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A beautiful part of a long-running Pokémon franchise brings endless fun to mobile devices, such as Android and iOS. Pokémon Masters EX, developed by DeNA Co., Ltd, is a Role-playing, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game that takes place in an enchanting world where you can control a Pokémon trainer from a third-person perspective throughout the game. There’s a beautiful world full of befriending cute monsters who want to be your friends.

Each one has unique abilities and special powers to use against rival monsters in the stadium. The storyline follows a young guy who dreams of being the world’s best Pokémon trainer. To fulfill his dream, the protagonist embarks on a journey to find, catch, and train different types of cute monsters. A new adventure awaits you in Pokémon Masters EX to be get completed.

Pokémon Masters EX Review

Everyone knows how the first release of the Pokémon series had broken all the records of the gaming industry, as it brought a brand-new concept of finding, catching, and training befriend creatures who are roaming all over the world freely. Some species are common and have elemental powers, while some are really rare and hard to find. A trainer requires to navigate the world, search each corner of the street to find the legendary form of Pokémon, and catch them using Pokeball. In contrast to previous titles, Pokémon Masters EX releases with improved graphics and superb mechanics that guarantees the fun-filled gameplay.

Hatch Eggs and Team up System

Having new monsters are a dream of every player who wants to make a collection of legendary monsters. Therefore, the addition of the Hatch Egg system is beneficial for these guys, and let them team up by hatching eggs for new Pokémon. You’re allowed to add a hatched monster to your team and use it in battle your way to being at the top. I like the hatching procedure, and it’s quite exciting to see how an egg hatches and a cute monster baby comes out. The game retains most of the legendary items from its predecessor and releases along with much new content too.

Participate in 3-on-3 Battle

Building a team of heroes isn’t an easy task; therefore, you should be careful when building Trainers and Pokémon, as they are only the way to dominate the battles. Professional trainers and legendary Pokémon won’t leave you alone on the battlefield and ends with having a massive victory against other teams of trainers. Before participating in any battle, we suggest you take a practice session for a while, learn the basics, and come to know regarding the best strategies.

Introduction of Trainers from Previous Releases

Have you ever dream of playing along with previous trainers in the newly released title for mobile devices? For sure, your answer will be in big no, but developers had some plans, and they brought all trainers of previous titles together, along with the following:

  • Champions
  • Elite Four Members
  • Gym Leaders

Before embarking on any adventure, you’re supposed to team up with Trainer and their legendry Pokémon.

New Stories are here with your Favorite Characters

Whether you’re new to the game or a diehard fan of the Pokémon Franchise, Pokémon Masters EX grants you a chance to experience the original storyline that crosses all generations of Pokémon, along with Familiar Trainers and Champions.

Plot and Gameplay

The story takes place in a region known as Pasio, an island, and a home of beautiful Pokémon. Trainers worldwide come to the said land to compete in Pokémon Maser League to be the best. The game starts with the player who has only one Pokémon (Pikachu), and his ultimate goal is to recruit with other trainers to dominate the league.

Unlike other games of the Pokémon series, the battles take place in a 3-on-3 combat system, where players are allowed to team up with the other two trainers to ally three trainers. In the game, battles occur in real-time with trainers unleashing deadly attacks on others once the Move Gauge gets full. You should know that each trainer has a Pokémon to use in the battle, and the pairs of Pokémon and Trainer are known as Sync Pairs.

Welcome to Pasio

As already mentioned, Pokémon Masters EX (also known as Pokémon Masters) takes place on an artificial island, known as Pasio, where the game welcomes you to partake in a challenging league. Popular monster trainers from all over the world come to participate in challenging competition to prove their skills and to be the world’s best champion. For sure, you control the primary character of the game, and the game sets you off an exciting adventure with your favorite Pokémon partner.

During the journey, you will interact with different trainers, make new buddies, and work as a team as you struggle to advance through the storyline. Once you successfully made buddies with other pairs, you become able to build a squad that’s all your own and switch your aim from building a team to becoming the world’s champion of the Pokémon Masters League Tournament being organized on the island.

