Parenting Choices Walkthrough


Lion Studios brings a Role-playing and Single-player video game for Mobile Devices, such as Android and iOS. The game is designed for those players who love to see how a baby grows. In other words, you have a chance to be a father or mother of a cute child who recently opens the eyes in the virtual world. As the game proceeds, you see how the baby cries for milk, crawl, and play with toys. It usually deals with two primary elements as Role-playing and Q&A, along with a Puzzle twist. Although the game leaves you a baby to take care of, it won’t ask you to change the diaper, give it milk to drink, and play different games.

Furthermore, you will experience the life of a child from the first one to the age of 20. The game has set three parameters to see how you deal with kids, and the decisions you make will directly affect the behavior and personality of your kid. Therefore, you should think twice before making any decisions.  The available three parameters are the following, such as Brain, Justice, and Love. Parenting Choices walkthrough will help you answer all challenging questions, and reveal a way how to make a baby happy. Your baby will start crying as you make the wrong decision, and upon detecting the right decision, it will begin to laugh and clap as well.


Parenting Choices brings fun-filled gameplay for all ages, and it allows you to deal with a kid in a series of different scenarios. Taking care of a baby may be a fun job, but it will become worst when you don’t know how to deal with it. The game brings 3D graphics to experience and features brilliant sound effects that keep you engaged until the kid gets fully grown. Playing the game will make you realized how much hard work your parents had for your growth. Firstly, becoming a parent isn’t a cup of cake; secondly, you have to sacrifice your sleep for the peaceful sleep of your kids in the real world. But in the game, the scenario is the opposite; you require to make a decision on what is better for your kid or what is not to proceed with the story and grow your kid.

The game won’t leave you any clue to reveal a way how to play, because it features quite simple mechanics and good graphics. You’re not supposed to partake in any battle and events like other RPG games. It features pretty good controls and sound effects that keep you engaged for several hours. As mentioned above, the game has featured three controls, and the game will end as one of three meters deplete to zero. As the game starts, you will see a question on your screen with three possible answers. Selecting the correct answer will reward you with in-game points that will add to the said meters and reveal the answer you submitted is correct or not. It doesn’t feature any Multiplayer mode; therefore, you have to play the entire game alone.

Prominent Features

When playing the game, you can enjoy the miracle of life without any sleepless nights or any mess on the wall. In the game, you won’t find a scene in which the baby is crying, although everything is possible within a few taps of your fingers. Keep your decisions on the perfect path, and see the way you selected to raise your baby is correct or not. Throughout the game, you will deal with the following:

  • Make Decisions – In the game, you find your baby performing crazy things, and it’s entirely up to you to make the perfect choices in a harsh situation.
  • Challenging Levels to play – There are endless levels available, and each one is unique in itself. The game intends to bring a new challenge to overcome in each stage.
  • Have fun with Friends and Family – Whether you love to be a mom, father, or a baby – the game has got you covered and brings you laughing at a variety of scenarios.
  • Addictive Gameplay – In the game, you will come to know that raising a baby has not been easier as everyone considers.

Nevertheless, Parenting Choices Walkthrough will help prepare you for what’s ahead in life to face off, and how to overcome.

Whether you love playing Puzzles, Trivia, Brain Teasers, Words Games or you have concerns about how the parent raises a baby, then Parenting Choices is the best RPG game for you to play to see how your kid will turn out.


Are you ready to experience different periods of human life from kid to adult? The game takes you to a 3D virtual world to take care of a small recently born kid who needs someone to look after him. Seriously, it is easy to play but hard to master. It would help if you used your wit whenever you make any decision regarding the life of your kid. Therefore, we jump in to help you get succeed in the game by finding the best solutions for each program. Get ready to experience the perfect mix of Puzzle, Brain Twist, and Trivia game elements that guarantee to give you fun-filled gameplay along with hundreds of challenging levels.

As the game starts, the game represents you by a female character who gets happy after having a baby boy. Next to that, three different meters display at the top of your screens such as Knowledge, Kind, and Justice. You start the game at the age of 0, and your ultimate goal is to reach 20 after answering all challenging questions and solving different riddles to become the master.

Age 0

The first question the game asks you is “Where should the baby sleep.” Your options are the following:

  • In the Box
  • In a Crib

For sure, your answer will be in a crib, because no one wants to sleep the baby in the box. Choosing the unselected option will deplete the meters, and once you reach below the average, the game ends.

Tutorial Level

In the next scene, you can choose the new wallpaper for the room you decided to keep your baby over there. The available options are the following:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Nightmare including Clowns

Choosing the dogs will add plus points to all three meters, while going with others may bring a different scene to your gameplay.

