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Lion Studios brings you a wonderful Puzzle video game to experience on your mobile devices. Are you dreaming of becoming a detective? If yes, then your dream comes true, as Clue Hunter provides you with an opportunity to be a detective and involve yourself in solving a series of challenging cases. The completion of cases wouldn’t be an easy process as they need a lot of attention, clues, investigation, and more than your expectation. Control a character with a big mustache, dealing with clients throughout the game to solve their problems using detective skills. It features a female character of the game “Save the Girl” and lets you rescue her before it’s too late.

A husband is Suspected of Cheating

As the game starts, you find a client whose husband is suspected of cheating, and she needs your help to find her husband red-handed. You have a chance to earn money by solving a series of challenging cases, as well as boosting your detective skills. While playing the game, your ultimate goal is to sniff out the clues to solve a thrilling mystery and collect money.

Hilarious Puzzles to Solve

With hilarious puzzles and fun-filled backgrounds, the game provides you with endless fun where you need to find out what will happen next. In case you are willing to test your detective skills, kick into the action, and start completing objectives to become the master. During the gameplay, you may find some scenes specially crafted to make you fool, avoid them, choose the correct item to avoid the obstacle, and reach the end of each level.

Clue Hunter Walkthrough (Over 80 Mind-blowing Levels)

Clue Hunter features more than 80 fabulous levels, and each one is offering you a unique task to complete. Be a detective, and start completing tough puzzles to earn money. Engage yourself in over 80 challenging levels, offering you a chance to boost your skills and abilities. Help out your client in solving their complicated problems, and in return, they will give you cash. Each level rewards you with one of three stars depending on your performance.

Clue Hunter Walkthrough Level 1 – 3 – Catch the Husband

The first three levels are revolving around a wife and her husband, who is cheating her on another girl. Soon, the girl hires a detective to find out the truth behind the scene as she tells the detective that she has suspected her husband of cheating. So, the first three levels were revolving around the mentioned story and started from a kiss scene, as you can see in the given image.

Level 1 – Vacuum Cleaner

As the game starts, someone knocks the door, while both the suspect and his girlfriend are having romance in a room. As the character opens the door, he finds his wife along with a detective ahead of him. Detecting is saying that he is cheating you. Now, you have two choices and must choose one of them to proceed with the scene. Selecting the googles will make your game ends while choosing the vacuum cleaner will help you in revealing the fake clothes of the boy. Right after that, the boy runs toward the next scene, where both the girl and you reach out within no time.

Level 2 – Open the Window

In the 2nd level, the boy purposes you marry him by sitting on his knee, having a diamond ring. For a moment, the girl gets emotional, but as you reveal the truth, she gets angrier on him. This time, you have the following options:

  1. Turn on Switch
  2. Open Window

Opening the window will throw all balloons out and reveal the picture of the girl. Completion of the 2nd stage will reward you with 50 cash.

Level 3 – Make use of Loud Speaker

It takes place in the bed-room where you should use your wits to reveal the truth and unholy plans of the boy. So, this time attempt to uncover the girl hidden anywhere else, but before trying to reveal the cat hidden under the bed. Selecting the wrong item may lead the cat to attack you. Therefore, you should be careful while making a selection. The game provides you with two options, such as:

  1. Torch
  2. Horn

You should choose the horn as it makes the cat fearful and forces you to attack the suspected boy to reveal the clothes of 2nd girl kept on the bed. Choose a rat to let the girl come out of the cupboard, and catch the boy red-handed to complete your first case.

Clue Hunter Walkthrough Level 4 to 6 – Defuse a Bomb

Level 4-1 – Cover of Sewerage

Here, you experience a funny scene between two previous girls fighting for a boy. In this stage, you have to solve a bomb mystery, but as you attempt to get into the scene, a police officer stops you from showing his hand. You will receive two options either to select a cover of sewerage or a scissor to cut the no entry ribbon. Choosing the cover of sewerage would be a good idea as the secret way leads you to another scene after that one where the police officer has stopped you.

Level 4-2 – Become a Statue

Once you reached the 2nd cop, the game gives you two options, such as become a statue or hide into the dustbin. For you would like to hide into the dustbin to avoid being caught by the police officer, but you would be wrong if you did so. Become a statue to cheat the cop and start moving to your destination once he has gone.

Level 4-3 – Tree

After reaching new a room where you find a lot of fire, you should choose one of two choices from the following:

  1. A Tree
  2. A Door

Opening the door will directly lead you to the fire where your detective career may end before starting; therefore, you should choose the tree to progress through your journey. Similarly to the previous stage, the completion of level 4 will reward you with 50 points or in-game money.

