Brain Wash: Amazing Jigsaw Thinking Game Walkthrough


Without a doubt, playing Puzzle Games helps make your brain healthy. Thousands of mobile puzzle games are available across the app stores, offering you fun-filled gameplay. The majority of games follow the match-3 genre, while others revolve around bubble shooter, hidden object, point-and-click, idle-clicker, etc. Today, we bring Brain Wash: Amazing Jigsaw Thinking Game Walkthrough to reveal all of its challenging questions and answers. SayGames releases the game for both mobile devices, such as Android and iOS, and includes a series of challenging problems to give you a chance to test your brainpower. There’s a chance to talk to your brain and see how much it is more robust. The game starts with a fundamental difficulty level but increases gradually to give you a tough time more than your expectation.

Furthermore, the game is supposed to display you some visuals to complete the puzzle for in-game rewards. You would be amazed to know that there are ten different Chapters available as follows:

  1. Move
  2. Draw
  3. X-Ray Vision
  4. Quizzes
  5. Hidden Object
  6. Color and Erase
  7. Assemble
  8. Cut
  9. Tap
  10. Think

Only the first section is unlocked, while others require the completion of particular levels to be opened. Each category has a series of challenging levels to complete, and the first category, “Move,” has over 99 stages available to meet. Today, we will show you the Brain Wash: Amazing Jigsaw Thinking Game Walkthrough of a few challenging levels to let you know how to achieve them timely and unlock other parts to engage yourself in fun-filled gameplay. The game takes place in the stunning environments where you have to complete the puzzle by revealing your skills and earn in-game points to unlock extra stuff. The first category is “Move,” containing over 90 levels, and each one brings a unique puzzle to complete.


Brain Wash: Amazing Jigsaw Thinking Game Walkthrough “Move”

The first level is quite simple and built for just tutorial purposes as it teaches you how to start playing the game. Your only job is to drag the word “First” and drop to the green-colored shape to complete your first level.

Once done, an arrow will appear at the bottom of the screen, which will lead you to the next stage, where you will experience the same level as the first one. You are supposed to take the dark-brown-colored shape to space, and you will be considered the winner. Similarly to will find the following levels:

  • Level 3 – Hold and bring the black-colored cat out to complete the level

  • Level 4 – It introduces an exciting mini-game you may have found in Talking Tom 2 mobile game. You need to use a trampoline and control the movement of Tom for a specific time until he gets happy or the trampoline gets broken.
  • Level 5 – Somehow, the gameplay is similar to Match-3 games, where you have to match three or more identical items to smash and earn points. Here, the game features socks of different colors, and you must make a pair of each one to end the level.

  • Level 6 – A Civilian is in trouble, and he needs your help because a robber is trying to loot him. Using your wit, you can easily take on the criminal.

  • Level 7 – Grab a cat and take it to another place to reveal the word “surprise” below the cat to win the level.

  • The addition of some certain levels requires you to watch video ads to unlock them and play for in-game rewards. Watching ads will automatically unlock those stages and will add to your inventory to play. You can skip the procedure from proceeding and go with normal stages to exercise your brain.
  • It assigns you a task in the level 9 to hold and slide an animal hidden behind the wall, and watching you.

  • Another exciting game awaits you in level 10, hold a mouth, and tries to consume all moving dots across the screen at any cost to win.
  • Level 11 – It’s a fascinating level, and requires you to place a heart shape on the backside of a dog to complete the stage.
  • Like the first stage, you are supposed to drag and drop a set of empty black-colored boxes to while-colored texts across the screen in the level 12.
  • Level 13 – Here, you need to complete an odd job. With a pink-colored background, the game lets you hold your finger and put it into your nose and put out with something dirty to complete the level, and it names the level Hidden Object.
  • Level 14 – Just grab a cookie, and place right after the first one to complete the stage.

  • A Shaolin sign in the Level 15 is available, and takes you to it rotate to complete your goal.
  • In the Level 16, there’s a cassette awaits you to be get rolled its reel back for the completion of the puzzle.
  • Level 17 – At this level, you find a woman working at her home office. The puzzle becomes a bit tricky whenever you can find anything to solve the mystery after tapping the screen. Here’s a quite solution, slide the block-colored section aside apart of woman.

  • Level 18 – It is a particular level and will get unlocked in the only case if you have an internet connection.
  • Level 26 – For sure, you’re thinking about stages that are missing. Let me know that all skipped levels have approximately similar gameplay; therefore, we leave them behind to cover the further stage. In this stage, you need to evil by giving a slap on the cheeks of a beautiful panda to be evil.
  • Level 27 – You are going to see a magic show happening between a man and a woman. You have to grab the woman’s hand and lead it to the man’s pocket for cash.
  • Level 30 – Clean a car by balancing the giving objects using a rope.
  • Level 31 – You’re in an office with an unhappy mode and must be happy after turning the graph in an upward direction instead of downward.