Join or Invite Famous Trainers

Working as a team with other trainers is the key to success, and it brings a gorgeous twist to the storyline of the game. Throughout the game, whenever you discover some of the sync pairs on Pasio include the Legendary Pokemon Trainer Red and Charizard, and more.

3-on-3 Pokemon Battles

Joining forces of other trainers with their sync pairs means you are supposed to engage in battles. The competition in the game is focused on three-on-three fights, and they will be played out in real-time. During the competition, you could reveal your best attacks one after the next once you find your move gauge refills after a specific time. What’s new in Pokémon Masters EX? In the game, the players aren’t only supposed to command Pokémon to reveal attacks, but they can also use their unique moves and healing items in the fight for the first time in the history of the Pokémon series. You would be surprised to know that the exquisite move could be an effective way to increase the stats of a monster or have other effects.

Note: Finding all-new strategies may help you to come out on top.

Improve Your Sync Pairs

In case you’re hoping to make your career far in the game, you should have to improve the strength of sync pairs to reveal your full potential. Without a doubt, controlling cute monsters would be a great experience; the scenario becomes a bit complicated when you have to use these monsters against others to defeat them. At that time, having a better bonding between trainer and monster could bring a massive achievement for you. Therefore, before participating in any league, you should understand your monster because the game beautifully featured the unique behaviors of each Pokémon, as each one has unique likes and dislikes, as well as possess unique abilities.

Pokémon Masters EX Walkthrough – Chapter 1 (New Adventure, New Goal)

Undoubtedly, many players are searching for Pokémon Masters EX Walkthrough to clear the stringent levels to be the master. Therefore, we jumped in to help you by offering the best strategies and tactics. The game spans several playable chapters, and each one brings something new and unique for you to reveal. Similarly, the first chapter focuses on a New Adventure where you meet lots of cute buddies and make new friends. As the game starts, you are welcome by Blue, who is ready to take you to the world of Pokémon Masters. “Blue” pretends to be your teacher, as he reveals two types of competitions and tells you about trainers who are coming to participate in the world’s challenging competition.

Moreover, before participating in any competition, participating in a training session is compulsory as it helps you boost your skills a lot. In the game, you control the primary character who reaches to the world of Pokémon along with his best companion, Pikachu. As you enter the stadium, a cute receptionist welcomes you, named Trista. You need to ask her to register you and your Pokémon for 3sg competition, and may grant you a “Poryphone.”

What is Poryphone?

Poryphone is a multi-purpose information device that is a must to have here on the tropical island. During the game, you can use the device to communicate with other synced pairs on your team.

What is Sync Pair?

Indeed, you would be worried about Sync Pair in case you are new to the game. It is a term used to describe a relationship or pair of a Single Trainer and Pokémon.

Right after that, she informs you that some other trainers are searching for sync pairs and ready to let you introduce them if you need a pair to build your team. In the next scene, you find yourself standing ahead of Brock, who is asking a question regarding your search for a team because he is also searching for a team. Most of your time, you spend reading discussions between characters and making choices to proceed with the storyline. At the very start, you have three following choices:

  • Explore
  • Shop
  • Team

You are allowed to choose your favorite, but at the very beginning, only the explore option is unlocked by default, while the other two options required the completion of objectives.

Trouble in Centra City

The scene starts with a conversation, in which Brock let you know that Centra is the biggest city of Pasio, and an AI entirely. The next scenes up with two teams trying to challenge each other, but Brock and Misty interrupt and calm down the situation to complete their first level, which rewards them with 10 Gems and a Map.

2 Battles

For sure, as the title implies, you have to battle against two different pairs in the given location to show off your abilities. Never give up, try your best along with your Pokémon, and dominate the match. The battle would be terrible; therefore, don’t jump in if you aren’t prepared. Upon hitting the “Go” button, you find yourself into a battle against Punk Girl, who warns you to avoid or be ready to get defeated.

