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Firecraft Studios presents you one of the best Puzzle and Decoration video games on mobile devices, such as Android and iOS. May be playing a Decoration game isn’t so much fun, but when it comes with a twist of Match-3 genre, then having a fabulous gaming experience is guaranteed. Similarly, Matchinton Mansion brings you to a unique mix of Match-3, Decoration, and Puzzle game elements. It offers you fun-filled gameplay to experience while matching gems your way to decorate the mansion, which is in ruin. The primary gameplay is similar to Gardenscapes and Homescapes, where you are responsible for cleaning the dirt, decorating the garden and mansion to bring them back to their former condition.

Moreover, the player’s ultimate goal is to earn as many “Stars” as possible to purchase new furniture, repair broken items, and restore the mansion to win. There are endless levels of match-3 puzzle available, and each one requires the completion of the given objectives. The completion of the level rewards you with stars that you can use to fulfill each task’s requirements. During the game, you deal with the following items, such as:

  • Selection of Tools
  • Repair Furniture
  • Renovate the Mansion
  • Define Your Decorating Style
  • Unfold Engaging Storyline
  • Experience Innovative Match-3 Levels

Throughout the game, you usually deal with the items mentioned above. Different types of unique power-ups are there, and each one has a unique attribute, granting you unique powers to use whenever you are playing Match-3 levels. In the vast mansion, there are many different rooms available and a kitchen and garden. Your primary focus should be on making stars by matching three or more identical items to keep decorating. For sure, you would be excited to embark on a fun-filled journey, which leads you to a mansion where you face lots of challenges and plays several mini-games. The game features a beautiful cast of characters, who await you over there to start the adventure.


Upon playing, you find the gameplay is much similar to the most anticipated Mobile Games, such as Gardenscapes and Homescapes. The developers did a great job on storyline and graphics. Now, every aspect of the game is enough to power to keep players fully engaged for endless hours of fun. Matchington Mansion is the first game of Firecraft Studios, offering you mind-blowing visual effects, an engaging storyline, and fabulous decoration pieces. If you are one of those players who are willing to decorate their home using their skills, then Matchington Mansion is the perfect place for you to hone your skills.

Similar to other games of the same type, you have to earn coins by completing match-3 levels and use these stars to unlock furniture and fulfill the requirements of the mansion to advance the storyline. The addition of beautiful characters are appreciable, and a beautiful woman is ready to help you out on your challenging journey. In the game, your choices do matter and will affect the outcome. Therefore, decide the best of furniture to place in your mansion to make it more beautiful. With engaging gameplay, fantastic sound effects, and challenging puzzles, Matchington Mansion is an awesome game to play.

Before starting Matchington Mansion Walkthrough, you should know about the game basics and learn about items; therefore, we present you Matchington Mansion’s Beginner Guide.

Matchington Mansion Beginner’s Guide

In case you’re a veteran Match-3 player, then you may be familiar with the rules of Match-three games. Whenever you start playing the game, you have to match three or more identical items to earn in-game coins. Matching four or more items will create a firecracker, and helps you clear the screen within a few moves. During the game, you can use the firecrackers to blow up several colorful pillows at once. Your ultimate goal is to match more powerful pillows to decorate your mansion faster.

Types of Power-ups

Every game has unique power-ups required to boost the abilities of the player. Similarly, Matchington Mansion comes with different types of power-ups that will help you to clear the screen within a limited time. Before using power-ups, you should learn to take full advantage of its effects. Therefore, we have listed various power-ups below, along with some guidance on how to use each of them.

  • Firecracker – It will appear upon matching four identical pillows at once, and you can blow up approximately everything either in a row or a column. For sure, a question will be floating in your mind regarding its use. So, let me know you that you just need to swap the firecracker with any pillow, or double-tap it.
  • Square Firecracker – Upon matching four identical pillows in a square pattern, Square Firecracker will appear similar to Firecracker but works differently. Keep in mind the Square Firecracker destroys surrounding pillows.
  • Big Firecracker – After learning about both crackers, you must learn how to acquire Big Firecracker. Whenever you match four or more identical pillows in “L” or “T” shape, it will add to your inventory, and upon swapping or double-tapping, you can use the firecracker to smash pillows in a big radius.
  • Rainbow – It is the fourth power-up in the Matchington Mansion game, and will be added to your inventory as you match five identical pillows. During the game, you have to swap the Rainbow with a specific pillow to remove all pillows of the same color available on the field. Using the Rainbow Power-up is helpful when you find lots of identical pillows on the board.

