a whale

Level 5

You are supposed to find out three hidden words across the room. Finding hidden words are quite challenging as compared to objects. Many players are looking for a Riddle Master Walkthrough guide to locate the hidden words because it’s a tricky and headache job. There are three different hidden words you have to find, such as Cloud, Bag, and Boy.

  • The first word “Boy” is written on the board available at left-hand-side
  • The second-word “Bag” is written on the right-hand side of the mirror
  • For the third word “Cloud”, you have to visit the leg of the table

Level 6

At this level, you have to find out a girl who belongs to any sports club. For sure, the girl has something related to sports, like equipment and other stuff. In this scene, the girl has a set of sports shoes in her bag.

Level 7

Your goal is to find out a successful student. Finding which one is smart is a bit difficult without any hint. However, all required stuff is strategically hidden within the scene. Must figure out the scene to find a sheet with a score of A+.

  • Click on an exam paper available at the first table to complete the puzzle

Level 8

The last level of the first stage contains a question of “What is Strange Here?” For sure, you have enjoyed the solutions of all previous levels available in the Riddle Master Walkthrough, and here’s the answer to the 10th puzzle.

The strange thing an alien spaceship that doesn’t exist in the world, and you can see from the windows.


Riddle Master Walkthrough – Stage 2

Level 1 – Find out three hidden objects by navigating the rooms of both prisoners. If you find any difficulty, let us jump in to help you. The game lets you find objects, such as a Ball, Baseball Bat, and a fish skeleton. Click on the tap above the basin of your right-hand side, and search a fish skeleton on the wall, where lots of lines are drawn. The baseball bat is used as a rod in the window.

Level 2 – The game asks you a question regarding the escape of the prisoner. You have to find out who is trying to escape. Search the surroundings to find any hole or tunnel the prison is digging to escape. Ops, there’s a tunnel right below the commode as seen in the image below.

Level 3 – You must find out which inmate has been in prison longer. Although the question is tough to answer, both seem to be here longer. But finding the answer is compulsory, and you would be surprised to know the answer which is written on the wall. For sure, the inmate who has been long in prison would be counting the day.

Level 4 – Next question is quite impressive, and challenges you to find out the inmate who is smuggling stuff into the prison. Your answer is hidden below the bed of the 2nd inmate in the form of bottles.

Level 5 – After answering all questions, a mini-game of hidden words is there. It challenges you to find three hidden words as soon as possible to become the master. You can use the pause feature to stop the game for a limited time to take a rest and then start finding the words. The given words are the following: Paper, Toilet, and Sword. All three words are available in the first room. The first word is written right after the window, 2nd word leads you to a commode, while the third word is available on a poster of a sword.

Level 6 – The next question is regarding find out the inmate who loves cleaning. On your left-hand side, nothing is available related to cleaning stuff, while in the 2nd room, you can find toilet paper, spray, soap, toothbrush, and more. So, the item is available right above the commode, and tapping on the said item will lead you to the next scene.

Level 7 – Confirm which inmate is more muscular. You can find dumbbells on both sides, so how you could distinguish between both inmates to confirm which one is stronger. It can be done by knowing the weight written on dumbbells, and the 2nd inmate win, and stronger than the first prisoner.

Level 8 – Like the previous stags, you have to highlight a strange thing. It could be a challenging task for those players who aren’t played Hidden Object and Puzzle-solver games regularly. Don’t need to worry, because we bring you a beautifully crafted Riddle Master Walkthrough Guide to get you out of each trouble. In the second, you can easily find a thing right after the mirror seeming strange across the room upon investigating.

Riddle Master Walkthrough – Stage 3

Finding items and tapping on the clues are your primary jobs to complete the tricky puzzles. This time, the game takes place within rooms where individuals are standing. Your ultimate goal is to distinguish both characters to reveal their identities and solve the mystery behind the scene. Like the first stage, it contains eight puzzles to solve, but each one is tricky. Your struggle to solve puzzles starts with finding a person who has a dog, as it is your first level in Riddle Master Walkthrough Stage 3.

Level 1

  • Who has a dog?

At the first level, you must find a clue to prove which one has a dog. You can solve the puzzle within no time if you find out the clue hanging over the clip right after the black-colored coat. We have added an image after highlighted the item so you could quickly complete the first level.

Level 2

  • Find Hidden words

Your next goal is to find three hidden words, such as Shoe, Dog, and Socks. Finding objects and words are somehow difficult in every stage because you need a bit more attention than other puzzles to complete. Therefore, keeping your focus on images while zooming in would be great. Developers have beautifully crafted all words so that no one can find them easily. The first word is completed by involving the eye viewer, and tapping on the said object will reveal the word. The second word is written on your towel, while the third work is written with books’ help – you can find them above the door.

