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What would you choose if you get a chance to become either a victim or a hunter? I’ll go with the Hunter because nowadays, I’m playing Battle Royale games all the time and would love to eliminate other participants out of the arena to be the last standing player. For sure, you might be familiar with the Hide-n-seek game because everyone has had experienced that traditional game in childhood.

I’m giving the reference to the conventional game because you will experience the same feeling when playing “No One Escape.” There is a series of challenging levels, and each one takes place around a labyrinth where you either try to survive or hunt others down to earn in-game points. Moreover, you aren’t supposed to compete against others – the real competition is held between you and the clock, which is continuously ticking.

It means you have limited time to complete the given task, such as if you are playing as a hunter, you should kill everyone before opening the exit door. If you are playing as a survivor, your ultimate goal is to press all the buttons placed on different labyrinth areas within the time limit, save others, and escape before the time runs out. The game isn’t easy to play as it seems. The danger is lurking behind every want, and you should have enough guts to survive the suspense.

Review – Be a Hunter or the Victim

Lion Studios has tried to bring something unique, and the studio successfully achieved what they are planning for. Thousands of players appreciated introducing a brand-new type of gameplay, and many players had criticized because lots of features were missing. In the game, you have two options whether to be a killer or the victim.

Play as a Killer

The killer’s job is fascinating, and the appearance-wise, it seems similar to the villain of “Saw” movies, who were intended to kill everyone using different types of weapons. Similarly, the player is supposed to kill victims within the time limit, and never let them escape at any cost. The player will lose the match if all victims have pressed all red-colored buttons to open the escape door.

Furthermore, the killer has special powers, but all victims are hidden from him, which appears on the screen once you throw green-colored infrared rays over them. Hundreds of exciting levels are there, and each one requires the completion of objectives. Therefore, you should capture each character and kill them within the time limit to win the game. Once all the characters get killed or the time runs out, you will win the match.

Play as a Prey

The game features intuitive controls, and it lets you navigate the world from an isometric viewpoint. Each level comes with different layout and obstacles, as well as a set of buttons you have to press and escape timely. As mentioned above, two other roles are there, and you don’t have permission to choose your favorite one, as the game decides which one suits you.

The first essential character is a “Teddy Bear” with minimal abilities. It seems relatively slow; therefore, your aim should be focused on earing in-game gold skeletons to boost characters’ power. As the victim, your ultimate goal is to hit the buttons to open the door, save other characters, and lead them to escape to win. The task isn’t a cup of cake because a villain is chasing you, who has more powers than you and can run with high speed.

Prominent Features

Although the game lacks dozens of features, it isn’t considering the traditional Battle Royale as the game claims, but it has impressive features. The graphics are good enough to satisfy you, and the mechanics are addictive. Each level brings a unique layout, obstacles, and characters to confront and varied button settings. In the game, you can take advantage of fog to hide behind corners while trying to complete challenges assign you by the game.

The 2nd prominent feature is suspense, as you don’t know where the hunter is available when you’re playing; it may be right behind you.  To win the game, you have to keep upgrading your characters to make him powerful and unlock new abilities like Strength, Power, and Speed. Whether playing as a hunter or prey, your ultimate goal is to be the last standing person to win. Completing the level will lead your character to perform exciting dance moves while rewarding you with in-game points to use to update your character’s powers.


  • Suspenseful Action
  • Unlockable Upgrades
  • Battle Royale
  • Addictive Mechanics
  • Playable Characters
  • Isometric Viewpoints
  • No Wi-Fi Needed
  • One-finger Control
  • 3D Exquisite Graphics
  • And more.

No One Escape Walkthrough

The game starts with a brief introduction of a hunter sitting on a chair intending to plan something horrible for survivors. Newbies find themselves in trouble while playing as the victim; therefore, we bring you a proper “No One Escape Walkthrough Guide” for beginners to learn some basics to survive till the end.

No One Escape doesn’t feature any collectibles and power-ups, but you can use your coins to unlock new abilities. The first level starts with the tutorial showing you how to control your character across the labyrinth map; nevertheless, saving the rest of the survivors who are asking for help. Besides the hunter, the game features challenging obstacles to make your speed a bit slower, so the hunter can easily catch you. Apart from barriers, you must set your focus on hitting buttons, saving people, and avoiding yourself coming in contact with the enemy.