Level 5-1 – Wooden Piece

You should know that each level consists of three different sub-levels, which means you have to complete three different puzzles to complete the level. The fifth level takes place in a ruined place, where you find a massive crack on the floor and must overcome it at any cost to find a bomb to disarm before it’s too late. Upon reaching the scene, you have to choices, either to select the broken door or a plank of wood to make a path. The selection of the wooden piece will be correct as it covers both sides and provides you with a safe way to proceed.

Level 5-2 – Long Stick

After completing the first part, you find yourself standing ahead of sparking wires, and making use of a long stick would be helpful for you. The game provides you with two different choices and choosing the one will help you in covering the given obstacles within no time.

Level 5-3 – A Key

Here, your character is stopped after watching a door, which is locked. Usually, you need a key to open the lock, but maybe this time, the scenario will be different. Two different options are available, such as:

  1. A-Bomb
  2. A Key

Use your wits as to how you could use a bomb when you are struggling to defuse it. Therefore, go with a key to open the lock without spreading chaos. The completion of the 6th stage will lead you to the stairs, and following that, you will find yourself on the roof soon.

Level 6-1 – Use a Torch

Reach the room where too much darkness awaits you. Use your wits and choose one of two different opens, such as:

  1. A Lighter
  2. A Torch

If case you choose the lighter, then a bomb will get activated, and you will be blasted with the building. Therefore, choose a torch to light up the room, and move to the next scene where you find a robber planning to activate the bomb.

Level 6-2 – A Gift

You must choose a gift box to surprise the robber instead of other items. Place the box ahead of that person, and as he tries to open it, a massive punch will appear and beat that guy badly.

Level 6-3 – Baseball Bat

The third scene will give you two options to choose from, such as a scissor and a baseball bat. You aren’t from a bomb squad; therefore, going with a baseball would be a good idea. Following the given steps will help you to complete your 2nd case as a detective.

Clue Hunter Walkthrough Level 7 to 9 – Got a Call for Help

It takes place in a mansion where you got a call for help from an unknown person. After reaching over there, you find the person missing who called you. You decided to move ahead to discover what is going on, and as you reach the door which is locked you got two different choices to choose from, and selecting the first one will help you to find the person who is missing.

Level 7-1 – Pizza Delivery Boy

Upon reaching near the door, you find it closed and have to choose from a ladder or pizza delivery boy. For sure, choosing the ladder would cause alerting the security alarm system; therefore, becoming a pizza delivery boy is a great idea, and you can easily get access to the mansion.

Level 7-2 – A Shadow

Once entered, back to your former detective get up and start navigating the land. As you proceed further, you find a shadow right behind the tree, and for a while, you will be in shock. You have the following choices:

  1. Horn
  2. Shovel

Selecting the horn will him you in revealing the identity of that shadow, and you would be calm down after finding him a gardener. He tells you the way to the drunk butler.

Level 7-3 – A Murder

After snatching the bottle from him, he will lead you to your destination, where you find an unknown person who has murdered a person. Now, your ultimate goal is to find that person at any cost using your detective skills.

Level 8-1 – A Big Dog

You, along with butler, move ahead to find the murderer. Suddenly, you find a massive dog standing on your way, and nearly to attack you. At that time, you have to make a selection from one of two items, such as:

  • Frock
  • Frisbee

Wearing a robe is good as it attracts the attention of the dog and makes him calm down to run. Next to that, he will run in the forward direction and hide in bushes.

Level 8-2 – What’s in the Grass?

As you move further, you find something moving in the grass. Not sure, it may be the murderer. The game provides you with two items, such as:

  1. Frisbee
  2. Net

Without any doubt, choosing the net will help you in catching any kind of objects if you have enough guts. So select the net and jump over the grass to catch whatever hidden into it. After a few moments, the detective successfully catches it, and yes, it was a dog.

Level 8-3 – Save the Queen

Completing the second part of level 8, you find a queen handing from a window. You must save her at any cost. The game lets you choose from either a ladder or hydrant to take the queen down safely. Choosing the ladder is quite safe and easy to fulfill your objective. Once done, the queen tells you the direction of the murderer and may help you catch that guy.

Level 9-1 – It’s too dark

Along with a queen, you find yourself in a dark room where you find someone doing something with the door. The game lets you choose one of two options, such as a Lighter and a Pot. Choose the right option to let trap the murderer; otherwise, start the stage from the previous stages. The right item is a pot, and by shaking the pot, the lights will be turned on, and ahead of you, there’s a farmer who found earlier the stage. He started to run as find you coming toward him.

