Crazy Christmas Walkthrough


Crazy Christmas is a superb point and click puzzle game. You play as Crazy Dad who is having a vacation away from his Crazy Wife and Crazy Kids! He wants to get some eggnog before relaxing on his cabin but he can’t seem to find it. Help Crazy Dad in his quest to find some eggnog!


  • Collect the bucket. (A)
  • Go inside the hotel and enter the Spa Room. Collect the matches. (C)
  • Fill the bucket with water. (D)
  • Go to the sky tram area. Throw the bucket with hot water onto the frozen silver coin. Collect the silver coin. (E)

  • Go to Spa Room. Use the gold coin to buy a carrot on the vending machine. (F)
  • Talk to the boy outside the hotel. Give him the carrot for his snowman, he will give you a screwdriver. (G)
  • Use your screwdriver to collect the welcome sign. (H)
  • Put the welcome sign in the chimney. (I)
  • Turn on the chimney with the matches. The old lady will reward you with a guide. (J)
  • Talk to the receptionist to get a key.

  • Read the guide. (K)
  • Go to the sky tram area. Click on the control panel. (L)
  • Fix the tram while collecting the cables with the numbers represented in the guide. (M)
  • Click on the safe. (N)

  • The correct number for the puzzle is 764. Collect the fishing rod inside the safe. (O)
  • Enter the sky tram. (P)
  • When you arrive onto the new location. Collect the pickaxe. (Q)
  • Use the key to unlock the door. (R)
  • Enter the house. Break the ice with your pickaxe. Use the fishing rod to catch a fish. (S)
  • Click on the fridge. (T)

  • The correct way to solve the image puzzle. You are going to win a rope. (U)
  • Use the rope outside the house to go to the cave. Use the rope to go into the cave. (V)
  • Collect the crowbar. (W)
  • Feed the bear with your fish. (X)
  • After feeding the bear, he is going to drop a hint. Collect the letter. (Y)

  • Go inside the bar. (Z)
  • Click on the wheels. (A1)
  • The wheels are going to act as clocks. Use the times that the letter from the bear dropped in order to move the wheels in the correct way. (B1)
  • Use the crowbar to search for some eggnog in the cupboard. (C1)
  • Get out of the bar and enjoy the ending.

Final Verdict

The true meaning of Christmas is to live with your family, but Crazy Dad’s Christmas was different from that. The game has decent mechanics, the movement is simple but effective. The puzzles are pretty logical and straightforward. What i liked the most about the game was it’s refreshing art style, as a 2D game, it looks gorgeous. I feel like a lot of adventure escape game fans are going to love this game, it has everything you need: great puzzles, gorgeous art style and interesting item mechanics! 





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