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Pull the Pin brings a new craze among those players who love playing the fast-paced Puzzle game. You would be surprised to know that the game has gained a massive fan following since the release of its first day. Following the enormous success of two popular games, such as Folding Blocks and Sandwich, the developer (Popcore) has introduced a Puzzle game with a brand-new concept, known as “Pull the Pin.”

It takes you to a 2D setting, where you will experience a fun and Fast-paced Puzzle gameplay. In the game, you can put your puzzle skills to test through several innovative and amusing levels. The game brings a beautiful romance of Puzzle and Physics elements, providing you engaging gameplay experience, unlike others. In case you don’t want to play alone, invite your friends and family members, and challenge to complete the level by merely pulling out the Pin and let the colorful balls fall into a bucket.


Although the game seems easy to play, it is hard to master. A unique concept promises to provide you with quality gameplay, and it puts your puzzle-solving skills to the test. Whether you love playing puzzle games or not, Pull the Pin game will keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. More than a hundred exciting levels are available, and the very first will start with an introduction and a basic difficulty level. Many other games are available based on a similar concept, but the gameplay is quite different; you have to save the princess by merely leading the hero to the end of each stage.

Cool Graphics

The graphics are cool, and the colorful balls increase the beauty of the stage. The background is quite simple, and the game features a varied layout for each one. You aren’t only supposed to solve puzzles by letting all colorful balls down into a jar, but building a beautiful city is your responsibility. To create a city of your dream, you must earn in-game coins, which is possible by completing tricky puzzles. At the very start, you complete the early stages smoothly, but upon reaching to advance stages, you will face off increasing difficulty. The majority of players who can’t complete the later stages are searching for Pull the Pin Walkthrough to reveal how to accomplish them to earn in-game coins.

Over 100 Levels

Over 100 challenging levels await you to be completed; therefore, you should polish your puzzle-solving skills before jumping into the game. The completion of levels will determine how much smarter you are and fast you complete the stage. The game doesn’t feature any time limit, so relax and take as much time as you need to complete the level to earn coins.

The only first level is unlocked by default, while further stages required the completion of the previous one to let you access of next stages. Similar to previous titles, Popcore did a great job and released its title with exquisite art-work and a unique concept of gameplay. Unlike others, the ads of the game aren’t annoying as they won’t cover your screen and appear randomly. Although ads aren’t annoying, you can purchase its premium service to enjoy ad-free gameplay to have fun.

Pull the Pin Walkthrough

Without a doubt, the game isn’t so much tricky, but a few levels may successfully lead you to confusion where you can’t decide properly which pin needs to pull out. Therefore, we jump in to help you complete all challenging levels by merely following the instruction mentioned in Pull the Pin Walkthrough. Let’s get started from very basic to the most advanced Levels.

Level 1 – Learn how to play

The first three levels are specially featured to let you know how the game works and what your ultimate goal is. The game introduces a relatively smooth control, enabling you to pull the pin by merely swiping your finger across the screen and put all colorful balls to the jar to complete the game. It won’t be satisfied until all colorful balls drop to the pot.

  • Put your finger on the pin and drag it across the screen
  • Lead the ball to the jar to complete the first level

At the first level, a hand will teach you how to drag the pin and let all balls fall to the surface where a massive jar awaits all of these balls. Once the pot gets completed, you will move to the next level.

Level 2 – How to remove two Pins

It brings a new layout to your screen, containing two pins holding colorful and colorless balls. The task is quite exciting and a bit tricky. Firstly, you must remove the pin of colorful balls and let them fall over non-color balls. Secondly, remove the 2nd pin when all colorless balls absorb the color, and let them fall to the jar.

  • Remove the first pin by holding and dragging your finger across the screen
  • Pull the second pin when confirms all balls are colorful and ready to take place in a jar

Similar to the first one, the level is there to teach you how the Pull the Pin works and how to solve puzzles. Once you learn, the game will pull off its hands from you and leave you alone to complete puzzles.

Level 3 – Never let balls go down

The difficulty of level is gradually increasing as you approach high stages. Therefore, you should polish your puzzle-solving skills accordingly and never give up until you succeed in your aim. The third level comes with a similar background color to the first two stages but introduces a unique puzzle to solve. The area of the game is split into two different sections; the first one has colorful balls, while the 2nd one has colorless. Before dropping all balls to the jar, your goal is to fill the color in each ball, and then let them go to the jar to complete puzzles.

  • Remove the vertical pin and mix all balls
  • Hold and drag the 2nd horizontal pin to put all balls into the bucket

There’s a pause button, which lets you stop the game for a while to take a rest of a few minutes, and start precisely from there where you left it off. You don’t need to worry, as the game keeps all of your game progress fully secured.

