Jamming with Grandma Walkthrough


Jamming with Grandma is an adventure point and click game developed by Carmel Games. Madeline is taking part in the senior center’s jam competition. She now needs the help of her granddaughter Kaitlyn to win the competition for the fourth time in a row!


Stage 1

  • Check the colors of the jars since they are a hint for the next puzzle. (A)
  • Go to the bedroom. Click on the safe. (B)
  • In order to open the safe, use the colors from the three jars in order to complete the puzzle. (C)

  • Click on the second safe. (E)
  • The correct way of solving the puzzle using the colors from the bed sheets. (F)
  • Collect the letter. (G)
  • It is a music note hint. (H)
  • Go to the kitchen. Click on the safe. (I)


  • The correct way of solving the puzzle. (J)
  • Collect the key. (K)
  • Go to the bedroom. Use the key to open the secret safe. (L)
  • Collect the cash. (M)
  • Go out of the house. Talk to the stranger. (N)

Stage 2

  • The stranger turned out to be a kidnapper looking for grandma’s secret jam recipe. Click the red button in order to cut the rope. (O)
  • Collect the sugar. (P)
  • Go out of the sugar factory. (Q)
  • Talk to the kid. (R)
  • Enter the supermarket. (S)

  • Buy the pears. (T)
  • Return to Grandma’s House using the bus sign outside of the supermarket. Give the lollipop to the boy. (U)
  • Now that the boy and the lady is out of the way, collect some lemon. (V)
  • Enter the kitchen, click on the cupboard in order to collect some cookies. (W)
  • Once you have collected cookies, go to the supermarket area again. Ask the kid to peel the pears you just collected, he will kindly peel them for you. (X)
  • Enter the supermarket. (Y)

  • Give the cookies to the old man, he will give you a lizard. (Z)
  • Go outside, use the lizard to collect a key below the sewage hole. (A1)
  • Enter the sugar factory. Remove the picture frame. (B1)
  • Use the key you just found from the sewage hole to open the final safe. (C1)
  • Collect the flowers inside the safe. (D1)

  • Give all the ingredients to grandma. (E1)
  • Enjoy the ending.


Carmel Games always seem to produce great, creative and fun point and click games, this game is one of them. It follows the same formula of the other point and click games, but does it in a beautiful and remarkable way. It has logical and creative hints, like the music notes hint and the bed sheet colors hint. The hints made sense every time, while even being very creative and difficult to understand at the same time. If you are looking for a high quality adventure point and click game, i am sure that you are going to like this one!





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