Escape Room Game Secret 2 Walkthrough


Escape Room Game Secret 2 is an escape game developed by 5ngames. You are kept and hidden in this secret house, your objective is to complete the puzzles needed and find the fingerprint in order to escape. Can you do it?


  • Click on the bag. (A)
  • Collect the hammer head. (B)
  • Collect the second hammer part on the second bedroom. (C)
  • Click on the hint. (D)
  • Count the dots: 4321. (E)
  • Break the safe with the hammer. (F)
  • As the hint says, click on the first arrow 4 times, the second arrow 3 times, the third arrow 2 times and then the last arrow 1 time. Now a code will show up: 5931. (G)
  • Click on the puzzle. (H)
  • Use the number 5931 to open what is inside the object. (I)
  • Collect the stick. (J)

  • Click under the sofa. (K)
  • Use the stick in order to push the glove that was hiding under it. (L)
  • Click on the window. (M)
  • Use the gloves to get the wire cutters. (N)
  • Use the wire cutters to cut off the chains from the chest. Open the chest.(O)
  • Collect the saw. (P)
  • Click on the barrel. (Q)
  • Saw a piece of the barrel. Collect the tool. (R)

  • Go to the second bedroom. Click on the barrel. (S)
  • Saw the barrel again in order to find a steel ball. Collect the steel ball. (T)
  • Go to the sofa room and throw the steel ball to where the image shows. (U)
  • Click on the hint. (V)
  • The colors Blue, Purple and Red are a hint for the next puzzle. (W)
  • Go to the first bedroom and click on the puzzle. (X)
  • Use the colors Blue, Purple and Red to open the secret safe. Collect the hook and the book. (Y)

  • Click under the bed. (Z)
  • Collect the bottle. (A1)
  • Open the bottle. (B1)
  • Pour what is inside the bottle on the book you just collected to get a new hint: Right, Up, Right. (C1)
  • Click on the stove. (D1)
  • Use the hint from the book to open the stove. (E1)

  • Collect the lemon and the sharp knife inside the stove. (F1)
  • Go to the sofa room and click on the teddy bear. (G1)
  • Use the knife to cut the teddy bear’s belly. Collect the knob and the lighter. (H1)
  • Use the knob to open the drawer. (I1)
  • Collect the axe. (J1)
  • Use the axe to break the chest open. Collect the iron inside it. (K1)
  • Click on the second sofa. (L1)

  • Use the tool and squish the lemon inside it. Use the lighter on the iron to turn it on. (M1)
  • Use the tool and lemon combination on the sofa. Find the hint: DOVE. (N1)
  • Click on the barrel. (O1)
  • Use the word DOVE to open the secret safe on the barrel. (P1)
  • Collect the drilling machine. (Q1)
  • Drill the old drawer. Collect the paintbrush and the other stick. (R1)
  • Use the stick to open the round bucket. (S1)
  • Collect the sticky tape and the powder. (T1)

  • Tap the paintbrush into the powder. (U1)
  • Open the sticky tape. (V1)
  • Click on the mirror. (W1)
  • Use the paintbrush on the mirror to find a fingerprint. Now use the sticky tape to collect the fingerprint. (X1)
  • Click on the door. (Y1)
  • Use the sticky tape with the fingerprint to open it. (Z1)
  • Game Completed.


Escape Room Game Secret features exactly all of the things you need for a good escape game. It has simple mechanics that you can understand pretty easily, movement is fluid and it features engaging and challenging puzzles. Overall, it is a pretty nice escape game to try out!





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