Level 1

The game turns off the light as you reach level 3, and ask you a question to what you would when the time for the baby to sleep comes, and your options are the following:

  • Turn on Night Light
  • Light Small Fire
  • Leave Room Completely Dark

The first option is the right answer, and your baby can take a peaceful nap.

Level 2

The baby is playing, and the game asks you the question regarding changing the diaper. It says what you would do if the kid needs to change the diaper. Your options are given below:

  • Too Expansive!
  • Use a Diaper Genie
  • Use Reusable Diapers

Using a Diaper Genie would be helpful for you. Therefore, you should tap on the 2nd option to answer. As you tap on the 2nd option, an ad will start to play if you will connect with the internet; otherwise, nothing will happen, and you have to go with the first or third option.

Level 3

The time has come when you can give a name to your kid. Now, you should take a break to think about what should you name the baby, and your options are the following:

  • After my Favorite Color
  • Favorite Snack
  • Clothing Brand

Level 4

The last question of age 0 is about your choose the person who will take care of the kid after you. In case you need to go out for any reason, who would the person you choose from the following:

  • Dad
  • Nanny
  • Lave the baby alone

Choosing a dad would be great because it is only the person with whom the baby feels secure and comfortable.

Age 1

Now your kid is one-year-old, and it’s time to celebrate the birthday, and don’t forget to buy him a birthday gift. All gifts you will purchase throughout the game will be a showcase on a shelf. The completion of each level will reward you with in-game cash that you can use to unlock extra stuff like accessories, decoration pieces, gifts, and more.

The game rewards you with in-game cash that you can use to purchase cute outfits and accessories for your baby, including hats, clothes, and more. Different super dresses will unlock as your baby reaches age 2. You would be amazed to know that the first age has up to nine challenging questions that you need to answer. Your goal is to turn all meters from red to green and move to the next age.

Level 1

The first question of age 1 is when bottle you will choose upon finding the baby crying. The game displays three different bottles on your screen, and choosing one is compulsory; therefore, select one bottle out of three to see how many points you obtain.

Note: Select the Milk Bottle

Level 2

The cute baby awaits you to teach a new word. You should teach the baby how to speak, and help him take a step by introducing the first word. The available options are the following:

  • Mine
  • No
  • Hello

For sure, everyone loves to teach “Hello” to every baby. Choosing the hello word will add ten knowledge and ten justice points.

Level 3

In the next scene, you find the baby is crying. The game requests you to answer the question for in-game rewards. The question is related to the baby who is crying again, and your goal is to find out the reason. The available options are such as:

  • Check the Diaper
  • Give Some Money
  • Needs a Spanking

Indeed, the baby is crying because of a wet diaper; therefore, your priority is to check the diaper first, instead of choosing the rest of the options.

Level 4

Once you change the diaper, the game leads you to another room where you find the baby trying to crawl. He needs your help and how you will help him. There are three different choices, such as:

  • Push them over
  • Ignore them
  • Encourage them

Encouraging the baby may help him learn how to crawl on the floor.

Level 5

Ops! The baby has made a massive mess, and the game gives you two options to choose from, such as:

  • Clean Gently
  • Use Fire Hose

It seems the first option is perfect as compared to the 2nd one; therefore, choose the first option to ask the female character to clean the floor before the baby gets too dirty.

Level 6

Developers did a great job in introducing sound animation effects that keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. The next question of level 6 is related to the baby’s new clothes. What clothes would you choose for your baby if you get a chance? Your options are the following:

  • Keep Dirty
  • Bat Friend
  • Super Guy

For sure, everyone wants to see the baby in awesome superhero costumes; therefore, the majority of people will go with the third option. Upon answering the question, the 2nd birthday of your baby will come to celebrate.

Age 2

Now, your baby is 2-year-old, and the next scene starts with a dancing move performing by your baby. All meters are stable at the beginning, and you have to turn them green to move to the next scene.

Level 1

As the game starts, your baby says you are looking at him; he is dancing. The game wants to know what option you choose from available such as:

  • Stop That
  • Well Done

Appreciating the baby would be a great option, and it will add some points to your gauges. As you choose the 2nd option, the female character also joins the baby and starts dancing.

Level 2

The next scene takes place in a beautiful room where you find a sofa behind the baby and some other objects. Choose one of three given options whenever you plan to on a trip location you will choose:

  • Mall
  • Casino
  • Zoo

As you know, babies love to see animals; therefore, selecting the third option will add some points to your gauges.

