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A man is in trouble and looking for someone to help. If no comes with a few minutes, the helpless man will die because a massive rock has fallen on it. Geisha Tokyo, Inc. brings you brand-new Puzzle gameplay with a unique concept and aspects. No one except you can help out the poor guy who sometimes finds himself under the rock and sometimes in the cage. You should be his helper and try your best to bring him out every challenging scenario.

In the game, you possess unique powers required to build machines to save people. Your ultimate goal is limited to drag the pieces and connect them to make a working machine. Everything is possible within a few taps, and you could save many lives by making machines. So, do hurry, and save people from destruction. For those players who find advanced stages tough to complete, we bring you to a complete Rescue Machine Walkthrough Guide – revealing all possible ways to solve tricky puzzles with no hustle.


Unlike many other Puzzle games, the unique is unique, and the game introduces a beautiful cast of characters. The only first one is unlocked by default; different characters will appear to appear on your screen after a while to be unlocked. I like the perfect mix of Physics and Puzzle game elements, and different background colors will never let you feel bored. Every level comes with a unique concept and multiple ways to complete it. In short, each level unfolds a new storyline revolving around a yellow-colored hair boy who keeps himself putting in troubles, and comes to request your help. Hundreds of challenging levels are featured, and each one has four to five parts to complete. The background won’t change for each part, as it is varied in levels.

Graphics and Mechanics

The developers of Rescue Machine did a brilliant job on graphics and represented their game with the best mechanics and smooth gaming experience. Whether you love one-finger control games or not, you’re going to love this game, and it will make you addicted to it. Each level is full of joy, although noting is challenging and action-packed, you’re a hero and rescue something from dying timely. There should something related to a time limit which, in my opinion, increases the fun as you have to save someone within time. Nevertheless, the game is too good without a time limit.

Endless Levels and Multiple Solutions

It features hundreds of challenging levels, and each level displays you different parts of the machine. Connecting all parts properly brings the machine in a working position and lift-up the stone to save the boy. Moreover, you can drag the hook to fix it over the stone or cage it lifts. On many levels, you find the boy in a scene where a robber is going to shoot, hitting or killing the robber can save the boy. Different types of hurdles are available, including fire, lava, spikes, air, and more. You should play each level strategically, because a wrong move may kill your character. The game features a refresh becomes at the left-top-corner of the screen, hitting that button refreshes the level.

Many Playable Characters

The game hasn’t featured only a single character, there are a series of characters, and each one has a unique appearance and awesome dance moves. By default, only one character is available, further will be added to your inventory as you approach advanced stages where watching add is compulsory to unlock avatars.

Earn Coins

Like other Puzzle games, it features in-game currency to unlock extra stuff. At the end of each level, the game rewards your coins depending on your performance. You are capable of using in-game coins to unlock characters and other stages. To earn coins, you have to complete the stages without your character getting killed. The difficulty level increases as you reach new stages after that, building a machine is a bit difficult in contrast to earlier levels.

Rescue Machine Walkthrough and Guide

Hundreds of challenging Puzzle levels await you, along with varied challenges to complete and a machine to build. In each level, you find different parts separated from each one, and you are supposed to connect them to create a machine that helps you in rescuing the person. The game grants you access to new levels where making a machine isn’t a cup of cake. As mentioned above, there are tricky puzzles available, and each one appears with the increasing difficulty level. Each level spans three to four different parts and will complete once you accomplish all parts. Let’s get started the Rescue Machine Walkthrough and Guide.

Rescue Machine Walkthrough – Level 1

The first level is quite easy to complete, and if you say it is a tutorial won’t be wrong. Upon reaching the first stage, you find a character asking for help because a massive stone has fallen on it. You must save it by merely connecting a chain with a rotating machine. Once you have done, the stone will be lift by the machine.

After the completion of the first part, the game welcomes to the second one, where you discover a gear continuously moving, while two others are static. The best thing is that you can drag yellow-colored fixed gear to build a machine. So, drag the said gear between both to complete the machine and lift the rock to save the boy.

The introduction of a stick may help you complete the level. There are two different types of black-colored parts of a machine available, and you have to connect them using a rod.

The final part of the first level is quite impressive and brings you a lot of gold coins. This time, the character isn’t any problem, but looking for a way to grab all gold. Find a solution to fulfill the wish of the boy. Repeat the procedure you did in the first part of the level one to complete the puzzle. The completion of all parts rewards you with up to 420 in-game coins.

