Pull Him Out Walkthrough


Are you ready to help out a hunter who gets trapped in a jungle-themed world where he needs your help in finding out a treasure? If yes, then start controlling a character from a side-scroll view, and tapping on the stick in the right order to complete tricky puzzles. Firstly, you should know that Pull Him Out is a Puzzle and Single-player video game, offering you a series of challenging levels, and each one requires a unique strategy to be get completed. Therefore, before jumping into the game, you just need to polish your puzzle-solving skills to end the game. Secondly, there are over 100 levels available, and completing each one is somehow impossible because it takes a long time than your expectation (if you are new to the game), as well as the perfect strategy to be get completed.

A Journey of Hunter

So, before jumping just confirm you have a lot of time because the game is addictive too and may involve you for endless hours of fun. It has a series of backgrounds, and each one is offering you fun-filled gameplay with pleasant and relaxing music. Stop playing boring games, put your puzzle-solving skills to test, while completing a series of strict levels you haven’t experienced before. The game follows an epic journey of the hunter who starts his adventure for treasure, but the ruthless puzzles trapped him badly. In the game, the only thing you need to do is to remove or draw sticks in the right order to let the hunter take the hidden or buried treasure away safely.

Get ready to navigate the beautiful world along with the hunter and assist him in gathering as much treasure as possible. The gameplay is suitable for all ages, and it doesn’t need any luck, as you have to use your brainpower while trying to solve epic puzzles. Don’t worry; the game hasn’t any time limit, so relax and take as much time as you need to solve the puzzles.

Pull Him Out Walkthrough (Level 1 to 43)

The game takes place in the jungle-themed world where the player requires to control a hunter who lost and needs your help to find an epic treasure. At every start, you must learn how to draw a stick/pin, and complete the puzzle to unlock further stages, because only the first level is unlocked by default, and you can directly play other levels until the completion of the first. Therefore, follow the sequence of the number to reach the end of the game.

First of all, the game presents a treasure box locked with a stick and asks you to unlock the box by merely tapping your finger at the screen. You will receive a map once the given treasure gets unlocked. The chart provides you with a secret way, taking you along the direction of the pyramid to the hidden treasure. Follow the path given on the map, and start completing puzzles you discover along the way to become the master. Upon receiving the map, your character gets every excited and start moving toward the cave after finding himself in the desert, starving with thirst.

Pull Him Out Walkthrough (Level 1 to 5)

Level 1

The cave leads you to level 1 set in beneath the earth, where you discover a lot of treasure laid on the high floor, which is locked with a stick as you can see in the image. So, try to remove the rod to let all treasure fall, so you can easily collect it to move to the next stage.

While trying to complete the level, you find many skeletons of other hunters who tried their best but failed. It would help if you played the game wisely; otherwise, your skeleton will be there to warn other hunters from doing that. The completion of the stage will grant you 50 in-game coins. You can also claim 200 coins by watching ad videos.

Level 2 – Mummy Case

The level 2 leads you to a mummy case stuck between two sticks. Your ultimate goal is to take it down without falling it on your character. In case it falls on your character, the game will end, and you have to start playing from the beginning. Therefore, you should follow the given steps:

  1. Draw the left-side stick
  2. Let the Mummy Case slide a bit away from your character
  3. Now, draw the right-hand stick to let him fall down

Next to that, you tap the mummy case and come to know that you require a diamond to unlock it.

Level 3

As the level starts, you find the hunter solving tricky puzzles, where aside you find boiling lava, and treasure on another side. It would be best if you drew a right-hand stick that mentioned in the image as (1) to open a way to treasure and collect them all to move to the next level.

Level 4

As the game advances, it gets more complicated to play. This time, you need to solve a puzzle by collecting treasure, but the main problems are water and boiling. So, follow the given steps:

  1. Draw the horizontal stick to mix the lava with the cold water, and wait until they turn into a stone
  2. Remove the vertical rod to collect the treasure

Note: You can’t draw the vertical stick firstly because of the horizontal rod.

After the completion of the 4th stage, new skin will be unlocked.

Level 5

It is an exciting stage, where you find three rods placed in a different location, and each one contains a unique obstacle, while one of them has a treasure for you to grab. Before start playing, you should keep in mind that your only aim is to gather wealth and survive until the last stage. To complete the scene, follow the given steps:

  1. Remove the stick of Lava
  2. Draw the rod and let the water makes its flow to the downward direction to make the lava cool
  3. Now, you can easily remove the rod of treasure to grab it

For sure, you would be happy after having a diamond you are looking for the mummy case. Once get, you must place it to its proper given place. Now, you have to find another item to complete the mystery.