Similar to all completed levels, many others are following the same concept and lets you complete each one using your wits. We know the difficulty level starts to increase gradually, but till then, you may become enough experienced that no one stage will be there to fend off you from its completion.

Brain Wash: Amazing Jigsaw Thinking Game Walkthrough “Draw”

You could say that the game has up to 10 exciting mini-games to entertain you. Only the first two have some conditions to be get unlocked while the remaining can be opened by merely watching in-game ads. To unlock all of these stages, you must tap the red-colored button next to the lock and enjoy it. Let’s Brain Wash: Amazing Jigsaw Thinking Game Walkthrough “Move” together and complete its fabulous levels. Keep in mind the completion of stages will require you to draw something on your screen to let something happening.

It contains only thirty-eight stages, and each one brings a unique puzzle to complete, as you will see below. You will see four ads on the following levels, such as 8, 18, 28, and 38. If you don’t want to watch any ads, merely skip hitting the “No thanks” button. It is the first level in itself, but following the whole game, it will be considered as 100.

Level 1 to 10

In the first stage, you find a man hanging with a rope connecting with something; right below him, there are spikes near to kill him. Your goal is to draw something between the man and spikes, so when he falls, keep safe.

Feed Me Please

There’s a dragon with opened mouth requesting you to eat something. Next to that, lots of yummy organic food is falling from the top of the screen, but its aside from the dragon’s mouth. You should draw a line that takes the food right into the mouth of the dragon to complete the level.

Save him

Similar to the first stage of the Draw category, a man is in trouble and requesting your help. Draw a line between him and spikes to save his life.

Fill him with Love

Your next stage requires you to fill a man who is standing, holding an umbrella with love. Draw a line following the first object and connection to the next item taking it under the man standing over there in a cup shape.

Draw to Save

A massive object is about to fall on a stick-figure character, and you must save him from the said scene happens. Draw a line to protect the character, as you can see in the image to win.

Draw to Save a Man

A man is trying to walk, but can’t because a massive object is ready to fall over him. Draw a line to save him before it’s too late.

Save the Falling Man

Man will fall, there’s no way to save him, but to draw a line.

Stock All the Paper!

The level requires you to stock as many toilet papers as possible, because they fall randomly from the top of the screen.

Stop Spaceship

In the Pink-colored background, you will see a spaceship over an astronaut and is about to kill him. There’s a white dot above the ship; you must draw a lined circular starting from a bubble, covering the boat, and end by connecting the point A.

Help Catch the Thief

The thief is trying to escape, and your goal is to catch him by drawing a proper line between you and him.

Do Not Swear!

At this level, a person is standing at 90 degrees and vomiting many smiley faces and other things. Your goal is to close his moth to fend off items from coming out.

Escape the Friend

The level will be completed after letting both characters meet.

Save the Citizen

A thief has a gun and will shoot the citizen; your goal is to smash the thief before it’s too late. Draw something above the thief, and let it fall on it to destroy while stopping the bullet from approaching the citizen to win.

Save the Zebra

A zebra is in trouble and needs your help to stop the crocodile from attaching him. Therefore, you should draw an object above the crocodile and kill him to save the zebra.

Draw Figures and Fill this Cup

You must draw a line, which starts from the top and ends in the cup. Fill the coffee to the cup and complete the challenge to become the master.

Brain Wash: Amazing Jigsaw Thinking Game Walkthrough “X-ray Vision”

The introduction of X-ray Vision is enjoyable, offering you fun-filled gameplay with a variety of 60 challenging levels. Each one will start from the basic to challenging difficulty levels and provides you challenging tasks to complete at the end. The first level introduces how to play the game, along with lion shadows that need to be matched with the background lion to complete it. Only the first level is unlocked by default, further will get unlocked once you complete the milestone.

The 2nd level of X-ray Vision will introduce you to a princess wearing a beautiful dress, and your goal is to find the following items, such as:

  • Chip
  • Visiting Card

The third level is similar to the first one, but a bit difficult because you can’t see the background image correctly, it contains white color, which is difficult to judge where the showdown of the horse will be. However, you should find and match the background image to complete the stage.

The fourth stage will reveal a woman-shaped bottle and lets you find another one within it. There are two different elements available: you need to bring closer to the woman and connect them to reveal the hidden bottle.