Level 4 – Introduction of a Bomb

It’s a place where you feel the increment in difficulty level because of a bomb placed right above colorful balls. Releasing the colorful balls may cause level failure, and lets you re-play it to complete. Therefore, you should focus on your puzzle-solving skills and discover how the level can be completed without losing. In short, it’s quite simple, and on your first turn, you will get failed; it’s not a big deal because you have learned something to never repeat on other stages; therefore, it’s a plus point for you, and win situation. Follow the given steps to complete level 4 in Pull the Pin Walkthrough.

  • Firstly, you should remove the pin on which the bomb is placed by dragging your finger across the screen.
  • Secondly, remove the 2nd pin below the ball, and lead them to the Jar to complete the stage

If you feel any difficulty, then you can pause feature to stop the game for a while and start finding a way to complete the level and complete it.

Level 5 – Appearance of “Skip” and “Hint” Options

The layout of each level is approximately similar, but the structure of pins are different in each one. Therefore, you need a different approach to complete the level. Although there’s no time limit, completing the level quickly will give you a good response. This time, the addition of “Hint” and “Skip” is cool and helps you a lot. There’s a problem, you can’t use these services randomly, as you are supposed to watch video ads to continue with the given services. The completion of level 5 is relatively easy, as you have to do the following jobs:

  • You don’t need to remove the pin of “2”
  • Remove the pin below the colorful balls, and let them fill the Jar up to 100%

Sometimes, you can complete the puzzle by merely removing only one pin, while on the other hand, you may require to remove more than three pins for the completion of stages. So keep in mind that having a good sense and strong puzzle-solving skills help you solving the puzzle within no time.

Level 6 – Remove 4 Pins

The game features a blub-type structure and places four rods against each other, holding different balls. Two sections of the area have colorless balls, while only one section has colorful balls and available amid both sections. Your goal is quite simple, as you have to take the colorful balls to other areas of the level and fall them into the Jar.

  • You are fully allowed to remove upper to pins randomly in any order you like
  • Fill the color in all balls by doing the same as mentioned above
  • Now, you must remove pins third and fourth pins to let the balls fill the Jar up to 100%

Here you feel the game is gradually increasing the difficulty level and can guess how difficult the level over 20 will be.

Level 7 – Two Bombs and Five Pins to Remove

The real complexity starts here, as you don’t know how to deal with two bombs ready to destroy the level. The structure is somehow similar to “Slingshot,” and the developer places a jar right below the structure. Firstly, you should analyze the structure, and second, start guessing how the level can be completed. The ultimate goal is to find a way to deal with two bombs and avoid them falling into the Jar.

Note: The collision of two bombs will blast each other.

  • Drag the pin of first upper bomb across the screen, and let it collide with other to blast
  • Remove the second upper pin on the left-hand side, and mix colorless balls of both sections
  • Now, drag the pin of the third section right below the second
  • Mix silver balls with colorful balls by merely removing the 4th pin as shown in the image above, so they adapt colors of their choice
  • Finally, drag the fifth pin across the screen to fill the Jar with balls and complete the level

All options like “Pause,” “Skip,” “Hint,” and “Restart” are available to help you confront any stage of any difficulty level.

Level 8 – Two Vertical and One Horizontal Pin

Level 8 contains over nine different sections, consisting of three different rods. Five sections contain colorful balls, and they are available at the top of the structures, while four sections take place lower part of the structure and contain silver balls. You don’t need to learn rocket science to complete level 8, as it seems like a cup of cake, and anyone can complete it using the wits. The way of completing the 8th level is available in the image of Pull the Pin Walkthrough, and following the given steps, you can achieve the task.

  • Remove the horizontal rod to let colorful balls fall
  • Once all silver balls become colorful, start removing both vertically placed rods to fill the Jar.

Repeating the same procedure as mentioned in an image will cause the completion of your level 8.

Level 9 – How to Avoid Bomb

Similar to previous levels, the upcoming levels aren’t easing as you are considering because they need lots of attention and your skills to be get completed. In the 9th level, you find four different rods holding a bob and balls. Your first aim should be focused on the removal of a bomb so that you can play safely. To remove the bomb, you have to drag the pin below it across the screen.