Matchington Mansion brings Daily Bonus

You aren’t only limited to playing match-3 games for making stars only, as there are other lots of ways to earn coins and stars, starting from daily bonus to match-three levels. The game sets a particular condition for players to meet before claiming daily rewards, such as:

  • 28 level or Higher
  • 4 Hours Play Time

Once you fulfill the requirements, an icon will appear on your screen’s right side with a chest. Tapping the chest will reward you with several bonuses, and keep in mind that opening four treasure chests in a row will grant you a super-premium.

Collect Stars to unlock a Gift Box

The introduction of gift boxes is excellent in the game, and each one will open once you collect the given number of stars. The game features a star rating system, rewarding you one of three stars depending on your performance at the end of each stage. The highest rating is 3-stars, and having a certain number of stars will unlock gift boxes to claim rewards. The more stars you collect, the better prize you receive. You will open the first gift box after gathering 12 stars, and it will reward you with 500 gold.

Keep an eye on other Players

The game brings a newly introduced feature that lets you visit other players’ mansions. You have to tap the star icon available at the lower-left corner of your playfield. Hit the visit button to see the mansion of any random player. The feature is responsible for displaying you how other players are designing their homes.

Play with Friends

Link the game with your Facebook account to see what your friends are playing the game. To connect your game account with Facebook is quite simple, and can be done within a few taps. Visit the setting by hitting the gear icon, and tap on the “Connect to Facebook” button to link your account. Upon getting connected with Facebook, you become able to send and receive extra lives to your buddies.

Limited Moves

It would help if you kept in mind that for the completion of levels, the game grants you limited moves. Once you run out of the move, the game ends, and you have to start it from the beginning. Losing the level means you lose a life, and you might know that you have limited lives too. Completion of levels without running out of moves will add extra points, bonuses, and gold to your account.

Master All Match-3 Levels

There are dozens of levels available for you to earn stars. Completion of each level rewards you with one to three stars that you need to decorate your mansion. Only a limited area of the mansion is unlocked by default; the remaining area will unlock in several parts after the completion of requirements. The earlier levels start from primary difficulty, but it increases are you approach advanced levels where your objective is quite challenging to achieve.

Matchington Mansion Walkthrough Part 1 – Entrance and Lobby

Whether you are a noob or an experienced one, match-3 levels are ready to give a tough time to both players. Decorating skill doesn’t matter, you should be mater in matching identical items, and because this is the only way to earn stars require to boost your decorating skills. The game features a heart-touching storyline that starts with an older woman who is writing a letter to someone thanking for making her novel special. She has ever though you a member of her family and wishing you to have a beautiful mansion that could be the home of your dream.

Tiffany welcomes you

The game starts with a short clip, in which Tiffany welcomes you and is happy you own the place. At very first, the main door gets broken upon knocking, which proves the mansion is in ruin and needs a brilliant interior designer who could renovate it. After getting into the hall, you find a lot of garbage and broken furniture which is nearly to smash. Start renovating the home before it’s too late. Many other players will help you out during the journey, and you make a lot of new friends.

Level 1 – Purchase New Couches

The first level starts with the aim of collecting stars by completing the match-3 level. Once you did, the game adds a star to your account to use for purchasing new couches. After purchasing, your goal is to clear the mess and give your furniture a nice and clean place.

Furthermore, the game presents you with three types of couches, and you have to choose your favorite one to place and make your mansion beautiful. To add a star in your inventory, you should collect ten heart-type ten pillows first by clearing the screen either using power-ups or your wits, depends on you. There are different types of chapters available, and each one contains up to eight levels. Similar to Gardenscapes and Homescapes, each new chapter brings a new area to restore, as well as a set of levels to complete.

Level 2 – New Coffee Table and Rug

After placing couches, you next should be focused on having a new coffee table and rug. Like the previous level, you require a star, and having a star can only be possible by completing match-3 levels. The requirement of level 2 is to gather ten purple and ten yellow-colored pillows. In this level, the game reveals how you can achieve a rocket firecracker by merely matching four identical items in a row or column. Once done, the game provides you with three possible options and lets you make your choice by selecting one of three things from the following:

  • Elegant Entrance
  • Tranquil Teatime
  • Marble Luxury

You’re free to choose any one of your favorites, and place right below the couches and newly placed coffee table

Level 3 – Clear Away Boxes

Upon entering the mansion, you aim to clear all mess within no time. With time, you come to know that it’s not a cup of cake and you can’t remove all the spread mess within a few minutes or hours, as it is a job of a week. On the third level, you find boxes spread surround you in the hall, and your goal is to clear all boxes away to make your mansion beautiful. This time, your requirement for the completion of a match-3 level is to gather green-colored and blue-colored pillows by matching identical items.