Tap anywhere to move UFO

It is quite an exciting mini-game, revolving around a UFO controlled by a cat. During the start, you can tap the screen randomly to move the UFO, and your goal is to suck rats to the machine to complete the stage. Once all mice are all gathered, the level will be completed.

Find Three Items

Once again, a beautiful princess appears to your screen wearing the same dress as prior. Your goal is to collect three different items as the following:

  • Dum bells
  • Visiting Card
  • Chemical

Find Injuries

A man is standing with a broken arm, and your goal is to find it out by merely grabbing an X-ray machine and scan the character.

Where is the Ring?

Two characters are standing ahead of the screen proposing each other to marry, but the ring is missing, and they need your help to find it. Your goal is the following:

  • Grab the couple by tapping on the screen
  • Take them to the word “Ring” written on the black-colored background
  • Grab the ring and bring both characters down

Search the Princess

Another female character is there, containing three items hidden under her clothes. You have to a magnifying glass to search her for the wanted things. Things are the following:

  • Camera
  • Jar
  • Sword

Finding the third item is difficult; therefore, you should use both small and large magnifying glass to grab the sword and complete the puzzle.

Find All Injuries once again

A man in yellow-colored is standing in front of your screen. According to the task, he has some injuries, and you must find them out using a magnifying glass. You have two different glasses that can be used to find the damages on his head and above the left leg.

Search for both Women

Two women are standing together containing hidden items, such as a Camera, fake glasses, and a diary. Use the magnifying glass to search these items, and complete the puzzle.

Find the Picture

Somehow, it is similar to the first puzzle, in which you have to find an image. Identical to that, you must complete the picture by finding different parts in the background.

Brain Wash: Amazing Jigsaw Thinking Game Walkthrough “Quizzes”

It starts at the 198th level and has up to 58 stages of completing. Each one is specially designed to give you a chance to learn something new while having fun. In short, the game has arranged some questions for you to answer and earn in-game points. Your first question is about the counter in which the given type of animals are found, and your options include China and Japan. For sure, the answer is Japan, and you must grab the Flag and place it on the rock at its right place to move toward the next question.

Choose the Correct Size

The next question is interesting, displaying you two different girls wearing a bra, you must select the accurate size for the first girl to make her equal to the second one. Therefore, you should choose a bra of watermelon to answer.

Evolution of Things

There are three different items available, asking you to set them correctly to show the evolution of the vacuum machine. You should select a spear in the first place, then go with a brown-colored machine, and lastly, choose the vacuum cleaner to complete the puzzle.

Choose the Right Order

Three people different in weight are standing together; you must differentiate by arranging them properly. Follow the image to complete the puzzle.

Fix the Calendar

In the given image, you find three different eras, such as the ’50s, the ’60s, and ’70s. Each one has two other figures of different colors. Your only aim is to match the color and let the puzzle get completed by itself to win the game.

Fix the Tutorial

In this section, you have to teach others how to make a tie following the tutorial. Your job is only limited to set the order and leave all things to the game.

Solve the Problem

Four different people are standing ahead of you. One of them has caught, you should arrange them properly so that no one will disturb them.

Solve the Tutorial

The game displays you a person in four different scenes takes place within a toilet. Up to six buttons are featured at the bottom of the screen, and your goal is to drag the button and drop to the image accordingly to solve the puzzle.

Select the Right Hats

Four different people are there, and each one is representing the culture, but other ways. You must select the right hat for each one to complete the puzzle.

Solve a Question

A unique type of question you will face off in this question, as the game features two like button, as well as one heart and tasks you to arrange them in the right order to answer the question. Now, you have to find what will be the outcome after multiplying two items. The answer is two like buttons that bring one heart.

Brain Wash: Amazing Jigsaw Thinking Game Walkthrough “Hidden Objects”

More than 25 exciting levels are there, and each one completes the finding of items. Everyone loves to play hidden object video games, as it is a cool thing to find something hidden within other items strategically. Like other titles, it starts with a fundamental difficulty level and starts growing gradually to give you a tough time.

You have to find out five different items, such as Spaceship, Football, Galaxy, Alien Ship, and Solar. All items are highlighted in an image given below.

This time, the game takes place in a kitchen, where you have to find out the following items, such as:

  • Rat
  • Hot Dog
  • Pizza
  • Gloves
  • Ameba

To find the given items, you should follow the instructions as all items are strategically hidden.