Pull Him Out Walkthrough (Level 6 to 10)

Level 6

Get ready to encounter a blood-thirsty zombie as he awaits you there. Level six takes place below the pyramids, where you must reveal your puzzle skills to become the master and drive out the zombie from the stage to gather gems.

  1. Firstly, draw a stick below the stone to stop the zombie
  2. Secondly, remove the stick right after you to lead your character to the targeted location
  3. Thirdly, draw a stick to collect the gems

Level 7

A massive stone is behind you; run as fast as possible to reach a safe location. After reaching the level, the stone will stop automatically, and a new puzzle awaits you to be get completed. Similar to the sixth level, there’s a zombie that you must kill by dropping the hot lava on it by sliding a rod.

  1. Drop the hot lava on the zombie
  2. Let the water cool the lava you dropped on zombie
  3. Release the gems to grab, and move to the next stage to complete

Level 8

Here’s a piece of excellent news for you regarding the magic stick you are looking for, required to place on the mummy case. Level 8 is offering a tricky puzzle to complete; therefore, you should be careful when completing the problem.

  1. First of all, you must let the water cool the lava
  2. Then, remove the rod below the stone to kill the mummy who has a magic stick you are searching to open the mummy case, but don’t forget to remove the 2nd stick above the zombie.

Grab the magical stick from the dead zombie and add to the mummy case accurately. The mummy case will open, and you find a girl inside it. You are a hero who saves the girl.

Level 9

After rescuing the girl who was captured into a mummy case, you are enjoying a tea in front of the TV, then suddenly, you feel some smell, which reveals a new adventure to embark on, and this time, the game will be more robust than your expectation. In level 9, you find yourself standing on the top floor of your house, and the fire badly covers all rooms below. Your ultimate goal is to save your character at any cost by drawing the sticks. So let’s get started:

  1. Draw the first stick placed vertically at the middle of your building
  2. Remove the rod of the room where face mask is available, and let it fall over the fire extinguisher and take control over the fire
  3. Now, slide the rod where your character is standing on, and let him wear the face mask, because he is going to jump in the section where the poisoning gas has completely covered the area.
  4. Upon falling, the main door will get opened, and you can take your character to the next level.

Level 10

A lot of cash is available for you to grab. You just need to use your brain while attempting to complete the puzzle. The level 10th comprises four different rods used to split up the rooms. As you get into the house, you will face off a short circuit. You might know falling water on the electricity board make it more dangerous, but to complete the puzzle, you have to do it. Let the water make its path toward the electric board which is sparking, and slide the 2nd slide of soap to make some bubbles. Once done, you can remove the third rod of money, and fourth right after your hunter. Following the given steps would help you in completing level 10.

Pull Him Out Walkthrough (Level 11 to 15)

It takes place in a building where you hunter gets trapped between different obstacles. Your goal is to achieve a password laid on the top floor by merely finding a way to take it surface. There are four different rods available, and removing each one will determine the end of the stage. Drawing the rod in the proper order; otherwise, your character will die within no time.

Level 11

Whenever you try to complete the level 11, you must remove the vertical rod to let the water mix with fire. The level isn’t as easy as you’re considering, because an electric board is sparking too and falling the water over it will give you a strong shock, and maybe your character burned badly.

  1. Draw the vertical rod and let the water clam down the fire
  2. Remove the 2nd rod right above your character, and then the third one to grab the passport to complete the level

Level 12

In this stage, you find a hungry dog continuously looking for something to eat, a piece of chicken, and a section containing a lot of cash.

  1. Draw the vertical stick to let the dog move freely
  2. Now, remove the 2nd rod to give a piece of chicken to the dog, as it won’t attack your hunter
  3. Eliminating the third stick will grant you with cash, but before you should also remove the fourth rod as well.

Level 13

Level thirteen is set in the same building but with a different layout. This time, a girl from “Save the Girls” video game awaits you outside the house, and you must join her after collecting the cash. Therefore, you should follow the given steps:

  1. Give a chicken piece to the hungry dog by removing the rod below the piece
  2. Let the cash falling by merely drawing the rod of money
  3. Thirdly, you must eliminate the third rod right above your character to grab the cash and let the poisoning cash to eject from the window to make the air clean, and join the girl to advance through the game.

Level 14

It welcomes you to a new building containing the following objects, including:

  • Fire
  • Face Mask
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Poisoning Gas

Note: You should remove the vertical rod first; otherwise, you won’t be considered to complete the level.