Level 3

  • Who is a professional athlete?

It seems the first character wearing glasses is an athlete, but he isn’t. The 2nd one is a professional athlete, and because a certificate issued by the Olympics is hanging over his wall.

Level 4

  • What is strange here?

Did you notice the date on the calendar? Its 32 June. Leave it; your next goal is to find out a strange thing you are trying to solve. Let us know in the comment section when you find it.

Level 5

  • Who loves to travel the world?

The question everyone would love to answer because approximately everyone loves traveling included me. You may have to find out some clues which answer the given question. Wait a minute, some pics are hanging right after the certificate of Olympics, and if I’m not wrong, it may be traveling destinations.

Level 6

  • Who has a birthday party?

Both rooms are fully furnished, and finding some clues between the messes is somehow tricky. Despite having trouble, you should reveal who has a birthday party. I can see some gifts in the first images, and tapping on them would solve the puzzle.

Level 7

  • Find Hidden Objects

Three items are there you have to find at any cost to lead yourself to the next scene. Umbrella, Shell, and Towel are three objects the game asks you to find out. You can find the umbrella right after the gifts in the first image, look at the first shoe of the character standing in the first room, and for the third time, let’s go a bit above where clothes are hanging.

Level 8

  • What is suspicious here?

Have you noticed the eyebrows of the character standing in the first room? I even didn’t notice, but you have to notice when the last puzzle of the game appears on your screen.

Riddle Master Walkthrough – Stage 4

Are you familiar with the X-ray machine? Because you will use that machine in this stage. It contains up to seven puzzles, unlike others, and each one requires you to complete a task to advance through the game—your start playing the game by finding a broken heart which can’t discover using the naked eyes. The game takes place into the room where two different guys are standing ahead of their cupboards and await you to complete challenging puzzles.

Level 1 – Who has a broken heart?

One of two persons has a broken heart, and your goal is to find out using an X-ray machine. Hold a device using the touch controls, and rotate it across the stage to find the heart. Once you see, tap on the clue to complete the level.

Level 2 – Who is a Secret Agent?

Finding a secret agent would be a difficult job, because if anyone could find the agent quickly, then the person can’t say himself a secret agent. Therefore, you should use a particular X-ray machine to reveal the identity of the undercover agent while completing your tasks. Firstly, there are two persons, first is an old-man, while the second seems a middle-aged person. No one can suppose that the old-one could be an agent, but yes, he is an agent.

Level 3 – What is Strange here?

Your next goal is to find out strange thing over the scene. For sure, everything seems perfect, expect the fish available in mind. Tap on the fish to complete the puzzle.

Level 4 – Find Hidden Objects

There are three different objects available that you have to find using your detective skills, such as Pencil, Bug, and a Snake. Without using the Riddle Master Walkthrough Guide, it’s quite challenging to find even one item. The snake is available in the cupboard between ties, while you can find the bug between the collars of an old-man. For pencil, you should see the eyebrows of the middle-aged man.

Level 5 – Who is recently fired?

Solve the mystery by finding a person who got recently fired. It seems, the middle-aged man would be that person who got fired, but you may be wrong. Analyze the room and all objects deeply, and then tap on a cotton laying right after the older man. Tapping above the box may help you complete the puzzle.

Level 6 – Who wears a wig?

Usually, the old-man wears a wig, and the same thing should happen in the stage. But, you will be shocked to know that except the older man, the middle-aged man use a wig – amazing! You can see the wig right above the head of the said man.

Level 7 – Find Hidden Words

Three words are available to find, such as Earn, Bubble, and Glance. Finding even a single word is quite tricky because developers have set them correctly. Let us help you in finding the words you are stuck over there. Visit the tie section, where you see “Bubble” on the blue-colored tie, the 2nd word “Earn” is on another side. You may find an army suit on another side containing beautiful golden buttons. Tapping the button will reveal the word “Earn.” The third word is written on the mirror right backside the old-man.

Riddle Master Walkthrough – Stage 5

The completion of 4th stage brings you to a kitchen and drawing-room, where someone has murdered two persons brutally. The investigation has completed, and the police have drawn the shape of the body on the surface. Your ultimate goal is to reveal some other aspects of the story and start your struggle of solving the mystery from finding the connection between people.

Level 1 – Who was living with someone?

Two persons have been brutally killed in two different rooms, and the game assigns you a task to find their identities and their relationship with others. You start your investigation by finding the answer to the first question asked on the first level. In the first room, you can find two glass of drinks, which proves the suspect isn’t alone here.

Level 2 – Find Hidden Objects

It seems the game has featured hidden object and hidden word mini-games in each stage to keep you fully engaged for endless hours of fun. This time, you have to find three objects, such as Clip, Scissor, and a screwdriver. Although you can easily find all these three objects without any hustle by merely watching the image given below in the Riddle Master Walkthrough Guide, try to find objects without getting help would indeed feel you like a master. The scissor-type item is available in a small painting, while you can grab a screwdriver from the toaster, and the clip from a drawer.