Rescue Machine Walkthrough – Level 2

Like the first level, it contains up to four parts, and the game introduces a new machine to lift-up stone. You must remove the stone using the claw machine. Using your finger, you should drag the machine to the stone, and let it lift the stone to save the boy.

The 2nd part is quite interesting because it comes with two different claw machine. Here, you should be careful, choosing the right-hand claw machine would kill your character instantly; therefore, always prefer to go with the left-hand side claw machine whenever you find yourself playing the 2nd level.

Once again, the boy is crying because of getting stuck under a massive rock and shouting for help. The game places two different black-colored machine parts, first one is moving, while the 2nd one is static, as well as there’s a rod. Your ultimate goal is to connect both black-colored machine parts using the rod and attach the chain with the first part to lift the stone.

The third part may be tricky for you because it includes four gears, one of which is connecting with the treasure box via a chain. Start building a machine by bringing and connecting all gears to lift the treasure box to complete the puzzle.

Rescue Machine Walkthrough – Level 3

Probably, you will be familiar with all the machine parts the game introduces throughout the game. This time, you will experiment using the cutting edges machine. A gear is rotating at the top, and your goal is to bring it down near the cutting edges and connect with it to lift-up the stone.

The next part comes with three rotating gears, and once cutting edge rod. You must build a machine using the parts to remove the stone and save the boy.

Two boys of the same shapes are in trouble and shouting for your help. Must bring the yellow-colored gear near the machine to lift-up stones from both boys.

The final part of level 3 available in the Rescue Machine Walkthrough brings a treasure box for you to grab lots of gold coins. Build a machine by connecting the cutting edge rod with a moving gear to pull up the treasure box. Keep in mind that placing the gear on your right-hand side will take the treasure down while setting it on your left-hand side will bring it up for you to grab.

Rescue Machine Walkthrough – Level 4

In the first three levels, you find your character caught under the massive stone – but this time, your character is in a cage, and needs your help to come out. Here’s a way to build a machine.

Drag the yellow-colored gear, and connect correctly to let the machine start working and lift the cage.

The 2nd part of the level 4th brings a toothed wheel and a toothed rod. Connecting both will solve the puzzle.

It is a bit tricky because there are several problems you have to face off at a time. Firstly, you should save your character from a robber, second from spikes, and thirdly being shoot by the black-suited person.

  • Drag the claw to the cage of the prisoner
  • Connect the claw once again with the cage of your character

A Fire is burning, while your character is hanging over with a claw above the fire. Tapping the claw will release your character, and it may fall into the fire. Two different claws are there to deal with; therefore, you should play carefully, and follows the instruction mentioned in the Guide of Rescue Machine Walkthrough.

  • Hold and drag the lower claw machine to the hitman’s cage, connect with it, and drag it to the fire
  • Tap on the upper claw machine to release your character over the cage

There are two different treasure boxes available, such as the Gold Treasure and Brown Treasure. It depends on your machine building skills which one you choose to open, although the gold treasure box is rare. The game features a set of toothed wheels rotating continuously at the top of the screen, while there are two static toothed wheels also available connected with a chain holding two cages.

  • Connected two yellow-colored toothed wheels with the gear attached with the golden treasure box

After the completion of every two levels, the game displays you a character to unlock by watching a video ad. You have an option to skip the offer and continue your game to unlock other stages.

Rescue Machine Walkthrough – Level 5

Level 5 spans six different parts, and each one has a unique puzzle to complete. Firstly, the game features new machines to build at every new level, and completely change the way of playing, too. Therefore, you should keep learning how to build working machines to save the boy who is intended to put himself every time in new trouble.

  • Drag the claw connecting with a balloon to connect with the stone, and pull it out to save the boy

Both boy and stone are hanging with a claw, and there’s a set of spikes right below the boy. It means, tapping the boy may lead him to death. Therefore, you should remove the spikes before releasing the boy.

  • Try to tap the claw of stone, so it covers the spike and makes a safe way for your character to land on it.
  • Next to that, tap on the boy to release it safely

The third part brings a pot of water, burning fire, a yellow-colored toothed wheel, and a boy hanging with a claw connected with a balloon. As you advance through the game, the upcoming levels become interesting to play, because of the increasing difficulty level.

  • The solution is quite simple, drag and fix the yellow-colored toothed wheel with the black wheel to spray the water on the fire
  • Tap on the boy to bring him down safely

Once again, the boy is in trouble and hanging with a claw machine attached to a balloon. The available stuff is the following: Two Toothed Wheels, One Rotating Wheel, a Wheel Connector, Spray Device, and a Claw Machine.

