Fun In The Sun Walkthrough


Fun In The Sun is a tropical adventure point and click game created by Carmel Games. To help Andrew save his life, he needs to get 5000$ as fast as possible or else he will be thrown into a volcano.


  • Collect the ice. (A)
  • Go to the Library. (B)
  • Click on the tape in order to collect a book inside it. (C)
  • Collect the blue language book. (D)
  • Go to the Museum. (E)

  • Play the cassette on the cassette player. (F)
  • Collect the diving suit. (G)
  • Go to the Hot Tub. (H)
  • Throw the ice into the water. (I)
  • Talk to the woman. (J)

  • Go to Andrew’s Inn. (K)
  • Talk to the woman. Ask her to give you a cocktail for 10$ (L)
  • Go to the Library. (M)
  • Ask the woman about the mascot competition. You have to pay the 10$ admission fee in order to get the receipt. (N)

  • Go to the Hot Tub. (O)
  • Throw the receipt onto the monkey in order to make the coconut fall of the tree. (P)
  • Collect the coconut. (Q)
  • Go to Shark Tank. (R)
  • Talk to Irenne. (S)

  • Throw the cocktail into the water and give the diving suit to Irenne in order to take a photo of her with the shark. (T)
  • Go to the Glue Island. (U)
  • Talk to the Danish Man. He will give you a glue. (V)
  • Put the glue on the coconut and glue the eyes into the coconut on the inventory stash to create a mascot. (W)
  • Go to the Library. (X)

  • Talk to the librarian. Send her the mascot you just created. She is going to make you the winner of the Mascot Competition. (Y)
  • Hooray! You finished the game!

Final Verdict

This is very great take on the point and click genre. The tropical vibe of it is really interesting, capturing the tropical art style pretty well. It has basic, but effective point and click mechanics. You had to do tasks for other people in order to make them reward you with new items that would be used to move onto the next stage. If you like silly and goofy point and click games, Fun in the Sun will deliver.


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