Level 3

After the completion of the 2nd level, the game takes you to a new room where the game wants to see your decision upon finding the baby who is throwing a fit. Your options are the following:

  • Calm Them
  • Yell at them
  • Ignore it

Although choosing the first option may not more points to your gauges, it won’t detect anything. You should choose the answers carefully; because your every decision does matter and will bring the turn out accordingly.

Level 4

What present will you choose on the birthday of your baby? If someone asks me about my opinion, then I suggest choosing toys or candies. Babies love candies to eat, as well as toys to play with. Your options to choose from are the following:

  • Books!
  • Candy!
  • Toys!

Players who choose the books are smart, while players with toys and candies are gentle and kind. Choose one of three options, because your baby awaits you.

Level 5

The majority of parents shout at their children upon finding them playing in the trash. You have limited options to choose from, and the game wants to see your reaction. What will your reaction upon finding your baby playing in the trash?

  • Stop them
  • Explain why it’s bad
  • Spank them

You should go with the 2nd option, and let your baby know why playing in the trash is bad for him.

Level 6

Baby is playing with crayons and make his face dirty using different colors. What would be your reaction upon finding your baby performing the same action? The options are given below to choose from:

  • Praise
  • Scold
  • Yes

I think here you should go with the 2nd option; choosing the first option will detect 30 points from each gauge.

Level 7

Although you’re not a barber, the game still asks you to give the baby a cute haircut. As the game advances, the female character shaves the baby head; now, it’s on you to fix hair by selecting one of three options. Choosing a hat may cover the head of the baby and reward you with +10 points for each gauge.

Level 8

The baby thinks the refrigerator is his mommy, and it gives you three options to make the baby understand what the fridge is. The available options are:

  • It’s Fine
  • Teach them the Truth
  • Dress up the Fridge like you

I think you should tell your kid the truth to earn in-game points. Choosing the third and the first option may detect your points.

Level 9

It takes place in the same room, but the game adds a few more furniture behind the baby. You may know that baby needs music to fall asleep. Therefore, the game brings three different options to choose from to let your baby sleep. The available options are the following:

  • Death Metal
  • Classical
  • Gangsta Rap

Level 10

It seems the 2nd age has more levels than others. After playing a lot, the baby is hungry, and the game asks you to decide what food the baby should eat from the following:

  • Chocolate
  • A Balanced Diet
  • Milk Only

Choosing the milk won’t only add points to your gauges, but also brings lots of cash to your wallet.

Level 11

How you deal with baby upon finding him playing with your car keys? For sure, every parent from all over the land would experience the same thing somewhere in life. The options are available:

  • I’ll walk
  • Take them away
  • Trade Candy for the Keys

I would ask the baby to return the key in exchange for candies if I have.

Level 12

What would be your reaction upon finding the baby lonely? The options are given below:

  • Play with them
  • Leave them in their room
  • Teach them new things

Congratulation, your baby is now three-year-old, and it’s time to celebrate his birthday.

Age 3

As the baby levels up, the game will unlock new stuff and offer him a present to keep on the shelf and play whenever he wants. The game doesn’t add any impressive animations and actions to make. During the game, you need to choose one of three options after reaching the question. In short, you need to show how you deal with babies. Using in-game cash, you can unlock furniture and other stuff to decorate the baby’s rooms to make it beautiful. Similar to the 2nd, the age 3 comes with over ten challenging levels to complete.

Level 1

In the first level of age 3, you have to confirm when your baby should take a nap. The options are the following:

  • Whenever they act up
  • Naptime
  • When they are tired

I think the baby has set their own time to take a nap, so you should fall asleep when the time comes or whenever they act up or tired. All options are suitable and challenging to choose from; therefore, I suggest you go with the 2nd option.

Level 2

The second level comes with potty training when an accident happens. The game wants to know your reaction.

  • Reassure them
  • Yell at them
  • Clean it

Choosing the first option would add plus points to your knowledge, justice, and heart gauges.

Level 3

Finally, the baby has started to learn ABCs after stepping into the age of 3. What you will do next:

  • Praise
  • Ignore
  • Sing with them

I think you should go with the third option and start singing with the baby to make him happy.

Level 4

After becoming three-year-old, the clothes of the baby don’t fit. It seems the baby needs new clothes, but it depends on your choice whether the baby should wear old ones or will get new outfits.

  • Buy New Clothes
  • Stretch the Clothes
  • Just leave them in their Diaper

Level 5

The learning period of the baby has started. The thing you should teach the baby is to say their name. Don’t know what you will choose, but I suggest you repeat their name slowly.