Level 9-2 – A Trap

After entering the 2nd part, both characters find themselves trapped and need to come out at any cost. Two different options are there, such as a Circuit and a Water gun. The Circuit will let you turn off the switch, but you stuck and can’t move; therefore, choosing a water-gun will help you making a short-circuiting circuit to turn off the current supply.

Level 9-3 – Knight’s Armor

A few moments later, the gardener appears wearing an armor suit ahead of you. You must defeat him at any cost to solve your third case for in-game cash. This time, the game grants you with two options, such as Magnet and Gun. As you know, the bullet can’t damage the armor suit; therefore, allow the queen to use a remote and turn on the magnet to capture the knight. Finally, using your detective skills, you caught the murderer red-handed.

Clue Hunter Walkthrough Level 10 to 12 – Snatcher

The fourth story revolves around a girl and a thief. You, as a detective, must help out a needy girl whose pursue has been stolen by a snatcher. You must follow a thief to catch him and try to bring her purse back. The 10th level comprises three different parts, and each one lets you choose the right option to advance the storyline.

Level 10-1 – Catch the Thief

The first part lets you chase the thief to catch him at any cost. While chasing him, you need to choose from a track-wheel machine and a bicycle. You must go with a track-wheel machine as it helps you running the thief on a specific spot.

Level 10-2 – Stop the Thief

As you approach the thief to catch him, he runs fast and has a Scotty to escape. Meanwhile, your character grabs a Scotty and start cashing him. Similar to previous stages, you have two different choices, such as Net and Food, selecting the food would provide you with energy to run your Scotty fast than the thief and catch him within the limited time. Reaching to a specific location, the thief hides in the dark environment where you must light up to catch him.

Level 10-3 – Choose Between a Gun and Ghost

After leaving the Scotty, you become successful in stopping the thief at a specific location. Now, you have two different choices, such as A Gun and a Ghost Costume. Using a ghost costume will help you in making the thief scary, who will run by leaving the purse.

Note: Don’t forget to remove the ghost costume, because the girl reaches you she becomes scared and will attack you using a baseball bat.

Level 11-1 – Another Dimension

As the level starts, you find yourself on another dimension where that thief is standing in front of you holding a rocket launcher to kill. You must defend yourself choosing one of two possible choices, such as a Laser Gun and a stunt. During the attack, you may defend yourself by performing a stunt, but it may be harmful to you. So, go in a safe way, choose the laser gun and destroy the rocket to complete the case.

Level 11-2 – Super Detective

Next to that, you discover the thief is flying, which makes you puzzle. Find a way how he flew, and try to chase him too. There are two possible options you use to fly, such as:

  1. Jetpack
  2. Superman

It may sound stupid, but yes, you have to choose the superman costume to fly in the air. Once again, you confront the thief in the air, but at this time he has a massive rock to hit you. So be careful whenever you try to choose the perfect tool for you to complete the mystery.

Level 11-3 – Use Sound Waves

Water Pressure and Sound waves are two options available at your disposal. To avoid being died, you need to make use of sound waves to torn the rock into several pieces and bring him down to the land.

After reaching down to the land, you come to know that the detective is dreaming and the purse whose purse has been stolen standing on your head. This is because he hit you using a baseball bat which made you sleep and dreamed.

Level 12-1

After leaving the girl, you embark on a journey to hunt the thief and find yourself ahead of a statue fountain. You are in doubt that the person you are looking for is hidden behind the fountain, but you should find a way to bring him out. There are two different choices, such as use detonate or a coin. After watching the coin, the mouth of a thief gets watered, and he comes out to catch it.

Level 12-2          

Hurry up, because this time the thief has a car, and he may leave the city. Make your decision instantly to catch the thief within a limited time. Select either a gun or a police siren to stop him. Using a gun won’t stop the thief from running while hearing the siren, maybe the driver would stop the car to let you catch the thief.

Level 12-3

He warns you to don’t try to come near him as he will beat you hard. Again, you need to make a selection from two different choices. Choose a stone or a horn to see what will happen next. Using a horn will disturb the people living in a house nearby the thief, and they will open the window to see who is making horns. The window’s door will hardly hit the thief, and you can easily catch him to complete your fourth case. Return the bag to the lady, and claim your reward to unlock other levels.

Note: Don’t forget to kiss the lady you helped.

