Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Level 7 Walkthrough


Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Level 7 takes place in an underground laboratory where the criminal gets trapped and searching for a way out. Finding hidden objects in Level 7 would not be easy because the difficulty level is increasing continuously since the first level. Unravel your puzzle-solving skills and start interacting with the environment to discover the truth behind the scene; meanwhile, discover hidden objects to solve tricky puzzles. The environment is set in the 3D setting where the player can’t move freely though. Read our Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Level 7 Walkthrough to get all answers and solutions.

Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Walkthrough – Level 7 (Underground Lab)

The game welcomes you to the underground laboratory and assigns you a series of items to discover throughout the scene.

  • Firstly, remove the cover of the circuit and head to the device near the door, and enter the code as given below to unlock the door.


  • Go through the door to reach the room that seems like an office. Head to the cabinet to collect the pliers and Z-4 from there.

  • Go back to the main area, select the plier and use it to get the wire.

  • Now, go back to the office, head to the table where a box is kept. Tap the box, connect the red wire with it to run the monitor.

  • Head to the monitor as set shapes as they are drawn on the box. Once you are done, head to the box to obtain a wrench from there.


Tap the elevator to open its door and go through it to reach the circuit where you may discover a note with 15 written on it.

  • Select the wrench from the inventory and untie all screws from there to open the lid.
  • Get ready to play a mini-game to set them in a particular order.

Second Room

  • The elevator takes you to a new room that looks like an experiment room. Get into the room and struggle to discover the following things, such as Transparent Film from the floor and from above the table.

  • Go back to the elevator and hit the “UG” button to reach the third room.

Third Room

  • After reaching the third room, you have to search for the transparent film kept on the floor and a crowbar from under the table.

  • Use the crowbar to break the lock of the cabinet available on the right side to get the Z-5 bottle.
  • Head to the table available on the left side to collect the RM-8 bottle.
  • After that, tap the table where a screen is available and place all transparent films there to solve a puzzle and bring the numbers (2854) on the screen. Once you complete the puzzle, go to the elevator and hit the “LG” button to reach the second room.

Go to the Second Room

  • Once you reach the second room, head to the table where lots of experimental bottles are available. Select all bottles from the inventory and place them on the table to play a mini-game.

  • Next to that, tap the paper pieces and try to connect them to see what is written on them. It is a recipe/formula to prepare ND-026.

  • To prepare the formula, pour the following bottles into the jar, such as Pink, Blue, Pink, and Yellow. Once all is completed, keep the jar on the stove for a while until it changes its color to green.

  • There’s a battery available on the table where you must keep the chemical you recently prepared and keep it in the wall along with other batteries.

  • Head to the device and enter code 2854 to open the door and escape.

Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Level 7 was completed. Click here to read the Level 8 Walkthrough to find all solutions and answers.

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