Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Level 8 Walkthrough


In the previous level, we helped the protagonist to prepare a formula and found a code to escape level 7. After escaping the Underground Laboratory, the prisoner is stuck in a Research Center where he needs your help to escape. Finding hidden objects for the completion of puzzles isn’t easy; therefore, we jump in to help you with our Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Level 8 Walkthrough Guide that contains all solutions and answers. The perfect mix of Hidden Object and Puzzle game elements is offering you exciting gameplay. You assume the role of a criminal who has been trapped and needs your help to escape.

Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Walkthrough – Level 8 (Research Center)

It takes you to a highly detailed environment (Research Center) where you may discover huge machinery and many other tools required to conduct experiments. Read our Prison Escape Puzzle Walkthrough to learn how to complete Level 8.

  • Click the passageway to reach the second room and read the sticky note placed on the board.

  • Head to the vault and enter the following code 24710 to open it for Flash Drive and Note.

  • Go back to the first room, head to the machine where your goal is to insert the USB into the port, and tap the buttons following the shapes available on the note.

  • As you solve the puzzle, the machine opens to let you collect the vaccine.

Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Level 8 Walkthrough was completed. Click to read Level 9 Walkthrough.

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