  1. Start the game by drawing the vertical rod to extinguish the fire and let the poisoning gas out of the home
  2. Remove the 2nd rod as given in the image to throw the mask nearby your character, but don’t forget to remove the third rod
  3. Eliminate the 4th rod to let your character save the girl by offering her face mask and move to the next stage

Level 15

The introduction of two thieves brings a new twist to the game. You, along with the girl, are having fun; meanwhile, two thieves appear and start chasing you. In short, they lead you to a new level where you must solve tricky puzzles by drawing goldenrods and making a way out of the house.

The game takes place in the same building as prior stages, containing different sections separated using the rods. You must remove the rods to let the scene happens and complete the puzzle to move to the next stage. To complete the Pull Him Out Level 15, you have to draw the first rod, so the poisoning gas comes down to kill the thief who is ready to take on you. After that, pull the second stick of money and let them fall in front of you. Collect the money and move to the next level.

Pull Him Out Walkthrough (Level 16 to 20)

Level 16

Are you ready to face off two different thieves in Pull Him Out Level 16, where you find a section of war, an electric board, and a girl who needs your help to get out of the home? To complete the stage, you must pull the rods following the sequence mentioned in the image.

  1. Remove the first rod to make a pair of thieves
  2. Let the water to produce electricity all over the home
  3. Now, eliminate the rod placed vertically at the midst of the house to kill both thieves
  4. Safely move from the house to your next stage

Level 17

You may find level 17 a bit tricky because it contains a lot of cash, a hungry dog, and a piece of chicken. You must follow the mentioned steps to complete the stage.

  1. Remove the rod of the piece and let it fall
  2. Now, slide the rod above the dog to give it a piece
  3. Let the cash fall down by sliding the third rod as mentioned in the image
  4. At last, you must remove the fourth rod to have cash and flee

After the completion of 17 stages, you find yourself, along with a girl flying in the air. Suddenly, the airplane catches fire because of unknown reasons and falls into the sea. After a lot of struggle, you find yourself on the seashore of an island. Once reached, you find a gate, and following the path, you are trapped again in a newly introduced environment set in the underground.

Level 18

This time, the environment is slightly sleek and brings a lot of new things to discover. A new environment than the previous stages introduces you to spikes, mine trolleys, and massive stones that you must overcome to complete the puzzle.

  1. Let the Stonefall down by sliding the rod below it
  2. Must draw the second vertically placed rod to cover the spikes with wooden pieces and jewelry
  3. Collect the treasure and move to the next stage

Level 19

Playing puzzle games would be great fun for everyone; therefore, puzzle genre is always in trending as it brings every time something new to find and solve. Level 19 introduces a structure made up of wood joined with iron and other material.

  1. Free the trolley by sliding the rod placed right next to it
  2. Slide the rod available above the hunter
  3. Remove the third and final rod to collect the treasure as given in the image

Level 20

You may have collected a lot of in-game coins till the completion of the level 19th, and may also unlock a lot of dresses after watching the in-game ads. Level 20 is a bit challenging, but if you are playing continuously without any break, then using your wits, you can overcome it easily.

  1. Slide the first rod below the stone and let it down over the spikes
  2. Meanwhile, slide the 2nd rod to let the trolley down right after the stone
  3. Remove the third vertically placed rod to unlock the treasure and grab it next to the next stage

Pull Him Out Walkthrough (Level 21 to 25)

At this level, there are some sweets for you guess what, fruits. The game takes you, hunter, to a fabulous environment where he requires to complete a challenging puzzle to have some fruits.

Level 21

It contains two massive stones and some fruits, as well as spikes that you must overcome to advance through the game. You must unlock the first stone to cover the spikes so you can easily cover the gap.

  1. Slide the rod above your character
  2. Slide the second rod to throw the stone over the spike
  3. Draw the third stick to have some fruits and move to the next level

Level 22

The introduction of a wild pig may be scared you while you are trying to complete the level. You have to stop the wild pig before it eats your character. Try to kill him merely using the stone placed above him.

  1. Slide the rod to release the stone over the pig
  2. Now, release the second rod to put the bucket down
  3. Release your character by releasing the third rod

Level 23

The level twenty-third contains the following items, such as a Wild Pig, Stone, Piece of Chicken, Trolley, and spikes. Follow the mentioned steps to complete the Pull Him Out Level 23.