  • Click on the head of a boy to find a glove
  • Tap on an image above the boy to find ameba
  • The pizza is available on the daddy shirt, and you can find the hot dog on his leg
  • To find the rat, tap the tail of a cat

As the game advances, the difficulty starts to increase gradually. You face off difficulty while searching for items because of the rich background and a lot of things available randomly. This time, you have to find the five items, such as Spider, Watermelon, Peanut, Bug, and Leaf. All items are highlighted in the image for those players who didn’t find anyone yet.

Lots of cute cats await you to give you a challenge. Your goal is to find out five different elements, such as Balloon, Bun, Burger, node, and Footprint. Finding items between too man cats aren’t an easy task as you are considering; it requires a lot of attention and concentration to complete the level. You would be in shock whenever you come to know that each item is available in a different color, as it isn’t exactly as shown in the image below.

The game welcomes you to a museum, where you will discover many ancient artifacts and mummy case. An old dinosaur skeleton is hanging over the ceiling, showing the history in detail. The items you have to find are the following:

  • Sword
  • Mummy Case
  • Ancient Note
  • Jewel
  • Statue

Are you ready to visit a beach where lots of beautiful ladies are prepared to have a selfie with you? If yes, don’t miss a chance to experience something new. In the beach, you have to find five different objects similar to previous levels, such as:

  • Watermelon
  • Ice-cream
  • Sun
  • Hook
  • Octopus

The level isn’t as easy as you are considering. Objects are too small and difficult to find; therefore, it took me more than a minute to find, and you may be laughing to know that I found all objects by randomly tapping across the screen multiple times.

Welcome to a Disco Club

Do you want to be a detective? If you have detective skills, finding objects is no longer any problem for you. Find different objects hidden somewhere in the disco club, and you must explore the scene carefully to see the items, such as Glass, Star, Strawberry, Music Node, and Stack.

  • Find the music node on the earing of a blue-suited girl
  • Click on the hair of the same girl to find a cup
  • The strawberry is available on the girl with a blue suit
  • Tap on the star available on the hair of the girl who holds a phone to take a selfie

This time, the game takes place in a dirty room where all objects are available randomly. During the game, you have to find the following items, such as:

  • Dog Home
  • Comb
  • Bowl
  • Meat
  • Dog Collar

Seriously, objects are hidden cleverly, and you can’t find them with naked eyes.

In this scene, a girl, along with many cute dogs and cats, is standing under an umbrella in heavy rain. You are supposed to find three different objects, such as Duck, Fish, and Tie.

It’s a season of Christmas, and everyone is busy in decorating a tree using bells and lights. The game introduces you a list of five objects that you should find at any cost while trying to complete the puzzle, such as:

  • Bowl
  • Star
  • Lollypop
  • Tree
  • Ring

You should try your best to find all the items, in case you get failed, here an image below reveals all the hidden objects.

Five different objects like Cloud, Bone, Bug, Football, and an Ice-cream awaits you to be revealed in a scene full of black and white dogs.

Brain Wash: Amazing Jigsaw Thinking Game Walkthrough “Color and Erase”

In case you love drawing, the game is the perfect choice for you. It offers you unlimited images to fill the color of your choice and complete the puzzle to become the master. The first level of Color & Erase starts with primary difficulty and requires you to rotate the image to color the whole hand and complete the stage.

The second stage brings a hamburger and a mirror right after it. You must clean the mirror to accomplish the scene.

The third level reveals a fat woman standing on a weight checker machine, but it will unravel once you complete the puzzle. Different types of circles are available, and you must pick and drop on the woman to give her some colors, and color all the space.

You find a toilet paper uncompleted, and your goal is to rotate it until it gets completed.

In the next scene, a prisoner awaits you to become himself better than ever. He is sitting on a bench wearing a prisoner suit, and your goal is to remove her cloth to make him a decent guy. Slide your finger across the screen and remove the prisoner’s clothes to get him free.

Fill the Square

Do you have played the Tetris game? If yes, get ready to experience once again the old classic puzzle game. There are different types of blocks available, and you must choose, drag and drop them on the square according to their shapes, and complete the puzzle.

The introduction of intuitive controls will let you experience a unique type of gameplay. The game introduces three images of different scenes, and it allows you clear all images using the newly introduced controls, as shown in the image below.

Color the Cat

A Colorless cat awaits you to fill color in it. There are four different objects available, and placing each one will bring the color back to the cat. Set them in the right order, so even a single piece of cat leave as colorless.

Clean the Mind

The hand of the washer is made up of rubber, it seems, because he can stretch his arm as long as he wants. Your goal is to clean the dust from the mind to bring it back to the working position. Once the dust gets cleaned, the mind becomes colorful.

The next level is similar to the first one, in which you have to complete the image by merely rotating it. The image reveals a skeleton’s head over a skateboard.

