Hot Island Escape Walkthrough


Hot Island Escape is the new escape game created by Selfdefiant. You wake up alone on this island. Take part in all of the interesting puzzles the game offers in order to get out of this mysterious island!


You start out in this hot mysterious island. Collecting the items needed for any puzzle is the key on getting out of this island!

  • Collect the flower on the side of the tree. The DANGER sign is a puzzle hint, only the ANGER part is underlined. (A)
  • Go to the left side of the island and collect the shovel. (B)
  • Go to the right side of the island, then climb the stairs up on the cave entrance.  For completing the puzzle, change the word to RANGE. (C)
  • Collect the sword. (D)


  • Use the sword to collect the bamboo poles. (E)
  • Enter the cave. (F)
  • The 3 signs you are going to encounter in the cave and outside of it are going to be Puzzle Hints. The triangle has 3 corners, the green sign has 6 corners and the red sign has 8 corners.
  • Click the chest. Enter the code 386 to open the chest. Collect the bucket. (G)

  • Fill the bucket with water. (H)
  • Stop the fire with the bucket you just filled with water. (I)
  • Collect the rope. (J)
  • Build a bridge using the bamboo poles and the ropes to get to the next stage. (K)

  • Take the flower. Click on the hint. (L)
  • Take a look at the hint. (N)
  • Move the columns based on the hint. (N)
  • Now the entrance is open. Click on it. (O)

  • Collect the flower. (P)
  • Give the 3 flowers you collected to the lady. She will give you a flute. (Q)
  • Play the flute on the ocean. (R)
  • Nice Job! You escaped the island! (S)

Final Verdict

Hot Island Escape turned out to be a pretty interesting simple escape game. The art style is simple but it works and the location in it are pretty well designed. To sum it up, Hot Island Escape comes with very interesting puzzles, similar to other point and click escape games, I definitely recommend giving this game a try, it will not let you down! Stay tuned for the next walkthrough.







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