In the game, you are challenged by Punk Girl Ellen that consists of three contestants and always ready to battle against new trainers to let them show their epic powers and unique abilities. You may be familiar that battle takes place in a turn-based system similar to other titles of the Franchise. Therefore, keep in mind that you should plan a perfect move and wait for your turn to implant on the battlefield.

Note: Typical battles are fought in two teams of three members each, and you are fully allowed to control each member of your team.

The game displays you two different options at the bottom of the screen, such as Potion (2/2) and Thunder Shock. For sure, thundershock would be for Pikachu. Hitting the said button will boost the power of the monster and let him attack opposing members at full power to deplete the health bar. There’s a “move gauge” that will deplete upon using moves. Each character has a unique understanding with his/her Pokémon and can use the power differently. Therefore, you should learn before attacking anyone.

Before taking any action, try to learn about the weakness of your opposing team. Each Pokémon has its unique weakness and strength point. Learning the weakness will help you in defeating it within no time. Therefore, focus your attention on finding the weakness, instead of start fighting randomly, would be in your favor. The defeated member will be eliminated from the team, while the rest will start fighting against you.

Confront Street Thug Micah

In the next match, you will fight against a team, known as Street Thug Micah. All members of both teams introduce their Pokemon to the battlefield and start competing against each other in real-time turn-based combat.

Note: You should know that every sync pair has a type that it’s weak against. And attacking with moves that perfectly match the weakness will double the damage.

The border around a displayed window will flash upon having a move that’s super effective against the target. Following the given instruction properly will help you to win the match within no time. Your experience points will increase, and the game levels up your characters to grant them more power and skills. Each character has some attributes, such as:

  • HP
  • Attack
  • Defence
  • Atk
  • Def
  • Speed

The completion of stages will leave with massive rewards like 30 gems, a map, and many other boosters to use during the battle. Next to that, the conversation started between characters, and your next level to complete is Cynthia and Rosa. In the next scene, you are going to Challenge Rosa, who is a boss. Upon reaching here, a new sync move is unlocked.

What is Sync Moves?

Sync moves are powerful attacks capable of doing massive damage to your opponents within no time. The game features a countdown that starts to run as you make use of a sync move. After defeating Rosa, levels all of your characters will be up and rewards you amazing prizes to use later in the game. As the Pokémon Masters EX Walkthrough advances, many new features and characters will available. Till the end of the game, you become able to create and edit your team to boost your progress.


Pokémon Masters EX Walkthrough – Chapter 2 (New Friends and Foes)

Soon, Rosa will be in your team, and Misty will introduce you to Rosa. As I told you, most of your time would be spent reading the narratives/discussions that happened between characters, whether they are controlled by you or AI itself. As the storyline advances, the game becomes thrilling to play, and you may face off powerful competitors who are challenging to take on; therefore, you should keep your character always leveling up to boost not only his power but other aspects also. There’s an option of selecting the “Auto” feature to let the conversation smooth without any disturbance. So, try to make Rosa as your teammates, because there’s an edge of having a grass-type Pokémon in your team.

Challenged by Swimmer Howard

You can edit your team to replace characters with anyone you pretend to be a part of your team. The game brings endless options for you to experience outstanding gaming. After approaching the 2nd Chapter, your team will be challenged by Swimmer Howard – three characters of the same appearance, style, and personality. Following the same rules you were introduced in the previous chapter could help you dominate the fight. All three characters use water-type Pokémon, while you have to defeat them all within no time after knowing their weakness. Don’t be fool by their appearance, as they aren’t precisely mad as they seem.

Challenged by Mas Masked Man

During the journey, you make a lot of new friends, as well as enemies. There are many people available who don’t want to see you as a champion; therefore, they always try to push you back. So, keep boosting up your abilities and defeating rival teams who challenge you to show off your powers. You can turn all of your opponents into your buddies by defeating them on the battlefield. The Masked Man team contains three characters, two of whom are girls, while one man. You can modify your team anytime to bring the best trainers to your team. Opposing team members can target your one or all Pokémon at once without any hustle.