Level 3 – Who was a hitman?

Once again, the X-ray machine is ready to help you out in solving a tricky puzzle. Grab the device, and search for an unexpected item all over the stage to confirm who was a hitman. Apart from the kitchen, you are supposed to take the device nearby the cupboard to find a gun, which proves who a hitman was.

Level 4 Who was about to propose?

Finding the past of others without having proper details is a tough job, but you’re a detective and can find anything within no time. Keep in mind two glass of drinks, take the X-ray machine over there to find a ring.

Level 5 – What is strange here?

The human can’t have any horns over their heads. When you deeply analyze the second image, you come to know that the 2nd drawing of the body contains horns over their head, that’s strange.

Level 6 – Find Hidden Words

Like the previous stages, you are supposed to find three hidden words, such as Pan, Drink, and Coffee. Try to search the words first your own, if you fail, then see the image given below showing the first word is written on the table where pizza is laying, while the 2nd word is nearby the cupboard where two cups are laying, and the third word is written in the kitchen’s cabinet.

Level 7 – What is suspicious here?

Almost in every stage, your goal is to find out the suspicious item. You can find it easily after figuring out the image given below.

Riddle Master Walkthrough – Stage 6

The sixth stage would be interesting because two different types of women are available in the market for shopping. You must solve a series of puzzles to reveal their personalities and tastes as well. Start completing the level by finding who loves junk food.

Level 1 – Who loves junk food?

Two different ladies are standing carrying a bucket full of groceries. Your goal is to find and tap on the clue to complete the puzzle. The first lady has a cold drink on his bucket; tapping on the bottle will complete the puzzle.

Level 2 – Who is married?

Find out which woman is married or which one is unmarried. For sure, the woman wearing an engagement ring would be married.

Level 3 – Find Hidden Objects

Three objects are hidden, and your goal to find them all to show off your detective skills. The first item is hidden in the milk bottle, the 2nd item is hidden on the cover of green-colored bottle available nearby the married woman, and the first one is a hairstyle of an unmarried woman.

Level 4 – What is strange here?

There’s a bottle containing a snake within it right behind the first woman who loves to eat fast food.

Level 5 – Who has a pet?

It could be a challenging question to answer if we didn’t see footprints of a cat on the trouser of an unmarried woman.

Level 6 – Who is rich?

The question is quite simple to answer because the 2nd woman has to wear a rocket loaded with red-colored ruby.

Level 7 – Who is a student?

Did you see a pencil holding the hair of a girl, we have seen it when playing the game. Tapping on the pencil is the answer to the following question.

Riddle Master Walkthrough – Stage 7

Two men are standing ahead of receptionists to complete the formalities. There are two different airlines available, such as Ice Land and Miami. Your first question is quite interesting and funny, and you can easily find the answer using the x-ray device.

Level 1 – Who has a bad stomach?

The man who is going standing on the Miami airlines is continuously ejecting gas, because of having a sour stomach, and you can’t confirm using your naked eyes. Using the device, you can easily catch the person by merely tapping on the gas.

Level 2 – Who has a pet?

Grab and take the device over the briefcases to search for any animal. You will find a cat hidden within a bag of the man who is standing on Ice Land airlines.

Level 3 – Find Hidden Objects

A sparrow is hidden in the hairs of the 2nd person, a brush is available in the hair of first receptionist, and the third item is a ring available in the 2nd image, while the last one is a small bike hidden below the yellow-colored briefcase.

Level 4 – Find Hidden Words

Wave, Seed, and Marry are three different words you have to find to complete the puzzle. Locations of all words are highlighted using the circle.

Level 5 – What is Strange here?

The background scene in the first image is strange.

Level 6 – Who is a thief?

Did you any price tag on a briefcase, I found it on the block briefcase.

Level 7 – Who is on the wrong queue?

The man with a yellow-colored t-shirt is in the wrong queue.

Riddle Master Walkthrough – Stage 8

The level 9th takes place in two different bedrooms where people are sleeping to restore their energy for the next day. You have to complete seven tricky puzzles to solve the mystery behind the scene.

Level 1 – Who has a baby?

Finding a baby isn’t a difficult job, the thing you do is to grab the X-ray device and find a baby which is available in the first image.

Level 2 – Who is cheating?

The level 2 starts with the device using whom you can grab the cheater who can’t be seen using the naked eye because he is hidden behind the curtains.

Level 3 – Find Hidden Objects

Unlike previous stages, the game features four objects to find, such as Spray, Mask, Ball, and stick. All items are highlighted in the image given below to help you complete the puzzle.