No One Escape Walkthrough – Level 1

It serves as a tutorial level, in which you will learn the basics and a way to control the character. Besides that, the game tries to make your familiar with the objectives that you have to achieve within a limited time and exit the level to win.

Using one-finger control, you can lead your character to the end by controlling the movement. Unlike other side-scrolling or isometric viewpoint games, your character can rotate and move in any direction to overcome obstacles and other challenges. It comes with only one survivor, two switches placed on the different two sections of the labyrinth map ahead of you.

No One Escape Walkthrough – Level 2

The 2nd level starts with two survivors and a hunter. As the game begins, you find yourself trapped within a cage-like environment, along with a hunter who intends to kill the rest of the people within 45 seconds.

Moreover, you have only 45 seconds to complete the stage by hitting two red-colored buttons highlighting by green-colored arrows. Once done, the main door will get opened to let you escape along with other survivors.

Within a few seconds, the hunter will reveal its identity and start hunting survivors. Coming in contact with hunter means dead, and you have to restart the level or watch a video ad to resume where you left off. To revive the survivor damaged by the hunter, you have to give him breath using your mouth.

No One Escape Walkthrough – Level 3

As compared to the 2nd level, the difficulty is a bit high than your expectation, and the game places four switches and four survivors. Your job isn’t only limited to turning on switches and saving survivors and leading them to the exit point safely. At level 3, there’s a twist: you’re not a victim, you’re a hunter; therefore, your goal is quite different from victims. Once your identity gets revealed, the game starts behaving following the current situation. All victims will disappear from the screen, and using the green-colored light; you can watch them kill. Your goals are the following:

  • Find Survivors using you the ability the hunter possesses.
  • Stop Victims from turning on switches
  • Kill Survivors within Limited Time

Once all switches press by victims, and once they approach the main gate, the game will end. Each kill rewards you in-game points to use for unlocking characters and their unique abilities. Apart from objectives, the game displays you both switches and survivors on the right and left corner of your screen. The happy emoji confirms that all characters are alive, but as it changes, consider the character is in trouble and need your help if you are playing as a survivor.

No One Escape Walkthrough – Level 4

Like the 3rd level, there are four switches and four survivors available. Besides survivors, a hunter is seeking a way to kill all of you within a time limit. Therefore, he won’t stop chasing and other survivors unless all get killed. In the third level, your journey starts as a hunter, but if you fail, the game lets you be a chance to become a survivor to complete the stage within a time limit. Following the previous stages’ footsteps, all buttons are placed randomly on four different areas, and survivors are randomly moving to find and hit the buttons to open the exit door.

  • Rush to find Four Survivors using your extraordinary power
  • Never let anyone revive others
  • Kill each one to complete the level within the time limit

No One Escape Walkthrough – Level 5

The introduction of the 5th level comes with a new character, which could be yours by merely watching a video ad. If you aren’t intended to grab a free character, then you can skip and continue your journey toward the destination. The newly introduced character is a cop, which helps to rescue survivors from the villain. The interesting fact is that the hunter needs to make 2 or 3 attempts to damage the cop. Moreover, the game retains the same time, switches, and survivors, similar to the 2nd and 3rd stages.

Moreover, the game adds some doors to visit other rooms where switches may be available, and it comes with rides to increase the difficulty level.

  • Unlock new Character (The Cop)
  • Find and open all four switches
  • Save survivors and overcome the hunter
  • Reach the end of the stage to win

After the completion, the game displays you a scoreboard showing three different factors, such as Unlocked, Saved, and Escaped. The more survivors you save and escape, the more points you earn.

No One Escape Walkthrough – Level 6

As the game starts, you find yourself standing within a yellow-colored labyrinth map containing four switches and four survivors, along with a killer. In this stage, you are playing as a survivor, and your goal is the same as the previous levels to find a way out by turning on all switches and saving all other survivors. The game leaves a few gaps in some walls so you can easily cross them, but the killer can’t have any access to cross the wall. You can take advantage of that scenario to make yourself secure and other characters to reach the end before the time runs out.