Training Machine

For those players, who aren’t familiar with Training Machine, there’s an introduction. The training machine helps you learning both moves and passive skills to boost your abilities.

All three options, such as Explore, Team, and Shop, get unlocked and ready to provide endless possibilities of powers, features, and approximately everything you need. After getting into the Team option, you will discover the following options, such as

  • Edit Team
  • Level up
  • Moves and Skills
  • Increase Potential

Training Machines are required to boost your moves and skills. Upon selecting the Team choice, you will be directed to a screen where your goal is to select “Moves and Skills.” Next to that, choosing the character is compulsory for whom you want to improve skills. In the Pokémon Masters EX Walkthrough of 2nd Chapter includes the following tasks to complete, such as:

  • The Search for Barry
  • Masked Challengers
  • Jumping to Conclusions
  • Challenge Barry
  • Defeat Team Break!
  • Challenge in the Cave – Team Break

You are allowed to inspect the details of your opponents to establish your team accordingly. Therefore, choose the members of your team before jumping to the battle.

Moreover, the game suggests to you which type of Pokémon would be in your favor during the battle. Defeating the boss of the opposing team could be more challenging than other teammates. Therefore, you should play strategically and take advantage of having all types of Pokémon to defeat the boss. In the following chapter, you will fight more than the first chapter, and the introduction of new characters may help you boost your will to become the champion of the world.

Pokémon Masters EX Walkthrough – Chapter 3 (Rise Beyond the Flames)

Upon getting into the Walkthrough of Pokemon Masters EX third Chapter will throw you ahead of massive Volcanic Panic, and it is the first task awaits to be completed. As the game starts, a discussion has started between characters, and the game reveals new characters, known as Flannery and Blaine. Making choices procedure has been started from here, and you have to make choices you like to proceed with the storyline in your way. Keep in mind, your selection of choices would determine the end of the game.

Challenging Tasks of Chapter 3 are the following:

  • Volcanic Panic
  • Challenge on the Volcano
  • Challenge on the Volcano Part 2
  • Fiery to the Core
  • Challenge Flannery
  • Kindling Friendship
  • Fieldwork with the Professor

It would help if you kept in mind that making use of water-type Pokémon in the given location would be in your favor; therefore, in case you are thinking of adding Barry in your team, the idea is superb. Make use of all Pokémon you have in your inventory to take on the opposing team within no time. Making the wrong decision while selecting the Pokémon would be a cause of your loss. Never miss a single opportunity to damage teammates of opposing teams and drive them out of the battlefield. During the game, you’re allowed to call out another teammate upon getting defeat.

After having victory in the first battle, you will be challenged by Black Belt Gordon. It would be a bit difficult to take on a team more powerful than yours; at that time, having a proper strategy could help you turning the match scenario, and then the results will be different. In the next match, you will face off another team of deadly competitors, known as Scientist Xavier. Further competitors will appear after a while to challenge you on the battlefield. Defeat you; each team will reward you with exciting prizes that you can use to level up your heroes and Pokémon.

Pokémon Masters EX Walkthrough – Chapter 4 (From Bug to Blossom)

The completion of the third chapter rewards you with lots of prizes that you can use to unlock further content. The first objective in Chapter 4 is “Hunting for Badges,” and following the footsteps of previous stages, the fourth game chapter starts with a conversation between characters. Like previous chapters, the first level ends up leaving you rewards in the form of gems. Therefore, you should always keep the level of your character up while learning new moves and attacks to take on powerful enemies.

Your next goal is “Challenge on the Boulevard,” and it contains up to two brutal battles. To defeat opposing without any hustle, you required Pokémon, which uses fire-type moves. Therefore, you should go with Flannery to compete against others. As mentioned above, you are fully allowed to customize your team as per your request before starting the match. Furthermore, you can also set their positions by merely choosing the side, such as Left, Center, and Right.