  • Remove the pin below the bomb to throw the bomb out of the level
  • Now, drag the pin of the colorful ball as mentioned in the image and let them mix with silver balls
  • Try to pull the vertical pin, instead of silver balls, to put all the colorful balls into the bucket

Level 10 – Remove 3 Pins

After reaching to 10th level, for sure, you are trained enough that other levels you can complete efficiently on your own. But never forget that other levels will appear with increasing difficulty and are challenging to complete. Therefore, you should learn more before going ahead; if you are stuck anywhere, start exploring Pull the Pin Walkthrough to get help.

  • There are colorful balls in each section holding by a rod placed below them
  • Drag the rod and let all colorful balls mix with silver-colored balls
  • Now, remove remaining rods to complete the puzzle by merely completing the Jar up to 100%

Level 11 – Disarm 2 Bombs

Disarming two bombs simultaneously is a difficult job, and no one has enough guts to complete it. But when you’re playing the game, there’s a hope of defusing them by only using your wits. As mentioned above, you can quickly destroy both bombs by making a connection between them. In this stage, there are three rods available; the first rod is more prominent than others and holding two bombs as well as balls.

  • Drag the long pin to destroy both bombs
  • Turn all of your colorless balls into colorful
  • Remove 2nd and 3rd rods to lead all colorful balls to a jar

Level 12 – Lead all balls to the Jar

It would help if you kept in mind that releasing the silver color balls without completing the requirements would bring the game to an end and lets you restart the level. Therefore, you aren’t supposed to release silver-colored balls without filling colors in them to complete the stage.

  • Release the first rod of colorful balls
  • Drag the 2nd rod right after the first, and lead all balls to the lower section of the layout
  • Release third and fourth rods following the orders, and fill the Jar to win

You can take a break whenever you feel the level is out of your sense and need some time to understand the structure.

Level 13 – Stop Bombs Destroying Your Progress

Whether you’re new or a puzzle-solving game master, at least once the game makes you puzzle. More than 100 stages are there, and each one comes with a unique structure and a way to complete the task. Therefore, you should rely on your skills instead of any shortcut. The thirteenth level seems a bit complex, but you can complete it within a few taps. There are two vertical and two horizontal pins available, and removing each one will determine the end.

  • Remove the left-hand side horizontal rod and let the colorful balls fall to a section available right below
  • Drag the 2nd horizontal pin across the screen to fill the Jar with balls and throw the bombs far away

Level 14 – Remove 4 Pins

For each completed level, you will receive coins, and once the meter gets full, the game reveals a skin to unlock. The game won’t force you to keep the ball skin at any cost, as there’s an option to skip the offer to continue the game. The fourteenth level comes with four pins to pull and complete the level.

  • You must remove the pin of colorful balls
  • Drag the 2nd and 3rd pins across the screen to collect all balls in one place
  • Lastly, remove the rod from above the Jar to lead all balls to the Jar

Level 15 – How to Complete a Complex level

Completion of the fifteenth level is a bit tricky because it seems all items are placed within a small chamber. The thing you should take care of is the removal of pins, and pulling them following the right order will lead you to victory.

  • Firstly, you must remove the pin holding silvercolored balls
  • Secondly, you should go with a pin available on your right-hand side holding a bomb
  • Thirty, you need to remove the pin holding the colorful ball
  • Lastly, remove the pin above the Jar to open a way for balls to get into the Jar

Level 16 – Remove Four Pins

Don’t forget about two helpful options, such as Skip and Hint. During the game, you can use the Skip button to move on to the next level, and the hint button will help you find the pin you have to drag across the screen first. Therefore, always looking for smart features instead of going toward challenging tasks. The level contains four different pins holding only balls. Follow the given steps to complete the stage:

  • Remove the upper first pin of your right-hand side
  • Drag the second pin opposite the first one, and remove the third one right below it
  • Lastly, release the 4th pin to fill the Jar

Level 17 – Avoid Four Bombs

For the first time, since I started to play, there are four different bombs available placed in the corners of the structure. Your priority should be focused on the removal of bombs to play in a safe area. The game places two vertical pins and three horizontal pins holding four bombs and balls.

  • Drag the first pin from the left-hand side to bring both bombs and balls a step-down
  • Pull the pin from the right-hand side to bring both bombs and balls a step-down
  • The third step brings all bombs together and make a blast, and mix all balls in one chamber
  • Remove the third pin to fill the Jar up to 100%

Level 18 – Remove 3 Pins to fill the Jar

The level eighteenth contains three chambers, and each is full of balls. Only the first top chamber has colorful balls, while the rest of the parts have colorless balls. Following the footsteps of previous stages, your goal is to bring all balls down to the Jar, once they absorb colors.