  • Avoid the Killer
  • Turn on all four switches and find other survivors
  • Leave the level with all teammates to earn high points

If one of the following situations happens to you, the game will end, and you have to start playing it from the beginning; although you may have the option of reviving your character, it requires an internet connection.

No One Escape Walkthrough – Level 7

Each level brings a beautiful combination of colors, as well as something new to discover. This time, the game changes the game’s background while retaining the same task found in previous stages. The difficulty level increases as you approach high stages, and you see the increment in power and speed of the killer. Therefore, you should keep your character upgrading using in-game points you earn by completing challenging tasks.

Furthermore, you can’t jump to high stages without completing the given levels, and can’t revisit the previously completed scenes. Newbies feel challenging to survive against the killer; therefore, we bring a perfect guide of No One Escape Walkthrough to help them achieve all stages with no worries. Similar to previous stages, you have to complete the following steps:

  • Find all red-colored buttons within 45 seconds
  • Save your injured buddies and keep them revive unless you complete the stage
  • Open the exit door to escape the level

No One Escape rewards you with in-game points depending on your performance. The better you perform, the better points you earn.

No One Escape Walkthrough – Level 8

There’s a built-in shop for you to purchase in-game gems to boost the powers of your selected character. Several playable characters are available, and you can choose your favorite one to start playing the game. You can unlock too many characters at the start due to lack of the coins, but once you collect enough, everything becomes possible.

This time, the game features slopes to overcome the killer and secret shortcuts to trick the hunter. Never go close to the killer as it has an ax which he can use to kill you. As the level starts, your competition against the clock and the killer get started. You should hit all hour buttons and save the other three survivors before crossing the exit gate.

  • Avoid being killed by the Killer
  • Keep distance from the hunter, while turning on switches
  • Try to keep all of your survivors alive till the end of the game
  • Earn more points to boost the powers
  • Escape the level to win and unlock the next stages

No One Escape Walkthrough – Level 9

The purple floor, grey-colored walls, and four survivors (struggling for their lives) make the stage awesome. You would be amazed or surprised to see the next unlockable character, which is quite horrible and may be cause you to leave the game. The difficulty level increases as you reach the advanced stages – because the hunter becomes able to kill survivors quickly, and your attempt to save them all becomes quite tricky. Until you rescue the rest of the survivors, the hunter may kill the previously revived survivors. Therefore, the game features an option of unlocking new abilities for your hero. You make your character stronger using the points you earn by completing objectives.

As you upgrade your character, the hunter will automatically upgrade and appear on your screen with a better position than before. The appearance of the killer becomes deadliest over time, as well as levels. Obstacles and hurdles are a few in numbers, making it a better field for the killer to hunt the prey easily with no worries. You should be careful and fast while playing the game to complete the stages. The exciting is that rather than playing as a victim, you are considered to assume the role of a hunter who is tasked with killing everyone roaming the labyrinth freely to find a way out. When playing as a hunter, you should discover shortcuts to trap the survivors and kill them instantly using your electronic saw. The more survivors you kill within a limited time, the more points you earn.

No One Escape Walkthrough – Level 10

The addition of a western-themed hunter makes the game a bit more excited than ever before. The killer can’t kill the hunter within one or two attempts; he must struggle hard to take on it. Therefore, you should take advantage of your strong character, keep finding buttons, and saving your characters until you can’t escape. You see the same tasks as the previous stages to unlock the primary door by switching four buttons and keep all survivors alive when playing as a survivor or be the last standing person when playing as the killer.

Using shortcuts and zig-zag turns may help you escape the killer. Upon finding the killer nearby you, stop walking to produce any noise because the AI system is smart sense and detects the movement. The game fixes the label of “Exit” on survivors’ faces once they leave the main door.

No One Escape Walkthrough – Level 11

You should need to be careful at the very start because no one knows who is a killer in the starting few seconds. Therefore, you have to keep yourself away from all characters apart. Once confirmed, begin navigating the world speedily to find the switches for unlocking the door to escape.

Never visit any place nearby the killer, revive people silently, and open the door secretly. Stop whenever you sense or find the killer close to you, or start running randomly to survive longer.