Challenged by Lass Alyssa

As the game proceeds, you will be challenged by a team of beautiful girls, known as Lass Alyssa. The game displays a health bar over the head of each character, which will deplete upon receiving damage. Once your power bard gets full, you become able to perform a deadly attack on your opposing characters to defeat them within no time. The addition of beautiful animations will entertain you a lot, and it seems like you’re watching a movie. However, the game is based on the most popular Cartoon Series of Pokémon.

You are challenged by Beauty Amelia – 2nd Battle

Your selection of Pokémon should depend on the weakness of opposing teams. Doing as I said would give you a massive advantage over the battlefield and will ensure your victory. This time, you will face off the most beautiful ladies, who won’t let you win easily. Therefore, you should jump into the battlefield with your best team of trainers, who levels should be high than others. The completion of the fight will reward you with a set of items that you can use to boost the abilities and skills of your characters to become the master.

Miss Popularity and Pokémon Ranger (Erika Defense Force)

After completing two challenging battles, you find yourself discussing with others. The game rewards you with ten gems and a map. Next to that, your goal is to battle against a team of girls who have powerful Pokémon at their disposal. Erika leads the team you met in the previous task, and the team can swap characters whenever they want. You need to be careful as lots of chances of your defeat are available that may happen if you don’t have a proper strategy. Try to use Sync Moves to take on opponents within a single move or damage should be powerful enough that approximately half of the health bar gets depleted.

  1. Identity Crisis Averted
  2. Erika Defense Force: Part 2
  3. Wake-up Call
  4. Challenge Erika
  5. A Blossoming Flower

From 1 to number 5, all are remaining objectives of Chapter 4 to complete. If you have a proper strategy and enough guts to face any opponent, there will be no one who could defeat you on the battlefield.

Pokémon Masters EX Walkthrough – Chapter 5 (The Height Flying Girl)

Story mode comprises several playable Chapters, and each one brings something unique and outstanding for you to experience for the first time in the series. The introduction of 3-on-3 battles is palpable, and the majority of players loved to play. The first goal in Chapter 5 is “The Second PML Leader,” and the conversation starts with Erika and Rosa, who are having a discussion on some trending topic. The discussion will end up with the completion of the task.

Challenge in the Mountains

Like previous Chapters, it contains up to two battles held in the massive mountains where you may find out mountain-type Pokémon. The game recommends you choose Leaf-type and Stone-type Pokémon against the opposing team. So, make a decision accordingly to the given recommendation.

The selection of three playable characters as a team you are going to introduce against the opposing team should be the following:

  • Erika (Vileplume)
  • Rosa (Snivy)
  • Brock (Onix)

Pokémon Ranger Bella challenges you

Once you assemble your team of the best trainers, you will receive a challenge from Pokémon Ranger Bella, who invites you to battle against in a 3-on-3 battle. Having three characters whose names are mentioned above provides you with an advantage over the battlefield. Lots of other challenges are there, and each one requires you to fulfill the requirements of each one to be the master in the game. The more you play, the more points you earn. Use your earn points to increase the level of your character and unlock new moves to help your Pokémon to succeed.

Pokémon Masters EX Walkthrough – Chapter 6 (A Telling Aura)

Welcome to the Pokémon Masters EX Walkthrough Chapter 6, where we will introduce you to the fighting scenes and newly appeared NPCs. Your journey is fully loaded with challenging hurdles and other obstacles, as well as challenging competitors who won’t let you complete the tasks efficiently. The objectives to complete are the following:

  • Gotta Get Stronger
  • Challenge on the Boulevard
  • The Evolution Fighter
  • Challenge on the Boulevard: Part 2
  • Challenge in the Village
  • Bonds and Brawn
  • Challenge Korrina
  • A Newfound Confidence
  • The Truth Behind the Rumors

The first battle will introduce three opposing characters, two of them have similar Pokémon, while the last one has a bit different, but the weakness of all Pokémon is the same. Most of your time spend in reading the conversation between NPCs, and the game introduces a new character named Korrina to the game. Using the earn points, you should keep upgrading your moves and skills to be powerful. Each character has unique statistics and attributes that you should update to keep the character robust and unlock new moves. You may don’t know that you can block attacks using your power, usually known as Defense. Using the defense system will stop opposing character from depleting your health bar. The battle will be ended in favor of a lasting standing team or a player of any team.