  • Try to connect both toothed wheels using a connector to let the device spray the water on the fire
  • Tap on the boy to bring him down safely

You will be surprised after watching a hungry bear searching for food ahead of a blue-colored background, where a boy is hanging with a claw machine. There’s a cage that you can use to capture the bear to bring the boy safely down.

  • Tap on the cage to catch the bear
  • Click on the boy to bring him safely down

The last part of level 5 is known as a bonus stage, offering you a chance to grab a treasure box full of coins. You can take it easy, but there’s a burning fire between you and the treasure. A claw machine may help you to cross the sea of fire.

  • Drag the claw machine to your character. After connecting, release your character timely to land on the other side of the stage.

Rescue Machine Walkthrough – Level 6

You may have never imagined any TNT in Rescue Machine, but yes it is there because of your character. Now, there are two different problems you have to face off, such as a massive stone and a box of TNT. You must save your character by sliding the stone while saving him from getting killed by a massive explosion. The solution is quite simple if you use your wit.

  • Tap on the explosion to destroy the stone
  • Save your boy

The next part is quite amazing as a hitman has a gun aiming toward your character to shoot, while a massive explosion is hanging over your character. You should play a trick to solve both problems.

  • Bring the toothed wheel near the toothed track to take the explosion near the hitman

The third part is quite challenging and requires you to save the character from both explosion and a hitman.

  • Drag the claw machine and connect with the explosion
  • Tap on the machine to release the bomb over the hitman
  • Bring the machine again toward the stone and lift it after connecting

Somehow, the fourth part seems similar to a Pinball machine, in which you are supposed to store the power by pulling down the spring and release to throw the bomb on the stone to solve the puzzle.

Another level with the same machine, as well as a hitman who is going to shoot on your character, is on your screen. You have no choice, other than throwing the TNT over the hitman.

  • Using a lot of force to throw the bomb may damage your character; therefore, try to release it with low power to drop on the hitman

As you know, the last part of the level comes with a treasure of your choice, because it has three different boxes and for sure the massive box contains more coins than the others. Therefore, try to land the ball over your opted treasure box to win massive.

Rescue Machine Walkthrough – Level 7

Like other stages, it comes with five challenging puzzles and one bonus stage to complete. A pot contains hot fireballs within it while connecting with a toothed wheel. There are two yellow-colored toothed wheels available, rotating against each other. You should choose the one to put the fireballs over the hitman to save your character.

  • Drag the yellow-colored toothed wheel available above your character, and connect to the black-colored wheel to drop all fireball balls on the hitman.

Try to kill hitman using a massive stone connecting with the toothed rod. To throw the massive stone on the hitman, you should build a machine. How? Here’s a way to create.

  • Drag the yellow-colored toothed wheel and connect with the rod to let the machine start working
  • The machine throws the stone at hitman

The next part is quite challenging, which introduces you to a unique puzzle having more than one way to complete. The first one will bring your character to an end, while the 2nd one will take on the hitman standing to kill you.

  • Tap on the stone available above the hitman to kill him
  • Connect the stone with the rotating wheel to save your character

Fire, hitman, and a massive stone have covered your character to kill. Since the first level, you’re dealing with one or two difficulties, but the 7th stage brings a new one. Now, you have to deal with three challenges at once, because if you ignore anyone, your character will be in trouble.

  • Drag the left-hand side claw machine and connect to the hitman
  • Bring the upper claw machine toward your character, connect the stone, and pull it up to save the character

The 2nd last part of the level 7 is fully featured with spikes, stone, and a hitman. You must deal with all three difficulties merely using your wit.

  • Connect the stone with the claw machine available at your right-hand side
  • Once done, the machine will take both stone and the hitman and throw toward the spikes
  • Bring the upper featured claw down to the down and release your character

A treasure box awaits you beneath the ground, but you can’t go down. So, pulling up the treasure box using a machine would be great. Use your wit to build a machine, while confronting other challenges to keep your character saved.

  • The game introduces a new part, a fan that is connected with a toothed wheel.
  • Try to connect two static toothed wheels using the rod as shown in the image
  • Take and connect the yellow-colored toothed wheel with the massive rotating wheel in a way to connect all gears.
  • Once done, the machine starts to throw air which moves the fan and pull the treasure box up

Rescue Machine Walkthrough – Level 8

It takes place in an underwater environment, where your character is drowning and needs your help to come out of trouble. Like previous stages, you’re supposed to build a machine to save your character.