  1. Release the trolley first to kill the pig
  2. Go with the second rod to release the stone and a piece of chicken over the spikes
  3. Now, move safely to reach the end of the level

Level 24

In actuality, your ultimate goal is to build a boat by collecting three essential items. For sure, you need to obtain items in the following levels, before the completion of each one is essential. Level 24 is specially designed to grant you a cloth you need to move your board. So, complete the puzzle to have it.

  1. Draw the rod below the pig to trap him in a possible gap
  2. Release the stone of the wild pig
  3. Draw the rode below the white-colored case and grab it
  4. Now, open the way which leads you to the next level

Level 25

For sure, no one can build a boat without using a hammer; therefore, you must find a hammer to start the construction of your boat. Finally, at level 25, you get a chance to have a hammer.

  1. There’s a stone between two roads
  2. Release the right-hand rod first to injure the wild pig
  3. Remove the left-hand rod
  4. Draw the stick of hammer
  5. Lastly, remove the hurdle no 4 to make a way out

Pull Him Out Walkthrough (Level 26 to 30)

Level 26

Do you need woods? If yes, then here are some for you to grab and create your boat. Before grabbing the woods, you must defeat two wild pigs and face off two trolleys.

  1. Try to release the vertically placed stick, as it lets both trolleys move freely and beat the wild pigs as well
  2. Now, you must free the woods by drawing stick number 2 as mentioned in the image
  3. Release the third rod to collect woods and move to the next one

After that, the game displays you a hunter sailing a boat to approach the new location. Unfortunately, something went wrong, and the hunter drove under the water, where he found a beautiful world with different puzzles to complete.

Level 27

It takes place in the sea environment where you meet deadly sea creatures and blood-thirsty zombies as well. Don’t forget to grab the jewels for what you are doing a lot of hard work.

  1. Release the vertically placed rod to pit both the zombie and octopus against each other
  2. Draw the stick of your right-hand side and let your character fall a floor down
  3. Once again, remove the third rod where the zombie was standing to collect the treasure and escape the level.

Level 28

There’s something new to discover, and many stuck over here because of no introduction regarding the slider. From level 28, you may find a rod slider, which means you can move the rod from left to right.

  1. Firstly, you must remove the vertically placed rod to let the zombie fall
  2. Secondly, slide the rod to trap the zombie, so it can’t move
  3. Thirdly, draw the stick of treasure and collect all to escape the level

Level 29

It’s a tricky level as you have to use slider two times for the completion of the level. The level contains two vicious zombies wearing dirty clothes, an octopus, and a sea shell you required to open the secret door.

  1. Release the first zombie standing right after you to pit both octopus and zombie against each other
  2. Secondly, you must move the slider to throw another zombie below and then slide it again to lock it
  3. Release you, hunter, grab the golden seashell, and escape the level

Level 30

Here you are supposed to move the slider in the vertical direction. You have to grab a seaweed by defeating both zombies and octopus. Follow the given steps to complete the level.

  1. Firstly, you should move the slider in the downward direction
  2. Open the rod of your character to let him jump over your set slider
  3. Thirdly, grab the seaweed and move to the next level

Pull Him Out Walkthrough (Level 31 to 35)

Level 31

You required a pearl to open the door; therefore, the completion of Pull Him Out 31 Level is compulsory. Two vicious zombies await you over there, and you must deal with three sticks to complete the puzzle. Although the level seems tricky, the completion of the puzzle is very easy.

  1. Remove the horizontal stick
  2. Slide the rod to trap the zombie
  3. Grab the pearl and escape

After collecting all three items, such as Pearl, Sea Shell, and Sea Weed, the secret door will get opened. Once you passed the door, you will encounter a sea king assigned you a task to collect three items, such as Fish, Shoes, and a Can.

Level 32

A snake and a zombie won’t let you complete the level, but you should try your best as you have the power to slide the rod to trap them both easily.

  1. Draw the stick to drop the snake over the zombie
  2. Remove the rod to make a way to escape
  3. Collect the shoe

Level 33

In this stage, you are supposed to collect a fish by making a zombie and octopus fool. You must follow the steps mentioned in Pull Him Out Walkthrough for the completion of stages.

First of all, you have to slide the rod to the right side

  1. Release the zombie to trap
  2. Close the slider and release the fish
  3. Catch the fish and move to the next level

Level 34

Level 34 comprises four different sections, and each one has the following items, such as:

  • Hunter
  • Octopus
  • Two Zombies
  • Snake and A Can

The game gradually increases the difficulty level and may bring you closer to the toughest gameplay that is easy to play but hard to master.

