Lobster Bay Escape Walkthrough


Lobster Bay Escape is a point and click game created by Self Defiant. This game is about you waking up in a huge lobster bay, not knowing how you got in there. Look around for 3 lobsters in order to escape this bay!


  • Remember the position of each dial. They will be used as a hint for completing the next puzzle. (A, B)
  • Click on the box. (C)
  • The correct way of solving the puzzle while using the hint of the position of each dial. Collect the dollar you won after solving the puzzle. (D)

  • Go to the hot dog stand. Buy a hot dog with your dollar. (E)
  • Get the hot dog. (F)
  • Go to the lifeguard tower location and meet the kid. Give the hot dog to him. (G)
  • He is going to give you a lobster after you bring him something to eat. (H)

  • Collect the ladder. (I)
  • Use the ladder to reach the shovel in the top. The towers are going to be used as a hint for the next puzzle. (J)
  • Go to the sandcastle location. Use the shovel to find googles inside the sand. (K)
  • Collect the googles. (L)

  • Go to the lifeguard tower. Use the googles to dive into the sea. (M)
  • Click on the chest. (N)
  • The correct way of solving the puzzle while using the tower hint. (O)
  • Collect the lobster inside the chest. (P)

  • Go to the port location, enter the ship to meet the diver.
  • Collect the metal bear. (Q)
  • Leave the ship. Use the metal bear to unlock the box that holds the third lobster. Collect the third and final lobster. (R)
  • The diver offers you a ride home if you bring him three lobsters. Give the three lobsters you found to him in order to escape the bay!
  • Hooray! You finished the game!


Lobster Bay Escape is a nice, little fun game to play. It has simple but logical puzzles with interesting hints, and items that have not been used before in other escape games. I really suggest the game to everyone that is a fan of Self Defiant’s escape games, Self Defiant really did a good job with this game.


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