  • Repeat Slowly
  • Yell at them
  • Write it down and point to it

Level 6

What destination do you choose for your baby vacation? The game features three different options to choose from, such as:

  • Countryside
  • Stay at home
  • 9-hour flight

Level 7

In the 7th level, you received lots of sweet kisses and hugs from the baby. Now, in return, what you would do?

  • Huge the back
  • Stop them
  • Kiss them back

Huge the baby back will add plus points to all of three gauges, and add some cash to your wallet available at the right top corner of the screen.

Level 8

In the eighth level, you need to decide what thing you would intend to show your baby on the TV. The options are given below:

  • Sesame Road
  • Rated R Movie
  • Love Story

Selection of the first option would be great as it will add nothing, but also nothing will be detected.

Level 9

In the next scene, the game will let you imagine you are going for a drive with your baby. What thing you should check first from the available:

  • Gotta Get the Car Seat
  • Front Seat
  • No Seatbelt

Choosing the first option will add +40 points to your brain gauge, while the rest gauges will remain the same.

Level 10

Once again, your baby is hungry and wants to eat a snack. You have to decide what your baby should eat for lunch from available options, such as:

  • Cereal
  • Pack of Gum
  • Pizza

Choosing the Cereal would add +40 points to your account. After answering the question, your baby gets four years old.

Age 4

Claim your gift and add to the baby’s cupboard. Now, your baby has three toys in his room to play with to enjoy. Like previous levels, you can purchase decorations to set in the room to make it beautiful. After customization, the game starts to ask questions to answer.

Level 1

Once your baby becomes 4-year-old, you should decide the place where he can sleep. There are two different choices, such as:

  • With mom and dad
  • In the baby’s room

For sure, the baby would love to live in his own room instead of mom and dad.

Level 2

In the next scene, you need to find out shoes you will have to put on the baby. The game offers three different choices, such as:

  • High Heels
  • Sneakers
  • Rollerblades

Selecting the 2nd option would add +10 points in each gauge.

Level 3

Ops! Baby is playing with a knife, and you must react rapidly before something happens wrong. You have three different options to choose from, and the baby will act accordingly, such as:

  • Snack it out of their hand
  • Yell at them
  • Take it away gently

You should tap on the third option, and take the knife from the baby gently.

Level 4

What would you with your baby after finding him having a bad dream? Usually, parents take and let their babies sleep with them. Three options are available to choose from:

  • Let them sleep with you
  • Calm them
  • Ignore them

However, here you should select the 2nd option to earn points.

Level 5

At the age of 4, your baby has a friend. You have three options to choose from the right one to turn out your kid, and the options are the following:

  • Invite them to play
  • No friends allowed
  • Let baby visit the friend

Select the first option to make your baby happy and allow him to play with his buddies.

Level 6

The virtual baby is asking for learning self-defense, and he needs your help. The game wants to know your reaction would be:

  • Help them
  • Watch Karate kid
  • Beat them up

Level 7

The time has come when you have to allow your baby to watch a movie. But what kind of movie you would prefer for your kid to watch. The options are the following:

  • The Incredible
  • Fast and Furious
  • Horror Movie

For sure, the baby loves to watch the animated movie; therefore, you should go with the first option to earn in-game points.

Level 8

After watching movies, what musical instrument you would choose for your baby to learn. There are three different musical instruments available, such as:

  • Piano
  • Drums
  • Electric Guitar

Selecting the Piano may help you earn in-game points while choosing the Electric guitar will detect up to 20 points from each gauge.

Level 9

After the first day of your baby at preschool, you come to know that someone has hit your baby. Next to that, what will be your reaction from the given options?

  • Call their mom
  • Yell at Baby!
  • Move baby to another school

Calling the mom would be great, and add a few points to your meter.

Level 10

Your baby’s next birthday is about to come; the game wants to know what gift you will buy for the kid. The options are the following to choose from:

  • Tricycle
  • Chemistry Kit
  • Gold Chain

For sure, your answer would be a tricycle.

Level 11

It’s time for a baby nap, but before you need to read a story for your baby to fall asleep. Choose your story to read from available, such as:

  • Today’s News
  • 3 Little Pigs
  • Junk Mail

Level 12

Here’s the second last question of age 4 – what you will do after finding your baby crying in the mall?

  • Call the police
  • No reaction
  • Buy a new toy

Purchasing the baby a new toy may clam down; therefore, choose the third option to move to the next question.

Level 13

Level thirteen asks a question to know what you will do after revealing that you’re late to school to pick up your kid. It gives you three choices to select from, and the baby will act according to the choice you opt:

  • Go and get some coffee first
  • Break traffic rules
  • Call him

I think here we should choose to call the administration to take care of your child until you can’t reach the school.