  • Drag the claw machine and connect to the vacuum suction nozzle to drain all the water
  • Save the character to move to the next level

For the first time, you discover two rods in level 8, where you must use them to connect all machine parts and drain the water. Your ultimate goals are the following to build a machine.

  • Connect both rods with rotating wheels and let the fan start moving
  • Once the fan starting to move, the lifesaver jacket will be reached to your character

After reaching the 8th level, the first question that comes in your mind will be related to the explosion, does TNT work in water. Yes, it works if you are playing a game. Again, hitman makes his appearance on the stage and ready to kill your character using his special gun. There are two different claw machines available, and using the right one will help you complete the stage.

  • Select the claw of the left-hand side, and connect it with the hitman to bring it closer to TNT
  • After overcoming hurdles, bring the claw of right-hand side, and connect it with the character to bring him out of the water
  • Tap the claw to release the character on the floor

A shark is lurking for food in the water, and both characters are hanging over the water. Which one is ready to become a meal of sharp, depends on your decision, as well as the machine you will build.

  • Tap on the hitman to release him to be a food of shark
  • Drag the same claw to pull out the vacuum suction nozzle to drain all water
  • Release your character by merely tapping on the claw machine

Unlike others, the level 8th comes with only five different puzzles to complete. In the next puzzle, a shark is roaming freely across the water, waiting for you to eat. A treasure box is placed over the shark, as well as a golden treasure box. Your character is dancing standing over the platform, and waiting for you to bring it out a treasure box whatever it is, doesn’t care.

  • Hold and take the claw machine to catch the gold treasure box
  • Pull it out to reward the character with coins

The completion of each level grants you a chance to unlock a new character by merely watching an ad. If you’re not interested in unlocking, skipping it by tapping on “No Thanks.”

Rescue Machine Walkthrough – Level 9

The level 9 comes with seven challenging puzzles to complete, and the storyline is the same as the first three levels have – a boy is caught under the massive stone, and he needs your help. This time, the background color of the level is green, which seems quite attractive.

  • Hold and bring the chain to connect with TNT and pull it to collide with stone by setting a toothed wheel to connect with the black rotating wheel
  • The collision will destroy both hurdles and makes your character free

You won’t find anything to build a machine for the safety of your characters. Only the thing you see is the wind which is blowing fast, and the burning fire below your character.

  • Don’t it the level too serious, as only tapping the character will complete the puzzle

The fire is burning, and a hitman is ready to kill your character. In a critical situation, you have to work fast, because if you can’t do, your character will die.

Another stage comes with burning fire and a fan fixed with a blue-colored toothed wheel. You must save your character by building a simple machine. To build the machine, you have to follow the given steps:

  • Bring the yellow-colored toothed wheel to the blue one, and connect to let the fan start to run
  • As the fan starts moving, your character will start swinging in the air
  • Once he reaches right above the platform, tap the claw

It seems hitman won’t leave your character alone at any cost. Making a working machine you should destroy the hitman first, then save your character.

  • Connect the yellow-colored toothed wheel with the blue wheel to turn on the fan
  • Once the fan starts moving, the TNT will start moving toward the hitman and crush him
  • Use the claw to lift the heavy stone to rescue your character

Quite interesting, but challenging level. A bomb is waving in the air because of two fans continuously throwing airs to balance that object. Your goal is to kill the hitman by turning off one of two fans, which is possible by removing the yellow-toothed wheel. You should remove the right one carefully because removing the wrong one will drop the bomb over your character.

  • Elimination of the wheel from the left-hand side will bring the dynamite over the hitman.

The bonus stage is here, which helps you collect lots of coins within a few seconds.

  • Just connect the claw with an object to collect all coins

Rescue Machine Walkthrough – Level 10

The real challenge and mind-bending puzzles start appearing from the start of level 10. It brings a challenging puzzle to complete and provides you with the following objects, such as three wheels and a rod. The stage is set in the purple-colored environment where you must save your character from getting killed. Start the instructions mentioned in the Rescue Machine Walkthrough to complete all five puzzles of level 10.

Puzzle 1 – Connect the rotating toothed wheel with the static wheel and connect the rod with the static wheel connected with a chain of the stone

Puzzle 2 – Somehow, it is similar to the first puzzle. You must connect both black and yellow wheels available with a handle using a rod, and attach a remaining wheel with black and yellow parts to complete the puzzle.

Puzzle 3 – Two moveable claws are available, and your goal is to connect the first claw with the rotating wheel and then attach the claws.

Puzzle 4 – A complete set of toothed wheels is rotating, and your goal is to find the perfect wheel to connect with the machine to pull out the stone.