Level 4 – Who plays in a band?

Probably, you have seen an album of images hanging over the wall. Try to find a band photo to tap and complete the puzzle in the first image.

Level 5 – What is strange here?

Find a dragon hand coming out from under the bed. Tap on the hand to unlock the next scene.

Level 6 – Find Hidden Words

Lie, Mellow, and Happy are three words you have to find at any cost to unlock additional stages. The first one is written on the ceiling, 2nd word is written on the rug, and the third word is available on the drawer.

Level 7 – Who loves Puzzles?

We don’t think that there should be any difficulty after watching a puzzle cube in the 2nd image.

Riddle Master Walkthrough – Stage 9

The game takes you to a beautiful environment of the park, where you discover two men on a scooter moving fast. Your goal isn’t only limited to find a thief, but to reveal the mystery behind the scene. It contains seven challenging puzzles to complete, and the first one will start with a question related to fishing.

Level 1 – Who likes fishing?

Find the fishing gears in the given image to complete the puzzle. The fishing gears are available with the man of the green-colored shirt.

Level 2 – Who is a thief?

Find a price tag to reveal the thief. The price tag is available over a bag full of equipment like fishing gear and others.

Level 3 – Find Hidden Objects

While playing the game, you have to find three items, such as a Butterfly, Spoon, and an electric brush. The brush is available in the bucket of scooty available on your right-hand side. The spoon is mentioned in the light-brown colored bag, while the lip of first seems like a butterfly.

Level 4 – Find Hidden Words

Three different words are hidden somewhere in the 9th stage, such as Mad, Run, and Linen. Find each one by revealing their location from the image given below.

Level 5 – Who lives alone?

The first person didn’t wear any ring, which proves he lives alone.

Level 6 – Who is superstitious?

First of all, many players aren’t familiar with the said word “superstitious,” secondly, finding an object is challenging for those players too who are familiar with the word. See the image to find the object and tap on it to complete the puzzle.

Level 7 – What is strange here?

The man with the green t-shirt seems smart, but his belly is too big compared to the radius of his all body. Tap on his stomach to complete the puzzle.

Riddle Master Walkthrough – Stage 10

Completing the first nine stages, you’re in the gym where four persons are available and doing their jobs. You must detect something suspicious and solve some puzzles to become the best detective, although you’re not. The first question is about a gamer, as you have to find out a gamer.

Level 1 – Who is a gamer?

I found the 10th stage most difficult because it took me about 10 minutes to complete. How you find a person by his appearance to confirm he’s a gamer or not. For sure, it’s impossible, and no one can prove. Let us give you a clue, find a mascot logo on the leg of any character.

Level 2 – Who is careless?

Upon watching your surroundings, there is only one guy who is weaker than others and drinking water carelessly. Tapping on the bottle will lead you to the next step.

Level 3 – Who is the strongest?

No one of four persons is stronger, because all are careless and didn’t have enough guts. If these aren’t powerful enough, then who is. Find a set of dumbbells and a newspaper stick on the wall containing an image of a wrestler.

Level 4 – Find Hidden Objects

After finding the strongest person, the game asks you to find three hidden objects at any cost. Investigate the environment deeply to find the hidden items or see the image given below.

Level 5 – Who is vegan?

To answer the question, you have to deal with a green-colored bottle lying next to red-colored football. Tapping the object will lead you to the next stage.

Level 6 – Find Hidden Words

As mentioned above, finding hidden words aren’t as easy as you seem; it requires a lot of attention and focuses on being completed. Therefore, you should use your detective and word searching skills to complete the puzzle. The words you have to find are the following: Pure, Sassy, and Bell. The first word is available in the mirror; the second word is below the bench where a boy is drinking water, while the third word is written on the 2nd dumbbell.

Level 7 – Who is faking it?

The man who has thin legs with the massive upper body is faking it. It seems the iron rod is fully loaded with balloons, instead of heavyweight tiles. Tapping on the orange-colored t-shirt reveals the secret of the man, and leads you to the next level.

Level 8 – What is strange here?

Have you watched the clock, whose needles are moving fast? It seems strange because the needles move in a particular order to display you the accurate time. Therefore, without any doubt, the clock is a strange object over here.


Riddle Master isn’t only designed to sharpen your mind, but also to improve your English vocabulary. The perfect mix of Word Search, Puzzle, and Hidden Object game elements guarantee endless levels of fun. I appreciate the developer for hiding the items and words amazingly, as it took me a lot of time to find. Although the game doesn’t have too many visuals and effects, it features evolving gameplay, unlike other games. The worst thing about the game is the lack of revisit features. You can’t play previous levels, as you have to move on toward the next stages. Overall, the experience was great, and the puzzles were fun to complete.

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