  • Start removing pins from top to bottom, and complete the stage

Level 19 – Pull Six Pins out

The addition of four bombs along with six rods makes the level a bit tricky and complicated. The game introduces a new type of structure containing different parts, and each one has something to destroy and lead to the Jar.

  • Remove the most oversized pin placed right above the structure to collide two bombs
  • Eliminate the 2nd rod holding colorful balls to bring then down to the third chamber
  • Drag two pins holding bombs against each other and clear the field for the colorful balls
  • Remove the fifth rod to bring all balls down to the bottom
  • Lastly, remove the sixth hurdle to fill the Jar

Level 20 – Avoid Hurdles

The twentieth level comes with three different pins holding lots of colorful and colorless balls. As previous levels, your goal is to mix all balls and put them into the jar to complete the level. The task isn’t as easy as it seems, because there are several hurdles and challenges you have to overcome to reach the end.

  • The colorless balls are separated into two different sections; therefore, you should release colorful balls among others, and merge them to obtain the same result
  • Release the upper pin of the right-hand side
  • Draw the 2nd pin opposite to the first one across the screen
  • Pull the third pin placed horizontally to take all balls into the jar

Level 21 – Prevent Bomb to blast

The game introduces a new type of structure containing two different sections holding colorful and colorless balls, and a bomb hanging between them.

  • First of all, you should pull the pin from right below the bomb to throw it out of the structure
  • Repeat the same procedure, and remove the opposite pin to make a path for balls to fall into the bottom
  • Now, release the colorful falls, and draw the final pin across the screen using intuitive controls

Level 22 – Quite Easy

The most comfortable level of Pull the Pin video game, letting you only start drawing pins from up to down and complete the stage within no time. The game isn’t only about solving challenging puzzles; there’s another part related to construction, as the game provides you with a chance to build your dream city using the coins you earn by completing puzzles.

Level 23 – Pull 2 Pins

The game won’t consider as completed until you develop a beautiful city. Your dream coming true can have a lot of in-game coins. There are dozens of buildings available, and each one requires a specific amount of coins to become available to place. The completion of the 23rd level requires the removal of pins in the following order:

  • Firstly remove the pins below the colorful balls
  • Secondly, pull the pin placed vertically amidst of the structure

Level 24 – Start Building Your City

To complete the level 24, you have to eliminate pins following the given order because there’s a bomb which makes the stage quite challenging.

  • Pull the pin on the right-hand side to prevent the bomb from blasting
  • Release the colorful balls to the lower chamber, and then release the balls of the lower chamber to the bottom
  • Pull the last pin to fill the bucket with colorful balls

Level 25 – Open 3 Pins

There are endless levels to complete, and the completion of the first 100 levels will bring something new to experience. Therefore, you should increase your speed to meet the target to receive excellent compliments. The 25th stage is relatively easy, as well as a bit tricky.

  • Remove the pin of the bomb
  • Take the colorful balls a step-down
  • Release the vertically placed big pin to complete the level

Level 26 – Fill the Bucket with Colorful Balls

Level 26 comes with three different sections separated with a single rod placed between them. As prior, your goal is similar, and you have to put all the balls into the bucket within a limited time to earn more coins.

  • Remove the vertically placed pin to mix up all balls
  • Now, draw the pin of the upper chamber to bring all balls down
  • Draw the third pin across the screen
  • Open the jar’s mouth by releasing the final pin placed above the jar

Level 27 – Never Release any Bomb

Releasing the bomb on balls would bring your struggle to an end. Therefore, whenever you reach level 27th, don’t ever dare release the bomb while doing the rest of your job. The reaction of the game totally depends on the time you consume for the completion of the puzzle. The fast you complete the level, the excellent response the game gives you.

The difficulty level starts to increase gradually, and you feel after reaching the advanced level. Now, you see a lot of rods holding balls and a bomb. The bomb will explode whenever it comes in contact with balls and the jar. Therefore, you should keep it away from the balls.

  • Pull the pin of colorful balls
  • Draw the pin next after the first one
  • Open the third pin to allow balls come down near the jar
  • Eliminate the last pin above the jar to open up a way for balls to fill the gap

Level 28 – Remove 5 Pins to earn Coins

After completing 27 challenging levels, you finally find yourself completing the next level, which brings the simplest method of its completion. You just need to mix up all balls without letting them go to the jar firstly. You don’t need to be confused, because there’s no bomb.

  • Open all pins except the last open
  • Once all balls absorb colors, open the mouth of the jar to complete the level

Level 29 – Remove 4 Pins to Build your City

The last few levels are relatively easy, as you can complete them quickly without any hustle; even a child who has completed the first 20 stages could efficiently deal with it. The game splits the layout into four different sections, and each one contains balls. Before starting the game, you should keep in mind that you are earning coins for building your dream city.