  1. Firstly, you must drop the snake over two zombies by drawing the first rod
  2. Slide the rod above the octopus to your left-hand side, and drop the zombie over there
  3. Once the zombie fell, slide the rod again to your right-hand side
  4. Collect a can and move to the next level

After collecting all items mentioned in a list offered by a king, a portal will open, which leads you to back in time.

Level 35

It takes place in an ancient era, where knight exists, as well as an angry dog you saw in previous stages. The level is split into three different sections using the rods, and you must remove them wisely to complete the puzzle.

  1. Remove the vertically placed rod to mix both the stone and jewelry
  2. Draw the stick to fall the stone over the dog and the knight
  3. Grab the treasure after eliminating the third rod and escape the level

Pull Him Out Walkthrough (Level 36 to 40)

Level 36

After progressing through the game, you realize the difficulty level is increasing. This time, you may get confused about what to do next because there’s only a stone you have to deal with.

  1. Slide the rod below
  2. Release the stone
  3. Slide the rod above
  4. Draw the rod below your character to collect the treasure and move to the next level

Level 37

Stone is available between two rods, and releasing the left-side rod will kill your character while drawing the second one will stop the dog from attacking you.

  1. Draw the right-hand side rod to stop the dog
  2. Remove the vertically placed rod to let the stone take on the knight available below you
  3. Collect the treasure box and escape the level

Level 38

Three rods, a massive stone, and a knight are there to help you in completing the given puzzle. You can’t control all aspects, but rods.

  1. Your ultimate goal is to draw the rod right after the knight placed vertically
  2. Slide the rod where the knight is standing
  3. Release the stone to take on the knight
  4. Grab a key and reach to the next level

Level 39

Another key awaits you, as well as spark arrows ready to kill anyone who stands ahead of it. Following the given steps mentioned in Pull Him Out Walkthrough will help you complete the stage.

  1. Draw the vertically placed stick to release arrows on the knight
  2. Draw the 2nd stick below the key
  3. Release the third stick to let your character grab the key and escape

Level 40

Again an angry dog, a knight, and two hurdles await you in the fortieth level where you must use your wits to overcome all obstacles and complete the puzzle to achieve the given task.

  1. Release the dog to make him contact with a ranged weapon after releasing a stick below him
  2. Draw the vertically placed rod to take on the knight
  3. Eliminate the last rod to grab a key and escape

The collected keys will help you in opening the treasure box that reveals the powerful hand of Thanos with missing gems. Your next goal is to collect all three gems at any cost to complete the puzzle.

Pull Him Out Walkthrough (Level 41 to 43)

Level 41

Now, your ultimate goal is to grab three powerful gems and add them to the iron hand. The game offers a similar environment to the previous stages.

  1. Your goal is to drop the knight down by removing the rod below him
  2. Draw the vertically placed rod to let the stone hit the dog
  3. Slide the rod you are standing on and let your character collect one of three gems, as well as treasure

Level 42

The 2nd gem awaits you over here, as well as a knight and an angry dog also. The game adjusts two arrow launchers right above you and the knight. Drawing both rods will bring your death; therefore, you should remove the left-hand rod to take over the dog.

  1. Remove the left-hand-side road to calm down the dog
  2. Slide the rod to move your character aside
  3. Release the third rod to take on the knight
  4. Slide your character and release the final rod to collect all gold

Level 43

The third and final gem is available over here. So, get started by drawing the vertically placed rod, but before that, you must remove the rod to drop all jewelry below.

  1. Let the jewelry go down by removing the first stick
  2. Launch all arrows to take on two dogs and a knight
  3. Release your hunter to collect the treasure and a gem to fix on the artificial hand

Thanos Hand

Adding all collected gems on the hand will lead you to the era where you come from, and a series of new levels get started with challenging puzzles to complete. Following the given steps in the Pull Him Out Walkthrough, you can easily dominate each level.


Pull Him Out is offering you endless levels of fun, and each one rewards you with treasure and other exciting prizes, as well as 50 in-game coins. The graphics are too good, and developers added the pleasant sound to make you engaged for endless hours. Use your brain to solve a series of challenging puzzles with no time limit option. The game is suitable for all ages because of its exquisite graphics and smooth touch controls.

The addition of sea and other creatures would provide you an outstanding experience, unlike others. Polish your puzzle skills and start completing challenging levels to earn as many points as possible. You can use the hint system whenever you find yourself in any trouble as it highlights the stick you have to draw for the completion of the stage. Pull Him Out Walkthrough provides you the solution of the first 43 challenging levels.

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