No One Escape Walkthrough – Level 12

Light brown-colored floor, along with the sky blue-colored walls – the combination looks attractive to many players. The door is closed, and you are trapped with four other survivors. One of them is the killer – the same concept you might have found in Social Deduction Games.

The killer’s identity will reveal three seconds after the starting of the game, and the game grants you only 45 seconds to complete the stage. As mentioned above, you can take advantage of uncompleted walls and shortcuts because the killer can’t cross the walls.

  • Hit all red-colored buttons to open the door
  • Find injured survivors and revive them to take along with you
  • Avoid the killer until you save all of your teammates

No One Escape Walkthrough – Level 13

After unlocking a new character, you get able to shoot the hunter using your gun to fend off him from killing others. The thirteenth stage is quite challenging, but the new character’s addition makes it a bit easier for you. Navigate the world using a top-down perspective, interact with others, press the button using your shoes, and find a way to escape. Sometimes, the game seems the revolution of the Pac-Man game, but it’s not in actuality. In short, you can give it another name of hide-n-seek, because you are supposed to hide whenever you find a killer coming toward you.

Switching the character may help you a lot, and the killer won’t beat you within a single attempt. He requires to attack two times to end the game. Therefore, you can freely move across the stage with no worries, turn on switches, and leave the scene by performing exciting dance moves.

No One Escape Walkthrough – Level 14

Compared to other levels, it comes with more spaces and fewer hurdles and obstacles within the labyrinth map. Having fewer obstacles and hurdles may make completing the stage quite challenging because you don’t have enough space to hide or revive survivors attacked by the killer. During the game, you can take advantage of slider slops as they help you cross the hurdle that the killer can’t easily.

Furthermore, the level 14th brings two hunters and two other characters as survivors. Complete all objectives before the time run out, and escape to collect more coins. Keep earning coins as it the only source of unlocking new abilities and characters in the game to make the gaming experience extraordinary.

No One Escape Walkthrough – Level 15

The question mark sign will be displayed to the head of a killer whenever he is searching for prey, but the sign will turn into an escalation mark once he finds it. To keep yourself safe, you have to keep your character away from red-colored rays emitted by a killer. Upon reaching the level 15th, you find the game’s speed has been increased, and the killer has been moving faster than ever. Therefore, now completing the level has been strict than previous stages.

Using the earn coins, you can upgrade your speed and speed three times the average to perform better. If you run out the coins, the game has introduced an in-game store where you can purchase all in-game currency using real-world money. After starting the next level, the game asks you to choose three characters, such as Teddy Bear, Hunter, and Cop. Each one has unique powers, strengths, and abilities.

No One Escape Walkthrough – Level 16

Only 45 seconds, you have to make your survival, along with other guys. A killer is there who won’t let you complete the level 16 quickly. Each button rewards you with coins upon getting hit by you. Keep all of your friends fully secured while playing as a survivor, and find a way out to win the game. The task is the same as the previous levels – hit the four buttons, revive four survivors, and keep yourself away from a killer until you cross the main gate.

No One Escape Beginner’s Guide – Best Tips to Master both Roles

Until you come to know that it isn’t an easy game as it seems. Lion Studios brings you to a suspenseful horror game in which you have a chance to be either a brutal killer or a survivor. Start your career by hunting down enemies, killing them whenever you are playing as the killer or sabotaging, and evading the killer while playing as survivors. Give your best in either role to earn in-game coins required to unlock new upgrades and characters as well. After the No One Escape Walkthrough Guide, we will give you some useful tips on how to master both roles.

Learn the basics to complete the Levels

At the start of every level, you have three seconds to move across and find a safe place to start after exploring the layout. Once you give up, you will come to know whether you’re playing as a killer or a survivor.

Objectives as the Survivor

If you find someone wearing a mask during the game, you are playing as a survivor. The ultimate goal is to team up with three other survivors to find four switches in the level while making a way out through the exit gates when playing as a survivor.

The game doesn’t feature anything to indicate where the switches are available; nevertheless, you have to go through the entire level to locate them. You will receive a visual or audio cue whenever other survivors hit any switch.