Puzzle 5 – It’s a bonus stage and rewards you with gold coins without any hustle.

Rescue Machine Walkthrough – Level 11

Similar to the 10th level, it comes with five challenging puzzles to complete. The game provides you with a pink-colored background and introduces the same objects it introduced in previous levels. Your objective is the same – build a machine using the available stuff, and bring out the boy from trouble to win.

Puzzle 1 – Two wheels are continuously rotating, and you have to connect the chain with the wheel available at your right-hand side.

Puzzle 2 – It’s a quite simple puzzle, and seems similar to the very first level. Connect the chain with the rotating wheel to save your character. It isn’t possible, because the chain is very short. No worries, bring the rotating wheel near the chain.

Puzzle 3 – The third puzzle seems quite difficult, but it is easy than your expectation. Many players may solve it within no time because they learn how to build a machine at the 11th level.

Puzzle 4 – Two stones and a claw machine are available. This time, two boys are in trouble and shouting for help. Build a machine in such a manner that both boys will remain safe. Connect the chain with both stones, and bring the claw machine to pull up the small wheel along with the stones.

Puzzle 5 – The bonus level comes with three great treasure boxes, and each one has something special for you to discover.

Rescue Machine Walkthrough – Level 12

Once again, your character is drowning, and he needs your help. The game takes place in the underwater environment, where you must build machines to rescue the character. You don’t have enough time, do hurry, and bring the character out of the water, or drain all water. It contains up to six challenging puzzles, and each one brings a unique challenge to complete.

Puzzle 1 – Build a machine to drain all water and empty the pool to rescue the boy

Puzzle 2 – Connect both toothed wheels to turn on the fan, try to drop the explosion over the hitman, and pull the vacuum suction nozzle out to drain all the water.

Puzzle 3 – Three boys are hanging with claws connected to the air balloon. You must aim and throw the ball to burst all balloons to land the boys safely to the land.

Puzzle 4 – Hitman once again comes with unholy plans of killing your character. There are two vacuum suction nozzles available, and you aim to pull out the right one to complete the puzzle. To complete the puzzle, you have to select the claw of your left-hand side and pull out the nozzle of your right-hand side above the hitman. Choose the upper claw, connect with the boy, and release it over the pad to make his safe.

Puzzle 5 – The boy is hanging over the TNT, and a hitman is sitting on the surface to kill the character. Build a machine to overcome all the problems, following the given steps: Connect the toothed wheels to take the explosion right above the hitman, pull out the vacuum nozzle using the right-hand claw, and release the character.

Puzzle 6 – Like other levels, the last puzzle of the 12th level is about the bonus. It brings a treasure box to open, but first, you should build a machine to approach the treasure box. Use a rod to connect wheels, and drain all water to clear the path which leads you to the box.

Rescue Machine Walkthrough – Level 13

Hundreds of levels are available to entertain you by offering the mind-blowing puzzles. Building a machine isn’t an easy task; you require skill; therefore, the game gives you a chance to learn how to toothed wheels work in the machine to help it pulling out heavyweight easily. Level 13 introduces a light-green background with new types of puzzles to complete.

Puzzle 1 – Tap on the claw to release the stone and solve the puzzle.

Puzzle 2 – The game features a rod containing a cup-type object at the first corner while the second corner has a stone and a boy. Create a machine using the toothed wheels to fill the jar with balls to increase the weight, and remove the stone to save the boy.

Puzzle 3 – Connect static wheels using a rod, and run the fan. Add other parts to release the balls and fill the jar to increase the weight.

Puzzle 4 – Make a path for walls to drop into the jar by connecting the claw with a hook available right after the jar. Build a machine to start throwing balls.

Puzzle 5 – Your character is caught under such a massive stone, which isn’t possible to lift using the machine. Only one solution is there, which leads you to drop explosions over it to destroy by building a machine.

Puzzle 6 – Grab as many coins as possible, although you can’t coins anywhere, keep them in your wallet to make it full.


Get ready to experience the brand-new type of gameplay full of hundreds of challenging levels, and each one requires you to build a machine. The plot revolving around a boy who falls in trouble at every stage, and needs someone to bring him out, is appreciable, as well as new to the gaming industry. The soundtrack is engaging, and the graphics are too good in contrast to other games of the same category. The introduction of the new background and environment will never let you get bored and keeps the game fresh. Developers should work on a feature letting the player revisit the previous stages anytime whenever they want – a lack of the game. A cast of playable characters is available, and each one can unlock either watching a video ad or using in-game coins.


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