Adventure Escape Mysteries: Paradise Mystery Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Paradise Mystery Walkthrough Chapter 1

Unlike other mysteries, it comes with “Advanced Difficulty Level,” promising to chill your bones by offering you thrilling gameplay. The story starts with the female protagonist, a detective named Kate, who finally gets approval of vacation and she decides to go to a Fancy Beach Resort with her beloved friend named Melissa.

Both characters reached there to relax, but as usual, something suspicious happens that ruins their vacation. Soon, the detective reached her office and wrapped up the paperwork for the new assignment. You aren’t alone on an epic mission, as has compiled a Paradise Mystery Guide to help you overcome all upcoming problems. The starting scene is beautifully designed and it seems you are in any airport where your luggage is almost ready, but you need to repair the trolley and solve the puzzles to proceed with the storyline.


  • Between trees, there’s an Allen Wrench that you must collect and add to your inventory.
  • Pick up ice cubes from glass and keep them in your inventory, too.
  • Open the shiny black purchase to collect a makeup bag.
  • Visit another black bag to collect a hairbrush from there.
  • There’s a brown coat near the black purse that you must open to reveal the clue.
  • A mirror was placed on a tower where you make see a reflection of the protagonist named Kate. You must keep all the collected items on the shelf and do make up to your detective for the completion of the objective.
  • Use the ice cube, rub it on the blue bag’s zip, and collect the passport.
  • Head to the red bag and enter the code “689” to open it and collect the “Zenwell Resort.”
  • Now, you should move toward the tablet and enter the code “80808” to scan the password you collected and verify where and what’s the number of your room.
  • Use the Allen Wrench to open the wheel of a blue suitcase and fix it to the trolley.

Play a Mini-Game

Next to that, the game displays you a mini-game where you may find a vehicle with broken controls. You can only move the vehicle in the forward direction or right. The left button is broken and unrepairable. Therefore, you must use your wit to control the trolley and reach the exit point at any cost. Following the image given below you can reach the end without any hassle.

Meet Zenwell

After leaving the mini-game, the game takes you to a fully furnished room where a Smart Room Assistant may welcome you. Here, you have to find a hangover, potato chips packet, and a way to open the room to the next room. Randomly tapping the screen won’t help you overcome the puzzle; therefore, you should think before tapping the screen and utilize the items you have available in your inventory. The story reveals that your friend has been stuck in the toilet and she needed your help. Work quickly to find a solution and open the door before it’s late.

  • Open the Cupboard to collect a hangover and dry washcloth.
  • Select the cloth and dip it into the soap coming out of the bathroom to make it a bit soapy.
  • Use the soapy cloth to clean the fingerprints from the wardrobe near the bed and open it to collect a packet of chips.
  • After that, you must get help from the Smart Rom Assistance as it will reveal the price of the chip, your current balance, and more. Use your brain to figure out the code you need to open the door.
  • Head to the door and enter the code (580) by connecting dots and get into the toilet.
  • Once you are in a toilet, remove the steps and slide the curtain to collect a Squeegee that you need to clean the floor.
  • Use the wire hangover to bring a key out of the trapdoor.
  • Now, you have to use the key to open a cupboard fixed above next to the door.
  • Your goal is to connect dots to draw a line between the green and red circles in a way that not even a single dot is left alone.

After that, all characters come back to the main room where a discussion may start between characters. Properly following all introductions given in the Adventure Escape Mysteries: Paradise Mystery Walkthrough helps you complete all challenging puzzles.

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