Clue Hunter Walkthrough Level 13 to 15 – Diamond Robbery

You were called by the boss of an organization whose valuable diamond has been stolen. Your primary job is to find out where the diamond has gone and found a thief. Upon reaching, the boss receives you and takes you the location where the incident happened. Using your detective skills, you start to imagine what is going on.

Level 13-1 – What’s the Password

You imagine a thief who is hiding behind the pillar, planning a strategy to make the police officer fool. He has two different options, such as use a police uniform or do a call by merely using a phone. For sure, he selected a police uniform and found the password from somewhere else to get entry to the targeted place.

  1. Police Uniform
  2. Mobile

Level 13-2 – Alarming System

Once done, he may have two other options to gran the diamond using a fishing gear or wearing a costume of cleaner. Choosing the fishing gear helped him a lot in bringing out the diamond, meanwhile, alter the police via an alarming system. After listening to the alarm, the thief would run toward the boss’s room.

  1. Fishing Gear
  2. Costume

Level 13-3 – Be a Manager

The room where the thief reached would have a sleek suit of the boss, and he adapts the get up of the boss to overcome the police. The thief has two options, such as run from a window and gets up the boss’s appearance.

  1. Window
  2. Glasses

Level 14-1 – Do a Makeup to Change Your Look

In this section, your detective will come out to catch the robber and will do a funny scene with a taxi driver to reveal the truth. As he has two options like always, so he likes to choose makeup to adapt a funny look, which somehow seems similar to a lady, but a taxi driver who considering him a passenger would run fast.

  1. Makeup
  2. Nail

Level 14-2 – Become a Worker

The 2nd part of level 14th will lead you to a damaged road that you have to overcome at any cost, so selecting one of two options may help you in dodging the problem. The available options are the following:

  1. Worker Helmet
  2. Wooden Piece

Level 14-3 – Avoid a Massive Dog

Similar to the 2nd stage, you find a massive dog barking at you. Select the meat piece and throw it toward a person to allow the dog to attack and reveal the identity. At the end of the 14th level, you do a call to the police station and inform them regarding a treasure that was stolen.

  1. Piece of meat
  2. Baseball bat

Level 15-1 – Chase a Car

As you reach the room along with a police officer to catch the thief in the boss room, you find a treasure was thrown out of the window by that person. Now, your goal is to bring it back at any cost. Start chasing the red-colored car, but you also need some transport but wait, there’s a damaged bicycle, and you have two option, such as

  1. Ranch
  2. Bicycle

Upon hearing the word “Damaged,” you must plan to choose the ranch to make it repair. Yes, it’s the correct choice if you make it.

Level 15-2 – Get the Treasure off the Car

After reaching the near car, you must decide what you would like to choose from the following object:

  1. Rope
  2. VLC Con

Selecting the Rope will help you in getting the treasure off the car. Holding a treasure in your hand would be a massive victory, but mistakenly your detective throws it down.

Level 15-3 – Treasure got broken

Once the treasure gets broken, you must cover it or join it using glue. Select the clue and attempt to join it because the police officer is just approaching you for the treasure.

  1. Cloth
  2. Glue

Clue Hunter Walkthrough Level 16 to 18

It starts with a unique mystery introducing some deadly trapped you may have seen in the movie “Saw.

Level 16-1 – A Trap

As the sixteenth level starts, you find yourself trapped, and your feet are locked with a massive metallic ball, and your mouth has covered with a water jar. A television opens, where a person claimed he trapped you. The jar begins to fill, and you have to options, such as drink all the water, or stop your breathing. Stop breathing may lose your life; therefore, drink the water and move to the 2nd part.

  1. Stop breathing
  2. Drink water

Level 16-2 – You need a key

To get rid of the locker, you need a key. The main question is how to have a key as you have two items, such as:

  1. Brick
  2. Wooden piece

You should select the wooden piece and take it near the cutter to turn it into a key. Use the key to open the lock and run toward the door to move to the third section.

Level 16-3 – Use a Lamp to Save Your Life

As you approach the door, you find the cutter start moving toward your character. Choose a lamp to hang on the roof, until the cutter tore the door into several pieces, and come back down to proceed further.

  1. Lamp
  2. Key

Level 17-1 – Have Some Pop-corn

Another deadly trap is ready for you to invade. As you reach to the level seventeenth, you find a door locked, asking you to find a key to open it. A key is laid inside a metal room, whereas you get into it, the fire burns up, and two options will appear ahead of you, such as:

  1. Corn
  2. Door

Select the corn to turn them in too many pop-corns, and the door will open automatically.