  • Open the first pin placed vertically to hold colorful balls
  • Draw the 2nd pin below the colorful balls
  • Now, you should eliminate the third pin of your right-hand side
  • Lastly, remove the last pin to complete the level

Level 30 – Open Whatever Pin you want

You would be happy to know that it doesn’t matter what pin you open up to fill the jar. This is because there’s no hurdle, colorless balls, and bombs. You can pull the pin of your choice to complete the stage. The thing about the game is that you can freely open any pin, though they are colliding with each other.

Level 31 – Don’t Lead the Bomb to Bucket

Now, you know better than me that there’s no need to join bombs, as in return, they will end your game. Level 31 brings five different pins to pull, and two bombs to blast. Firstly, you must take on two bombs before moving forward. Completing the level is quite simple, but the developer has made it seem harsh whenever anyone sees.

  • Start pulling pins from a vertically placed one
  • Once both bombs get destroyed, remove the second pin to bring the colorful ball to the next section
  • Repeat the procedure until you reach nearby the jar
  • Draw the last pin to open a way to jar

Level 32 – Two Sections contain colorful balls

In previous stages, the game may have introduced colorful balls two times. Once again, you will discover the scenario happening in level 32, where you must complete the requirements and bring all balls down to the jar to complete the stage.

  • Remove the left-hand-side pin who head is downward to let colorful balls move to the next section
  • Take your finger at the top of the screen where you find a long pin, named as “2,” draw it across the screen
  • Right below the 2nd pin, a third pin is given pull it out
  • Lastly, a final pin would remain, and upon removing, a way to bucket gets opened

Level 33 – So Simple

The simplest simple you may play because it contains only three pins. Only removing the third and second pins will lead you to the game end. To win the game, there’s only one option, which is the removal of a vertically placed pin to mix up all balls and then move to any one of the remaining pins to lead them to the bucket.

  • Remove the hurdle “Pin” to merge all balls
  • Draw any pin to lead all balls to the bucket

Level 34 – Change the Balls

You’re not limited to watch colorful balls all the time, as there’s an option of unlocking other objects like popcorn and others to replace the balls with them and refresh your gaming experience. Similarly, you choose to change pins because there are dozens of pins available, but each one requires a specific amount of coins to be unlocked. Now, the amount of coins entirely depends on your performance; the better you perform, the better you earn.

  • Mix both colorful and colorless balls by merely drawing the pin “1” across the screen
  • Except for the pin holding a way to jar, you must remove all other pins to complete the task
  • Open the way to jar by merely removing the last remaining pin

Level 35 – Bombs are nearly to blast

The level thirty-five places two bombs near each other, and lots of chances of losing the level is floating. Therefore, after entering, you should do something regarding the bombs. You can merely defuse them by pulling the first pin, as mentioned in the image. Both bombs become red after coming into contact with you each other and will blast.

  • Remove the first pin to blast bombs
  • Pull the second horizontally placed pin to bring colorful balls down
  • Remove the pin stopping the way of balls from reaching down
  • Open the jar by pulling out the final pin

Customize the Balls

The game features a paintbrush on the left corner of your screen below the restart button at all levels. By simply tapping on the paintbrush, you can change the appearance of the balls. Making a lot of progress lets you unlock more designs to play with style. Using the coins, you are allowed to open some unique style following the pattern of the spinner. Each ball will cost you 300 coins. In case you find the coin earning method relatively slower, you can improve it by merely watching video ads.

Start Building Houses to Collect Coins

A new mini-game opens to play as you reach level 30, and the game starts to display a sign (exclamation) on the home button. Tapping on the given button will lead you to a new world where empty land awaits you to build houses and make money. You can’t build all houses at once due to the lack of coins. Therefore, you should build houses using the coins you have and wait for more. The houses you build, the more coins you earn. After 31 levels, a new zone will unlock to decorate and build houses to make more coins.


It’s a fun game to play and brings hundreds of exciting levels to your palm. Each completed level rewards you with in-game coins required to build houses and unlock other ball designs and pins. Moreover, you aren’t allowed to revisit the previously completed level. If you want to play anyone, you have to restart the game, which is quite dull and challenging, that’s a thing the game lacks; otherwise, it is full of exciting challenges and house building tasks. The graphics are cool, and the game mechanics are great. Pull the Pin promises to add new levels soon; however, the number of existing levels is enormous. The completion of each level brings something unique for you to enjoy. The featured sounds are gorgeous and keep you engaged for endless hours of fun.

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