Payphone Mania! Walkthrough


Payphone Mania! is a point and click game created by Carmel Games. Crazy Dad receives a bill from the payphone company, for the payphone outside his house. Crazy Dad doesn’t have a phone though, so now he is determined to fix this problem! The Crazy world never disappoints, with new and innovative puzzles and interesting items to use that make up for a great experience on every new game released on this franchise.


  • Collect the extension cord. (A)
  • Collect the money. (B)
  • Get out of the house. Talk to Larry. (C)
  • Go to the Hair Saloon. (D)
  • Collect the screwdriver. (E)
  • Collect the wrench. (F)
  • Collect the air pump. (G)


  • Go to the City Hall. (H)
  • Buy a burger on the food stand. (I)
  • Use the screwdriver in order to open the door. (J)
  • Use the water pump on the volleyball ball in order to open the elevator.
  • Click on the elevator control panel. (K)

  • The correct way to complete the puzzle. You are going to be rewarded with a saw. (L)
  • Go home. Give the burger to Larry. (M)
  • Go to the Scheme Shop. (N)
  • Collect the crowbar. (O)
  • Use the saw to collect the fan. (P)

  • Go to the City Hall. (Q)
  • Use the elevator to go on the roof. (R)
  • Use the wrench to make the water pipe leak. (S)
  • Use the watering can to collect the water from the water pipe. (T)

  • Plug the extension cord into the socket. (U)
  • Use the watering can to drop water from the sky in order to create a raining effect inside the payphone building. (V)
  • Get out of the building. Place the fan on the food stand and combine the fan cord with the extension cord. (W)
  • Talk to the man. (X)
  • Use the crowbar to recover his lunch from the locked fridge in order to make him cancel your payphone bill. (Y)
  • He is going to give you a payphone certificate.

  • Go home. Give the payphone certificate to Larry.
  • You finished the game.


Payphone Mania! is a very weird point and click game similar to the other Crazy Dad games. The art style is perfect, the item usage is much more creative this time compared to the other Crazy Dad games. The gameplay is very innovative and different from the other Crazy Dad puzzle gamesyou don’t have to find any hints or solutions, it is all based on finding the correct way to use the items you just found in order to move on to the next phase. If you are looking to play a fun adventure point and click game, this game is for you!

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