Level 17-2 – Walls with Spikes

The 2nd trap awaits you as you participate in the 2nd segment of the level seventeenth. You find two opposite walls having sharp spikes coming toward you, and you must find a way to overcome these two walls quickly. You have to possible choices, such as Tap and Hook.

  1. Tap
  2. Hook

Selecting the tap will fill the gap with water and takes you high so you can easily jump over the walls.

Level 17-3 – Detonate

Ops! The third part comes with a bomb which is almost near to blast, a door closed with a chain, and a few set of injection. Your two options are the following:

  1. Magnet
  2. Bomb

This time using the bomb will help you to open up the door and leads you to a new stage.

Level 18-1 – Save the Girl

The level 18 features a girl hanging with a rope connected to the fan, standing over an ice block. Your goal is to save the girl from being died. Therefore, try to choose one of two items, such as:

  1. Scissor
  2. Fire

As you choose the fire, the ice block will melt, as well as the girl, but her life will be safe.

Level 18-2 – Connect both Blue and Green Pipe

The 2nd part will give a unique puzzle to solve, where you, along with the girl, must join both green and blue pipe with each other to make the proper connection and open the door.

Level 18-3 – Let the Girl Flee

The third part is quite interesting, as you are given with two options to choose from, such as Let the Girl flee and Cut the Lock attached to your foot using a tool. You choose the girl by sacrificing your life, but the girl directly reaches to the person who is planning all deadly traps for you and take on him to help you. Your sixth case has been solved. Congratulations.

Clue Hunter Walkthrough Level 19 to 21

Your seventh case focuses on a guy who was captured in the first stage cheating his GF on another girl. You decided to reveal the secret once again by merely following him. The boy is along with another girl who is going to their home to have some fun. You need to reach their room first and hide a camera to have come proof in your hand and must hide too.

Level 19-1 – Fix a Camera

The scene shows you a detective hidden behind the ladder, while both two characters grabbing the hands of each other are moving toward their home. You need a long stick to perform a long jump and reach to their room. Two different options are there, such as:

  1. A Saw
  2. A Tree

Choose a saw and turn your ladders into a long stick, using which you can perform a long jump to land their corridor.

Level 19-2 – Choose a Fan

After placing the camera at the secret place, you find both characters are approximately ahead of the door, so you need to hide. Two places are there where you can hide, such as behind the curtains and on the fan. Hanging with a fan will be great as it lets you show what both characters are discussing.

  1. A Fan
  2. Curtains

Level 19-3 – Throw the Soap

In this segment, you must escape without leaving any clue. Choose the soap and throw it down. When the boy slips, come down and start running fast to leave the house.

Level 20-1 – Take Images

Reaching the garden, you must click a few images. As you start taking, a set of balloons start disturbing you. Use hair-dryer to throw them away from you.

  1. Arrow
  2. Hair Dryer

Level 20-2 – Pigeon

In the 2nd section, a pigeon will appear from somewhere else and start disturbing you. Choose the Slingshot to move it away and have some better clicks.

  1. Slingshot
  2. Bread

Level 20-3 – Request a Girl to click some images for you

After getting rid of all hurdles, you find the couple has stopped kissing. Meanwhile, a girl appears to ask what’s going on. You request the girl to take some images of that couple for you by choosing the camera option. Unfortunately, both characters find and recognize you and start chasing you to grab the camera.

Level 21-1 – Run as fast as you can

You find a couple chasing you for the camera you have in your hand. You must save your life as they a baseball bat in their hands, which they want to use to make a hit on your head. Try to offer red roses to the girl to make him impressed. But, the boy won’t leave you alone as they grab the bat and start chasing you.

  1. Red Roses
  2. Martial Arts

Level 21-2 – Make a Call of the boy’s GF

As the boy comes near you to beat, grab your phone and make a call to his girlfriend, who will appear within no time.

  1. Mobile
  2. Dustbin Cover

Level 21-3 – Be a Girl

Until the third stage, the game is still angry with you. Find a way to calm him down as you have two different choices, such as:

  1. Camera
  2. Girl Hair Wig

Choose the 2nd option to turn the detective into a girl, and upon seeing, the boy goes mad on you. Both girls can’t bear that, and they start beating their boyfriend. Receive your cash and start completing further stages.


Clue Hunter features amazing puzzles to solve and beautiful scenes to discover. A massive range of levels are there, and each level is split into three parts. Using detective skills, you can solve every level easily, and it rewards you $50 for each completed level. You can grab more cash by watching video ads. You can’t use earned cash anywhere yet, but maybe developers have another plan for you to use your funds. In case you love to play casual games or wants to be a detective, it will be a great choice for you.

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