Level 4 – Investigate the Creepy Painting

Your next level is quite impressive, as it requires an investigation on a creepy painting that can be done by completing a level of match-3. You must gather thirty pink-colored and 25 purple-colored pillows. Upon playing the level, the game reveals a new power-up that can obtain by merely matching identical items in a T or L shape. Once done, the game leaves you a big firecracker which can use to destroy surrounding objects to clear the screen.

After the completion of a match-3 level and earning a star, the female character takes a few steps toward the painting and finds something suspicious behind it. Upon investigating and removing it from there, Tiffani discovers a beautiful white-colored kitty.

Level 5 – Greet Carpenter

It would help if you greeted a carpenter to fix the furniture. Lots of work is pending related to bookshelves and the main door. Therefore, welcoming a local carpenter should be an excellent idea for you.

Level 6 – Fix a Door

The rainbow bomb will reveal in level 5 and help you collecting identical items quickly. The rainbow bomb appears when you match five identical pillows in a row or column. To fix the door, Tiffani has called a local carpenter, named Jack Hamilton. Soon, he displays you three different designs of the main entrance, and the carpenter quickly fixes the door of your choice over there.

Level 7 – Replace the Painting

After fixing the painting, your goal is to replace the image by selecting one of three pictures the game offers you to choose from. But before, you are supposed to complete a challenging match-3 level where you may reveal more power-ups and boosters. During the game, your focus should on smashing identical pillows demand by the game for the completion of the level. Once done, you can change the painting using a star you earn with the completion of the stage.

Level 8 – Repair a Book Shelves

Your book selves have been broken, and you need to fit it. You can ask the local carpenter you called to fix the door to repair it. Unlike other people, you can arrange books by color, instead of the subject. To have some rest, you sit on a couch and find that it’s not only beautiful but comfortable, too.

Level 9 – New Stairs

Completion of match-3 is compulsory as you don’t any choice of earning stars expect that; therefore, you should be in the master of matching identical items to progress the story to see what’s next coming up. Whether you’re a puzzle lover or not, the game will keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. Your goal is to build new stairs, and the game provides you with the following options, such as:

  • Red Runner
  • Green Runner
  • Brown Runner

You can choose any one of your choices according to the surrounding you built. However, it doesn’t affect your game and can decrease or increase the beauty of your mansion.

Level 10 – Meet the Neighbors

Since you join the mansion, you haven’t met with any neighbors yet. Therefore, your next goal is to meet a neighbor, who is a female character named Edna. She is glad you got the door fixed because she was worried about the property values. Exploring the storyline after some time could be boring for the majority of players, and most of the players firstly complete all match-3 levels using their skills and start navigating the storyline without any disturbance.

Level 11 – New Floors

After having a star, you should require to fix the floors to make it impressive and show off your neighbors to ask how it looks like. The introduction of a feature lets you visit any random person to see how he/she is working to make the mansion beautiful. It would help if you tapped the red-colored return button to back your home. The game lets you change anything anytime to make your home cool using the “Redecorating Button.” The mansion contains the following areas:

  • Entrance
  • Lobby
  • Bedroom
  • Library
  • And more

During the game, players can send and receive gifts from others to enhance the decoration of their mansion. Next to that, Edna and Tiffani start the discussion, and Edna tells her friend to get ready for a lot of people as they come to visit the mansion and bet that she will have quite the social life here.

Level 12 – New Walls

After changing the floors, the task that appears to your screen is “New Walls.” It means you have to choose one of three different wall colors to apply on the ruined texture to get something new because, without new walls, you can make your mansion beautiful. There are three different types of walls available, including Goldfield Stripes.

Matchington Mansion Walkthrough Part 2 – Bedroom

The game uses the same level pattern as found in Gardenscapes and Homescapes, but with a few changes. It spans different levels, and each requires the completion of objectives to unlock the next one. Your next goal will start by opening the bedroom. Upon getting into the bedroom, Tiffany comes to know that it would be a room of queen.

Therefore, she has to clean it as soon as possible. You would be surprised to know that you have to complete up to 25 challenging tasks, and each one requires stars. Therefore, you should keep completing match-3 levels to earn stars, and use them for the completion of stages. While playing the game, don’t forget to claim daily rewards in the form of in-game coins. The available tasks are the following:

  • Greet Visitor
  • Clear Cobwebs
  • New Mailbox
  • Investigate Mysterious Box
  • Remove Old Bed
  • Search for Keys
  • Read Diary
  • New Bed
  • Greet Antonio
  • And more

The completion of levels rewards you with in-game coins that you can use to redecorate those items with whom you’re not satisfied. Many levels bring you a variety of power-ups that you can use while matching identical items to become the master. Many other tasks are also available to complete, and after the completion of the 25th tasks, the game leads you to a new room where you find a lot of mess intending to clear it as soon as you can to make your mansion clean and beautiful. Your last three tasks are the following: Build Stand for Armor, New Dresser, and Read Secret Letter. During the game, some jobs require a specific amount of time to be get completed, using in-game coins would be in your favor and complete the running task within no time. The completion of the second part rewards you with three in-game items to use later.

