Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Level 3 Walkthrough


Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure is a Hidden Object and Single-player video game released by Big Giant Games for Android. We already have completed the first two levels, and are back with Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Level 3 Walkthrough. In this game, you assume the role of a person who has been trapped and thrown into an old prison. The protagonist needs your help to escape the prison; therefore, you should help him to find hidden objects and utilize them to solve puzzles.

Escape the third level with the help of the guide available at Use your detective skills to discover hidden items, play mini-games, solve puzzles, and escape the scene to unlock the other levels. There are almost nine levels available; each one is set in different locations.

Prison Escape Puzzle Level 3 Walkthrough – East Wing

The third level is set in the “East Wing” where you find yourself standing on the rooftop. Lots of mess are there and your goal is to examine them to find hidden objects.

  • Firstly, tap the trolley to move it aside and collect a crowbar.

  • Use the crowbar to break the wooden boxes available there to collect a portrait that will be added to your inventory.

  • Get into the room where you have to tap the front wall to remove the paper and discover shapes.

  • Remove the bed sheet to discover a set of keys and add them to your inventory.

Second Room

After collecting a set of keys, go into the second room where you may discover ruined things like a cupboard, photos, and an old cupboard.

  • Here you should obtain a mirror first and select the portrait from the inventory and fix it on the place of the mirror.

  • Rotate all images in a way as the image shows below. Once you set all images, it unravels a secret place holding a crank. Get the crank and add it to your inventory.


  • As you collected the crank, leave the room and get into the toilet where your first objective is to place the mirror above the basin.

  • Take downstairs to reach the sewerage line where you discover a rusty bucket.
  • Head to the box near the ladder, select the keys from the inventory, and use the fourth key to open the door and get access to the main pipe.

  • Rotate the pipe to see either it is working or not.

  • Go to the toilet where you discover water coming out from a shower.

  • Select and fill the bucket with water and use it to remove the drawing from the wall. Once the drawing gets removed, go down to the sewerage line and head to the box available on the right side of the ladder set the images, fix the crank, and pull it to open the door.

Prison Escape Puzzle Level 3 was completed. Follow the given link to read Prison Escape Puzzle Level 4 Walkthrough.

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