The game warns you to keep your eyes on the red cone moving across the level. It indicates the line of sight of the killer, and if you mistakenly enter, he will inform the killer about your location.

  • Evade the Hunter

As mentioned above, the killer is slightly faster than you; therefore, you should keep him away from you by playing tricks. The killer will stop chasing you upon losing his interest in you if you successfully avoid making interaction with the red line. To prevent the killer catch your character, you have to bend around the corners. During the gameplay, you may find holes within the walls you can use to jump over to reach another side, and the most exciting thing is that gaps out of range for killers.

  • Help and Revive other Survivors

The survivor will find himself in a bloody mess if he gets caught by the killer. Coming in contact with the killer won’t mean the survivor gets completely dead. Upon finding the best time, you can revive them using your unique powers. Restoring each character rewards you bonus coins at the end of each stage. To revive others, you just have to stand over him and wait for a few seconds. The level will instantly reach the end once the killer catches and kill you. No one survivor can revive you; therefore, you should defend yourself all above and at any cost.

Play as a Killer

Upon wearing an evil mask, no one doesn’t possess violence in their minds. Apart from the Survivor, your ultimate goal is to either disarm all four candidates or wait until the time runs out to win the level. You can move anywhere freely, but can’t see the survivors until they enter the red-colored light emitted by you.

In the game, vision works differently, such as the green-colored circle around a character represent your vision and lets you know that you are a survivor, while playing as a killer, a red-colored cone appears ahead of you in the form of a cone.

  • Search for Visual and Audio Cues

You should keep your eyes on red vibration marks when you find yourself playing as prey. The survivor will leave red-colored marks behind him if he is close to you. Follow the given location to take survivors out. An exclamation mark will appear over your head if any survivor enters your line of sight. If you fail to find any survivor, don’t panic; wait for the indicator that points toward the switch the survivors hit.

  • Kill Survivors

As a killer, your goal is to take on all survivors or stop them until the time gets over. Start exploring the area to spot survivors, and run toward them to kill. You can attack using your special weapon to earn in-game points. Upon killing someone, you have to make sure that no one can revive them. Standing near the body will give others enough time to press all switches and escape with no worries; therefore, you should always be on the move while searching for as many prey as possible.

How to Get Coins

No One Escape rewards you with coins depending on your performance. At the end of each level, the game grades you on several different factors between the killers and the survivors. As the survivor, you receive ten coins for every switch you turn on and ten coins for reviving each survivor. The game will add thirty coins to your account as you complete the level successfully. Your primary goal should be to find the switches first, and back to help your teammates when you aren’t in trouble. Once the door gets opened, hang around for a minute to see anything that needs your help or not.

When you are playing as a killer, the number of coins is based on the number of survivors you killed. The game rewards you ten coins for killing each survivor, and a total of 30 coins if no one escape. To earn more points, you have to kill as many survivors as possible.

Unlock Upgrades and Special Characters

Where to spend hard-earned coins, for sure, the question will be arising in your mind. You can use all of your coins to upgrade different aspects of your playable hero. You can improve the movement speed and attack range for the killer using the coins to make enemies easier. To avoid being killed, you must enhance your help speed and speed using the coins when playing as a survivor. Using the same shop, you can unlock new characters to select and play the game. There are three types of characters available, such as The Chainsaw, the Cowboy, and the SWAT.

The Chainsaw – It costs you approximately 1,000 coins and is only the 2nd killer available in the game. The game doesn’t feature any special powers and features like the butcher.

The Cowboy – The improved version of survivors costs you 2K coins. The cowboy comes with a shotgun that you can use to stun the killer for a few seconds.

The SWAT – He is a remarkable survivor who will unlock using 1K coins. The SWAT equips with a powerful shield that defends him from a single hit once per stage.

Note – Avoid unlocking the 2nd killer as he has no special powers while opening the other two survivors worth your coins.


No One Escape brings a new concept and brand-new type of gameplay, pitting both survivors and a killer against each other. The last standing team will win the match. The game doesn’t add too many features as others, but the available features are fantastic and joyful. The graphics are sleeky, and the mechanics are addictive. The intuitive controls will make your grip better over your character doesn’t matter whether you are playing as a killer or a survivor.

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