Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Level 9 Walkthrough


Here’s the Walkthrough of Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Level 8, set in the Virus Lab. The prisoner needs your help to make final decisions and escape the last location as well. Similar to previous chapters, you have to help the protagonist to discover hidden objects and utilize them to solve while playing mini-games and getting clues. To complete the last level of the game, read our Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Level 9 Walkthrough holding all possible solutions and answers.

Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Walkthrough – Level 9 (Virus Lab)

In the previous level, we collected a vaccine. Now, the game takes the player to a virus lab where finding hidden objects is the only way to escape.

  • Firstly, collect a Flash Drive from the floor and keep it in your inventory to use later.

  • Head to the cupboard available on the left side to get the following things: Magnifier, Right Boots, Left Boots, Left Gloves, Suit, Surgical Mask, Goggles, and Right Gloves. There’s a trolley holding pieces of paper. Use the paper pieces to complete the image and leave the area to confront the laptop.

  • Tap the laptop, insert the USB drive to run a mini-game where you have to tap the particular dots to solve the puzzle.

  • After finding the specific dots, the next game appears on the screen that works similar to a Jigsaw puzzle. Complete the image and go outside to discover more clues, hidden objects, and mini-games.

Go Outside

  • Tapping the passageway may lead you to the outer world where your goal is to select the magnifier from the inventory and search for the hidden objects as the game displays.


As you complete the puzzle, the game takes you to a laboratory where your goal is almost the same to find hidden items and utilize them to solve puzzles.

  • Here you have to first collect C-1 from the table and add it to your inventory.
  • Move to the other side of the lab to discover further hidden objects like a screwdriver from the table, a Bacteria Sample from the drawer of the first cupboard from the right side, and the second Bacteria Sample from the drawer of the next cupboard.

  • The drawer of the third cupboard holds a Bacteria Sample and a bottle of 0-6.
  • After that, tap the table to prepare a liquid.

Lab 2

Going through the door may help you reach the second lab where lots of computers are available, along with other machines.

  • Head to the laptop, enter the code (622196) to see a few photos. Open the machine near the laptop to collect another Bacteria Sample and V-4.

  • Tap the microscope and place all Bacteria samples there to examine.

  • Go to the main area, select the screwdriver from the inventory, and use it to remove the lid of the circular table displaying a few samples in the mirror jar.

  • The circular table holds a device where you have to enter the following code (314) to open the jar to collect the items, such as D-5, I-3, and Bacteria Sample. Another bacteria sample is available on the table on your left side.

  • Move back to lap 2, head to the microscope machine and place the fifth and sixth bacteria samples there and examine them one by one to get the Bacteria Sample.

  • Select the final bacteria sample from the inventory and put it into the machine available on the left side of the laptop to obtain BT.

After that, you should move to the main area where you have to experiment to find the final solution and escape the Virus Lab.

  • Head to the table and keep all chemicals there, such as D-5, C-1, V-4, I-3, and O-6 near a jar available on the fire, but before read the board to learn how to mix items to get the final result.
  • Once you mix all ingredients, the final product you get will be Serum.

  • Use the Serum into the machine to get the Enhanced Vaccine. Go to your earlier position going through the market and collect scissors from there.

  • Select and use the scissors to cut the ribbons and reach the market where you have to select the enhanced vaccine from the inventory and tap the market to escape.

Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Level 9 was completed.

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