Escape Room Game – Confusion 1 Walkthrough


Escape Room Game Confusion 1 is an escape game created by Odd1 Apps. You are in a place full of confusion and mystery, looking for clues and puzzles to solve! Can you escape this confusing house?


As the game starts, you are introduced to a big house with lots of things to explore. Your main objective here is to find the car key needed to unlock the car, to escape this confusing house.


  • Click on the attic window. Collect the screwdriver.
  • Click on the water pole. Use the screwdriver to open the water pole. A note will appear.
  • Open the note. The note contains a code: 7412.

  • Now that we have a code, we are going to use it. Click on the safe located in the right of the car.
  • Enter the code to open the safe: 7412. Collect the key inside it.
  • Use the key to open the door. Go inside the house.

  • Collect the dog food when entering the house. In the future, we will use it on the dog outside of the house to find an item. After collecting the dog food, go to the living room.

  • Collect the ice cube next to the tea cup and the glasses. Now go to the fourth room.

  • Iron the cloth shown on the image. Now a hint will appear on that cloth. Collect the cloth. The cloth now has a combination of symbols that we are going to use to open something in the future.
  • Collect the white pot with the black lines on the image.
  • Now, click on the red chest. In order to open it, correct the red squares by 3 on the left side, 1 on the middle and 2 on the right.
  • Collect the hammer and the chisel. 

  • Click on the tiles located on the stairs.
  • Use the hammer and the chisel to remove the tile on the bottom left. Collect the first piece of the puzzle.

  • Click on the red safe. Use the symbols from the cloth to open the safe. Collect the dagger.
  • Click on the pink donut on the table. Use the dagger to cut the pink donut, collect the second piece of the puzzle.

  • Cut a piece of the sofa with the dagger. A tennis ball will appear, collect it.

  • Hit the colorful bricks with the tennis ball.
  • When you hit them, they will fall off and are going to show a series of colors: Pink, Red, Blue and Green.
  • Now give the dog some dog food. After giving him food, he will show you the third piece of the puzzle. Collect the the final piece of the puzzle.

  • Now that we have the final pieces of the puzzle, click on the painting and place the pieces to complete the painting. Collect the pink token.
  • Click on the yellow safe. Use the colors of the bricks outside to complete the puzzle: Pink, Red, Blue and Green.
  • Collect the apple after opening the safe.

  • Click on the tree on the right. Give the apple to the squirrel, he will give you an oiler.
  • Go back inside.

  • Click on the drawer that is pointed on the image. Use the oiler to be able to open the drawer. 
  • Collect the crowbar.

  • Go outside. Click on the rock. 
  • Use the crowbar to pull the rock.
  • A few ants will appear. Give the ice cube to feed the ants.
  • A zipper part was hiding inside the ice cube, collect it.

  • Click on the teddy bear.
  • Fix the teddy bear’s zipper with your zipper part. A key will appear.
  • Collect the key.
  • We are now gonna use this key to open the fridge on the other room.

  • Click on the fridge.
  • Use the key to open the fridge.
  • Collect the handle inside the fridge.

  • Click on the box with the missing handle on the left.
  • Use the handle to open the box.
  • Collect the drone.

  • Use the drone to collect the kite.
  • Click on the kite you just collected on the inventory, collect the rhombus shape.
  • Go inside again.

  • Click on the box to the left of the fridge. 
  • Use the rhombus shape to open the box.
  • Collect the gold token.

  • Click on the brown box on the right.
  • Use the two tokens to open the box.
  • Collect the laser pointer inside it.

  • Use the laser pointer on the glasses to reveal a code: BHPZ. 

  • Click on the black safe.
  • Use the code BHP2 to open the safe.
  • Collect the magnet.

  • Click on the gray bin.
  • Use the magnet to get an item from the bin. It is a key.
  • Collect the key.

  • Click on the box next to the desk.
  • Use the key to open the box, a USB drive will appear.
  • Collect the USB drive.

  • Click on the TV.
  • Insert the USB drive on the TV.
  • The TV will show a combination of codes: 52222.
  • Now, click on the blue locker on the right side of the room.
  • Use the code 52222 from the TV to open the locker.
  • Collect the car key.
  • Now go outside.

  • Use the car key to open the car and escape.
  • Game Completed.


Escape Room Game Confusion is very simple in terms of it’s art style and mechanics. The game features very engaging puzzles that are a bit challenging to solve if you are new to escape games, but not too hard. You need to find solutions around the house to open chests, solve puzzles and mainly, to complete the game. It has an interesting group of objects to find, which you rarely can find or use in other escape games. If you are looking for nice and simple escape games, this one may be your best bet!



















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