Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Level 4 Walkthrough


After escaping the East Wing Level, the protagonist gets stuck into the forest, and finding the way out is difficult. So, he needs your help to not only discover hidden objects but also solving tricky puzzles. The game doesn’t include any list of objects that means you have to struggle and find hidden items on your own, but the game has decided what objects you need to discover. In case you find Level 4 difficult to complete, read our Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Walkthrough.

Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Walkthrough – Level 4 (Into the Forest)

As the name implies, the game is set in the jungle where you may discover a small house holding too many secrets and lots of hidden objects. Read the Walkthrough to discover how to complete the puzzle.

  • Firstly, head to the fences around the area to discover the crowbar and use it to open the box kept amidst the main scene to get the following things: Batteries and Bolt Cutter.

  • Select the bolt cutter to cut the fences and go through to reach a beautiful home.

  • Collect a plank from there and head to the sewerage cover.

  • Use the crowbar to open the sewerage lid and go through it to reach there.


You will discover a dead boy as you go down, along with a note. Click on the note to read the warning before making any step ahead.

  • Obtain a flashlight from nearby the body, put batteries, and turn it on to light up the area.

  • Select the plank from the inventory and place it between edges to make a path and cross the sewerage line to reach another side.
  • Soon, you will find yourself in a narrow tunnel where you discover a note with a smiley face. Go through each passageway to discover images and find the way out.

  • Following each door may lead you to a new area where you will discover a ladder, a bucket, and a drum.
  • Clicking on the stairs may lead you to the home where you discover everything lies in the mess.


  • After reaching a room, your objective is to remove the stick from the door and head to the locker fixed on its left side to crack it.

  • The lock-in itself is a mini-game where one must lead a ball to the exit point while keeping the ball away from the sparking.

  • As you crack the locker, the door opens and you are ready to escape the Prison Escape Level 4.

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