Your next goal is to fill the color in a fish, who is now colorless and needs your help to retrieve his color back. Arrange the triangle in the right order to fill the colors.

The next scene is quite exciting, involving a couple who are busy with their phones against each other. You aim to connect them, and it is only possible when they leave their phones. So, break their phones, and bring them together.

Brain Wash: Amazing Jigsaw Thinking Game Walkthrough “Assemble”

Since the start of the game, you have played different types of chapters containing mini-games and tried to solve various puzzles. Now, we will introduce a new kind of gameplay in Brain Wash: Amazing Jigsaw Thinking Game Walkthrough, which won’t only boost your puzzle-solving abilities but also let you know how to solve all challenging puzzles without using the hint system. Yes, the game features a hint system; therefore, the puzzle is tricky to solve and requires you to ask someone to help you solve the given task. Consequently, we jump in to assist you in finding the best solution regarding your problem.

The most challenging mode of the game is “Assemble,” as it brings a picture in small pieces, and your goal is to connect them correctly to complete the image. However, it seems quite simple but challenging to master. Sometimes, you may be stuck in finding the smallest pieces of the image while trying to complete the picture. You can hold and slide the piece to adjust to its proper place. It has over 60 challenging levels, and each one brings a unique puzzle to solve.

Brain Wash: Amazing Jigsaw Thinking Game Walkthrough “Cut”

The 8th Chapter of Brain Wash: Amazing Jigsaw Thinking Game introduces forty-six challenging levels, and each one is based on cut mechanics. It means you have to cut objects to complete the puzzle. The first level starts with two rats fighting for toffee, and your goal is to divide the item equally to make them both happy. The next level requests you to make a salad by chopping vegetables using your slicing skills and throw them into a bowl to serve. Similarly, you find objects in other levels and have to cut into two equal pieces to become the master.

At the 416th level, you find two characters are fighting against each other, and your goal is to rescue the broccoli using the rod placed right above them. Cut the rod properly, and let it down on another character to fulfill the requirements of your goal. Although there’s no ruler or anything else to measure the radius, using your experience, it can be done within no time.

There’s a hamburger, and your goal is to cut it into three equal pieces to complete the stage. It’s not an easy task and may require more than two or three attempts to complete. Therefore, keep trying until you get the final solution.

Brain Wash: Amazing Jigsaw Thinking Game Walkthrough “Tap”

The 2nd last Chapter of the game features fabulous gameplay containing up to thirty-seven levels of varying difficulty. The first level takes place ahead of a castle, where four knights stand in front of a woman having a kid in his hand and asking for the kid’s father.

Your goal is to recognize the father by finding a clue, and it would become more comfortable for you if you notice the hairs of all knights, including the kid. As the chapter name implies, you have to tap the screen at the right time to solve the puzzle. Let me know what you will choose whenever you are proposing a girl for marrying, such as:

  • Baby
  • Balloon

If someone asks the same question, my answer would be a balloon. In short, you don’t need to find anything, except taping on the screen to choose one of two options to proceed with the game.

Brain Wash: Amazing Jigsaw Thinking Game Walkthrough “Think”

More than fifty-six levels are available, and each one gives you a challenging puzzle to complete, undoubtedly. The first level is about your character, searching for hubby, who has been lost. Help him choose the perfect match by sliding images. During the game, some levels may appear, asking you to sort all cats or items by color. In other levels, you have to find out a brain from one of three heads. At the very first, only the first level is unlocked; the remaining will appear to play as you complete the early stages. You can also use video ads to unlock special stages. The game doesn’t reward you anything like in-game coins, currency, or items, and it hasn’t time limit; play freely to have fun.

The game has over 550 challenging levels to play in ten chapters. Each chapter has up to 50 levels, and by default, only the first one is available to play, while others will be unlocked after the completion of the first. You can’t go directly to the tenth Chapter to play its level, as it has some requirements that need to be completed before unlocking.


You don’t need to go anywhere to find time-killer games, because Brain Wash: Amazing Jigsaw Thinking Game is fully loaded with all types of mini-games, including the following: Hidden Object, One-tap Game, Cut, Drawing, and more. It seems all categories related to the puzzle genre are featured, except the bubble shooter game. The graphics are good, and the game comes with brilliant mechanics. After having over 500 challenging levels, the game guarantees quality time with endless fun, and it worth your time as well. Besides all features, there’s one thing missing, which is a rewarding system. Developers should have to introduce an achievement system for those players who perform well during the gameplay. You have only one way to unlock certain levels, watching video ads. Apart from that, Brain Wash: Amazing Jigsaw Thinking Game is fun to play.

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