Matchington Mansion Walkthrough Part 3 – Bedroom + Bathroom

Like the 2nd part, the game selects the bedroom for the third part bringing over 20 challenging tasks to complete for in-game points. At the very beginning, you have to choose new carpet and walls to make your dream room. Using the point-and-click interface, you can visit all of your mansion anytime by merely sliding your finger across the screen.

After the completion of the first three challenging tasks, the time has come to choose a picture and hang it on your wall to make it beautiful. For sure, a question will be in your mind that what to do when you run out of coins. No worries, the game gives you coins in return for the time you spend watching ads.

Assemble Suit of Armor

After coming back from the bedroom, you discover a place of armor at the corner. The suit will assemble in three parts, and you require three stars to complete the procedure. Therefore, complete match-3 levels to earn stars and use them to complete challenging tasks. Somewhere between the completions of objectives, the time has come when you need a nap, and it also requires one star. Once done, your next two goals are the following:

  • Clean Bathroom
  • Greet Visitor

After the completion of the bedroom, the bathroom gets unlocked to clean and make it decorate using a series of accessories and other items. New two tasks will appear on your screen are the following:

  • Clean Tub
  • Place New Mirror
  • Add New Tiles
  • Clean Wish Tree
  • New Bathroom Rug
  • Clean up Front Grounds
  • Throw Away Rex’s Flyers

Don’t forget to greet a gardener who comes to help you in cleaning the wish tree. She gives water to the tree regularly, and take care of it until it gets cleaned. The cleaning process of the wish tree requires approximately three hours, but you can complete it within no if you have 500 coins in your wallet.

What to do when you run out of Lives?

You don’t need to worry whenever you find your heart meter zero, because it refills after a specific time. To play match-3 levels, you have to use one life; the game won’t start if your meter depleted to zero. There is another option that you can use to refill, but it requires in-game coins, and you can purchase coins using real-world money from Coin Store as you can see in the image given below.

After a specific time, when you come out of your bedroom, you find your front grounds entirely in a mess, and your next task is to Clean Up Front Grounds using a star by throwing away flyers of Rex. The procedure can be done within three steps, and each one requires you to use a star. The completion second part rewards you with in-game boosters and power-ups to use later in match-3 levels.

Matchington Mansion Walkthrough Part 4 – Find Cat Toy

The number of levels is increasing gradually as you arrive in the new part. This time, you have to complete up to 29 challenging tasks using stars. The remaining two steps of Rex’s flyers are staying, and in the 3rd part, you forgot to place a new rug in the bathroom. You will complete both tasks in Part 4, and it requires you to polish the armor you assembled in the 3rd part. Your cat toy has been missing, and you must find him out to make your cat happy. Using a star from your inventory would help you find the cat toy in an old cupboard.

Lure Kat Out and Play with Kat

In the next scene, you have to find out where your cat is hidden, and it can only be possible when you have a toy ball. After showing the toy ball, your cat will appear from the armor suit. After that, you find yourself playing with kitty in your bedroom after using two stars to complete the task. As the game advances, new immersive scenes are unlocked and bring a lot of unique content to discover. The rest of the tasks are remaining and requires a lot of stars. Note: Using boosters and power-ups may help you clearing the match-3 stage within limited moves. Play levels strategically because you have limited moves, and each one can change the game’s outcome.

The game doesn’t feature unlimited replayability, as you have only ten lives available in your meter to use for the completion of a single level. When you run out of moves, the game shows you to options first one is to wait for a few minutes until your meter gets filled, while the second one is to make use of coins you earned by completing levels to purchase lives. If you don’t have any coin, then you should use real-world money to have some.