Age 5

At the age of 5, the baby receives a piggybank where he can save his pocket money. After reaching the age of five, you find that your baby starts to grow gradually, and his height has been increased compared to the age of 2 and 3. Now, you have lots of money in your wallet that you can use to purchase new clothes for your baby to make him handsome.

Level 1

The game starts with the first day of your baby at school. What will be your responsibility before leaving your kid to school? The options are the following:

  • New Hat
  • Pack Lunch and Pencils
  • Forgot breakfast

Choosing the 2nd option will add points two of three meters, and leads you to face off the next question.

Level 2

In the 2nd level, you need to reveal the truth of Santa ahead of your kid, because he is asking about the reality of Santa. You have the following options:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Nothing is real

Selecting the first option would add and detect your points simultaneously.

Level 3

Once again, the game gives you three movies names intending to choose one of them for your kid to watch.

  • Zombie apocalypse
  • Forbidden Romance
  • Animal Adventure

Selecting the third movie won’t add anything to your account; meanwhile, won’t detect anything.

Level 4

Your kid has come back home with a scrapped knee. There are different choices to select from, and the options are the following:

  • Disinfect and Band-Aid
  • Quick Rinse with Water
  • They’ll be fine

If you go with the first option, then the game will add +20 points for first two gauges.

Level 5

Still, now, your baby doesn’t know how to tie their shoes. Therefore, you jump in to teach them, but before answer the asked question by choosing one of three options:

  • Get Velcro shoes
  • Teach them
  • Tie them yourself

Picking up the 2nd option would add some points to your knowledge meter. Selecting of answers should be made strategically, the wrong answer will deplete your health and the powers of meters soon; therefore, we jump in to help by giving you all possible solutions of the game to complete all challenges mentioned in the Parenting Choices Walkthrough Guide.

Level 6

Now, your boy needs some school supplies and waiting for your answer. There are three answers available to select from:

  • Notebooks, tape, and scissors
  • Three Pencils
  • A Broken Crayon

The kid is asking for option A, and it will add some points to your meter. Without passing all levels of the particulate age, you can help your character grow. Therefore, you should answer all questions strategically and reach the end to become the master.

Level 7

Finally, the baby who is now a kid has made a new friend at school. Upon finding that, what would be your reaction?

  • Make a playdate
  • No friends
  • Meet their parents

The first option won’t damage your meters as the other can; therefore, select the first option and proceed with the plot.

Level 8

After having lots of fun, your baby is feeling sick, and he needs your help to get well. The options are available to choose from:

  • They will be fine
  • Monitor and rest
  • Go to the doctor

Select the 2nd option to add points to your meter and keep them green to reach the end.

Level 9

Your boy got bullied at Kindergarten and came to you for a piece of advice. It would help if you decided quickly what to do next by selecting one of three options, such as:

  • Teach them Karate
  • Ignore Baby
  • Yell at the Teacher

Now, your baby has enough grown that you can teach him karate for self-defense.

Level 10

Once again, the birthday of your baby is on the way. You have three different options to give a surprise to your kid, such as:

  • Blow Candles
  • Tell him it’s not
  • Give him a present

Your baby may get happy after receiving a present from you. Therefore, the third option is significant to choose from.

Level 11

Apart from birthday parties and friends, you should take the mathematics test of your kid by offering him a question of addition like what’s 5+5.

  • 0
  • 10
  • Ignore

Solving the mathematical question will add plus points to your meters.

Level 12

After reaching level 12, your baby has just started to banging his head on the wall. Upon finding, what would be your reaction?

  • Spank them
  • Bang your head on the wall
  • Watch and clap

Select the third option to answer the question and earn in-game points.

Level 13

Your baby is hungry and looking for something to eat. Now, it depends on you what food you choose for him to eat or can decide nothing to offer him.

  • Breakfast
  • Diet
  • Apple Sauce

Choose the mouth-watering apple sauce to keep your kid well-fed and earn in-game points to fill the meter to unlock different ages.


Parenting Choices is a perfect game for those players who want to take care of a virtual baby. The game introduces good art-work and smooth sound effects. The game is appealing to play, although it didn’t feature any visual effects and prominent features. You’re not supposed to fight, solve riddles, and reach the end of each level, to complete the level you just need to answer a series of questions by selecting one of three options.

The game features a home button to take you back to the main screen where you can control the limited aspects of the game. The completion of levels will reward you with in-game money that you need to unlock furniture and other items of decoration to make the room of your baby beautiful. Parenting Choices Walkthrough brings solutions of all levels for those players who are confused and don’t know how to deal with each question.

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