Pokémon Masters EX Walkthrough – Chapter 7 (Bravery is Half the Victory)

Till the completion of Chapter 6, you have met many new characters, each one has unique Pokémon of different types, and many new locations you found on the given map to explore. In short, the journey to becoming the world’s champion has led you to different scenarios and promised to be offered you a crown after the end of the final stage.

Nothing would be significantly ahead of the crowd, raising your name as the championship. Chapter 7 starts with the first objective, “The Truth Comes to the light,” and upon getting into the game, you find Korrina and Brendan, and Flannery discussing some hot topic. The first level will be considered complete as the discussion ends. Once done, your ultimate goal is to level up your team, and the next scene takes place in the hall, where you have firstly meet the receptionist to enter your name for the League.

Assemble your team with the highest strength to meet the requirements of each fight. In this chapter, you are going to be introduced with some old contestants whom you had defeated in previous chapters. The completion of battles will reward you with the following:

  • Battle Rewards
  • First-time Rewards
  • Completion Rewards

Similar to previous chapters, there are several stages available, and each one requires the completion of objectives, including:

  • The Truth Comes to Light
  • Challenge on the Boulevard
  • What Lurks in the Wilderness?
  • Challenge on the Trail: Team Break
  • A Scramble to the Summit!
  • Challenge on the Trail: Team Break Part 2
  • Summit Showdown
  • Challenge Norman
  • Between a Rock and a Hard Place
  • Challenge in the Cave: Team Break
  • The True Objective

The game rewards you with badges based on your performance; till the end of Chapter 7, there may be up to three badges available in your inventory, including Tranquility Badge, Freedom Badge, and Patience Badge. Up to five badges, you have to earn to become the master.

Pokémon Masters EX Walkthrough – You should know So far

Pokémon Masters EX is available to play on Mobile Devices, such as Android and iOS. Here are a few tips and tricks for you to learn and use during the game to become the master.

Sync Pair Basics – Different Sync Pairs are available; each one has several qualities that never change. It contains four different moves, possess one to three passive skills, and each pair has a specific role – Tech, Support, or Strike.

What is the Pokémon Center?

It acts as a central point for players to return upon defeat. There are three different types of receptionists, such as:

  • Trista
  • Tricia
  • Trinnia

Moreover, two types of shops are available, such as Sync Pair Scout and Item Exchange. As you know, the main story contains 25 challenging Chapters, and each one has unique requirements to complete. You can’t play the next chapter until the previous gets completed. The co-op mode is available, and the game features Hard Mode for the primary story campaign, which gets unlocked after the completion of Chapter 4.

You become eligible to participate in PML to battle against numerous other teams after collecting five required badges, and their names are mentioned above. There are four types of main events available, such as Story Event, Training Event, Solo Event, and Legendary Event.


Many cute monsters await you to embark on an epic journey where you have a chance to fulfill your dream of becoming the world’s best champion. Pokémon Masters EX serves as a part of a long-running franchise, and I don’t think so there will be anyone who isn’t familiar with the series. The decision to design and release the game for mobile platforms was fabulous; I appreciate the developers. They hadn’t only decided to release on mobile but also introduced a new mode (3-on-3), which is addictive. Every Pokémon has its unique weakness, and your move and attack should be focused on that weakness to win. The graphics, music, animations, and a cast of characters are mind-blowing; I had a great experience with Pokémon Masters EX. Up to 25 chapters are there, and each one comprises a set of objectives to complete, along with several fights to take on.

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