Give the Cat a Bath

Your next two tasks are the following after playing with your kitty, such as Accept Package and bath the Cat. When you’re bathing the cat, it seems like you are playing Talking Tom 2. The fourth part is quite lengthy, containing over 25 challenging tasks to complete, and in the end, there may be a huge surprise for you to claim. Other rest of the tasks are the following:

  • New Screen Divider
  • Setup Cat Dish
  • Greet Jack
  • Balcony Décor
  • Balcony Plant
  • Greet Antonio

Glow’s Comic Rewards

The completion of the 4th part leaves you a colorless painting as a reward. Upon filling the colors, you find thirty lives as a reward and start playing match-3 levels. Till now, you have met with the following characters, such as:

  • Jia
  • Edna
  • Kat
  • Jane
  • Tiffany
  • Rex
  • Jack
  • Antonio

Many other characters are available on the list to await you to meet, and the exciting thing about them is that their ids are hidden, but soon will be revealed. Upon clicking your favorite character, you can read the bio and can grab some information. The requirement of each level becomes change gradually as you reach advanced stages.

Matchington Mansion Walkthrough Part 5

The difficulty level starts to increase as you reach the high stages, and the number of collectible items also increases following the same ratio of the level. The addition of new items in high stages makes it a bit difficult, especially when you have limited moves to complete it. Therefore, you should make use of power-ups, but first, learn how to grab power-ups. Matching a connection between four to five identical items in a special order will reward you with power-ups that you can use to smash the surrounding pillows.

The fifth part of the game contains thirty challenging tasks, and each task requires up to three numbers of stars to get completed. For sure, you will be round about 90 to 95 levels after completing the fourth part, and here your collectible items are the following: Heart Pillow, Book, and Letter. The first task is to place a divider in the bedroom of your choice. Similarly, the next objectives are special requirements and will reward you with fabulous prizes at the end of the part.

Greet Jack and Investigate Old Photo

You must use stars to greet Jack (Local Carpenter) and Rex to take a step toward the victory. After greeting Jack, a long conversation starts between Jack and the interior designer who aim to build a beautiful mansion for you at any cost. Next to that, you desire to create another closet with Jack’s help, and it takes up to 8 hours. You can complete the construction instantly using 500 coins.

Unbox Shoes and Greet Rex

Using a star, you suppose to unbox shoes and showcase them in your cupboard. Rex is about to visit your mansion with unholy plans, as he wants to build a casino over the location where your mansion is situated. Upon entering, he decided a place for a slot machine. Seriously, there are thousands of challenging levels, and many parts of the mansion are available behind the curtain. You must reveal them to renovate using your skills, as well as asking others to jump in for your help. The match-3 levels become harder and harder as you approach advanced stages where completing living in limited moves is tricky, but don’t worry, as the game features many power-ups for you to use while playing the game.

Matchington Mansion Walkthrough – Tips and Tricks to Get Stars

Without having an in-game currency, you can’t boost the performance of your character. Similarly, without having required stars, you can’t renovate the mansion according to your choice. Therefore, your focus should be on earning as many stars as possible, because lots of tasks require three stars to be done. First of all, you must polish your interior design because it’s the most wanted skills you need to reveal which items will perfect in what place. Secondly, you should keep your Facebook account linked with the game to show off your skills to your friends. Connecting your account with the game will reward you 500 coins. After Matchington Mansion Walkthrough, we bring you the best Tips and Tricks Guide to earn stars.

Save Moves – Keep in mind that every move you left at the end will turn into special tiles that explode and grants you more rewards than your expectation in the form of coins. Therefore, try your best to save as many moves as possible.

Match at the Bottom – Start exploding tiles from your screen button, as it increases the chances of your win in most cases. Matching at the bottom will let you make combos from the incoming pieces.

Find Special Tiles – Make you focus on finding a match of up to four or five tiles, as in return, it will leave you with power-ups. Matching three tiles won’t reward you anything or something; it proves to be a waste of move.

Use Power-ups – Making use of power-ups rewarded you by the game upon completing the part will help you clearing the row or column in a sequence. Combing special tiles will let you acquire a great move that cleans up the board for you.

Make Use of Special Tiles – Unlike many other Match-3 games, Matchington Mansion lets you tap the unique tiles you build after matching three or five identical pillows.

Unlock New Furniture – Visiting the mansions of other people may help you find the pieces of furniture or decorations you don’t have. The best thing is that you can collect all those findings for free. Next to that, you must find exclamation marks in other players’ houses to collect the unique furniture for your mansion.


Although the game is offering similar gameplay to Gardenscapes and Homescapes, it is different in many aspects. Matchington Mansion has more attractive power-ups than other games, and it is has a bit challenging, but impressive match-3 levels to complete. The graphics are sleeky, and the game features brilliant sound effects as it is enough powerful to keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. A well-written storyline and a massive cast of characters are memorable and never let you get bored at all. In short, Matchington Mansion is a complete pack of fun, thrill, mysteries, and mind-bending puzzles. With HD Graphics, Superb Mechanics, and Smooth Controls, Matchington Mansion is a brilliant game to play on your handheld devices.

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